Scam letter(s) from Bouthaina Shaaban to Chris (Netherlands)

Letter 1
Hello Dear
How are you doing? Many thanks for keeping in touch. Like i said what I'm about to tell you should be confidential between the two of us. AS you rightly knew my both parent ( Mr& Mrs Shaaban) are from Syria.
I lost my both parent during the political war back in my native country ( Syria )
I couldn't find my way to Europe due to the terrorist treat going on Europe, thus must Syrians has been band from entering into Europe. That made me find my way to West Africa Senegal where I'm currently residing as a refugee under the care of the United Nation and the Ecowas government. In brief; before the passing away of my both parent they where having a joint account with Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank London an amount Three Million Five hundred thousand united state dollars.( $USD3.5Million ).
Due to my refugee statue I'm eligible for the fund to transfer to my own personal account as i have to seek the consent of my bank which they said its better for me to get a foreign partner who will stand on behalf during and after the transaction. From all indication i think you are the right person for me.
In my next mail i will direct you how to go about the transfer and if you intend to speak with me, here is the Number of Rev father Paul Johnson a catholic high Bishop from ST PETER PARISH/ UNITED NATION AMBASSADOR. and the HEAD OF ALL REFUGEE IN WEST AFRICA. ( +221 774179915 ) When calling ask of Miss Bouthaina Shaaban from Syria. For now lets keep it cool. A secrete is better. Just to start my me is all i need.
Have a great day and smile.
Yours Truly
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