Scam letter(s) from Marina Zozulenka to Tore (Norway)

Letter 1
aHello, my dear Tore i have read your letter and i must say that it filled me with great joy. I too have only just decided to try the Internet to try and find someone to share lifes journey with , i do feel the same that , we have the same goals in life and that we should grab opportunities and not just sit waiting for things to happen. I think it is important to know the thoughts and feelings of each other. The language barrier is just that a small barrier, one can look into anothers eyes and see their soul because it is the pathway to the soul. Love is the only language that is understood by one and all, and is probably also the most misunderstood. I guess that could be pretty close to perfect happiness. I am glad you are happy that you have met me, but I want you to know that I'm very happy to have you in my life as well. I think about you all of the time. You fill my days with great pleasure. I want deeply to be there for you, when you need a shoulder to cry on, when you need someone to laugh with, someone to talk to or share thoughts and feelings with. I want to be that person. To me you symbolize hope. I can't imagine something better than waking up in the morning and look deep inside your eyes and feel all the love inside. To get up before you and make breakfast for you in bed. Giving you small gifts, those small things that are not expensive, but mean the world to you. The things that makes life a happy journey. I would love for us to be that happy couple that everyone just has to hate because they look so happy together. I can see us being that couple :-) I know that I am an incurable romantic, and I hope it is OK with you. I love candlelit dinners and late evenings in front of the fireplace, with only a few candles on , Talking, holding hands, just being there for each other.
I am so incredibly happy to have found you, more than any words in the entire universe could ever describe. You have made my heart feel whole, you shine and sparkle like a diamond. You have given me feelings I didn't think existed. Hope that I'll hear from you soon. Take good care I am there with you all of the time. Hope you can feel me......... Yours only,
Letter 2
Hello, dear Tore It was really nice to hear from you again. I was waiting for your letter impatiently, thank you for it and for the photos. As for the age matter I'm sure age is only number, but hearts and feelings are the most important in our relationship. I believe that we can be the luckiest people in the world finding each other and opening our souls for each other. Let's keep our hope high. I want to give you a better idea about me and my life. You see, i am not looking for the Prince Charming, because i am not a Princess myself. The most treasure thing i have now is my family. i have a big one! I live with my parents in a flat. My mother is a manager of a hostel, she is a very good woman, you will like her i am sure. she has been working for the whole life to help me receive education, and i love her very much. We are good friends with her, and she is the one i can always trust. My father is a worker at the plant, which produces electronic equipment. he met my mom when at the university and they have lived together four years. But life is life and they got divorced. my mom got married once again and she has been happy with my step-father for 12 years. My family is very close-knit and we often have our family-gathering, in summer we organize picnics really a lot of fun! i invite you, come and join us! Oh, i have two dogs, do you mind? they are big and very reliable, Alf and Chak are their names. Well, about hobbies... i like painting, they say i am rather good in it. and it is also very helpful for my future profession. Unfortunately, i know only Russian language, i didn't have opportunity to stady some English, so i have to use a translation agency to have your and my letters translated and send. I hope you don't mind, do you? what! i cannot live without my favorite Ukrainian songs! they are so catchy and bright, marry and sad... have you ever heard them? Please, write me soon and tell me how you see your future life? What are your views to the family? i will be waiting impatiently, i am sure you have your own special point of view. Missing you already, Your Marina
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