Romance scam letter(s) from Natalia Ivanova to David (USA)
Letter 1
Hey. Have a nice day
Why do not you write me? After all, I always look forward to your letter. I hope that you will find more time to spend with me and we can continue to get to know each other.
With great hope Natalya
Letter 2
Your letter makes me smile. David i am glad that you are responsible and do not forget about me. How do you like my photos? Like it? what?
Where are your photos?? I'm waiting for a photo.
I have no restrictions for leaving Russia. I can visit anywhere in the world.
David i would be happy to receive more of your photos and learn more about you. You seem like an interesting man. I hope that you satisfy my interest. And I can recognize you more and more. What do you think?
What will our friendship?
I do not know. Let's chat and enjoy. You bring a new wave of my life.
His fellowship.
We have one of the village streets. Everyone knows each other. And it's very boring. But now I can communicate with you.
I finished school. College. Now I work. I have in my life is boring. I sometimes meet with friends. The ride to the big city to watch new movies. What did you watch last? I watched the "Corporative"
This is a Russian comedy. Very interesting. You watch Russian movies?
Friend I would like to know more about you. What do you think about us. What would you like to tell? I will wait for your answer tomorrow.
I hope that my photos today you also like. Friend Do you wish that we could be in one place, and we had a group photo?
I look forward to
Letter 3
I do not know what to do. Today I was in the agency and all took.
All documents normally.
But I need to buy a ticket to Moscow and pay for accommodation.
And I still have money to spend. Need about $ 530 that would do it. I've made that have to collect and pay. We all took a debt. And now the money. I had not even thought about it. And what do I do not know.
David you can help ?
David i do not know what to do. All items collected, all in my hands. Everywhere all assigned. But I can not buy a ticket to Moscow and pay for accommodation there. I do not even think about it. I was so happy.
Dear i told the agency to find the money. But nothing happened.
I'll go through all asked. But nobody else is not. And I even have nothing to sell. And I even stay nowhere. I stop at a neighbor.
If you can help , then everything will turn out. I will wait for your answer.
I hope that you can do it and I would be arriving.
And all my dreams will come true. And we will be happy forever.
Your loving and gentle Natalya
Letter 4

I have good news for you. I know when I will come to you. I know when I can be with you. That flight details which I'll come to you.
Everything will turn out. We'll be together.
02 July
Seattle Tacoma Intl
Delta air lines
7:45 pm
03 Jul, Wed
Travel time 25h 55m
1 Transplant: 11h 35m Amsterdam - Schiphol
Flight DL3182 / Airbus A320
19:45 02 Jul, Tues
Moscow - Sheremetyevo
22:45 02 Jul., Tues
Amsterdam - Schiphol
Flight: DL3182 Airbus A320
Transplantation: 11h 35m
Letter 5
David i am very tired today. Many documents gathered , then the whole day at work. Then reassemble the documents. Pay slips. So much to do. I have almost no strength left now. I'll come home and sleep.
No hunting even eat. It would be nice if you were waiting for me at home. I would have to run home to you.
David what did you do ? What did you do ? How was your day. Tell me. What did you think for you and me. What do we do ? It is still a neighbor and a friend explained how to use e-mail. They all understood. And write it down. They should get. I think that happen. I gave them the address of your mail too. That they could write to you. Suddenly me e-mail will not come. I just do not understand this. But I hope that everything will work out.
Dear i collect things and cook. Specifically bought a suitcase. All folded. Not very many things poured. I took the most necessary. I just can not bring much. I can not bear. I go for the first time and so I 'd rather take fewer things.
I love you ! !
How are you? Tell me, what are you doing? What are you doing. Or surprises waiting for me ? What ? Do not you think?
Today we had the police at night. Looking for a hunter who was lost. Out on the hunt and came home about 4 days already. They say that could get lost. BUT probably not. May soon return. We have a few people from the village went to look for him.
David i am sure that everything will be fine. Succeed. I see beautiful dreams every night. I hope that soon I will be spending every night in your arms.
I want to see you
I love
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