Romance scam letter(s) from Anna Terekhova to Gary (USA)
Letter 1
Greetings Gary!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you for a quickly reply to my message:)
I have not thought, that i recieve the answer so quickly,
And I am very pleased, that you did not ignore my letter.
I have already lost hope to find my sincere friend, and I have decided to try to make it with the help of the Internet.
I was said that people are calm and kind in your country and I have decided to get acquainted with male from your country.
It is very good. people have shown me club of acquaintances and I began to look profiles.
I was surprised very much when i saw such set of man's profiles who look for the women!!!
Really there are so many lonely men in your country ?!!! It is very sad.: (
SO MANY men are lonely and have no happiness in private life.
I saw your sincere structure, and I was interested in you very much and have decided to write to you.
In my profile the manager of the Internet of cafe had written that my residence are in the USA because club of acquaintances did not accept my Russian postal index.
I do not know, why, but I live in Russia, and I hope, that it does not confuse you?
Probably I speak badly English? I shall try to speak better if you will help me with it?
I have not thought, that you write me. You can not imagine how it was pleasant to receive your letter!
Well I want to tell to you more about myself !.
The Russian woman does not differ from others!
May be it will be easier for me to describe myself if I do not make it for the first time.
In me words and ideas have mixed up, because I worry a little. I did not expect, that you will answer me,
And when I have seen your letter, my heart was filled with pleasure and heat.
And now I am sitting at a computer, and I do not know what to write to you.
Excuse me if I make many mistakes in the letter, I don not absolutely well know the English language.
So, if something is not clear for you, ask me again, ok?
My name - Ania, I was born in city under the name - Yoshkar-Ola, it about the city of Cheboksary. My growth 5,6 and weight of 120 pounds. I the brunette,have dark blue eyes. I like to look comedies.
I listen to any music. For entertainment, I like to read books, to play table tennis, to walk with girlfriends.
do You play in desktop tennis, it is where a small ball on a table?it is pingpon
My city is in 850 kilometers from Moscow, this big distance!
You heard about Moscow, probably you were there earlier?
I can ask you about a difference of time between our countries, probably you know it?
Here where I live not so warm climate and as in Russia very cold winters, but weather forecasters promised that this year
It will be not so cold nevertheless! Here is very beautiful nature, the rivers and lakes, you heard about Volga?
Volga it the biggest river in Russia, it is not far from my city!
I very much like to be on fresh air, I love the nature. I like to bathe.
I do not drink, and I do not smoke, drugs even never saw
I live together with my mum and the sister, I work as the advertising agent in a wholesale warehouse, I distribute products in shops!
it is not my speciality,but i have no choice
After my birth my father has died of accident on building.
I as have the sister, we live all together, we are very amicable family and always try to help each other! My speciality - the lawyer, but I cannot find work on my speciality, therefore I should work In addition to various works.
I work to earn for my residing. I have higher education, and I am rather sharp.
I shall finish the letter, very soon I shall write to you again, I shall continue the story about myself.
I want to know all about you and about your life AS we live in the various countries at me there are questions:
you are ready to communicate with the woman from Russia?
Or the woman living abroad has no any interest for you?
Well I hope that I have not tired you with my letter?
I shall wait for the letter from you with impatience!
for tomorrow my new friend
If you have a photo, send to me please
Letter 2
Hi my friend Gary!
I hope that you liked my first letter.
What can you tell about my English? Probably I make a huge set of mistakes?
your opinion is very important for me, because you are the person who knows this languageis very well .
How are your ?
I would like to speak with you more and I would like to learn, what person you are?
My main vital principles are honesty, kindness, decency under the attitude to all people,tenderness and love and respect to lovely person. I do not love lie and I do not love false people.
I do not respect arrogance in people. I think, that the arrogance worsens a life for all people.
In people I respect honesty, compassion to poor people, love and respect for the partner.
I try not to think about people bad, I do not like to hide the truth!
Well, my main hope and dream is the search of loved male and creation with him the family.
I search male which will support me when support will be necessary for me, that who will understand me.
But my male should be strict with me if I choose not a correct way.
For me the main thing is the man loves me, and I shall love him and it is necessary for me that he pais me attention!
I do not ask to sit near me every minute. No, I simply want my beloved not to forget date of our acquaintance, Date of our wedding, I want him to be interested in my health and mood.....
I am sure, that I shall have the happiest family. I shall make all that my husband and I will live in harmony and mutual understanding.
I will take care of my beloved when will be sick. My grandmother has told to me some cunnings of national medicine.
I would like to spend every evening with my beloved and to speak with him about my dreams, I would like to hear it from him the same!
I want to help to cope to the husband with difficulties of a modern life
I do not think, that the age and education are very important, though I am rather well prepared for a joint life.
What is important for you and how you concern to our friendship?
I know this life from many sides, and I am ready to try to make my family happy.
I do not know, whether you are ready to answer me and whether you want our friendship but why not to try?
I shall regret, if i do not make it!.
I think, that we should use all opportunities to find our happiness.
The life is too short to use it only for ideas and dreams.
I sincerely hope, what we shall meet each other, and probably we shall be more than friends?
Certainly there will be many problems on our way. Probably that we can remain only friends.
Probably it will appear strong feeling of love between us, and we cannot live without each other. However I do not know. The life will show.
If we are sure, that we are necessary for each other we wll meet to know about each other, you agree with it?
I would like to arrive to you for more close meetings and conversations.
I aiso heard about scam on the Internet and I promise you that I shall not tell a lie to you and I shall not cause to you evil!
I have serious intentions and I shall not play on feelings of people!
I only regret that such people create problems for fair girls and because of such people appear mistrust to fair people!
I am ready to meet my beloved, I prepared for this, I respect mum and I promise that I shall keep a good name and surname!
I want to know about you everything, therefore I ask to write to me the letter and I hope that we will continue to get acquainted if you are against certainly?
Do your dreams coincide with my dreams?
Please answer sincerely to all my questions.
Please if you are not serious in search of relations which are necessary for me, simply tell it to me, I shall understand and I shall not take offence. I hope that I have not tired you with such big letter?:)
With impatience I shall look forward to hearing from you. Sincerely Ania!!!!!!!!
Letter 3
Hi,my new friend Gary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am very glad, that you have answered to my first letters.:)
It was pleasant unexpectedness for me to see your letter.
Thank you very much, that you have decided to write me.
When I looked for men in the Internet I have sent the message to two men,
But I have received only from you, and I am very glad that you have written me.
I am glad, because I liked your profile most of all,
I am very glad that only you have answered me, I looked forward with impatience to hear from you.
I live far from the Internet cafe, from which I write you, but this distance is not a problem for me, because I always with pleasure go to see your letters and to write to you the answer.
Yes the Internet cafe it is far from my house, but it is not far from my work, thats why I shall write in breaks from work!
Every time when I enter into the Internet cafe, I am full of hopes to see the letter from you.
I want to study more from you very much , and I also need to tell about myself.
I hope that my last letters were not too big, and it difficult for you to read them.
I was very happy to recieve the answer from you, and now I am full of words, and I try to tell them to you!
My mum was born in Krasnodar in 1945 and she is 50.
My parents have got acquainted in Krasnodar, they studied in one institute. After they have finished institute, they married and after two years of their joint life, I have appeared.
I was born on Febrary ,25 1977.
I have never been in other countries, I have never travelled, but I would like to see how people live in other countries!
From my childhood I dream to visit many countries but now it is impossible for me , may be my dreams come true, may be we will be able to visit different countries together!May be.........
I hope that you can understand my English and I promise that I shall study to speak better!
I began to study English at school, I do not know why,but it was easy for me to study this language, I have chosen English because it is the most widespread language in the world and I think that my choice was correct!
I always liked the English language and it was pleasant for me to study it!
Than I began to study at the institute, but I continued to visit English courses, and now I can understand and talk in your language, now this knowledge help me to speak with you!
But I can speak only English and I would like to know the English language as good as you!
I studied at the state university of city of Joshkar-Ola. I have received a profession of the lawyer.
I like my profession, but unfortunately as I told you in the first letter, I have no opportunity to work on this speciality.
Now It is time for me to go now, but I promise you that I shall write you the letter very soon and I shall not forget about you for one minute!
Your Ania!
Letter 4

Hello my friend Gary!
I have come again to speak with you because I miss you and I am very glad to read your letters!
I want you to know about me everything, and I shall tell about myself more!
As I have already told you, I like to listen to different music, but most of all i like to listen to slow and quiet music!
In our country all people listen to foreign music,Have you ever heard a song of Beatles-yesterday? It is a beautiful song and Ilike it very much, may be you heard song Righteous brothers-Unchained melody, it is a very beautiful song!
I also like to go to the cinema, of course in our country there are many foreign films!
Most of all I like films about love but I also like to look adventures!
Did You watch film Titanic, it is a very beautiful film about love! If you have not looked this film, I advice you to watch it!
And I liked film " Harry Potter ", it is interesting film!
I like the nature very much and I try to breathe more fresh air, I like to spend free time near the water, I like to bathe.
do You love the nature?
My favourite color is blue, I like to look at the sky when there are no clouds and I also like violet color.
May be I ask you many questions, I simply want to know you as better as it is possible, forgive me if I am too inquisitive.
I like to watch romantic films, and I dream that one day i will be in such situation and my life will be like a romantic film in which there are no troubles and problems!
It is my dream since the childhood, probably all girls dream of it.
I have met one man, and it seemed to us that we loved each other, we even lived together, but this man left me and I have never saw him, my heart had a pain after that but I do not want to regret about it all life and that is why I say it to you now!
May be he had another girl, but It was pity that i was lonely that time!
But all this does not frighten me and I think that it is necessary to trust people in a life and to try to live happily, because a life only one .What do you think about it?
I am ready to present you my heart, I am ready to give you my love, I can trust you, I only ask be fair with me and do not deceive me!ok
When that man left me,I began to live whith my mum and sister,because I felt lonely and I need help
I was disappointed in the Russian men, and now I want to find the man in your country, I shall love him and I would want him to love me! I want to have own family!!!!
It is one more reason on which I write to you.
I want, to meet the man who will be worthy my pure and sincere love.
I can love and trust only in kind and careful man, I would want him trust in me because I never shall allow myself to deceive him, I shall always trust in him!
I will never tell a lie to you,because I do not like when people tell a lie.I know that some girls ask the money from foreign men,as for me I am not such girl.I was told a lie too and i know what it is.
I sometimes repeat words because I want you trust in me because it is important for me!!!!
I always trusted in such feelings as love, friendship, fidelity, kindness, I think what exactly on such feelings all world keeps!
Only the trust can lead to happiness in Russia there are many bad people but in Europe it is also a lot of violence, that is why I try to find such man who can trust and for whom love is necessary as for me!
I could not meet such man in Russia.
I should trust in you because may be you are person of whom I dreamed all life!
I hope that I have not tired you with the history about me?
I shall be glad to answer to your any questions, but I can not always understand a question.
That is why I ask not to take offence, if I cannot answer your question.
It is very important for me to receive the letter from you, and I hope, that you will answer me now.
Expectation of your letter.
Letter 5
Hello my friend Gary!
Today the Valentine's day and I want to congratulate you on this holiday. I want to wish to find to you the big love and happiness in private life.
I do not understand such women which do thus.
I consider that it meanly to deceive the people which you love.
It is very a pity that you have met such not the honour woman.
But not all such as she.
There are such which could not find the love yet and try to find her.
Which simply want happiness and family.
I only ask you to forget about all bad and to think only about good.
I ask you simply think and believe in love I too was deceived at one time.
But I have met you and after that I simply have tried to believe in love and simply has tried believe that you can be me will not deceive also I want to tell that I is happy now, and the happiness seems to me costs of all money of the world.
For the sake of that what to test this feeling with you I is ready on all and I any more do not remember about a pain of old years. today bad weather, all time it is snowing.
But I have all the same come in internet cafe.
I decided to write to you a pair of words that you did not think, that I forget you.
Simply I now had a free time and I with pleasure write you this letter.
In general to write to you letters and to read yours it very pleasantly.
I receive from it pleasure.
Probably we may meet and consequently at me very good mood!!!
At you now morning.
I think, that when you receive my letter you in the morning will smile.
Well please smile.:-))
Ur!!!!, have smiled.:-))
I wish you very good day and more happiness.
I want that you today all time smiled.
That today for you sang birds and that today at you all your affairs turned out very well!!!
You should understand that I not always have a free time to write to you letters. I try to write to a is more often.
Yours Ania
Letter 6
Greetings my dear Gary!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I would come what to read your letter again.
I wait with impatience each new letter from you.
It is a pity, that I have no opportunity to visit cafe the Internet every day.
In our country not so many people have computers of a house, computers are very dear, but them to become more and more and more!
When I look the American cinema, there many women drive machines!
In our country who is not enough women goes behind a rudder.
In my family never was machines and I not when not skilfully to drive, on what it is similar when you drive the machine?
I at all do not know would like to study I to drive the machine, I do not have need to this!
Likely I set many questions, but I only want to learn you more!
How your mood? How your working day has passed?
My working day has passed very well though I and am a little tired, but was very pleased, when has seen that you have not overlooked about me!
With your letters I forget my past, and I start to think of the future more.
I am sure, that we are waited with the fine future. Probably I speak about it early.
You see, we know about each other a little. And the further acquaintance is necessary for us.
But we have taken the first step.
Well, I want to tell to you about me in more detail.
I already wrote to you, I was not, is married, and I have no children.
So it has turned out, that I have not met that worthy the man which would be with me.
Certainly I was familiar with various men, but all our attitudes were not long.
You are probably surprised, me of 28 years, and I cannot find the good guy, but it is valid so.
I have absolutely overlooked to ask you, you like when the girl well prepares?
What peeping you prefer?
If to like you good domestic meal I have good news to you, I am able to prepare well!
It does not mean that I praise myself, there is no I only speak the truth!
I studied much to prepare at mum and I know many good dishes.
Generally I like to prepare, this that than I am engaged at leisure as!
There can be you eat "OAINIEA" is a soup in which a lot of meat, in this soup five different kinds of sausage, it is very tasty and very nutritious.
Probably I could prepare for you once? But if you do not like soups, I can do something other it not difficultly!
I could do a romantic supper once, on a table there would be candles and beautiful cloths and as the fault is a little, as though you looked at it?
I am very romantic woman, and I try to do my life more interesting!
I am sensitive, kind, thoughtful, and also I the modest girl.
In opinion of my close friends and relatives, I - cheerful, clever and intellectual, purposeful, sociable.
I like to walk along the street and to breathe fresh air, I very much love warm weather, to me to like to be on the nature and to sunbathe on the sun, I love the rivers and lakes, I love water, in the summer I try to carry out a lot of time on the nature.
When I am one at home I miss, therefore if I have free time, I spend it with my mum and my sister, they are my best friends!
I never was in other countries, I never travelled, but I always would like to see as people live in other countries!
From the childhood I dream to visit many countries but while it is impossible to me it, probably this dream nevertheless to be carried out, probably we can do trips to other countries together!
What I still like to do?
I like to work, yes to me to like to work, I like to be useful, to like me my work, I would earn only for that what to live, but I not the greedy person and suffice me of it, in our country, as against yours workers earn few money, and the living wage makes more than the salary of the working person!
I do not understand anything in a policy, but I only can hope that possible to change in the future a life of Russia and people here as will live well!
I do not understand in a policy and only I hope that our government will care of the citizens better!
I hope that which I send pictures to you not bad?
These pictures were done by my sister and my mum, these pictures have been made this summer!
Probably it will suffice for today and it is time to me to go!
I shall well wait for your letters, write to me that you think and that you feel, I shall wait for it!
I wait for your letters
Letter 7
Hello my friend Gary!
I have come in the internet-cafe that again to write to you.
How are you? Are you all right?
I have a good mood. Today was heavy day but your letter as the award for me!
I did not speak it but when I come home with good mood, I would like to have fun, I like to share ideas and dreams, I like to talk.
But my apartment empty sometimes, and I should be in full loneliness. And my good mood disappears.
I simply sit in an armchair, and I look in the window. And then the silence deafens me, but I begin listen music, watch TV, or go in sports hall.
I try to struggle with loneliness, I can read the book or invite with girlfriend, I hate loneliness!
Enough about me!
I forget to speak to you about my mum, she has work of the watchman in a hostel
It not difficult work, but she borrows a lot of time, my mum to watch that extraneous people have not penetrated into a hostel!
You know that such hostel? It is the house for those students which have arrived to enter the university from other areas.
My sister is more senior than me for one year and she works as the secretary in firm, she deals with different documents!
Therefore I spend a lot of time of one. but even if I read the book or I watch TV, I understand that I simply deceive myself and the favourite person is necessary for me.
The person with which I can have a good evenings, meet a new day and see off old day, speak about the future and recollect the past.
I want to go and feel, that the strong hand of the man supports me.
I understanding that was impossible live without love, necessary to live and be pleased lives, but the love is necessary for this purpose!
You can understand that the life is really very beautiful when you love!
Well, enough about it.
May be you tell, that I live in dreams, but I know that miracles come true, it is necessary trust
in it and consequently I know, I believe that all my dream will come true.
We live in a real life so we cannot spend all time in dreams. For that to be happy, we should work.
I think that all in our hands!!!
One Russian poet Sergey Yesenin has told: "we are was born that a fairy tale to make the truth!"
May be you heard about Russian poets?
These are great people and their products be very valuable, probably
I shall read verses to you sometime if you certainly would love it.
When the dream becomes obsession, it can bring only a pain and disappointment.
I think that not all people can dream, it is possible they do not think about it.
The dream should be an asterisk in night as a beacon at ocean of a life, the dream should conduct you to a victory!
I think that impossible to live without dreams and hopes. When there is a dream, the life is filled with sense.
Belief and Hope - eternal satellites of our lives.
And irrespective of the fact, that victories and overcome tops waits for you in the end, we remember about better moments. We forgot disappointment and a pain of defeats.
You agree with me? I am surprised, that I write so a lot for you.
I never had the person with whom I could divide my dreams.
But now I have found you, and I am very pleased. Forgive me my frankness.
If I have told, something superfluous, forgive me please. Do you like when your friends in your home?
What clothes like you?
What clothes to like you on girls?
I want to know all about you!
I shall wait for your letter with impatience.
Sincerely yours Ania!
Letter 8
Hi my friend Gary!
How your affairs now?
How now weather there? To us there has come winter now and in the street it is cold.
Today we with mum tidied up at home, I am very tired!
We with the sister clapped carpets in the street, in our house there are no men and consequently to us to have to do even heavy work.
In the evening we have started to prepare to eat. I have baked a pie.
I think that you eat a pie? It is a sweet pie with honey, it is very tasty!
I am very tired today, I would come just tell to you greetings and ask about your mood.
May be, I write many letters?
I very seriously concern to our relations and I try to speak with you how it is possible is more often!
And today after homework I should write letters to you!
At us now evening, I shall go home, I am waited by mum and the sister!
Still yesterday at us it was warm and even there was a snow, it is very strange for our country.
But today very coldly and in the street it is a lot of ice and it very slides!
I only hope that you do not have such differences in weather?
It seems to me that on our planet the climate varies.
Because on the TV frequently show as there are flooding and people perish.
And in our country as weather to become another!
I shall go home now, I shall wait for your letter with impatience.
I hope that you wait for the letter from me and I hope that you will be glad to this letter because I am glad to each your letter!
Your Ania
Letter 9
Hello my dear friend Gary!!!!
I never thought that you could visit me. For me it is a little unexpected. I shall be possible to think above it? I should consult to mine mum and the sister.
How are you doing? How are you mood? I think, that at you all is good.
I am regret very much, I forget say to you my address!
Please, forgive me, at me has absolutely taken off from a head! May be, I had a many work.
My address, is necessary for that if the Internet cafe will be a long time closed. And I cannot speak with you!
City Yoshkar-Ola, street - Pavlenko, house - 47, apartment - 4, zip code - 424000
Also I want say to you my full name.
My first name is Ania but you remember it:))))
My surname is Terihova
It is for that you know about me the all information and I want to know all about you too!
Now you have my post address, but I should warn you, it is dangerously that to send something valuable by mail, our mail is not reliable also valuable things can be stolen.
But you always can send the letter to me and I shall be very glad to it!
It is a pity to me, but employees of our mail not reliable people!
I very much regret, but in our house there is no phone. It is expensive for me, but I shall try call to you, therefore number of your phone will be necessary for me and I shall keep it!
I am very grateful to you that you have written to me.
I am happy to receive you letter.
I with pleasure read your letters, and it lifts my mood
It is pleasant to know, that someone thinks about me and writes such letters.
Excuse me for my last letter,
Each day I understand that we become more closely to each other.
I am happy that we have an opportunity to contact to you with the help of Internet.
I badly understand in computers, but I think that now achievements of a science are very great.
E-mail is very convenient and fast.
And I am very pleased, that we have met each other on the Internet.
Yesterday I informed my mum on you.
I spoke her that we have met in the Internet and now we talk.
I have told to my mum a little about you.
In the beginning she has considered cautiously our relations on the Internet.
But subsequently, mum sends a greeting to you.
She hope, that in the future we can be magnificent pair.
I hope for it too, but we know each other very short time. And I think that early speak about it.
I have no anybody except for you in my life and I can speak only to you my ideas and my dreams.
And I really hope for continuation of our relations, I think that you not against. Kiss Ania!!!!!
Letter 10
Hello my friend Gary!.
It is a pity to me, but I have not a lot of time that write to you.
May be I have tired you with the big letters?
I do it only because I miss you and I want to speak more often with you!
It is a pity to me that it is not always turns out at me!
I shall write the big letter later if I do not disturb you letters?
Well, I so hasten, because my day on work very borrowed, and it demands from me many forces!
I should be on work at 8:30, my work to be in 30 minutes movements by the bus from my house to be on work.
Therefore, I should wake up at 7:00, I drink tea, have a little gymnastics to wake up completely, and then I go to work!
I work as the trading agent and the purpose of my work to suggest
food stuffs in various shops and bars.
My company gives me the
And I accept their orders!
I have dinner c 13:00 ftill 14:30 this time I try to spend in
Internet-cafe. I am reading your letters and after that, I am waited again with work,
I stop to work about 18:00.
I get tired on the work and after that I want to have a rest, therefore
I not always can write to you after work. because I very much get tired
to write to you the letter!
Well I hope that now you know all about my daily routine!
I shall write to you as soon, as I shall be free from work.
But I ask you, if you have not received the letter from me in time,
It means, that I have no a free time to write,
I ask to not hold evil on me, and not to be angry on this!
I ask that you have written to me as soon as you will have time!
Well I am already late for work! I miss you!
Your Ania
Letter 11
Good morning my dear Gary!!!
How are your dream was???
Now morning in our country, I have run in the Internet cafe before going on the work!
I very much regret that I can not awake you in this morning!
If I could, I would bring to you coffee or tea in a bed.
I could awake you every day kind and tender words,
I would like to give you tenderness before you go for a work!
I am sure that if we started each other every day, that this day bring to us only pleasure and happiness!
For this reason I have come to speak: you good morning, my love!
I wish you successful day and good mood!
I would want that this letter has brought to you pleasure
and you could lead this day successfully for yourself!
Also I want that you knew: I always think of you and
I am ready to give you pleasant every minutes in our life!
May be, I am very much frequently write to you?
I think that two persons who a have such warm feelings should be together! And consequently I try to write to you each free minute!
I only want that you have understood as you are expensive for me,
I first time feel very big feeling of love in my heart!
But nevertheless I do not want to impose to you myself and now I only hope that this letter will bring a smile on your face!:))))))
ALL that I can make, it is to support you in any situation!
I think that we should meet and I am sure that I searched for you all life!
If you want our meeting as I, that I can learn all concerning my arrival to you!
Therefore you should write me you thinks about it?
I wish you pleasant day!
I love you!
Your Ania!
Letter 12
Hi my perfect and wonderful Gary!!!
I am again glad to see your letter. Each your letter brings warmth in my heart.
I dream of that day when it will be not the letter and our long-awaited meeting.
My love at us in Russia now coldly. Though there has come spring but in Russia all the same proceeds winter. Certainly at us the sun has appeared. But have amplified a wind. A wind now very cold. Weather changeable and not clear and very whimsical. I do not know when to you to arrive to me better. Can you want to see me at itself? What weather at you?
Today it is not magnificent weather in the street. Weather is not very warm and sunny.
Two days there was a snow and now all trees in a snow, it is very beautiful! In such perfect day best to be in the street and to go for a walk on fresh air.
It is so pleasant.
I know probably I am too romantic and I love a nature very much.
Yesterday I dreamed of us walking in the park. When I think of you, my favourite man, I become so happy and it is pleasant and joyfully on heart, that for me it would be desirable to fly with happiness.
I understand that I can not live without you, without your words, without your embraces and kisses.
For this that I searched all my life.
You probably are intended to me by destiny. I should connect life only with you my lovely.
I am happy that you are mine. I value it very much. I do not want to lose you never. You are my sense of life.
Without you I have nothing to live in this world. I always dreamed about such man as you, such understanding and fond man.
All of that I want, it to meet you! I hope that you love me as I you!
I hope that you want meet to me as I want it!
I want that we will be with each other.
I shall wait your letter soon. I hope to receive it and to be delighted to your answer.
A lot of kisses to my sweet,
Always your Ania
Letter 13
Hello my love Gary!
I am tired from everything, I am tired from myself, only your letters calming me at the difficult moments.
In such minutes, I would like to cling to you, to nestle on your strong body, and forgotten all.
I not represent my life without you, my Gary!
I love you, and I am ready to repeat these words again and again!
At us with you still only begins. Only now I find sense in life.
That I want now, it to meet you, now I understand that all life
I searched only for you! I want to visit you and to meet you.
I learned all concerning arrival to you! I asked about going in your country.
I need the visa, foreign passport, medical expense and some other documents.
Usually the visa to be done about three months, it costs approximately 300 $, but it too long time to wait and it will be required even more documents.
Then to me spoke that there is a urgent visa, its price 400 $, but this visa will be done
During two weeks and all documents will prepare!
I think that it is necessary to take advantage of this visa, it is very good idea because I can prepare for all documents during fast time, it is very important,
Because in Russia always documents prepare very long time!
Therefore the urgent visa will be more convenient and will prepare in a short time interval.
I regret, but I have no such money, I am poor money but the love to you is rich!
I ask you if you want our meeting if you love me, I ask you help me!
I have learned in bank all about a remittance. That to me have told:
You may send money in any branch Western Union or MoneyGramme. It is fast and reliable.
When you to come in the Western Union or MoneyGramme, everyone will explain to you.
For this purpose it is necessary for you to know the following information: Country - Russia, city - Yoshkar-Ola, name - Ania, lastname - Terehova That I could receive money. It will be necessary for me to know:
Your full address of regular mail,
Control number of a remittance (MTCN for the Western Union) and the sum of translation.
MTCN to you will give, when you to send money. If I had such sum, I could make necessary documents, but I have no such sum.
It's make me suppressed and disappointed. I very much regret that I do not have such sum.
I very much love you and I can not live without you!
My mum is very glad for us, she considers that we can be happy together!
She spoke me that if you like, you will understand me and you can help me for preparation of the visa!
I represented our meeting...
You wait for me in the airport and worry for my arrival.
We look around and we search each other in crowd, then with to become transfixed hearts we find each other and to rush into strong embraces.
We stand having embraced, and all look at us. And for us as though nothing exist. Only you and I!!!
I very much regret that I have to ask you about money if I had money, I would pay for the visa!
Now your help is necessary for me, I love you, I am ready on all for the sake of our love!
You are probably disappointed by that that I ask you money, simply understand that it is necessary for both of us, our love without is valuable, now it is necessary to make only a small step!
Most of all I am disturbed with flight by the plane, I never before flied by the plane and I very much afraid of it!
But I know that I shall fly to you and consequently I overlook about fear, I think and I believe only to our love!
All that is now in my soul, it only love to you!
Not each person has such happiness as we with you and I think that we are rich people in the world because we love each other!
I think that I have brought to you good news today, I have told to you that we can be together, now this most important for me!
I ask you send me of money as soon as you can make it!
I want to be with you as soon as possible!
I love you Gary!!!
I love you all my heart, I want to be with you now.
You are my love, my Angel. My heart is yours.
I think, that it is the GOD have sent me you, now I ask HIM that HE has helped us to meet.
Every day I think about our meeting, and I think it's real, we must use this chance of destiny. Love you,
Yours Ania
Letter 14
Hi my love Gary !
I very much want to meet you and would be glad to your arrival in Russia, but there is one BUT!
The employees the Internet cafe beforehand warn the girls concerning meetings Now I shall try to explain:
If the man comes to Russia to the beloved girl, the girl bears responsibility for his safety
We have such groupings of the gangsters, which meet and track down the foreigners at the large airports
These gangsters plunder and injure of the foreigners, is especial of the Americans
There is even such, that they kidnap the people and require of the relatives the large repayment for his freedom !
I would not like that with you something happened
I never shall forgive myself, if with you something similar happen!
I very much love you and do not want to lose you !
It will be much better if I shall come to you , especially I never was abroad
It will be twice pleasant from of this travel, I shall see a lot of new and interesting, and most important, I shall see you, my love!
Write to me that you think in this occasion On it I finish and shall be with impatience to wait for your answer Your bride Ania
Letter 15
Hi my future husband Gary!!!
Your letters it is always very good for me, I am always very glad to read your letters.
It brings to me a particle of high temperature and love.
I was upset because of that that you could not send me money for the visa.
I simply very much hoped for that that we can be together already fast.
Now I am a little afflicted.
I understand now that I am very impatient. But I ask to forgive me for it.
It only speaks about that that I very much love you and I want to be with you as soon as possible.
I waited for a meeting with you all life and now I do not want to lose you.
I want become closer and closer to you until then yet I can not to embrace you.
I ask try to hurry what we were together as soon as possible.
Tell you you want it, you want to see me?
I would like to send you a picture of naked, but it will be difficult for me.
I would not like to send a picture of on the Internet.
I very much want to show you the figure, I tried to watch the figure for that what you and only you could love it.
I simply would not want that someone except for you saw it, not who is unworthy to see my body except for you.
As soon as I shall come to you the same evening as we shall go to you home,
at I shall undress for you and I shall carry only underwear.
And then we shall go naked in your house. Tell you you want it?
I with impatience wait for this moment. Therefore I ask you to hurry up what to send me of money.
I burn from love to you.
I want to give myself to you and only to you.
I ask you try find money that we could to be together.
I shall try to help you too.
I shall wait for your following letter with impatience.
Your love for ever Anna
Letter 16
Greetings my love Gary !
How your affairs? How is the weather there? Forgive me that for a long time very bad weather did not write you it because here. The snow thaws and is very dirty also dampness in the street. It is very difficult to go to Internet - cafe and to write to you the letter. I shall try to go to Internet - cafe to write to you. My dear I has not understood your letter. What does it mean naked pix? I do not understand. I ask you write to me easier. It is very difficult for me to understand your letters. And the translator translates as a naked box. When I have tried to translate them this combination of words. I ask you do not write very difficultly. I badly understand the text. But I well speak English. You my sun. And your letters warm me. I very much love you and I want to be near to you. Only the god knows as I want to you. I want to arrive to you. I want that you met me in the airport. I want to see you and to fall to you of arms. I want to kiss you. I want to whisper words of love to you on an ear. You want it? I very much want to be near to you. I very much miss to you. I love you my sun.
your love Ania
Letter 17
Hi my love Gary!
I am upset very much with your letter.
You accuse me of dishonesty to you. It is not fair. Why you do not trust me?
In what I am guilty! In that that I love you and I want to arrive to you? But unless not you wanted to meet me?
I very much want to see you. But I want to arrive to you. I never was in abroad and I have no concept that it.
I very much want to you. Your money are not necessary for me. Gold and diamonds are not necessary for me.
The luxury is not necessary for me. You are necessary for me only. You are not fair to me. I do not earn on you money.
Simply I want to see you and I ask you to help me. It is very a pity to me that you do not trust me.
But it also means that you do not love me. How it is possible to love without trust?
Tell to me! I am upset with your suspicions. You are not fair to me. I now sit, I write to you the letter and I pay.
Because I have insult from your malicious letter. I love you. But it is very hurt me from your letters. I ask you to think of the feelings to me. I love you.
your love Ania
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