Scam letter(s) from Veronica Vasileva to Jason (USA)

Letter 1

Hello dear Jason! Yes to me your music is good.
Thank for your photo to me it is good.
When this photo was made?
Today on work I had difficult day and very nice to see you letter.
Today had a bad presentiment in the morning when I have woken up.
I have left on a bus stop and had no desire to go for work.
When has arrived for work, our boss has declared to us the order.
Under the order of our boss we should make audit of a warehouse.
It is usual procedure.
We made audit of a warehouse, we checked actual presence of medicines in a warehouse.
We had to count boxes with medicines and to verify them with documents.
We and my colleagues have found out shortage in a warehouse.
The girl who works directly in a warehouse could not explain to us shortage of medicines.
After audit we have drawn up a statement about shortage and have informed the boss.
Our boss was very malicious on the working woman of a warehouse, and he hardly has not dismissed her.
But when he has calmed down he has made the decision to leave the ******* work and to subtract from her salaries the sum of shortage.
I very pity her because she is very young and has no experience.
But in shortage her the fault and she should answer for it.
I think that she has lost the waybill on a sent goods.
After work I had very bad mood, but your letter as always has lifted my mood.
And when I have read your letter to me it became better. I so am glad that I have male to which I can tell about my problems. Now I should go but I want to send you a photo of our city park. In this park I frequently walk with my girlfriends.
In the summer evenings here it is very pleasant to sit and eat ice-cream. Do you like ice-cream? I think that you like ice-cream.
I very much like ice-cream and chocolate.
I did not speak you but I well prepare for various dishes I know names of these dishes in Russian, but you probably prepare this dishes only call another name.
I hope that you tried Russian dishes.
If you never tried Russian dishes probably in the future I could prepare you for something. I hope that it like to you.
Now I need go.
I shall write to you tomorrow.
Very wait your letters. Elena
Letter 2

Hello my dear Jason. I knew that you will write to me.
I feel that I have got used to your letters and now me simply attracts in Internet of cafe.
Now I very much wait minute, when I can come in the Internet cafe read your letter and write you my answer.
I spoke you, that I have written to you with serious intentions.
I could not find the person which understood me with which I could speak on any themes.
But between us now such understanding, that I want to open to you what I promised you early.
You should know that earlier I had acquaintance with guys.
I had serious relationship with three guys.
My first guy was when I went to school, it is my first love.
After was second at University.
And last my novel was with the guy which worked with my mum.
He worked car driver of the boss.
In the beginning of ours relationship was all good: there was a love, flowers, joint walks, dreams of creation of family.
One year ago we have interrupted ours relationship.
Year I lived as in a fairy tale because he looked after me, but after I has noticed that his the attention weakens to me.
I asked his that occurs but he did not answer me.
Later I found out that he meet with other girl.
I trusted him, but he have not estimated my trust.
I could not forgive him a deceit and consequently we with him have finished our relationship.
Now I at all do not want to recollect about him. I think that I have found gentleman which I searched.
Thank that you sincere in your letters, I am glad, that you trust me. But as you now see, I was deceived in last-time too, but only I was deceived by my guy.
But our life as river and if river collides with a barrier, he collects all forces to overcome a barrier.
I have overcome change of the guy too.
I am very glad that I could find you. I did not see you, but we with you are very similar.
I very like to speak with you.
I have very much got used to your letters. I trust you, therefore I tell to you all about myself.
Yesterday I again spoke with mum about us.
Mum has asked me that we shall be do if our feelings will develop. Mum has told that letters is letters, the most important, is a direct meeting.
I have thought and have told, that about our meeting to us early speak now, because we still find out each other.
But if we shall want to meet together, now we shall not have problems. Our city has a few travel agencys through which I can legalize papers if I shall want to arrive to you.
But if all will be serious and we shall decide to meet directly, our meeting will be simply necessary for us.
I think that you agree with me?
I spoke to you about my work and I want that you have seen office where I work.
I very, very, very wait youe next letter. Your Elena
Letter 3

Hello my dear, my Jason. I am very glad that you have written to me the answer.
In the last letter I have told to you about mine relationship with guys. With each your letter I admire to you.
And now I am convinced that in the past with those guys I only wasted time. They have not understood me and my feelings.
But our dialogue for me is very pleasant also for me speaking with you very easily.
I can't In the letter to tell you all feelings, but I shall try to tell you. Each letter we have written each other pull together us.
You are far from me but when I read your letters I I feel that you near to me.
It seems to me that I knew you from the childhood, only we did not pay attention against each other.
I do not know why I write you it, but I have decided to tell you it. Because you for me are more than the friend.
Now I do not know what to think and how to tell you it.
I thought much, but I doubted.
Now I want to tell you that I have feelings to you.
You very much like me.
I think of you much, about the future and I see that I understand you and you understand me.
May be you feel also?
Today when I went in the Internet of cafe I saw the little boy. He stood in the street under rain and asked money to a meal. I could not pass past him. I have stopped and have given him money. And I have gone to the Internet of cafe.
But I return to him also have led him in a dining room.
I have bought him dinner, it was very a pity to me to look on him. He has told to me that him parents alcoholics, and that he seldom at home. He asks money to buy a meal.
I do not understand! Why on fault of parents children suffer?
Because children this our future.
I want to give my children everything, all my love, caress and attention. I want to create happy family.
At night when I sleep I see you, we together with you.
And only in the morning I understand that it was dream.
I want that we together with you to spend free time on free days.
I was afraid to tell you about my feelings and ideas but I hope that you will write to me the answer today.
I shall wait your Elena. P.S.
Each summer we with my daddy went on the river and went for a drive on rafts.
But in this summer I went there with my girlfriends.
I want to show to you those places where I was.
Beautifully, Isn't it?
Letter 4

Hello my dear, my love Jason. I so am glad to receive your letter.
Now I think only of one it about you.
In the first letter I spoke you that I search serious relationship. I so am glad that I have found you.
My mum so is glad for me. Mum speaks that I very much have changed, that I now smile more.
She speaks, that so change person one can only is love.
I know that it is love. You believe in love at first sight?
I now believe. From your letters I found out much about you.
But now I have understood that I love you, I am sure in my words and is especial in my feelings.
My feelings to you is sincere, I speak you these words from all my heart. Certainly you can not feel my love and all heat of my heart from the letter. But it is the truth. I now can tell you frankly that I love you. My dream has come true. I have found male which understands me You is compatible with me mentally, spiritually, emotionally.
Between us distance but my feelings are so strong, that I want to arrive to you.
I hope that you agree with me.
It will be wonderful if I shall arrive to you.
I never left my country and I don't know that I need to do that I can to arrive to you.
I spoke you, that my city has many travel companies which help with trip abroad.
I today shall go to one of these firms and to find out that it shall be necessary, for arrival to you.
I present this minute as I shall go on from plane to you.
I see as you stand airport and wait for me.
I run to you and I embrace you.
It will be fine minute in my life.
I hope that you will show me sight of your city after when we come at your home.
Then we shall walk with you on park, we shall go to a cinema and we shall do all this together with you.
This is my dreams. But I hope that my dreams will come true.
One Russian singer sings a song and this song has such words: " Dreams come true....... "
My dream has come true I has found you, I love you and I know now that destiny has meet us specially.
I shall write to you, that I shall find out in a travel company later.
I wait for your answer. Elena
Letter 5

My love Jason!!! I am glad that you have written to me, your support was necessary for me. I did not sleep night and thought of our meeting.
In the mornings my mum has seen that I have bad mood and have asked me how I.
I have told to her that I went to travel agency and have found out concerning official registration of papers.
I have told her that I could arrive to you I should issue tourist documents. And when I have told about the sum, mum have told that we can not pay such sum of money.
I have told that I love you and that I very much want to meet with you. My mum has told, that she agree with me and that our meeting is simply necessary for us.
Mum has told, that I asked your help with payment of my documents. And now I do not know that to do to us with you.
I never asked money. I did not think at all that I shall ask money. But I have no other variant as to ask you about the help.
I want to ask you to help me with payment of the documents because we have no such are familiar, who has such sum of money.
I have recollected that I saw on TV an advertising roller bank which is engaged in the international remittances.
I found out as you can help to me.
You can make a remittance in bank WESTERN UNION.
I hope that your city has this bank.
If you do a remittance in bank WESTERN UNION I can will receive money, only if I shall know:
Your home address (Country, Zip code, City, your Name and Last name), Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN) this code consists of 10 numbers, him you can found out when to you will give the receipt in bank. This is the information is necessary for you that you could make a remittance: Country: Russia
City: Astrakhan
Name: Elena
Last name: Shmarova I very much hope that you can help me with payment of the documents. I love you and I hope that soon we can see each other because we should discuss with you many things about which we can not speak with you in our letters.
I love you and is glad to our meeting.
My mum is glad for me too.
But I want to tell you that our meeting has changed not only me, my mum is very happy too.
Mum has very much changed. I very much hope that soon we can together. I have found you and I very much want to be with you to meet in the morning on dawn the sun and to see off the sun with you in the evening on a decline.
I shall wait for your letter. My documents soon will be ready, I only should pay the documents.
I wait for your letter. With all love in my heart,
Your love Elena P.S.
I want to send you a photo with mine sad eyes.
My eyes will open and will be happy, when we shall be together with you.
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