Letter(s) from Veronica Vasileva to John (USA)

Letter 1

Hello my dear love John!!!

Today as I promised you I has visited travel agency.
And I have bad news.
In travel agency to me have told how many will cost to me all registration of my documents.
That agency have issued my documents I should pay 350 dollars.
I do not know what to me now to do, because I have no such money.
For me it is very big sum and that earn this money I need should work some months.
My feelings to you so are strong, I so am glad that the destiny has meet us together.
I was very glad when wrote to you the last letter, but now I am disappointed.
Now I know that I can not pay my documents and it frightens me.
I love you and I want to meet you.
The meeting will solve all. I so want to see you.
I love you!!!!!!!!!!
I thought that I shall arrive to you and I shall tell it directly to you.
But now I understand that now I can admit my love to you only through letters.
In agency to me have told that they make out tourist passports.
They have told that under tourist documents I can arrive to you for one month.
I was so delighted that the whole month I shall be with you.
I could not believe that it occurs with me.
But when I have found out the price, I have understood, that my dreams is not real.
I was compelled to leave agency.
I went along the street and did not know where to go me now.
I was afraid to go in the Internet of cafe to inform you these bad news.
I did not want to disappoint you bad news.
Because I knew that you will wait from me good news.
I love you and consequently I do not want to disappoint you.
Now I do not know what to tell my mum.
Because I do not want to disappoint her too.
I have no rich familiar which can help me.
Now I should go home, but I hope that you will write to me the letter today.
I shall wait for your letter because your support is necessary for me.

Your love Elena

Between us oceans and seas.
But I send you a photo on which I stand on the seacoast.
I so want that we were together with you in the summer evening on the seacoast.

Letter 2

My love John!!!

I am glad that you have written to me, your support was necessary for me.
I did not sleep night and thought of our meeting.
In the mornings my mum has seen that I have bad mood and have asked me how I. I have told to her that I went to travel agency and have found out concerning official registration of papers.
I have told her that I could arrive to you I should issue tourist documents. And when I have told about the sum, mum have told that we can not pay such sum of money. But 350 dollars it for us very big sum.
I have told that I love you and that I very much want to meet with you.
My mum has told, that she agree with me and that our meeting is simply necessary for us.
Mum has told, that I asked your help with payment of my documents.
And now I do not know that to do to us with you.
I never asked money. I did not think at all that I shall ask money.
But I have no other variant as to ask you about the help.
I want to ask you to help me with payment of the documents because we have no such are familiar, who has such sum of money.
I have recollected that I saw on TV an advertising roller bank which is engaged in the international remittances.
I found out as you can help to me.
You can make a remittance in bank WESTERN UNION.
I hope that your city has this bank.
If you do a remittance in bank WESTERN UNION I can will receive money, only if I shall know:
Your home address (Country, Zip code, City, your Name and Last name), Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN) this code consists of 10 numbers, him you can found out when to you will give the receipt in bank.

This is the information is necessary for you that you could make a remittance:

Country: Russia
City: Astrakhan
Name: Elena
Last name: Shmarova

I very much hope that you can help me with payment of the documents.
I love you and I hope that soon we can see each other because we should discuss with you many things about which we can not speak with you in our letters.
I love you and is glad to our meeting.
My mum is glad for me too.
But I want to tell you that our meeting has changed not only me, my mum is very happy too.
Mum has very much changed. I very much hope that soon we can together.
I have found you and I very much want to be with you to meet in the morning on dawn the sun and to see off the sun with you in the evening on a decline.
I shall wait for your letter. My documents soon will be ready, I only should pay the documents. I wait for your letter.

With all love in my heart,
Your love Elena

I want to send you a photo with mine sad eyes.
My eyes will open and will be happy, when we shall be together with you.