Scam letter(s) from Evgenia Borisovna Podoplelova to Bernhard (Austria)

Letter 1
Greetings my love.
I missed on you while you did not write to me.
But now I am glad, that you could though to answer my letters.
My passport is ready also I can show you it.
At me in agency all I am ready also can go without problems to you.
With me you will be even more soon healthy.
You only to take care and be completely treated.
For now I should work and I shall write to you the letter later.
Successful to you of day and a sound health.
Letter 2
My greetings the Bear.
Your princess writes to you.
I have received your mail and to that it was very glad.
You simply do not imagine as I want to be with
You. With you, instead of with yours the neighbour as you have written to me. I want to be closed with you in yours to a room and to be together long time.
AS TO mine works I since tomorrow's day can be free.
As I speak the director that I want in holiday.
And it easy to release me.
And I all as need in this money. As these means to reach to you are necessary for me.
And I want to tell to you, that my mum has no
The bank account. At us in Russia so it is not accepted.
At us all on another than in Europe.
Therefore to me have told, that it will be better if you will send me of money through bank system money gram or the western union. It will be very convenient also I at once I shall go to agency
I shall give this money and they will give me documents on hands
Also will make to me the first flight up to you.
You only will need to meet me.
But about it I still shall write in the following letter.
For now I to you send the data on which you to me can make translation
They - Evgenya Podoplelova.
Kazan With - Soviet 100-69
After that translation I shall precisely write to you number of my arrival to you.
And as to phone call that it not my obstinacy, and will be simple
It is easier to arrive to you. And all to discuss at alive dialogue.
You in fact want it!!!!
Therefore do not tighten time and be with me.
Only near to you I can show all love to you.
For now I shall miss on you and to wait for your new message.
Your love Zhenya.
Letter 3
My greetings the Bear.
As it is pleasant for me to receive your letters.
And thanks for your appendix to the letter. It so was pleasant to me.
I as learned the western union about system
And money gram it is the most reliable translation systems worldwide.
And through these systems very simply to do all.
Thus you have obtained my data and you need only it.
And as to phone call it seems to me that will be easier with you speaks in alive dialogue. All details can be discussed and under letters. And when we shall be together we with you about all we shall be speaks.
Better I should be faster with you.
It will be pleasant for you and me.
Today at night you dreamed me.
As whether it be I go with you along the street and we hold each other for hands.
We come with you into cafe and warmly speaks.
And then you invite me to yourself home.
Houses at you we listen to music and you slowly start to undress me.
You kiss in the most gentle places and
Gently you enter into me. And from it it is very pleasant for me.
And you receive from it pleasure.
I so want that it was not dream and the present validity.
I can arrive by March, 11. I as shall tell
On work, that to me is necessary to be by this time free.
I cannot present myself, that soon I shall
With you. And to be executed my main dream it to be with you.
With you we shall be the best pair on the ground.
I in fact so love you.
Letter 4

My greetings the Bear.
At me it is valid now a lot of work.
Therefore I work much and very strongly I get tired.
I as am glad to hear, that you do attempts to find for us an apartment.
It in fact so it is healthy.
As to the automobile I have no it here in Russia.
And even to the best that you do not have machine we can spend time more with you together.
That is in our cosy apartment.
I called in travel agency and they have calmed me.
As all under the control also is possible to not worry.
I shall write you a detail of trip later.
As I shall call to you after 18 hours.
As you will borrow at 17:30.
You only do not miss me. Also be the good boy.
Strong whole.
Yours .
Letter 5
Greetings my lovely the Bear.
I began you to call and the tube was taken with all by anothers the man and has told, that I in general was mistaken number.
But I called on that number which you to me have sent earlier.
Why it so to occur!! In fact before I easy could call to you.
Therefore I ask you while to carry on dialogue only in letters.
In fact and so there was not enough time.
As I shall soon come to you.
Today I already called in agency and they to me have told, that I can fly to you on March, 11.
THAT IS to this number I shall be at you.
I shall write you flight of my flight later.
And as to me have told, that it is necessary to pay charges on March, 7. As on March, 8 at us in Russia
The international women's day and all will be closed.
Therefore it is necessary to do all on March, 7.
I have already sent you my data for translation.
There was only a business for you. I so hope for you.
And still I as am glad, that to like you my idea on the account of a bed. And in general to us it is not necessary for what furniture any more, the main thing that you laid with me in one bed.
I would like you to ask, and why you have decided, that I still to whom write that!!
In fact I have already found the happiness and who is not necessary for me any more except for you.
You only ask the chief that it has given you holiday and we could have a rest easy with you.
In all for you I hope.
Whole it is strong.
Letter 6
My greetings the Bear.
I as missed on you could not write to you the letter yet.
But all this is fast to be terminated and I can be with you.
That is we should not write letters more. And simply we shall together with you. Only you and I.
omorrow on March, 7 I should pay already to this travel agency.
And I can arrive to you by March, 11 that is Sunday.
My route: Kazan-Moscow -Vienna.
I shall write an exact times to you when to me will tell In agency. The main thing now that all was good on March, 7.
That is that you have not brought me.
As I shall hope for you.
Already soon these days off I can embrace and kiss with you you.
I as already speak on work. And I can be free.
I do not believe the happiness. I soon shall with you.
I can feel your love on myself.
I wait for a fast meeting.
As you have all data for translation.
Therefore I hope for you also all it will be good.
I strong kiss you and very strongly I like.
Letter 7
Greetings my nice the Bear.
I only, that that have come from bank and could not receive money.
They to me have told, that is not correctly specified the sender.
Therefore I ask you write to me the data completely.
And better descend in bank and all learn better that I could receive.
That is write all so that I have received without problems.
To me have told that it is other sender.
You sent from the name??? Or you were mistaken in a name when have written in bank the data.
Therefore go in bank more soon and all learn and came to me the positive answer.
There was not enough time and do all more quickly.
As for me already wait in agency.
I as have not overlooked, that you have written to me.
I necessarily myself shall take all necessary.
You only do not overlook all to make correctly.
For now I shall wait from you for mail.
We really shall the best pair on the ground.
Yours Zhenya.
Letter 8
Greetings my class the Bear.
I I want you please could to receive money in bank.
Now I shall go to agency to 17:00 to hours.
They will give me documents and will precisely tell when to me to fly up to you and what flight.
Therefore in detail I shall write all to you tomorrow.
As I already after that time shall not go for work.
And only tomorrow I can write to you.
I simply do not believe the happiness. I can soon see you.
I can press to the *******.
Also I can make love to you how many I shall want.
Since this moment of time I the happiest person on light.
And is fast both of us shall be happy.
I very much love you.
Also I think days up to our meeting.
I strong kiss you. And soon it I shall make in real time.
Letter 9
It is not necessary to be such sad.
In fact it not a significant problem.
In total that needs to be shown at customs house that I have such sum of money and all. Thus I not where do not give them.
And at a meeting I hand them to you back in hands.
In fact all is simple.
So take itself in hands and be the man.
I speak you, that at us all will be good.
Also it is not necessary to experience in this occasion.
That government which all this is guilty has thought up.
So it is not necessary to be afflicted.
I in fact have explained to you, that with this money
To happen nothing and they back to you will get.
I in fact so love you. Be the clear head.
Letter 10
Greetings my loved the Bear.
I as do not understand all it.
But you Bernhard understand also me. I sit here
At the airport also I wait for your messages.
It will be easier to make as they ask.
Also I can easy fly to you. Thus you lose nothing, and find me even more.
It will soon be closed internet cafe and I cannot write to you.
Therefore I ask you make so that I could depart more soon from here.
I in fact only shall show them, that I have and there and then them to you I shall give as soon as I shall come.
More soon all make.
As I am tired to wait and I want more soon to you.
I in fact very much love you.
You only please all make as I ask.
I shall expect your message.
Letter 11
My greetings the Bear.
As you could so to think about me!!!!
THAT I can deceive you.
I in fact all heart and soul want to you.
And at me only one idea in a head more soon to be with you.
In fact my heart so is torn to you.
And to me was insulting to read such letter, that you in what me accuse that.
I had problems in registration
Table from for that that have slapped together the visa and consequently there were such problems on registration.
Therefore from me also demand this sum as she is the guarantor, that I go to you as the tourist. And this visa was done by your official which to be in Vienna.
Therefore and know nothing in embassy.
I did all quickly only more soon to embrace you and to tell that I very strongly I love you. I do all for the sake of you.
Therefore it is not necessary to offend me in such way.
I am already tired to wait and I want to you as it is possible more soon.
It are necessary to make last step.
In total that is necessary to show this sum to those officials which me do not pass also I and I can easy fly to you the first flight.
I there and then write you time of my arrival and a line.
You only will need to meet me. And we with you shall be happy.
You only do not tighten time.
In fact I here with all one. And me it is very terrible.
I miss on you.
Write answer more soon.
Letter 12
I cannot send you a copy of the visa.
As I have nothing her to make.
All will be better if I today itself in real time shall show you this visa.
I as would not like you to lose. I so have got used to you.
I understand your indignation. But all this will pass after I can touch you.
It will be fast flight of flight, I so would like to be on it.
To arrive to you.
I so want you and I like
Letter 13
My greetings the Bear.
I just now could check up a mail.
You only do not puzzle.
At me the purest intentions.
It is necessary to solve all more soon.
As I more here cannot be.
To me so it is lonely without you. Here all another's and me one is terrible.
If you now will make what attempts I shall go back to myself home.
Also I shall cry very strongly.
I understand, that around of me there was not a good situation.
And all facts speak against me, but I can prove to you, that I really want to you as soon as I shall touch you.
Also I can with you speaks.
Then you are exact in me will believe.
And I to you at a meeting still was a lot of, that I shall explain.
On these letters at me time has not enough. So, that decide.
Or you believe me and I shall be with you. Or you continue ask to me questions on which I can to answer you only being closer to you.
Decide more soon. Time does not suffer.
I WAIT. Whole .Zhenya
Letter 14
I am already tired from your mistrust.
I understand, that the facts are necessary for you.
But I can give them to you only in an alive kind.
That is I shall show you.
And very strongly to not like me yours
Mistrust to me. All this to occur
As it is necessary. And as soon as I to you shall come
I to you all I shall explain.
I with you am fair and frank.
Simply you need to trust me.
And all your doubts will pass as soon as you will see me and will hear my explanations.
Letter 15
I want to explain to you all. But only when I shall be with you.
Then you can understand all.
For now I collect suitcases and a meal on station.
I can look a mail later.
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