Scam letter(s) from Olga to Antonio (USA)

Letter 1
Good morning… or Good evening? I just don’t know what time it is when you read my email. I hope that my message finds you well. I also hope you were not busy when you got my email. I promise not to waste your time.)) If you feel lonely like me now, I am sure you will like my email. I am writing to you coz I think you’re looking for a serious relationship. So do I. Let me introduce myself! My name is Olga! I am 31. I am from Russia. I live in Ulyanovsk, old but beautiful city. I hope you are not afraid of communicating with woman thousanhd miles away from you. I think that the distance for those who truly want to be together does not play so big role !! So I am here and looking for a man. I am not a good user of computer and had never talked through the Internet before, but I read a lot about it in various newspapers and magazines. There are so many stories about Russian girls who did find their happiness thanks to the Internet. To tell the truth I am a little bit shy. I always were a shy girl. Today is the day when I decided to write a man first. And I used to think that a man but not a woman should take the first step in the relationship. But this morning I woke up with the thoughts that it would be ****** to wait for a gift from fate. Sometimes you need to take your own destiny in your own hands and arrange your own happiness. Do you agree with me?? So, as you understand, I am a resolute and purposeful woman. My friends find me kind, cheerful ! and cute, but I do not want to impose their opinion on you. I want you have your own opinion about me and my character. I think it is fair, isn’t it? Of course, it will be difficult for you to understand who I am just reading this email. But you will definitely know me better if you don’t disregard my email today. I also attached my picture to this email so you can see how I look. I hope you will like me. Looking forward to your reply Olga
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