Scam letter(s) from Natalia Granatova to Brett (Canada)

Letter 1
Hello Brett
It was very nice to see your reply to my letter!
I do not know the consequences of our acquaintance.
I hope you like to communicate with me, I want to say that you are very interesting to me and I want to know you better.
I hope that you are looking for a serious relationship?
Since I am looking for only serious relationship, not just a friend on the Internet.
I hope that our goals are the same, and we will continue to dialogue with you!
But I'm hoping that I'll like me, I'm just so tired of being alone.
I would like to know more about you, your interests, hobbies, about your
way of life? What are your goals in life?
First of all I tell about myself!
I was born in an ordinary Russian family. I live in Novoaltaisk! My city is located 12 kilometers from Barnaul.
I have wonderful parents,
Mom Tanya '52 and '54 Alex's father. They are already more than 30 years of marriage, and love each other.
I would like to have the same friendly and strong family, to my children to grow up in the same harmony, love and care.
I have a great relationship with my parents, and my mother - a best friend to me.
I have a sister who already has a family and two beautiful kids. I think I am - happy woman because I have a happy family, good friends and interesting work. But there is one thing that is missing in my life - a woman's happiness, that is loved and the only man around. A man with whom I will share my life who can make me even happier. I have never been married and have no children, but I very much hope that things can change in the near future.
I am a creative and artistic person, so I chose a profession designer. I work as a fashion designer.
I am optimistic and love life. People feel it and it helps me to communicate with clients, because my job requires communication with people.
I try to see all the positive things in life, I like nice clothes, good people and everything that makes the world more beautiful.
I like animals, flowers, butterflies, sunset. I am a sociable girl and I have a lot of friends. And I like to spend time with their friends.
Of course before we had more opportunities to meet. But now I'm at that age, and for many of my friends have a family, children.
But even this does not prevent us to communicate and meet. We celebrate holidays together and went on nature, visit the cinema and theater. What else? Oh yeah! My appearance ! My height - 168 cm, my weight - 51 kg.
My birthday - November 5, 1988.
I send you my pictures that I made recently. I hope they will like you.
And, of course, I would very much like to see your photos along with your letter, in which you tell me about yourself all that see fit. Take care and good day to you. I'm waiting for your answer.
Sincerely, Natasha.
Letter 2
Hi Brett, Thank you for your response to my letter.
I'm really glad to receive your letter, and it's very interesting for me. I think, that we can become at least friends. And who knows what may be in the future ... Let it not modestly, but I want to say that you found a good and reliable man. And I would like to become a friend to you, and in the future may be between us would be something more. I do not want to play the game do not have anyone. And I promise to be honest with you, and you can trust me. I believe that the confidence - this is one of the most important things in any relationship. Brett, It is important for me to know, what you think is the most important in the relationship of man and woman? And what do you imagine the ideal relationship?
What is important in a woman for you? What do you imagine a woman next to him? Brett, I want you to know, you can talk on any subject with me. I am ready to listen to you, to understand and to help.
It is so important to human life that can you just listen, understand and advise. I hope that I can trust you, too.
I feel that you are a good and kind man. And I'm glad that now I have such a friend like you. You can ask me any questions, I'm happy to answer. What do you want to know more about me? I try to tell more about myself in my next letter, because now I have to leave. I'll look forward to your response. I hope you will answer soon. Yours faithfully,
Your friend from Russia Natasha!
Letter 3
Hello my friend,Brett You have no idea how it is interesting to get letters from you. I look forward to your letter.
With each letter, I more and more recognize you and our acquaintance becomes more confident. You seem very interesting to talk to and interesting man.
I think you have popularity among women.
And I'm glad you're still writing to me. And I would not want to lose you.
I'm posting some of the photos for you! I hope you liked my pictures. Brett, I have serious intentions, and I'm looking for a serious relationship. I want a family. And I have a huge request to you, I do not want you to play with me. I believe in love and I want to meet a man whom I love.
Love - it's a wonderful feeling, which is very difficult to maintain. And only the understanding, patience, honesty and trust are keep this wonderful feeling for many years to come. Brett, I know I'm not the most beautiful woman in the world.
But the man who loves me and whom I will love to be a happy man. I'm always faithful, honest and reliable.
I stand by her man in all situations. Brett, I get great pleasure from dialogue with you. And you? I really want you to be interesting to read my letters.
And I want to tell you my thoughts. Most women dream to meet a good man and have a wonderful relationship.
But a lot of relationships end quickly. Now the family for many women - it's not the most important thing, many women are thinking about a career. But it is important to have a happy family for me.
And I want to meet a man who will take care of his family and the family will appreciate. Brett, And now I finish my letter. I do not have specific questions for you at this time.
But I am pleased to know your thoughts that have arisen in your reading my letter.
And I would like you to write all that you think. At the moment, I can say that it's very nice to talk to you, expect your letters.
I like to read what you write, and I look forward to further communication with you. Sincerely yours, Natasha
Letter 4

Hi,Brett Dear Brett, thanks for your letter. I always check my email with excitement and very happy when I see a letter from you. Brett, usually for me it is not so easy to talk about their thoughts and experiences. But with you I'm so simple, I can trust you.
I am glad that you understand me, and I think between us have a lot in common. Even at such a great distance, I feel that you have a good character.
I would like to communicate with you forever, but it's impossible. And today, I thought, I have to check mail frequently. I find your letters over and over again and re-read them with great pleasure. It's uplifting.
Now I had a purpose in life, and I feel some kind of intrigue and excitement. I am very glad the beginning of our friendship, and if it could grow into a romantic relationship, it would be great. What do you think?
I do not know about you, but it is very important to me that you came into my life. You give me new emotions in my soul.
For me it's something new to start a relationship through letters. I think that if we want to know each other, we have to write to each other as often as possible. Do you agree with me? When I started looking for a partner, I never thought about another country. But you opened my eyes, and I hope that we can continue to get to know each other. Brett Now I have to go, I agreed with my girlfriend for a meeting. Have a nice day.
Letter 5
Hi Brett, Thank you for your nice letter. Today when I saw your letter, I was delighted as a child. How is your life? How is your health? I hope all is well with you.
I have phone number but this phone does not receive international calls! I am not Russian actress ! I am a creative and artistic person, so I chose a profession designer. I work as a fashion designer.
I talked with my mom about you and our correspondence. She was very surprised and pleased at the same time for me.
She had a lot of questions about you. I told her about you. Usually, my mom is very critical, but this time she wished me good luck and happiness, and said she would pray for me everything was fine.
For me, the word mother is very important, and I respect her opinion. I believe in God, and sometimes I go with my mother to church. Today we went to church. I asked God, to help us develop our relationship if we are meant for each other. God has always helped me in difficult moments of my life.
I have an old icon of the house, which I inherited from probabushka. It protects me from various problems and makes me stronger. Brett, I think that our meeting was no accident. I believe in destiny, and I hope you understand that I have very serious intentions, and I would really like to develop a relationship with you. For me, this is serious as ever. What do you think? If possible, please send me some of your photos. I will be very glad. I'll wait for your letter tomorrow.
I hope that you will make me happy, and when I come to Internet cafes I see a letter from you again. Now this is an important part of my life, and I can not without your letters. Just write to me every day. It may be short, just tells me what you feel and think.
How the weather affects your mood, and simply tells me what you think is right. Kisses...
Your Natasha.
Letter 6
Hello dear Brett, I was always very glad to see your letter. I always feel a certain excitement when I see a new your letter. Why do you think my real name is Svetlana? It's interesting. My name is Natasha, Natalya is the full one. But you can also call me Nata, the shortest name. Anyway, how are you today? Today I went for a walk in the park, and I'm always thinking about you. I felt joy, because you have, and at the same time I felt sad because you are far away. I thought how nice it would be if you could take a walk with me.
Would you hold my hand, we would talk to each other. And then we could go to a cafe or to the movies together.
It would be so great, but it was just a dream. I knew it and I was terribly lonely. But then I thought, that dreams come true, and I felt good again. Of course, most of all, we must act to dream become a reality, and much in life depends on us. Dear Brett, I am writing you because I want to find happiness and be happy. And I think maybe you're the man, I searched for many years. I like to look at a pair of lovers who look at each other, kiss each other and tell each other about love and sweet words.
At such moments, I feel sad. And I think that is why beside me there is no lover, who could be happy with what I have with him, and we're together. I look forward to your response. Your Natasha!
Letter 7
Hello my dear Brett,
I also like to read and write letters to you !
How is your life? How are you feeling?
Once again, thank you for your letter. It's so nice. Today, I walk with my girlfriend and her little daughter in the park.
I love children, I love playing with them and talk. I rest when I am with children.
After all, children are carefree creature. Childhood - the happiest time in human life.
But it is also important to surround children with child welfare, because they absorb all the positive and negative.
My mother and father were loving parents and they are very well taken care of me.
I received a good education. They brought me a strong person. My father always told me that there is no need to be afraid and withdraw, if there are any problems and difficulties.
They must be dealt with immediately and we need to draw some conclusions for themselves.
My mother and grandmother taught me to be honest and sincere. But we get from parents is not the most important education. Most of the education we receive in school.
In school, I learned life. There were friends, had enemies, had a quarrel and was a real friendship that continues today.
It was in high school I experienced the first kiss and the first disappointment in love.
I remember my school years as if it were yesterday.
As I first called to respond to the whole class.
Sometimes I do not know the material, upset and crying when I got the first bad grade.
This school, in which I rejoiced and cried, which I loved and hated. These years remain forever in the memory.
And what memories you have with the school? And yet, I think I had a happy childhood, although I did not have expensive toys and pretty dresses.
But my mother always took care of my hair and that I was always clean and tidy dressed.
I am grateful to God that got a happy childhood and adolescence.
Please write to me about your childhood that you remember most? I'm waiting for your letters with impatience. Kissing ... Your Natasha!
Letter 8
Hello my dear Brett! I am happy to receive this letter from you. I want to say that I really like to read your letters.
I read and read your letter, and each time it made me smile ...
No , I do not have a car !
You're a real person with a very honest spirit and the principles of good ...
When I received your letter, my mood immediately soared.
My dear, what are you doing to my heart? Every day I feel new feelings for you, and every day these feelings are stronger than they were last time.
I've never seen you in reality, but I still have these wonderful feelings. And it is strange to me.
I know you quite a little time, but you settled in my heart. I like the tenderness and care.
I do not like rude attitude. I like it when someone pays his attention to me. And I love when I give flowers, because I think that the most beautiful gift for a woman - it's flowers.
But I think that the main thing for women - attention and care instead of any gifts.
Many Russian women married to rich men whom they do not like. They marry not on the person and on the money. When they start a family, they have a rich life.
But these women soon realize that they are unhappy because they do not love their husbands, only their money.
I can not be like them, I think that this is the main thing in life - to be happy and to make happy someone else.
I think that only money brings grief to man, but it is also true that you can not live without money.
I want to meet a man whom I truly love, and for me it does not matter rich or poor. My dear, I can talk to you about my feelings in my heart.
I feel that you are the person with whom I can discuss many things that I do not talk to my closest friends. It surprises me very much, because I know you very little time, but it seems to me that you and I know for a long time.
When I get a letter from you, it gets well on my soul and warm heart. I want to read your emails every day. In any case, I think I should stop writing about my feelings and to tell you anything else. :-)
As a child my mother told me that I had to study hard in the future to find a good job.
In our country, education is not valued. Many people who have a good education have a poor performance. They have very little income because in our country it is difficult to find a really good job.
Therefore, many Russian people are leaving to work in other countries.
And you as valued education? Tell me what your opinion people have about our country?
What do they think? I think many foreigners think that in Russia bears walk in the streets, All Russian men named Ivan, and that our food - pancakes, and we all drink a lot of *****, but sometimes it's true. ;-)
No, in truth, we do not like it, although many people think so. But I want to tell you that this is not true.
In any case, I want you to know, I'm happy to have a chat with you. I hope that one day we will meet with you for real. I hope that it will be soon. Kiss, Brett Your Natasha!
Letter 9
Hi Brett! Dear Brett, I can say that when I got your letter, my mood lifted considerably.
It's great! Recently, I live only hope that we will ever meet. And you? Our correspondence with you is like a conversation of two people in love who are separated, and they can not be together.
I recall various poems written about love. I like to read love poems. I especially like the Pushkin poem "Ruslan and Lyudmila".
The story of endless love. I've read it several times and each time I am more and more understand the meaning of love in human life.
Life without love is not real life, it is like the existence of the plant. It is very difficult for me to live without love, especially after I learned first hand the consequences of non-reciprocal love. I would not want to repeat the mistakes anymore.
My dream is to find a mutual love. My dream is slowly coming true. To you, my dear, I feel such a sense as to anyone else. I think about you all the time. And you?
I ask you to answer me honestly! I am writing to you from my heart, and I trust you. Every second of my feelings for you accumulate.
Now I would most like to meet you. This was for me a purpose.
I do not notice other women, I only think of you always. But I understand that we need to meet, to understand whether we are really right for each other. We can correspond with very long, but time is running very fast.
I would not want to waste time on correspondence.
Only real meeting will put everything in its place, and just being next to each other we will be able to understand what we really feel.
What do you think about our meeting? I ask you to answer me as soon as possible.
Your letter brought me great pleasure. Your Natasha - a kiss!
Letter 10
Hello, my darling Brett, Thank you for your nice letter, it is very touching. Never in my life I have not experienced such joy that I bring your letters. Darling Brett, I think we should meet in the near future. I think you know that we need a meeting, because only meeting will decide between us all. And I think that we should meet, where we shall live together.
I do not think you would like to live in Russia, so I do not suggest you to go to Russia. I think it would be better for us, if I come to you. If we are going to live with you, it would be better if I come and see with your own eyes, how and where I will live with you.
I want to see your way of life, the life that surrounds you there, get acquainted with your loved ones. I want you to show me some of your favorite places.
But of course, the most important thing I want to see you, feel you. It would be interesting to know you in a normal daily life. Even though you will have to go to work, you should not worry. I'm not a little girl and I can take care of themselves for a while.
I will expect you and I can be just a little girl in your arms. I will help you and you will understand everything.
We can spend great time together and enjoy each other. We learn a lot of new things in each other.
Dear Brett, I hope you realize that even the 1000 letters will not replace the 5 minutes we spent together.
We will feel our emotions, and the only way we can understand who we are for each other.
I hope that we will love each other, and after the meeting we will decide to be together for life. What do you think about it? Do you agree with me? If you agree with me, I shall make every effort, to come to you and be with you. I try to learn something, and then I will inform you. Waiting for your letter ...
Your Natasha
Letter 11
Hi my man Brett!
In our country, do not like foreigners!
Therefore, it will be better if I come to you!
I have the right to consider you as my man because you got a plenty room in my heart!
It's true. I am not kidding. I fell in love the way you talk to me.
I went to dates with men but I felt nothing.
When you appear you made my heart burn from feelings of love.
I hope I am not too emotional for you.
I share my feelings. Can you understand me?
What do you feel towards to me? Please be sincere.
I dream you have the same in your heart...
I want to share with you my pleasures and disappointments because I know that any minute you will support me!
I want our relationship from letters to grow into something great and unforgettable between two hearts.
So we should decide what to do to continue and to make something to build a real family or to stop here because it is impossible to write you and not see you, feel you and your support.
This idea came to me this morning and doesn't leave me.
I want to become a good woman for you.
I will do my best to show what woman should be and behave with her man.
Please remember I am thinking of you every second!
Forever yours, Natasha .
Letter 12
Hello my lovely man Brett!
I can come to you at middle of June!
I understand that I need you more and more.
I can't imagine life now without your words and attention!
I have something which pulls me to you. I can't explain it properly.
I want to give you all my tenderness and warmth.
This desire becomes ****** and ****** in my soul.
I guess it has the explanation. Probably I fell in love with you...
I have butterflies in my stomach. It is super. You are my life now.
I am telling you this directly but feel a little embarrassed.
I want to be your woman I dare say...
I feel that this distance makes us closer and our feeling is just stronger.
Even if we are not together the idea of our relationship makes me feel happy and cheerful.
I am afraid the only thing that it might be only a dream and one day I will come back to my ordinal and grey life.
You know I want to see you. But I will be patient.
It is not so easy I realise. But this expectation is so sweet and incredible.
Yours, Natasha!
Letter 13
Hi Brett!!!
How are you?
I do not hear you some days ! Do you interested in me ?
Please write to me ! I wait your letters!
Natasha !
Letter 14
Hello my sweetheart Brett!
My dear man, I didn't sleep last night because the idea doesn't leave my mind. I want to be with you all the time.
I have decided already for myself!
I want to see you. I want it with all my heart.
What do you think?
I want to see where you live. I want to know your habits and desires.
If we decide to build life together in future I want to see how I can be adapted to the conditions where you live.
I hope you understand me.
I'd like to talk to my boss if it is possible to take days off for me.
I hope he will let me go.
I have already written the application for holidays, I hope he will give me the answer tomorrow.
My love I don't want to give up on us.
I understand very well that you are far from me but our destiny is in our hands.
Please tell me your thoughts about it.
We must have an exact plan what steps it is necessary to take before our meeting.
I am rather determined about us and I want everything to be clear between us.
Do you want me to come to you?
I dream of it so much because I love you!
Forever yours, Natasha .
Letter 15
Hi, my darling Brett!
Oh, honey, thank you for your letter today!
You can't imagine my feelings when I saw your letter in my mail box. was You are the only man in my life!
I feel that I am so much attached to you that I am so much in love that all the thoughts are leaving my head.
It is so difficult to concentrate on something, so difficult to think about anything but you!
This is so great that we have each other in our lives, my treasure!
I have good news for you, my love! My boss told me that I have the vacations soon! And to tell you the truth, I want to visit you, honey!
What do you think of my idea, my tiger?I think it is a good chance to learn each other better because only writing the letters is not enough for me, my king!
honey, I can truly tell you that it seems to me that those days are the best days in my life, because I am madly in love with you and because I am sure (I don't know why, this is some 6th feeling) that we will make each other happy! I will never meet someone better then you and I am sure that as well that you will never meet the woman who will love you more then i do! this is like a fairy-tail, and I can't wait the moment we meet with you and when we will kiss each other for the first time and everything will be great!
Letter 16
Hi my love Brett !!!!
How are you?
At me all is good.
How weather at you?
I found out about my trip to you! I need information about the nearest airport.
And I need to know the full home address and your full name and also your phone number for registration visa! I'll wait for you all the details in the next letter. I can come to you for one month !
I expect division of your strong embraces in Morning, stretching my back. Good Feelings. Ah!
I can see you, sending magic air kisses a hand!
You - such happy, delightful person!
I imagine our lips concerning also with breath Excitement as you write. My blood rushes through
My veins! I caress your cheeks with my hands.
Touch your ears with my nose. I examine me so successful to meet such a
The remarkable, playful, happy person it is similar to you.
I expect our marriage together to hold
You here with me for ever. I VERY MUCH MISS ON YOU, MY LOVE!!!
YOURS Natasha!!!
Letter 17
Hi my love Brett!!
How are you? Thanks for photo !
How weather at you?
I am heated in heat of your letters and dreams about
Day, that I can hold you in my hands and show you it
I worry about you and I love you. I feel warm heat your soul, and I feel
The strong need for you to have an effect and IS SHOWN, that you
Like. Your letters always bring to me huge pleasure, my love?
I feel to you a huge attraction and huge love,
Which reduces me from mind. I so wait for our meeting with you!!!
I dream of our meeting!!!
I wait for our meeting with you!!!
I want our meeting with you!!! And I want to tell you, that I love you!!! I really want to come to you ! I made a request to Moscow for registration visa, and they told me that I should come to Moscow on Saturday to for an interview for a visa! This is very good news! And I mean to come to you at the next week! Today I will go to Moscow by train , my dear !
I will arrive in Moscow only on Saturday! I will write to you from Internet cafes in cities where there will be big stops!
I'll wait for your letter with impatience!
Your princess Natasha!
Letter 18
Hi my love Brett!!!
How are you?
At me all is good.
I am writing to you from an Internet cafe at the station on the way to Moscow!
Tomorrow I will be in Moscow, my dear!
My friend work at travel agency and she help me with visa !
How weather at you?
I very much miss on you, my love.
You miss on me, my charm?
I constantly dream of our meeting with you, my love.
I very much want, that when I have arrived to you We have lead pleasant evening at any restaurant
Also danced slow dance under music Robert Miles.
You would like it, my love?
I very much would want it.
I so want to embrace you at first our meeting with you, my love.
I very much would like to present you a longest kiss,
That has felt all sweet of my fine lips.
I very much want, that you have felt my gentle and strong embraces.
I always dreamed of such person as you, my love.
And I very much would like, that we were near to you, my love.
I feel the small girl who has fallen in love with you without memory.
To me it is very sad without you, without your embraces and gentle, tender kisses.
I very much want to be with you, my Prince!!!
I so want it!!!!
With huge love and with all my tenderness yours Natasha!!!
Letter 19

Hi my love Brett!!!
How are you?
I arrived in Moscow today. My friend met me at the rail station, my darling!
She works in travel agency ! She help me in registration visa !
And we immediately went to Red Square. I did for you
photo on the Red Square. I hope that you will like this
the photos . Today I will be interviewed for registration
my visa. I hope everything will be OK.
Accept from me my most passionate embraces, and also the most strong and hot kisses.
I very much miss on you, my love!!!
Is not present seconds in my life that I did not think of you!!!
I very much want to be with you, my love!!!
I can not stop to think of you!!!
I do not want to stop to think of you!!!
Each minute of dreams about you brings to me huge pleasure, my Prince!!!
My love to you grows every day, my charm!!!
I very much wait for our meeting with you, my love!!!
Yours Natasha.
Letter 20
Hi my sweetheart Brett!!!
How are you?
At me all is good.
How weather at you?
Yesterday I passed the interview successfully, my dear!
I stay at home of my friend !
I will receive a visa tomorrow, my love!
This is very good news! I'm so happy !!!
But in order to get a visa on hand I must show a copy buying tickets to you!
I'll watch tickets on the Internet to you tomorrow!
I will fly from Moscow , my dear !
I am very grateful to destiny, that I have found you, my love!!!
Each day brings to me huge pleasure when I see your letter!!!
Your letters for me something the greater, than the letter!!!
For me is a huge happiness to see your letter in mine E-mail!
What for you my letters mean?
When I wake up I think of you, my love!!!
When I fall asleep I think of you!!!
When we shall be together with you I shall be the happiest woman on the Earth!!!
I very much want to be with you, my love!!!
You want, that I was with you?
I very much miss on you!!!
You miss on me, my love? I think, that it is very good when you really like and appreciate persons!
And for me the most important person is YOU!!!
I LOVE YOU And I shall LIKE!!!
Letter 21
Hi my love Brett!!!
How are you?
At me all is good.
How weather at you?
Today I found out the cost of tickets to you at Halifax, my dear!
A ticket to you costs about 1210 Canadian dollars!
I have only 500 Canadian dollars.
I do not think that the tickets so expensive !
Because I already spent a lot of money on visa and travel arrangements
to Moscow for visa processing. It cost me about 600 Canadian dollars
I do not have enough money to buy tickets to you !
Can you help me in this difficult situation, my dear?
I need in 710 Canadian dollars to buy a ticket to you, my love!
I'm already on vacation and can come to you at any time!
I will wait for your letter with impatience!
Yours Natasha!
Letter 22
Hi My love Brett.
In our country, the banking system is not as developed as in your country!
Not all people have a bank account! I for example do not have a bank account!
I will find out how you can send me money!
I think, that our meeting with you is close.
I so miss on you, my love!!!
I so wait for our meeting with you, my Prince!!!
And I very much would like, that our meeting with you
Was the most unforgettable moment in our life!!!
You would like it, my love?
I think, that we shall be with those happy people on the Earth!!!
I believe in it!!!
I want it!!!
And we shall be happy with you, my love!!!
Accept from me my most sincere wishes, my hot kisses,
And also my most passionate embraces!!!
I so dream, that two loving hearts will be together!!!
And these two loving hearts are our hearts!!!
Yours Natasha!!!
Letter 23
Hi my love Brett!!!
How are you?
How weather at you?
Accept from me my sincere wishes of good mood,
My most sincere hot kisses, and also my strong and hot embraces.
As I told to you that in our country, the banking system is not as developed as in your country!
Not all people have a bank account! I for example do not have a bank account!
All people pay in cash!
I went to the bank and found out how you can send me money!
The bank told me that the fastest way is Western Union!
Do you hear about it ?
I very much miss you, my love!!!
I so want our meeting with you, my Beloved Prince!!!
I all life dreamed of such person, as you.
For me to think of you each minute is big pleasure!!!
To think of the loved person is a great pleasure!!!
My ideas about our meeting do not give me to me to sleep!!!
I so want to see you, my love!!!
I very much want, that when I opened eyes in the morning you was always with me beside!!!
You would would like it, my charm?
I expect day when I shall see you, my love!!!
To me my love would be desirable to present you full pleasure of our first night with you!!!
You would like it, my beloved?
My love to you grows with each minute!!!
And now I finish my letter with ideas on you, my love!!!
Yours Natasha !!!
Letter 24
Hi my love Brett!!!
How are you?
How's weather at you?
I myself can not receive money through Western Union, my lovely!
Because my passport is in a travel agency, my love!
But you can send money to the name of my manager in the tourist agency!
First name of my manager in the tourist agency is Ivan .
Last name is Pavlukhin .
As soon as you can send money I can pay for my tickets to you and then inform to you about my flight , my dear !
I hope I can be with you at this week , my lovely !
I finish my letter to you with thoughts about you and our meeting with you, my charm!!!
Forever yours Natasha!!!
Letter 25
Hi my love Brett!!!
How are you?
Address: Myasnitskaya Street, 35, Moscow, 101000
Which copy of passport do you need Ivan Pavlukhin ?
I finish my letter to you with thoughts about you and our meeting with you, my charm!!!
Forever yours Natasha!!!
Letter 26
Hi my love Brett!!!
How are you?
I send you copy of passport of manager of tourist agency , my dear !
But in order to get a visa on hand I must show a copy buying tickets to you!
I can not send you copy of my visa , my dear !
As soon as you can send money I can pay for my tickets to you and then inform to you about my flight , my dear !
I hope I can be with you on Monday , my lovely !
I finish my letter to you with thoughts about you and our meeting with you, my charm!!!
Forever yours Natasha!!!
Letter 27
Hi my love Brett!!!
How are you?
The name of travel agency is Avantix !
This travel agency has contract with me.
The travel agency does not send any letters to third parties!
Phone of agency is 7 (495) 787-72-72
I do not know how to solve this problem , my dear !
I found out in the bank that you can send money without any problems
through Western Union ! And they no need any official documents !
Yours Natasha!!!
Letter 28
Hi my love Brett!!!
How are you? Thanks for photo , my dear !
I am glad to receive your letter today , my lovely !
When you be able to send money to my travel agent Ivan Pavlukhin ?
And then I will buy tickets to you immediately and then inform to you about this !
I very much love you and want to be with you!
I think of our first meeting constantly, my love!!!
I dream of our first night with you, my love!!!
I think, what I shall dress on from underwear?
And I perhaps know that I shall dress on to me from underwear, my love!!!
I think, that you be delighted!!!
What you think in this occasion, my love?
My love to you grows every day, my love!!!
I so miss on you, my love!!!
I think of you constantly, my love!!!
I finish my letter to you with thoughts about you and our meeting with you, my charm!!!
Forever yours Natasha!!!
Letter 29
Hi my love Brett!!!
How are you?
I send you old photos in a beach , my dear !
His address: Bryullova street, house 7 , Moscow, 125080
His e-mail address:
His phone number +79613751992 , but this cell phone can not receive internationals calls !
I finish my letter to you with thoughts about you and our meeting with you, my charm!!!
Forever yours Natasha!!!
Letter 30
Hi my love Brett!!!
How are you?
I send you photo which you want from me , my dear !
I finish my letter to you with thoughts about you and our meeting with you, my charm!!!
Forever yours Natasha!!!
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