Romance scam letter(s) from Alice Celestine to John (Brazil)
Letter 1
Hey..John,thanks for reply.I was wondering to have someone stranger..would you like to grab a drink and some fun today or tomorrow .?
Letter 2
John sound good ,so we can hook up soon!!! So when you wanna meet-up? I have no plans we can do this whenever you want even right now. I'd rather come to your place or you can come to my place.
I don't want to meet at public place, i just want room date.Now I just need to watch out for my safety since mea nd you haven't met in person yet, so if you have nothing to hide I need you to do a quick: My Safe Profile this page for me.
I am sending you my recent pic and there are some more pics on my profile. Just check and let me know.
Letter 3
Well maybe we could go on a nice romantic date together? You just gotta grab my number from a safe service that makes sure you aren’t a wanted person or anything like that but im sure you are fine obviously.
Go here and grab My Number I just gotta play safe haha and you can always come over here if you want I got my own place and Im kinda lonely over me up hurry
Letter 4

Are you busy or not interested on me anymore?It's nothing just a secure screening.
Your all info will be safe and secured as just have to Create Profile for my safety as we dont know each other.You know, most people are fake on classifieds. It is too risky to meet with unknown people. Also you will get proof about me once you can talk with me on there
Letter 5
Again John I am still waiting here for your call John Philip Bell, Have you got my phone number from live cam?
If you have done this already send me the user name.Alice89 do this age verification from MY LIVE CAM to get my phone number,
Letter 6
i uderstand you want freee Dating With me. If you want to meet! Create Profile: put your age must be 18+ nd confirm ur email. U can contact from here send me ur username when you done.
Letter 7
Are you avoiding me? or you didnt get my mail? I am still waiting to talk to you lisa. You can get access to my number and address from Age Verify Profile
Its secret, so plz dont share ok. Make an account on here and lets talk. This not chrging you anything as i did sent you invataion. They will just check your age if you are over 18+ and will give you access to My Number. Waiting.....
Do it and meet me now
Letter 8
Okay fine if its any easier for you just go to Sex in Hotel Room and lookup my name its alica69 you don't need a CC for this one so its really easy. I'm waiting her-e!
Letter 9
We can have a good time together. Just trust me okay.. Am not an escort ok so plz dont think me like that.
I just need you to prove you are not minor and safe. My friends also here with me while am writing you.
If you can come now you can ride us both. Just give me a call.
Here My Personal Number I did attach pic of mine also. How is that?
Letter 10
Sorry i really require the safe check first, i just want to be safe.Hope you understand where im coming from.
I'm not asking for too much okay.Like i said my safety is important for me.I can meet you anytime i can even host or meet you somewhere public, but i need to make sure im safe with you. So First Connect With Me Here
Letter 11
Are you getting worried as its asking for a card? Dont lie ok.. I guess this is the reason hon.
Alright ok I can understand your situation. I really wanna meet so I take another chance for you.
I did open a freee profile where we can chat and video. Here it is Join and Chat With me
Letter 12
John,I cannot wait hun.You can come by my apartment or you can host doesn’t matter to me babe.
I’m looking for a nice thick juicy cock to teach my tight little pussy a lesson...!!~ Simply Clic_k Her_e
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