Scam letter(s) from Alena to Yusuf (Turkey)

Letter 1
Hello dear) I'm very glad to talk to you! My name is Olena, if you remember. We met on the dating site and I will be very happy to continue our communication in email, at least for now. I don't know anything about you yet, so I hope you will tell me in your reply) Its not easy for me to start communication! Usually men start acquaintance, but I will try and tell you a little about me and my hopes for the future.
First of all I'm a nice and kind woman, very active. Open, cheerful and funny with my dear people. But very closed and strict with others. I like to spend time with my family and friends, though I don't have many. I'm 30, time goes fast and I feel with all my heart that I'm ready and its a perfect time to have my own family. I registered on the dating site to find that one and only man who will be my friend, my lover and everything in my life. Yes, you surely want to ask why I don't find a man in my country, its a good question) And very easy to answer - I have been in relations, twice. None of them worked because of similar reasons. May be I'm not lucky with men, or may be Ukrainian men are not for me. You know I find myself a good person and also I look good, and I believe that I deserve a nice man who will care about me, support me and not be afraid of responsibilities.
I want a man who will make me better, with whom we can develope together, act like a team, be everything for each other and always be attentive to each other. Unfortunately men I met couldn't give me these things.
On the site I also didn't meet anyone yet, but I'm new here. And I believe that for sure there is a man for me in this world and I will find him!) I will wait for your reply soon with some photos of you.
Thank you for your time)
Sincerely, Olena!
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