Scam letter(s) from Kaylee to Michael (USA)

Letter 1
Good afternoon, my love.

What are you doing?
Knock Knock.
I am Kaylee.

I often imagine that we lie hugging for hours. Even if it’s just my wild fantasy, it’s beautiful. Kisses as much as you can carry, where you want them, I have a certain place, sorry, I did not want to be so direct.
Open your eyes, look at me, you will see a woman in love, a man who loves you very much, who wants much more from you!
Open your heart, let me in, I want to be with you forever, to love you, to honor you, always, only with you I come to rest!
Open your soul for me, beloved, I love you, I also want to give you my soul, I want to live with you forever! I want to see you every day, in order to understand me dazzlingly with you, to go with you on thick and thin, I want to stand with you forever! I would like to be with you every day, you have to be my big love, I never want to miss you, I kiss you very often every day! At first, I didn’t know exactly what you are - this man with whom I want to share my life, with which I want to linger forever! But now I know for sure, for me there is only you, as a man who must be in my heart forever,
the other will not come there! There are many beautiful men in the world, but there is only one that matters to me, only the one I'm in love with, only the one that gives meaning to my life! I found it in you, it’s you, my life adorns me, it’s you that I need to live, I never want to give you up again!

I do not write a phone number here, all personal information about me in my profile on the site. Need to go easy registration.

My profile nickname ~~ Cislunar96041

Call me now.
Hugs and kisses.
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