Scam letter(s) from Julia Bezuglaya to Adrian (UK)

Letter 1
Dear Sir,
We are writing you to inform you about the problem your lady has.
You are in correspondence with one of our clients Yuliya. As you have already been told by Yuliya, she used the services of our agency for some time. Just now Yuliya doesn`t have a possibility to pay for using our services, and that iswhy she can not write you letters any more, though she would very much like to continue your communication, as she is very interested in you. Yuliya asked us to contact you and to apologise from her name for this situation and for stopping your correspondence so suddenly. Dear sir, if you are interested in Yuliya and would like to continue your lettering as well, we could help you. You could become our client and help your lady with the payment. If you are interested in our suggestion, please, inform us, and we will provide you the information concerning our services, the cost and methods of payment. Here is a little information about our agency: The name of our agency is 'NewEra'. First of all we should inform you that we are not a marriage agency and do not have anything in common with this. Our agency provides the services of translation from English into Russian and from Russian into English, access to Internet, printing, scanning and delivery ( special order of the client). We are contacting you from Yuliya`s adress, because all your correspondence goes through our translators. We receive Yuliya`s letters from you and give the translated variants to her. She writes you the answer and after the transaltion of the letter into English and typing it, we send you the translated variant of Yuliya`s letter. As Yuliya doesn`t speak English, unfortunately, and doesn`t have a computer, she uses our services to communicate with you. If you are interested in further correspondence with Yuliya, please, contact us, and we will gladly help you. If you have any questions, you may ask us, and we will certainly answer all of them immediately. Sincerely Yours,
Letter 2
Dear Adrian,
Thank you for using our service. We send you the information concerning your account with us: You have sent $43
You have sent $85 -------------------------------------------------------
We have translated 14 letters from you $70
We have translated 5 letters from Yuliya $25
11 photos printed (for Yuliya) $22
2 photo scanned (for you) $4
------------------------------------------------------- Total: $128-$121=$7 Please, if you find any mistakes or have any questions, let us know, and we will answer all of them immediately. Faithfully Yours,
Letter 3
Dear Sir,
Thank you for contacting us. We hope that the following information concering our agency and services will be interesting for you. As you know, the name of our agency is 'NewEra'. The office is situated in Luhansk. We provide the folowing services for our clients:
- printing and scanning;
- translation from Russian into English and vice versa;
- giving access to the Internet;
- interpretation of telephone calls; If you want to contact us by telephone, you should inform us about the exact day and time of your call and we will give you the number of our telephone. Because of the special schedule of the calls, we should be informed about the day and time when you would like to make us a call. Our agency do not have a web site, because we are not a marriage agency and don`t need having of any web page. All the information you can read here. Here is the information about our prises and methods of payment: - the cost of one translated letter from you or from your lady is $4USA and $1USA for the access to Internet while sending the letter to you or receiving it for your lady. So, the cost of one translated letter is $5. - the cost of scannin (if your lady sends the photo to you) is $2
- the cost of printing ( if you send the letter for your lady) is also $2 You may send us any sum of money which is suitable for you, and receive/send the letters on this sum. If you want to send unlimited letters and photos to your lady and receive also unlimited letters, the following information should be interesting for you: - one months of unlimited services: $250
- two months of unlimited services: $450
- three months of unlimited services: $630 If you are interested, this is the information you need for making a transfer thorugh Western Union: Country: Ukraine
City: Luhansk
The name of your lady: Yuliya Bezuhlaya If you don`t have a possibility to visit the office of Western Union and if you live in the USA or Canada, you can transfer the money online using your credit card.
You can visit web site and during 15 minutes you'll be able to send money from your credit card. If you would like to receive any other information or if you have any questions, please, let us know, and and we will gladly answer all of them. Thank You for using our services. Sincerely Yours,
The administration of the agency 'NewEra'
Letter 4

Dear Adrian,
Thank you for using our services. Unfortunately there is not enough money on your account with us for the translation of all the letters and printing all the photos you have sent today. To continue your correspondence with Yuliya, you should make up your account with us.

If you have any questions, please, let us know, and we will answer all of them immediately.

Respectfully Yours,
Letter 5
Hello Ade! How are you? Hope you are well and things are going good for you. I`m very glad that you would like to get to know me better, and I will tell you with pleasure. I don`t know where to start from, as I am not very experienced in such things. If I don`t tell something you would like to know, in this letter, you may always ask me, okay? Let`s start from the very beginning, I mean from the name. I am, as you already know, Yulya or, if to use my full name, Yuliya. I don`t think that for you this have great difference, but in my country almost all the names have short and full versions, sometimes they are every very different in spelling and in pronunciation. But you may call me as it is better for you. I still don`t know what to tell you. I am not a writer, so I hope you will forgive me this little detail :-) I live in Ukraine, the city is not the biggest, but at the same time not the smallest. If you want, you may find it on the map, it`s called Lugansk. But I lived here not for all my life, I came here nine years ago to enter the University.
By they way, as for years, I am 26, but I think you already know this.
My birhtday is on May, 28, 1979, so my star sighn is Gemini. Yeah, such a crazy sign, though I don`t really believe in astrology.
Nevertheless, I read my horoscope from time to time, it`s just interesting :) I work as a law enforcement, but, please, don`t mix this with police.
I am not a police woman, my job is a little from another sphear. If you want, I can tell you more in my next letter. Just tell me. The money I get is really rediculous, but it is better than nothing and help me at least a little. Oh, by the way, I started telling about my education and even forgot to continue:) I graduated from the Pedagogical University, department of World History. I should have become a teacher, but in my country the work of teachers isn`t appreciate a lot, and their salary is even more reducolous that mine, if it is possible :) In spite of this I am always optiistic an believe that life will be better in future. Well, what else can I tell about myself? I live alone in a rent flat.
Oh, actually I live not alone, but with Oscar. Oscar is my little dog, his race is toy-terrier, have you ever head about this?
I will take a picture of him and will send you in my next letter, if you want. He is very small, but have his own character, which is not the best I should admit :-) But he took not after me, as I have angelic character:-))) In the very first letter I want to say that unfortunately I don`t speak English at all, but I have already found the courses and will start the lessons very soon. I hope this won`t become a great obstacle. Right now the letters are translated by the translator of the company, but soon I will do this myself, I hope. So, it`s in short about me. I should hurry a bit to work, but hope that you are interested and will write me soon. I will be waiting. I am already waiting for your letter.
Take care,
Letter 6
Look, what do you want from me??? I have already told you that I didn`t want to communicate with you, and that was your fault. You ruined everything. You may write anywhere you want, to the president of Ukraine, USA, England, you may do whatever you want, as there is nothing to be afraid of for me. I am absolutely honest person, but I am NOT going to prove or explain you anything. You wanted to scare me?
Sorry, it hasn`t worked. If there is at least one healthy convolution in your brain, you won`t bother me any more, as I won`t answer any single letter more. I thought that maybe in future we could be friends, but you`ve lost your last chance. Good bye, Adrian! Hope I will never hear from you again.
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