Scam letter(s) from Irina Leonteva to Jeremy (USA)

Letter 1
Congratulations my love Jeremy!!!!!!!!!!! Jeremy, I thank you for that that you to me so have in detail told about your weekend, really it is very amusing to
read it. My dear you Halloween, sounds very fascinating and interesting, it is a pity that we have no anything similar in Russia. But I hope that sometime I shall observe this holiday with you in the USA, I sincerely want it. My dear Jeremy, you do not burden me with conversation on a bell, I understand you perfectly, that you very much would like to hear my voice, trust me, that I also very much want to hear you, your silent whisper of love. Ok, I have for you good news, tomorrow I shall have money to call to you, I plan to call to you while you will have early morning, probably you still will sleep, so do not take offence at me if I shall awake you, ok? Jeremy, I very much would like to hear you, and tomorrow we shall necessarily have conversation, I do not know how many minutes of conversation I can afford, it will be possible not for a long time.
But I am sure that how many our conversation last, it will seem to me very short because my time near to you flies not appreciablly when I read your messages
I I do not observe time, and from your voice, I shall seems to me is very much excited, but I ask you do not pay attention to my excitement. Also Jeremy, inform me your phone number on which will call more favorably, I think it will be better if inform number of your cellular telephone. This night I during long time thought of us, I thought of feelings which I have for you, I thought that I shall write to you today. This night was the longest in my life, I could not fall asleep, as my heart struggled with the big force. And I know, that the life without you will be for me most the present test, you can think, that shine and in my opinion is it only words but if you will see me, and fidelity, you will understand, as far as I like you. Yes, I am very similar to you also to me, it is necessary to be with you, you are necessary for me as air. I have risen very much early, and hurried at job to see, that I wash colleague Inna. She had very good news, she has managed enter contact to its aunt Elena which lives in Moscow. Elena called in embassy, and there has said to her, it will be, that it is better for us with you, Jeremy if I shall have the visa of the tourist. This tourist visa B-2, the visa of the visitor will be valid within six months.
On this type of the visa I can, travel up to the USA without any restrictions, and the most important on all an extent of America I can move without any problems.
The price of this visa as Elena it has been informed in embassy, - 150 American dollars. Besides process of registration of the visa there are 85 American dollars. As aunt Inna, Elena as has taken interest about other kinds of visas also, concerning it have said, that there is a set of kinds of visas. For example, the visa of the bride. Elena thought, that this visa of the bride approaches to us, but to her in Embassy has said, that these accusations of the visa are firmer, also registration of the visa demands many money. It - the USA approximately for 650 dollars, and registration of the visa will be within seven months, it is very long and expensive! From it, because tourist visa B-2 - the best variant, than the visa of the bride now for us my love Jeremy! My love Jeremy, I want to ask you one thing mine Jeremy, I should ask your help with financial accusations for reception all necessary documents for my arrival in you, Jeremy. As it, probably, can be you, know an economic situation in our country, it is simply awful, and in our Hospital do not give the income to work the personnel during long time. Our government explains it to those which is simple, they have no any money - a difficult financial situation, and they have no any funds for the sufficient help to the personnel. My most dear, my love Jeremy, I have the big desire to arrive to you, to have with you a meeting, and only financial a problem separates us from a meeting. I very much grieve on you my beautiful, and I do not want to lose you. Nobody can help me with it.
Certainly, I have asked my parents, and friends Inna also to help me with it, loading on necessary documents for my arrival, but my mother and the father have no such money though they would like to help us, Jeremy. My most dear Jeremy, in general I need in 480 American dollars. It - certainly the big money, you probably thought, it - is more than an all-round price of the visa and registration of the visa, but I should to receive the foreign passport, too certainly which price - 110 American dollars. Also I should pay for medical examinations also, it will be 60 dollars. And certainly I should pay for arrival from Tver up to the Moscow City, I have learned about cost of the ticket on a train from Tver up to Moscow, it will be 2380.00 Russian roubles, or it - approximately 75 American dollars. As aunt Elena will try to find not the expensive prices of the air ticket, to rush to you. I want to ask you, Jeremy, what the closest airport (the name has the airport) from your city? Also, please, say to me about the approximate price of the ticket of the plane also, well?Please, Elena demands it the data as she has said Inna. As Inna has said, that me, Elena will try to find cheaper air ticket! I so happy from it so happy news! But now, the first, my Jeremy, I should to begin process of registration of all necessary documents, everything, that I shall require 480 American dollars as I have said, Jeremy. I thought of how I shall receive your money if you, certainly, will help me, send to me it. Mine Jeremy, I should say to you which is it is very much a shame to me, to speak with you about money.... I really feel confused, please, be not afflicted in me! I have very big desire to arrive to you in the USA and to spend with you some time. We anyway should have a meeting. I want to arrive to you as it is probably fast. This meeting will help with the person very much to us. Right now, when my heart, is filled with love, anyway, we should to have a meeting, to understand, whether we shall like to live together and to create family. You agree with me, what we should have a meeting? I very much think to say to you, that I have no any money. I can suspect only the small sum of money which my boss at job will give me. But I shall use this money, to take with me directly to Moscow and to take residing.
Whether I know in general, think also very much on our meeting as I. Once again, it - very much a shame to me to ask you about the help. Unfortunately, in our life many things decide money. It will be very much pity to me if money will be at our meeting. You understand? I shall be, probably, one of the happiest women in the world if we shall connect soon our hearts. No, I to not rush very quickly!! I want to arrive to you and to live with you some time! We should have some time together to continue our attitudes further. I think, that you understand all urgency of our meeting. I also should say, that I know some ways of transfer of money to other countries. When I, the daddy have made business trip to Bulgaria, he has sent us home a few money and his used western union.
Also sometimes the daddy has sent us of money through system ANELIK. You heard about it? The daddy speaks, that if to send money to very big distance better, to use the western union. Probably, also use ANELIK, but it probably more dear way of transfer of money. I shall give you the address of our western union in bank in the City of Tver. I can receive your money there. It will be necessary to define for you the following information: Russia, the Name Irina, Surname Leonteva KONVERSBANK SOVETSKAYA, 35 TVER , 170000. I also should speak you, that the daddy have given me number of the control of translation. It were 10 figures. Whether I am confident, you should give me also number of a remittance. If to you will give number of translation, That you should inform this number to me. Well? My love Jeremy, we like, each other very much, and we shall be together, simply, me confident which is it is my dear Jeremy!!! I wait, and I dream during one moment of our meeting at your airport mine Jeremy. I shall shout during this moment when I shall leave from air pass and when I shall see you mine Jeremy because it will be with our happiness my dear Jeremy. I close my eyes, and I imagine about it so a happy picture of our meeting. You look very excellently, my ideal liked you. My dear I with impatience with impatience shall wait to receive news from you, and I know, that is it, time will be, the whole eternity lasts, but I know, that is it, supports it.
Because of you we can already be together in days readable aloud. I am very similar to you, I remember, that is it, liked. For ever yours Irina.
Letter 2
Greetings my sincere love Jeremy. Please, excuse me that I did not write to you some days all the matter is that I had very intense days on the work. I had no a free time to read and answer your letters. You have written to me five letters, it is very pleasant for me.
Loved Jeremy, I think of you constantly, you always in my ideas. I very much love photos which you have sent me, you very beautiful and attractive person.
Lovely Jeremy, certainly I saw your photos on your structure Yahoo, but I want to have your photos on a computer and to admire you all time. I very much am pleasant like at your pictures, you really remarkable person. I dream of you. I would not like to arrive to you and never from you to be separated. Yes, really, loved Jeremy, I very much want to be with you. You my ideal, you the person of my sincere dream, the person whom I very strongly love. I speak you all this sincerely. I am ready to give everything to be near to you. I am similar to you I want to exchange 100000000000000 kisses for one real. I dream about our mutual time prodriving. You speak, that you very much like to have rest on mounting skiing resorts. I never was on such kind of rest. Yes, I go on a ski in the winter with my girlfriend, but it for certain is not comparable to mountain skiing. You speak, that today the first day of a snowfall, it seems to me, that it is wonderful. The Christmas is absolutely fast and I would like to be near to you, on this remarkable holiday. Loved Jeremy, I with impatience wait for an our meeting. Yes, I understand, that 480 dollars, these are very big money, but they are necessary for an our meeting. You ask me, that I shall do in your country for residing, I shall answer your question. I shall get a job on the speciality, I hope you to me will help with it. I think, that with it there should not be no difficulty, you agree with me, loved Jeremy. I am ready to work and bring earnings in our family, I think, that it will be wonderful. You remember, that right at the beginning of our correspondence, I spoke you, that I do not search for an easy life, I search for the happiness, the love. I am very glad, that we have met you, I think, that the our meeting has been written on destiny at us with you. We with you people created the friend for the friend, I love you and only you. Now between us of thousand kilometers, but I would like to overcome right now them and to be near to you. Loved Jeremy, without you I do not present the life, you my meaning of the life and me very much would be desirable to be near to you. You speak that you have already started to save money for an our meeting. Jeremy, please understand me correctly, it seems to me, that we with you need to take all things faster because I cannot wait for day of an our meeting. Also now many people in connection with Christmas aspire to leave limits of the country and I am afraid of that that there can be a turn at registration of my documents.
This circumstance very much frightens me, loved Jeremy. I present an our meeting every day, I dream of us with you. I and you we meet at the airport, I run on a meeting to you and I roll in your embraces. I embrace you, have nestled on your strong ******, our lips merge in a kiss. Oh, love Jeremy, seems to me, that it is very fine. I very much would like, that all our dreams were carried out in the near future. With love, for ever yours Irina.
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