Scam Letter(s) from Maria Matveeva to Simo (USA)

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Letter 1

To me are very pleasant to receive from you a mail.
My dear I write you, that in me the grandmother has died, and it is very sad.
At me has happened still very big failure when I was an at home, going to fly home me to plunder and all to take away.
I addressed in militia, but militias to me not than to not help
To me it - necessary money to the ticket to arrive at home!!!!!!!
My dear I very much hope for you that you to send me.
The ticket costs 300$USA
Today I to find money to the Internet of cafe and at once I began to write to you the letter.
My dear I think that, that you help me with my very difficult situation.
The justification, that the letter such short in me was the completed presence of time at the Internet of cafe.
I to go still tomorrow to check up a mail from you
Money may pass through the Western Union
For my name and a surname
Matveeva Masha
I shall hope for your understanding
I wait your mail.



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