Romance scam letter(s) from Patiance Botchwey to Jeff (USA)
Letter 1
hi honey
i have missed you so much that words cant even express i love you so much .honey this is the address where u may send the money to plz i will be bussy at work so put my nephews name on it i will send him to go and bring it to me name (david addo) and the address is ( kt 40 kotobabi accra.west africa ghana) and then please send me the informations i may use to collect the money and the controll code i love and care for you
Letter 2
hello honey
i am here with you today and u are not talking to me i have missed you from the last days and u dont seem to come online i am wishing to talk to you and i wana be with you .plz talk to me ok i love you with all my heart
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