Scam letter(s) from Alena Abdulina to Domenic (USA)

Letter 1 confirmation # for the ticket: W8N0P6 I am sad after your words you told me today over the phone, they gazed at me in the agency with a look of sympathy and told me that you are a very arrogant fellow. Check and tell me if they should go on and purchase the ticket? What is 'your' decision?
It's a pity that someone has spoiled the reputation of ukr women but if you decide you do not wish to know me anymore I'll accept it , but you will miss the opportunity to have ME in your life and I'll miss YOU.
Which is pity of course...
Bye for now
Letter 2
Hello Domenic, I was at my friends place, I have not seen her for ages and she was not at home, I called from work to her parents and they said that Zhanna is in a business trip and will be home only in the middle of December.
I am trying to find another place to talk from.
When can you call me, can you call on Saturday or Sunday?
You did not say much in your letter. Is there something that confuses you!? I sent you my documents copies, what is wrong Dom?
Please do not break my heart, I've done so much work and efforts to get my visa and now you are silent about something which confuses you, talk to me.
Letter 3
Dear Domenic,
Here are my flight details: Air France AF1153
25 NOV, 07:40 KBP KIEV
25 NOV, 10:00 CDG PARIS

Landing in Paris, no airport change

Air France AF90
25 NOV, 10:50 CDG PARIS
25 NOV, 14:45 MIA MIAMI BACK: Air France AF95
15 DEC, 17:40 MIA MIAMI
15 DEC, 08:05 CDG PARIS

Landing in Paris, no airport change Air France AF2652
16 DEC, 10:00 CDG PARIS
16 DEC, 14:10 KBP KIEV I have attached the information about my flight.
So now you can have it.
I will leave for Kiev on Wednesday Nov 23 , for me to be there on Thursday. There is every day trains to Kiev from my city but it departs late night and comes to Kiev in the morning at 7:00 AM. I must be in the airport at least two hours before the flight to pass all the departments, like passport control , customs line.
That is why I'll arrive to Kiev on Nov 24 and stay till the morning on Friday 25th. But there is again one problem. In the agency when they called to Kiev today to confirm my flight and ticket they were informed from the airlines (in the form of a kind advise) that I must have entry money. In the airport they can ask me to show the money to prove that I am a tourist and have enough money for my trip.
They didn't tell me about it before. My visa is a tourist one and I cannot have a letters of sponsorship from you. You see according to the law (after the terroristic actions of the 11th of September) all foreign citizens must have some money to show it at the Ukrainian customs to be let out & at the American customs to be let in the country.
I asked what is the minimum sum and was said that the minimum is 1000$.
Darling, I know that this news is awful,don't be upset please,I'll not spend it of course,as it's just a formality so I'll give you it back in the airport on my arrival.
It's unbelievable ,so many problems to go abroad.
Please Darling, send me it on Monday or Tuesday (your time) right before I go to Kiev. I worry that I might have problems without this funds. I count on you and beg for your calm and wise mind...
I am looking forward to meet you. Waiting for your answer, your Tanechka
Letter 4

Darling Dom, I thought I would fail to scan it today but I managed.
Had to put into inconvenience my friend with my late visit.
Not sure if the quality is ok for you to see everything on the ticket.
I scanned only the important page as they were going to sleep already.
I did not scan the cover pages of the ticket. Sincerely, Tanechka
Letter 5
Domenic. after you started to write that nonsense doubting my trip arrangement after seeing the actual tickets, i understood that you are not a reliable man i could rely on. i got that i won't be able to fly without the entry money and i went to cancel my flight. What should I have done else in this situation? The ticket is changeable NOT REFUNDABLE. What money can I send you back? Should I send you the ticket by mail or what? I made the paperwork, spent my own money, my relatives helped with that , I could not ask for more, if you have a Russian neighbor then you should know the life standards here good, Olga must have told you lots about poverty here. 1000 USD is a 6-10 months salary for many people I know here.
I do not understand what do you want to hear now???????
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