Scam letter(s) from Elena Kudryavtseva to Jody (South Africa)

Letter 1
Hello my sweet Jody. Jody! I was so happy to hear from you! I was so happy! so happy! Jody you are very much sweet and lovely!
I have talked to my best girlfriend Valentina about you today. I have known him since we was five years old. We talk about everything. She is two months younger than me, almost to the day. She very much was interested in you, she is very pleased that we have got acquainted and speaks you " Hello! ".
I do not know what time it is there or when you get the time to read my e-mails.
I do not know the time difference between us but I think we are at least 9-10 hours ahead you.
so when you're getting up I'm usually going to bed. When you're at work I'm asleep, and when you get off work I'm going to work.
My work begins from 8:00, I should wake up each day at 6:00 to have time before work. I work 10 hours each day except sunday.
My work comes to an end at 18:00. Then I go in net-club to read with big desire and pleasure your letter and to write to you the answer. Sometimes I go to you to write in a lunch break. After work I go home, that to prepare for a meal, to have supper and prepare for sleep. I lie down to sleep about 22:00 or 23:00. Jody, I was extremely impressed by you! YOU A VERY NICE! I want to correspond with you and become friends and even more! I'm looking for my better half! I'm very serious and looking for my better half! I always wanted a husband and family!
Jody if this is a fairy tail It will be coming true! I want it and hope it leads to being! I have strong family values, great morals and only want one man! Men in Russia want multiple partners and no commitment! That's not for me, I want only one man.
I'm a little old fashioned, but modern as well! I Strongly believe in only one man for me.... one man i can have as a best friend and lover for the rest of my life!
I love sports! especially swimming! I eat healthy foods! I do a lot of my home cooking! I'm was cooking the fried hen today morning!
I have to cook my own food! no one to cook for me or help me make meals! I very much like to cook! I love kids, I do not have any kids! I want a family so bad.
All my girlfriends are married and have kids! I cry cause I do not have a husband and family! I hope this leads to being! Jody your very sweet! Jody! I'm very glad your very serious about looking for a better half and I am also serious too about finding my better half and I hope it to be you! Jody I like you very much and I hope you like me too! Jody I would love to see more photo's of you so I can save them and print them out and look at you every day! Jody if you want too, I send you more photo's of me, I have it is a lot of photos, I send it, if you want to see it! I would like to give you my home address, that you could write to me the letters written by a hand if you will want.
My home address of sending by mail: Kudryavtseva Elena
Belkin Street, house 26, apartment 40.
Sity - Tula
Country - Russia I have no phone temporarily because there something has broken also to me of it yet have not repaired, but as soon as I will have opportunity I shall give you my phone number, ok.
Write to me, please your home address, I want to send you the letter written by my hand and my photos, the truth our mail badly works, but I hope that it will reach you well. I hope to hear from you alot! I want to get to know you more and in hopes this will lead to serious!
I go for now Jody. I have to go in shop behind purchases while it have not closed. Jody have a very good week.
I'm drawn to you already I melted when i read your letter!
Jody write me soon! Love Elena.
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