Romance scam letter(s) from Olga Mayorova to Anaki (USA)
Letter 1
Greetings my new friend!
I saw your structure, on one of ROMANTIC MATE!
Your structure has very much liked me, and I have decided to write to you!
I think that it is pleasant to you!
I ask to write about myself, and whenever possible to send me the photo.
Letter 2
Greetings my dear Anaki!
I am so happy to see your letter today. My dear forgive to me that I did not write to you some days. The Internet of cafe where I write to you the letter not always has communication with the Internet, therefore I should wait when will exclude a mistake. I very much worry when I do not receive from you any news. I so am glad that today we again can to write letters. It so is disturbing. I do not know why, but today at me all very strange occurs. Probably it only seems to me. But I very much am glad when I receive yours the letter.
Weather began rather autumn. Leaves from trees already start to fall down and have fulvous color. I very much like to go on fallen leaves, but I would not like winter at all. In the winter so it is cold. I hope you forgive to me delays of letters. But if I had own computer all would be differently. We could correspond every day, and every day we could find out more and more interesting about us. You so do not think?
My dear, I at all have not noticed as have quickly darkened in the street. Now I hurry home, but I hope cao?a you write to me the letter. I shall wait!
With kisses, Olga!
Letter 3
Hello Anaki!
It is very pleasant for me to receive your letter.
I live in Russia in the city of Yaransk. It is very beautiful and quiet city.
Here there are a lot of trees and parks. The river the Yaranka there is in my city.
In summer I frequently go to the river with my girlfriends. We take sun baths, we swim and have fun.
Summer is my favourite season. It is warm in our country in summer: the sun shines and I am in a good mood. What is your favourite season?
I was born in August, 20, 1977. I am 28 years old. I have no children and I had never been married.
My full name is Olga Mayorova. I love sports, nature and to rest in fresh air.
I was born in the city of Kozmodemyansk. When I was at the age of 3 years, I and my parents left for Yaransk.
I finished school and graduated from the university. I have higher education in the area of Economics and my specialization is " taxes and the taxation ".
Now I work in a small shop as the seller. It is good, but not a well-paid job.
I always go on foot to get there, because it near to my house. I like to walk, you see it is useful for my health. I care of my health as it is one of the main things for me.
Sometimes on days off I and my girlfriends go to keep-fit classes, and then we go to the swimming-pool. It is very useful for my figure. I hope you like my photo.
I live with my parents in the ordinary apartment in Yaransk. Unfortunately I do not have the phone and the computer and I am writing to you from the Internet-Cafe.
I want to find the man of my dreams. I want to spend with him the rest of my life.
Unfortunately I am disappointed with Russian men and have decided to search for my love through the Internet.
I hope, that it is possible. Let's try together to make our life better and more happily. Hope to receive the answer to my letter.
With the best regards, Olga.
Letter 4

Hello my friend Anaki.
Thank you for your letter.
It is very pleasant for me to learn you better.
Write more about your hobbies, about your work . I would like to learn you even better.
It is very pleasant for me, that I have met you. We with you are similar. We have common character traits.
It seems to me, that we think equally. It very much pleases me. Probably we shall good Friends. The love begins with friendship. I am right???
I want to tell to you more about myself, I think to you it it will be interesting.
I already spoke, that I live
With my parents. My mum very good person. She always understands me, gives the necessary councils.I very much love her. She my best girlfriend. And I want, that we shared ideas with you, gave the friend
To the friend councils. It will pull together us. I shall write to you only the truth. I think, that the truth is very necessary
And our relations. We should trust each other. Without trust we shall not be close to each other.
I have decided to search for my love in the Internet because
I could not find the man of my heart in Russia.
The majority of men in Russia do not respect women. They abuse and beat their wives.
I do not want, that it was and with me. I want from mine the man of respect and love.
It is very important for me.
I do not like when the man drinks alcoholic drinks much. After that he becomes malicious and aggressive.
It is important for me, that I the man had good manners and good education.
I want, that with him was
Cheerfully and interestingly. It seems to me, that you have good character traits and with you it is interesting.
I learned the English language at school and in institute, therefore we will not have big problems in understanding
Each other. Earlier I considered, that the English language is not necessary for me and with a reluctance learned it. But now I
It is very glad, that has learned to speak and write in English. Now I without effort can understand your letters and To write to you.
I have a hobby: I very much like to play on the piano. In the childhood I went to
Musical school and studied to play
On the piano. I have love to music. Sometimes, when to me there come friends, I shall sit for a grand piano and I play Him quiet music. My friends like to listen to my music. I hope, that sometime I can To play to you on the piano. You want to listen to my music?
As I very much love animals. Houses I have a cat. It call Kitti. I very much love it, because it very much Kind, beautiful and clever. I give him all my love and caress.
Unfortunately I can not have more animals since I live in a small apartment. To me it would like To have houses a dog, a canary and to have an aquarium with small and beautiful fishes.
I hope, that sometime at me will be a lot of animal of which I shall care.
My time has approached to the end. In my other letter I shall continue the story about myself.
I very much very much hope to receive your letter tomorrow. Kiss.
Your girlfriend Olga.
P.S Anaki I am very glad that you want to meet me once! I have no relatives and familiar in America. But at me was familiar which some months were in America, but now I do not know where he?
Letter 5
Hello my dear Anaki!!!!
I am very glad to receive today your letter.
How you? At me all is good. As your mood.
Today at us remarkable weather shines the sun.
In the street a lot of people walks. Today I probably too shall go to walk to park after I shall finish this letter. I shall try to write to you each day.
Especially now I already all the day wait for that moment when I shall believe the mail and I shall write to you the next letter. I the whole day think of that when I shall write to you at last. Probably from that that me already draws it to you slightly.
Probably it is good as you think? Dear I at once want to tell you that we with mum live not so well as it would be desirable. At us there are also financial problems simply I want that you knew that I the simple girl from simple family. I do not have big inquiries so I am brought up.
In Russia it is not so good to live. My mum always spoke me that to me is necessary to get out abroad there life much better. Yes I and itself dream of that to live and work abroad.
And if I will have remarkable husband and children that it for me millet. But all this in dreams now. Now I can not afford to travel. The expensive pleasure. But so it would would be desirable it. It probably so is wonderful to visit the unfamiliar country.
You in any countries? You travelled? Now I can learn about other countries only from television programs. I I hope sometime can travel itself. In general I really have got used to look at life with all her difficulties. In this letter I want to inform you some details. For example I like to use spirits but not scented water. Or sometimes I use deodorants. I like to put on freely.
Earlier I very much liked to paint hair different colors. I painted them different colors now I try to adhere to one color. I think in this letter I have openly told to you about myself.
The important quality I think an openness. And on it I finish.
I wait your answer dear Anaki!
Yours faithfully yours Olga!
Letter 6
Hi dear Anaki!
I write to you now from the Internet of cafe. I am very much upset because I have not received your letter. Probably it is problems because of but I hope that you will receive my message and will answer me at once. I very much grieve. It is not a pity to me that I can correct the Internet. I hope tomorrow shall see your letter.
I shall think of you. I would like to receive your new photo.
Write to me at once as you will receive this message. I want to know the Internet of cafe works whether or not.
I with impatience shall wait your letter.
With kisses, Olga!
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