Scam letter(s) from Tatyana Lyadova to Jack (USA)

Letter 1
Please go through this e-mail just before answering it.
Now i'm seeking someone who may be more mature compared to myself.
Do you understand just what im writing here to you, do you understand English? I want to familiarize yourself with you more, its not specified from which nation you are coming from in your page neither it does not say anything at all about how old you are.
Im in search of a truly serious guy, not any younger than myself.
Exactly how old are you currently? A bit regarding me, I'm thirty-five years of age
I'm residing in a country referred to as Ukraine, you most likely heard about it.
My name is Olha.
I am Olha, and I like when people call me Moon .
I am single, I don't have any kids as well as was never married.
I would like to meet a person with who I will watch movies in a cinema, go walking in the park, have dinner time with each other right after job, get up in the morning along with smooches.
I search for my everyday life mate and stay with him for the rest of my life, the one who would like to meet a girl or lady to generate a loyal partnership.
In case our interests overlap, make sure you send me your snapshot and reply back, and then we will continue our communication in greater detail. This is my mail !
Remember to deliver your photos, and here is my own as well
Letter 2
My letter is written Tuesday, June 4, 2019 - 13:54.
For you Jack Is your name Jack? You can also write my name Sun or Luna, as my friends and my mother call me.
I live in Ukraine, in a city called Donetsk.
I think that you know about this city, if not you can see it on the Internet.
Perhaps in your city there are people from Ukraine.
What do you want to know about me? ask in the letter with questions so that it would be convenient for me to answer your questions.
You can mark them with numbers.
I will tell about myself: 1 My eye color: Green
2 My hair color: Blonde
3 My height: 172 centimeters. (5 '8 ")
Once a week I get up on weight and my weight today is 58 kilograms and 250 grams. I hope that does not scare my weight or height :)
I was born in 1983, I turned 35 years old, I was born no problem. It was just the numbers in the passport, the main thing that felt the heart of the partner. Do you agree?
Jack, please tell me about yourself. I am interested to know your life.
Your photos also help to know your life better.
How do you spend every day? Do you go to the mountains or nature with friends?
Or you do not like an active lifestyle, I love the beach where I can stay in the sun all day, well be sure to use a cream so as not to burn.
Jack, do you like to watch movies at home or do you go to the cinema?
In addition, I like to watch sensitive films and as funny as a comedy, adventure.
I'd rather choose the second one to stay at home in a hug of a loving man and watch movies.
Well, I haven't watched films at home for a long time, since my heart has been free for more than three years.
Jack, I think you like action movies, or do you prefer another movie genre?
Well, I hope that you, too, in search of love and a girl to be one. I want to meet my other half!
If you are not interested, tell me about it, I will understand.
I will be waiting for your new letter. Olha
Letter 3
Hi men Austin,
I do not know the time difference between us, maybe you are still asleep or are you going to get up for breakfast.
I do not know exactly what time you have, well, I hope you read my letter and reply soon.
Today I have Monday, June 10, 2019 - 8:09.
A few hours ago I had breakfast, I prepared myself breakfast for 7 minutes.
Cottage cheese with the addition of banana and nuts, not a lot of yogurt, just like a croissant with chocolate filling and coffee with milk. And I took 2 apples to work at nosh to eat before lunch so as not to be hungry.
What is your breakfast? do you cook yourself or eat cafe?
Austin, I think I should keep telling you about my life.
1 - My hobby: drawing, I really like art and I love to draw on the weekend.
I will send a photo you can look at the drawings that I draw. 2 - What kind of food do you prefer?
More I love seafood, Italian cuisine I like pasta, pizza is all so delicious.
Well, I also like beef steaks with pepper sauce with grilled vegetables. A lot of dishes that I like.
I try to keep track of my body and weight, well, when I have the opportunity I will definitely eat high-calorie food. Austin Do you like fish or meat? Do you like when fry a dish or cooked it less calorie?
Well, I do not like fast foods. I think every right to choose. Do you like fast foods?
Have you tasted Ukrainian food?
I will try to tell about myself more. You can ask me what you are interested in .. Well? 3 - My favorite color is Green, why green, if you remember the color of my eyes green.
4 - I do not have body tattoos and piercings.
5 - What girl does not like flowers, my favorite flowers: Red roses.
6 - I do not smoke, not when I did not try to smoke, my father was strict smoking.
On holiday, I can drink a couple of glasses of champagne or I like white wine. Austin, when I write you a letter, I want to tell you about everything.
I hope that you are interested in what I write, if you think that I write a lot, tell me about it.
I am waiting for your letter. Write me faster. Olha Ps You liked my drawing which I has drawn?
Letter 4

Hellooo Austin,
We continue a little about my life. I think you will be interested to know about my work.
I work as a manager at the Donbass Arena stadium. Here is the FC Shakhtar Donetsk.
I often visit football games, I like to watch football, of course the entrance to football for me is free :)
Austin, did you watch football in the stadium? Do you have a favorite team?
It was interesting to communicate in reality to go to the match, if of course you like football.
I am writing you a letter from an internet cafe, I have a computer at home well 3 months ago I transferred from my parents to a new house that was built at the end of April 2019, until the Internet cable was connected to the network.
They promised that within 2-3 months the Internet will appear at home.
We will be able to communicate via web cam or skype and other programs that are convenient for communication. Good?
We have already written each other some letters. Now we know each other not much better.
This is good because we have found common interests.
I earn about 14000 - 16000 ukr hryvnia Month (this is about 550-570 dollars )
But this money allows me to live independently. I am proud of my independence.
I have enough for clothes and food and pay bills for housing.
I can not dream only about my career and work! I am 35 years old and I want to find a man with whom I will be happy.
I know when I have a husband, I will give more time to my family.
And I will work less. A woman should be a good housewife and wife. This is the most important career for a woman!
I would be to take care of my family, my beloved.
Austin, tell more about yourself, send me your photos. My photos help me to make my sister or girlfriend.
If you are interested, then I will tell about my family, I would also be interested to find out if you have a brother or sister, about parents?
I like our communication and I want to develop it. I am open with you and I am ready to answer any of your questions.
I know English, and I can also speak it without problems. After work I go to the internet cafe.
This is already my new habit! I really enjoy this time after work.
When I can sit in a cafe with a cup of green tea and write to you. I am pleased with our communication; I am very interested to know better.
Austin, email me more often if possible. Now I have to go home. I try to go to the internet cafe more often.
And I'm always happy when I see your letter. I am sending you new photos now.
They were made quite recently, I hope you like them. I am awaiting your next letter !! Olha
Letter 5
Hello love Jack,
I feel my life to become more interesting, because I communicate with you!
I will be glad to see your new photos, I will try to send you my photos in each letter.
Thanks you, you make my life interesting!
I imagined that you are next to me! How did you spend yesterday evening? Have you been thinking about me?
I woke up looked the phone so I did not receive an sms or call, probably today you will write sms, after i went and prepared breakfast.
I fry a 2 egg pan with a couple of pieces of bacon after making coffee with milk and a cherry croissant.
I remembered you. But not only remembered, I asked me: "I wonder how what breakfast does Jack?!"
I was curious to know what you cooked for breakfast? What was your dinner?
Yesterday, after work, I went to the store to buy groceries and took trout fish, then I cooked it in a brass oven.
She also started vegetables - eggplant, pepper, onion and not a lot of garlic. It was delicious.
Jack, now I want to introduce you to my family.
My father was killed in the war in 2015, he went to the store and our city was shot at by a trench-mortar and detritus wounded, it's terrible, many residents say that the Ukrainian military did it on TV, the Russians said.
There is nothing to change, the most important thing is that now there is a quiet time in the city.
My mother's name is ******, I also have a younger sister, NATALIIA, she got married and happy she has a son, 3 years old, Peter.
I am grateful to the parent for the education they gave me.
I believe that the future of a person depends on education at an early age.
we have some common interests, and most importantly, we have the same goals, and together with you it will be easier to realize our dreams into reality. do you agree with me?
Every day, I recognize you more and more, and it starts to seem to me that I have known you for a long time better, communication with you brings me joy.
your letters, a mandatory part of my day, I need to know that you are fine, otherwise I can not be calm.
I do not want to hurry, please do not think so, I sincerely tell you about my feelings.
I begin to think more that when not if we could meet, if I could take a vacation for June?
What do you think about it? Could you meet me in June?
The moments that we spend together will be remembered by you and me for life. I'm sure about it.
Now I will go to the gym to work out, I try to follow the body.
A week I go to the gym 3 times and once to the pool to relax my muscles after a hard week.
I feel now: my life is beginning to change. There are nice changes to me. I must go.
I'll be waiting for your letter soon! I am awaiting your letter! Olha
Letter 6
I would like to ask - which is our correspondence for you?
How much serious you?
I do not want to offend you. But for me it is important to know it.
No, I do not doubt about you.
I only wish to know about you and your emotions. I want dialogue in a reality.
I am assured, our meeting will allow us to understand our feelings and to understand at what level our relations.
To me not important in what country we will meet. Important that we will together.
You can arrive to Ukraine. Or I can arrive to you.
I travel was in such countries as France, England within 2 days I have spent in Madrid, As 2016 was in Usa New york, Nalifornia as you remember I spoke that I was married and mine the ex-husband lives in Usa New york.
I would not like speaks about it. Now I want will construct new life and to be happy, well to me so it is heavy
To find worthy the man who would love and appreciated me. Money in relations not the main thing, care, love, partner support.
And yes not what problem to receive the visa, within a week I have received the visa in Kiev.
I have a passport which allows to travel all over the world without obstacles.
At us it is called the international passport.
I do not want anything especial, I want to learn you more close, with you and to live your everyday life.
What luxury is necessary to me, we can prepare houses, walk on parks, and to look films on the TV in the evening.
Makes a supper, a dinner and as a breakfast.
For me the most important thing to be happy. I think that our meeting will be a fine gift for us.
I am assured, our meeting will allow us to understand our feelings and to understand at what level our relations.
If to you is interesting such relations you tell to me about it, I do not want to be mistaken the feelings.
I want I will meet with whom I will be happy. I send you an air kiss, I hope that at reading you have felt it.
I with impatience wait for your letter. Yours Olha
Letter 7
Jack In the last letter, I have told to you about the feelings to you.
You trust me? In letters it is difficult to speak about feelings.
I believe that we will meet you in any day, and we can talk endlessly.
Each word which I speak you, I speak is realised!
The love is a feeling which unites such feelings, as Friendship, Respect, Trust, Sincerity, Mutual understanding, Caress, Tenderness.
I consider that it is necessary to admit love looking in eyes to darling. Jack, feelings which are in my heart now very new to me.
Jack I am very glad, that you so have quickly answered. To me it is very pleasant.
It is pleasant to me to know that ours with you of feeling mutual.
I want to be your GIRLFRIEND!
If you not against certainly. I worry not much, if refuse to me will be insulting.
How is your day? What are you doing? When you woke up? I would give a lot for it to wake up in your arms.
I want to look into your eyes. I want to wake up from your kiss. Jack, what will be our first kiss? What do you think?
I think it will be very sweet and passionate kiss. I can feel your love and affection. I really want to try this kiss right now.
I promise that I will be patient, I can make a supper and wait when you will return, if you certainly invite me to live at you.
Probably you do not want that I remain at you?
I hope that you agree to invite to yourself, I think that when I will wake up in the morning after the night first ours
I want to feel from you a gentle kiss, I even have presented a touch of your hot lips.
For me it is the first step! For me it is timid hope and gentle dream. For me it begins. What will be in the future??!
Certainly I do not know now that expects me - I can dream and hope only.
But now I have interest and care of the remarkable person.
And this person - you Jack!!!!
But I do not wish to do fast paces, I wish to have a meeting with you together to spend time and talk to you in live dialogue.
The information on visit to you I know all, and what problems will receive the visa what to visit your country there is a passport within 4-5 days will receive the visa in Kiev as in my city Donetsk not probably to receive the visa.
Whether Jack you can meet me and help to pick up to me hotel?
It would be simply remarkable, as at us in Ukraine payment through credit cards is very badly developed.
And I cannot through internet pay hotel or call a taxi in the airport.
My home address: Country Ukraine city Donetsk street Bestuzhev 6 index 83000
I think, our meeting is new level of our relations and is final, they play very important role in my life.
I hope and in your life too. Jack, You which friend I wish to see my first Internet in a reality.
It is very disturbing moment for me and I will try to look on all of 100 to justify your hopes.
I do not wish to be for you a to insist on a meeting, on it if you do not want me to meet, I will understand.
But I very much want and I dream, at last to see you and to look in your eyes.
Sincerely, for ever yours Olha
Letter 8
Hello love Austin!
Tonight to me will sign papers that I could leave on vacation.
Important for me, and important for you. Important for us. I reflected long yesterday on us and about our future.
What do we have and what expects us?? We have a remarkable correspondence: kind, gentle, beautiful and careful letters.
My remarkable emotions every day. We dream very much. But actually at us anything is not present.
Something! It - only letters, it - only dreams. It not the validity, it not life.
You have really changed my world. You have concerned my heart, has presented beautiful dream to me.
But it is impossible to correspond eternally. It is impossible to live only for the sake of letters.
It is impossible to live in illusion. Letters? Letters. What gives us letters, except reflexions and hopes???
Letters cannot embrace. Letters cannot give a kiss. Letters cannot concern my hand and present a smile.
Letters not you. I want to be with you. I searched for the person for the validity. For this reason I think that our time has come.
We should check up the relations. We should check up the feelings. We can write one million beautiful words.
But only the real meeting in a condition to change our life.
Only the real meeting will give us chance to understand everything, to understand force of our emotions, to understand our prospects.
I hope, you understand me!!? I do not have any secrets from you. You my closest man, you my unique man.
I can hand in the statement on the visa through the Internet, by means of a website.
It will facilitate the process of receiving documents.
Since 2015 issue of visa your country is made only in Kiev and is not possible what cities of Ukraina any more to receive the visa.
It is news I has learnt only today and has been surprised.
In city Donetsk is not present airports of departure for you, I'll have to go to Kiev to prepare for a visa closer.
When you find the close and favorite person, money is not the main value in a life. I hope you with me it agree?
I still do not know all of this trip (visa, tickets) but I am obligatory all to you. I will write in the following letter.
Love Austin, I want to ask you more important questions. 1 - At the time when I will be in your city, can I live with you or should I live in a hotel? 2 - Can I sleep with you in the same bed? I hope that when I arrive you will give me a few days to get used to you, I hope that you will be polite to me. I want to wake up next with you from your kiss and your hug. 3 - Write me an airport code nearby yours to houses. We try not to make hasty decisions before our first meeting.
I believe that our first meeting will be very important for both of us and for our future.
Austin, after our meeting, we can refuse letters. We will be together.
Austin, you can meet me in June or July?
Please, do not think that I hurry up. During other time it will be difficult to me to take vacation.
Certainly I will understand, if you cannot find for me all time. I do not want to be for you a problem.
If we can spend together time or weekend, it will be fine.
What is taken necessary self comfortably to feel, what clothes it is necessary?
I need to take a towel? A tooth-brush? Or we can go to shop and buy? I do not want to strain you on trifles.
Excuse for my questions well I very much I worry.
We should find the way to our future. I do not want to waste time, wait and suffer in vain in loneliness.
If you do not want a meeting with me. You can write that to me about it!
When I will arrive, I can see your life, your world. I hope that it will be fast, when your world becomes my world.
Yours and only yours OLHA
Letter 9
Hello love Jack,
I had a beautiful dream tonight. I woke up with a happy smile and thoughts about you.
We were together in my dream. We had a very nice conversation and held hands. I was very happy.
Since the morning I have a good mood. I am glad that I have you.
Jack, for the sake of our happiness with you, I am ready to change my life. I want to be only with you.
Yesterday I sent an application, today I received a letter stating that within 2 days I should arrive in Kiev for an interview with the consul to get a visa.
Jack, in order for me to arrive in your country, I need to apply for a visa.
Jack, how many days will I be in your city ????? I signed the holidays for 6 weeks.
I think that for our meeting 3-4 weeks will be enough, what do you say?
I will be glad to stay with you during all the days of my vacation for 50 day.
At any time, we can change the return my flight of the aircraft, without what any commission.
First name: Olha
Last name: Marchenko
I paid for a visa online when I filled out the application. I also paid for an apartment in Kiev for 4 days.
Also, I will need to pay the consular fee and an additional fee for registration forms in Kiev so that I will be allowed to travel to your country, I must have medical insurance, every tourist visits your country very strictly to medical insurance.
I watched the cost of tickets on the Internet and called the airport in Kiev, I said the airport staff told me that the prices for 5-6 days would not change.
I thought that I had enough money to arrive without your help, I'm sorry I did not want to ask you for money, I asked for help from my mother and sister who can not help me now.
I do not have enough money to buy tickets. If you are not able to help with the money for the tickets, then I am very sorry because our meeting will not be possible to pay all alone.
I hope you can help with the ticket money for our meeting. Soon we will be together, can you imagine it, Jack?
Our meeting will be great. Every day my feelings for you become stronger. I will be waiting for your letter.
I send you my hot and passionate kisses. I look forward to your letter.
With love, forever yours Olha Marchenko
Letter 10
Make sure you go through my message just before answering it.
I am just trying to find a guy who will be older than me.
Can you understand what i'm trying to write here, do you really know English language?
I wished to familiarize yourself with you a bit more, its not detailed what nation you're coming from in your user profile nor it does not state anything about your age.
I am trying to find a real gentleman, definitely not younger than me.
How old are you currently? A bit regarding me, I'm 35 yr old
I'm residing in an area known as Ukraine, you most likely been aware of it. Anyway, my name is Olha.
I'm Olha, and also I also love when friends call me Moon . Now i'm single, I have no kids and was never married. I would like to connect with someone with whom I will enjoy films in a movie theater, walk around the park area, have dinner with each other right after work, arise each day along with kisses.
I search for my life partner and be with him my entire life, one who desires to meet a girl or lady to produce a true bond.
If our passions coincide, please send me your photo and respond,
and then we will continue our communication in greater detail. This is my mail .
Do not forget to mail your picture, here is mine also
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