Romance scam letter(s) from Inna Kniu to Richard (USA)
Letter 1
Hello, Jim, my distant friend, let me call you so, cause I truly wish us , you & me to become very good friends;0)stop! don't run away, I'm not only for friendship here, I'm looking for my love, my soulamate, my life partner, but I do believe that the very start of a great pure love is friendship!
I have never tryed making friends on the net earlier, so, this all is seemed so new for me at the moment, so, excuse me if I sound weird or somthing like that, I just try to express myself the best way I can, but at the same time to be what I am ...
You know, I used to always be a simple person, just a girl, who has her advantages & disadvantages, I believe all human being are like that, & if you know someone who's pretty different, tell me about her (him)!
O'k, I also want you to rememer that I prefer people around me to bahave in their natural way, I hate pretending & those who pretend to be something they are not in reality, I think this can happen just for fun, but not for making a false impression, so, I beg you to be serious, sincere & honest with me, be what you are inside, don't hide your real nature from me, stand in front of me,& let me see your eyes, I can say so much about you , just looking into your eyes. So, please, look at me, don't turn your head off, give me your hand, shake it, aren't we friends now :-)!
Such a perfect day to start such a great friendship :P) Thanks a lot that you noticed me, you know, if you didn't I would never know such a wonderful person as you are, this is such a honour for me :-) Hey, you must be eager to know more things about me instead of my talking, you know us girls, we always talk a lot, so, you may feel free to ask me any quests you want to know about me & I will always be here to ask them, deal ?
oh, yuo have already asked me some, well, i do not speak any english & this is why i have to go to the internet cafe, as i do not also own a comp , hope that won't make a big deal to you, will it ?
well, as to yuor another question about the reasons for me to leaver for your country, or any other countries in the world, i need to tell, you, this is not the matter of moving, if i ever do that, but it;s a matterof
finding someone special for my lifetime, I can picture my self far away
from my home, you know, before placing my ad top the net, i thoguth twice or may be even twice hundred times if that would be possible for me to live far away from my motherland, my mom, my friends, i thougth it would be really hard for me, cause i would miss them, but from another side, i thougth if i found LOVE of my LIFE, i would do anything to join him & be happy together with him, following my Love wherever it leads me, wether to Paradise or even to Hell, I am ready to pass all the waters & fires of this world, all the deserts & frozen lands, if it's needed to find my other half & this is what I am going to do...
as to your another quest, about not havign enought time to bring up my little sweetie together with me, i think even a little bit attention from you, would be a great pleasuree for her, as she's never had a loving & caring daddy, hey, Jimj, do you think youll want to have kids? ;)) I will close this for now, but i will wait a lot to hear back from you soon again!
oops! I just wanted to send you a little kiss, but then thought that would be too soon for a first friends' date :)!
better wait for a second one :-)
hope you'll be back soon, sincerely yours Lena
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