Letter(s) from Veronica Vasileva to Steven (USA)

Letter 1

Hello my new friend Steve.
I can not express in word a pleasure from your letter, I waited for it very much! I want to tell you many thanks for your letter when I have seen it in my mailbox I at once have begun to write the answer.
I am very glad to have such friend, as you.
I think that it is necessary for us, learn each other, you agree with me?
It necessary for serious relations.
I in life very cheerful person I like all while it is an entertainment.
There are some qualities of human character which like me very much it is sincerity, kindness, politeness.
write to me that you like in the person and what qualities of human character are more important for you.
I have no friend at present.
I want to inform you about myself some words and let's see if we are interested in each other to go on with our communication. I am from Astrakhan, it a big, nice town. I live together with my mom and daddy and I think that we very friendly family I single the child in family, also have no brothers and sisters.
I think that for you interesting, know about my a figure and appearance.
I have hair is blonde and brown eyes. My height is 5 ' 6 ' and my weight is 120 lbs.
You can see my figure on a photo which I shall to send you with this letter, I hope that you will love it.
Now my age is 27 years, soon I shall celebrate the birthday to me there will be 28 years it will be September, 30, Write to me when there will be your birthday.
I have different hobbies and interests.
I like to listen to music, best of all I like melodic, romantic ballads, about love, but I find very interesting also other kinds of music.
I adore literature and especially poetry. I know a lot of poems, but only few of them by heart. Why? Because I learn by heart only those special poems that I love.
I don't smoke, not used drugs. I drink sociality I take care about my appearance and my health.
I would like to meet a male, nice, attentive, caring, healthy and to fall in love if we understand each other, take care of each other and if we are ready to share all in this life, good times and happiness and bad times as well.
I'm dreaming about my own family, my beloved husband and to have children with him in the future.
I think that our purposes coincide, and you want it too. I was never married and had no children, but very to love them Children - to decorate happiness our life and to do its happy.
I also want to learn about your private life and about your attitude to children I have a question for you. What do you expect from this relations? And how do you imadine your future with a girl from another country? And what's your dream family?
Please, answer my questions in details because they are importent for our relations and possible future tigether.
I believe that two persons can do much for their happiness if their desires and the purpose in life coincide that they will try to make happy each other.
Let's try to get to know each other better and let's try our chance.
I'm going to close my letter but I hope to get your soon reply with answers to my queations and your story, write me more about yourself I'd be very glad to get your letter, I'm looking forward to get it soon.
I hope that you understand my English
Take care. Best regards.

Letter 2

Hello my the friend Steve.
I so am glad to receive your letter!
I very much want that our relations had continuation, because I like you very much. When I have received your letter today I as if a bird have flied up in the sky. I waited for your letter all day, I can write to you only in the evening because in the afternoon I am on work and I can not write to you. Now we have evening and I have arrived to the Internet of cafe to look there is your letter or no. You have written to me it wonderfully! I have overlooked to inform you that I write from the Internet of cafe, I have no computer in my house it very expensive, but probably in future I shall by to buy a computer.
I have overlooked to tell to you about the work I finished medical university, and now I work in hospital, my speciality is the dentist My work take all my free time. Some people work only for reception of money, and they do not love work, I receive not many money, but I love the work I became the dentist because I wanted to help to people to recover from a pain.
Now I shall try to tell to you that I love and that like me more, I like when people after recovery speak me, thank you, It brings to me the great pleasure and is warm to my heart.
My favourite foodstuffs is salads, I love the easy foodstuffs I like to prepare also, probably ever I can, prepare for you something tasty of Russian kitchen. I like to support my figure, for this purpose I visit sport club and I am engaged there in aerobics, you love my figure?
I love the sun very much when there is a decline, and it of brightly red color. When you look at it that there is a desire to think of eternal beautiful and at the same time fragile and gentle. I speak about LOVE!
love-such simple word, but in it consists so much, I want to tell to you that I think about it. If all people though for one minute will this feeling in the world will not be wars, fear, murders.
I very much want to learn more concerning you: What work you do make? What causes in you a smile, or boredom?
for me inside world of man is more important that how he is looks.
Probably therefore I have so much questions to you, I want that you asked me questions too, and I shall answer it necessarily. Now time has come to finish this letter, I shall miss you!
I shall wait for your following letter with impatience Your Elena

Letter 3

Hello dear friend Steve,
With each new day of our acquaintance, I understand that you, are very interesting for me. I wait for your letter very much when I come in the Internet of cafe and I find your letter, my day is filled with life. I hope that you feel also concerning my letters.
And you attachment to me? I think what yes if it so, that it is cool!
Today we have good weather. Though already has come an autumn, but the sun shines very brightly in street. I love summer, but I like all seasons in each season there is something than is possible to admire for example the autumn, when leaves become yellow and fall from trees. I very much like to walk at this time in park or in a grove, it is very beautiful leaves on ground lay as if a carpet of yellow color and rustle under your legs it so pleasantly and beautifully. In the winter it is possible to observe snow, I like to observe when snow falls from the sky, but winter this cold time, therefore I love summer more all. Summer is a season of rest and I had holiday in middle of July I have some photos from this period and I shall send you it together with this letter. I want call you that to speak with you, you want it?
Probably my English is not so good, but I think that we shall understand each other without problems, it is a pity but I have no phone in my house. In Russia many people have no phone in the house, I shall find out as I can to call to you from trunk-call station in our city if I can do it we can speak. I ask that you gave me the phone number that I could call you. If we can not speak on phone now that I offer to continue our correspondence with help e-mail at present.
I want to inform you why I have decided to write to you to other country and why I do not search for the relation more close, for example in my country, I can inform you that I already tried to search for relations here, but I not could find the person with which me pleasantly will spoke, here very much many people abuse alcoholic drinks, or even drugs, I can not speak with such people, it is impossible to talk to them because they use a lot of not normative lexicon. Not so long ago I looked transfer on TV and there was spoken about a difference in cultures of the different countries, there was spoken that people from your country very cultural and decent. I can tell with pleasure that I agree with it, it is pleasant for me to speak with you and I do not want to lose touch with you. But remember, that we should learn each other more and more, you agree, it's very important for me. Because on statistics, majority of a pairs to get divorced because they knew each other not enough, and I don't want to do a mistake now I hope that you will can to understand me, Ok? As I spoke you earlier, we must to learn about each other more and more from our e-mail.
I shall think of you!
Faithfully, your Elena

Letter 4

Hi my love Steven.
Today I wanted that my working day as soon as possible has passed to arrive to the Internet of cafe and to read your letter, I very am happy that you have written to me. When I read your letter, at me even have appeared of tear of pleasure. When I began to correspond with you I had hope that at us with you all will be good. With each your letter I understood that I have found male which is necessary for me. I want to tell, that my feelings and the words in relation to you always were sincerely and I always understood that we put a lot of trust to each other Now I am sure on all 100% that I can trust you When I read your letter I has seen your sincerity and fidelity. I think what very difficultly to go on life when you one. Sometimes just to hold the hand of that person you love can make all the worldly troubles disappear.
A perfect evening for me is maybe taking a long walk with that special man in my life, the skies would be clear and all the stars can be seen. The air would be cold and crisp and I can feel the warmth of your hand in my hand. And I feel that you get in my heart more and more. It is especially interesting to dream of it when in the street becomes colder. Your letter warms my heart and that once we can carry out our dreams allows to give up hope. My dear, my love Steven, in my last letter I told you about my love feelings to you. I wrote this letter with so close love feelings, my dearest, I didn't can to hide my love to you, my soul prompted me that I must to tell about my love to you, because it is so difficult to hide a close feelings I love you, Steven, and I want to say to you it always I want to say to you, my sweetheart, that I can't without your letters Now your letters are necessary for me, I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH MY DEAREST Steven!!! It is pity that only our letters connect us, I want to see you in reality. I want it very much. Our letters connect our close love feelings to each other, but it only letters my love Steven, I want to say that my parents and my best friends are very happy for us, they are all time ask about you, about you feelings to me and I don't worry say about our love feelings now, because I don't want to hide my love to you my Steven, I have found sense of my life, I love you and I miss you my sweetheart.
My love, on this I will finish my letter to you, I will wait for your next emails with my great love desire, you must know how I feel so happy myself when I read your letters. Ok, I must go my dear, I will miss you, I LOVE YOU and I want to be with you for ever thinking about you my love Steven
Your and only your love Elena

Letter 5

Good day my sweetheart Steven!
I hope that your day really was good, I constantly thought of you, ideas about you did not leave me for one second, it strange, I read your letter not so long ago, but I have already had time to become miss, I think that you miss about me also, but I can inform you that probably very soon we shall not miss, because we shall be together, I have very good news and I would like to tell to you about it. I wanted to inform you these news earlier, but for me it was very important to know your opinion, when I have read your letter I have understood that you want, that dreams became a reality and that we have met also strongly as I want it. After words of my mum I have seriously reflected on our meeting, I did not find to myself a place, I have decided to go in travel agency and to find out that it is necessary to do. To me have told that I can arrive to you under the visa of the bride, this visa will allow me to be with you during 90 days and we can marry in the future if we shall want it, but I can not receive this visa, because for it is necessary to present the proof of that that we met earlier for example a photo where we together. I have told that we did not meet, and to me have advised to make the tourist visa and to arrive to you on some time, to me have told that preparation and registration of all documents borrows approximately 2 weeks, we can meet in two weeks, it is possible to receive the tourist visa for the term of from 2 to 6 months, we can be together a half of year!!! To me have informed, what documents are necessary that begin this process, I can receive it and begin registration of the visa. What you think of it? These are good news? The truth, I have a not good news also, it is necessary to pay 342 dollars if to make the visa for 2 months with you and 6 months will be much more expensive it 587 dollars, I not have so a lot of money, it difficultly for me is a pity that I not have 587 dollars, I can not pay so many money. I asked the help the parents and at relatives also, but they can not help me, my love it very a shame to me to ask the help you but I do not see other exit, you can help me with it? It will be certainly better if I shall arrive to you for ever, but even 2 months it is wonderful my love Steven! We can be together so much how many we shall want and to us the computer will be not necessary for dialogue and I can embrace you and tell you as strongly I love you, the most important that we shall be together my sweetheart Steven!!! When I spoke with my parents I have thought as you can help me, you in other country. I have asked mum and she have told that my uncle has bank account and probably he can help us with transfer of money I has gone to him and my uncle has told that he not against and has given me the necessary information that you could transfer money to his bank account.

Beneficiary Bank:
Account with correspondent bank: 04413603;
Name: Guta Bank;
Address: 5 Dolgorukovskaya Str., Moscow

Correspondent Bank of beneficiary's bank:
Name: Deuthse Bank Trust Company Americas;
Address: 1 Bankers Trust Plaza, floor 16, New York,NY;
ABA: 021001033

Beneficiary's account: 42301840915001004064
Beneficiary's name: Korolev E.A.

Payment details: Private transfer to Telebank client 974909

My love Steven, today I has thought why the god has not made so that we lived in the neighbour houses? We could be together at once, but then I have understood that we could be happy, god sends us tests, he has sent us test in distance, us it is necessary to sustain it, he helps us to feel our love when we far apart, I thank the god that he has helped us to meet on the Internet, I shall pray, that he helped us to meet, I love you mine sweetheart Steven.
I want to be with you, I love you

Your for ever Elena