Scam letter(s) from Elvira Osipova to Jake (USA)

Letter 1
Hello, my dearest Jake ! ! thanks a lot for yuor supporting letter,,, I appreciate your words,,, my dear it's really difficult for me to maintain with paying fgor the correpondence here,,, they told me that would be O;'k if you would help me even with american money, they are abvailable here,,, it's really tight for me to get tjhe things I need for living, sio I don;t have any extra money for the correpondence,,, I would appreciate tyat mush if you culd help me,,, if now, I wouldn't be allowed to write you any more,,, I'llask my translator to include informtaion anout payment & ym debt as well,,, nioce to see your oic,,, I wish I could meet you face to face one day,,,with all my love Victoria
Letter 2
Dr. Mr. Jake,

Pshenichnaya Victoria asked us to send you the necessary information about our service.
We'd like to inform you that the correspondence for our clients is not for free hereTo translate a letter from you costs 3$ if a letter is medium size. If it is ****** , the interpreter can say higher pice.To translate the letter of a girl also costs 3$ and more for ****** letter.One hour of the internet and using computer costs 1$ . To scan a photo of a girl and send it to you cost 2$.
And to get your photos :
Each 100Kb cost 1$.

Mr. Jake,you can send your money by the Western Union system on the adress of our internet cafe

t. Lugansk 91000
st. Shevchenko 4

on the name of its manager:
Osipova Elvira
or to adress of
Pshenichnaya Victoria
1, 4Leninskiy Street

the copy of the bill for Pshenichnaya Victoria
ammount of recived letters 11 *3=33$USA
ammount of sent letters 10*3=30$USA
ammount of received pictured 2 (78KB)=0,78 $USA
ammount of sent pictures 2*2=4 $ USA
the whole ammount is 70,78 $ USA If you have any questions, please ask.
Best regards.
internet's cafe administration
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