Scam letter(s) from Ekaterina Sergeeva to Nick (Australia)

Letter 1
Hello my dearest Nigel!
I have good news, very good for me and for you! I have looked forward to this day. Today I visited Australia Embassy in Moscow again. I have got the visa. I'm immensely happy. I will leave the work in the bureau on the 22 of November and I willbe able to come to you. I will be able to see you in person!!! I addressed the company which sells tickets for plans. I asked them how I would be able to go to Melbourne on the 14 of December, and how much it would cost. They said that the ticket would cost $3200 USD. I asked them to find a cheaper ticket, because the price is too high for me. But as it turned out I wouldn't be able to have a cheaper ticket so quicly, the date is too early. Tickets must be reserved long beforehand. I asked them to offfer me other variants of the flight. We found the most suitable one. The flight, is on the 9 of December 2005. The ticket costs $2100 USD. I asked the to reserve the ticket for me. But they refused to do it having said that they had a lot of clients. They can't reserve my ticket without adwanced money. I was imploring them. But it didn't work. They said that they would help me with great pleasure but they couldn't. The rules are so. I was in a panic, I was so disappointed. Then I asked themif I could give just a part of the money. But they didn't agree again. I asked them for a long time saying that my fiance Nigel is waiting for me. If I asked them a little bit longer I would burst out of crying. Maybe God heard my prayers, and the service worked agreed to reserve the ticket on my conditions. But I have too little time to pay, for the ticket. They said if I didn't day the rest of the ticket price, I would loose the money I'd already given to them. I was angry, but they explained that it would be very difficult to sell the ticket for the plane which is flying. They would have to lower the price. I agreed. They told me to pay $800 USD. But it was too much for me, because I had only $680. I asked to wait for me during 2 hours. I went out of the room. Marina met me at the door. I told her everything. She understood everything and adviced me to **** our treasures to a pawnshop. Nigel, it was very difficult for me to agree to do it. I didn't want to burden Marina. But at the same time I want to meet you, Nigel very much. We pawned the treasures, I got $120 USD and I paid the part of the ticket price $800 USD. It was my last money, it was for the plane by which I'm going to come to you. It was very difficult for me to tell you this story. I have done all what I could. I have paid for the visa. I have paid for the part of the ticket. But this was not enough. The money was not enough. I didn't want to burden you.
I wanted to come to you with nobody's help. I thought my money would be enough. But I failed. Now I feel guilty muself. I didn't manage to do all myselffor our meeting. I thought nothing would prevent me from meeting you. But I must pay the rest of the money for the ticket It's just $1300 USD.I must pay it till the 9 of December. Otherwise I will loose the money I have paid and i will loose the chance to see you.
And our treasures will be soldby the pawnshop. Now I feel guilty that I could not do what i promised to come to you with my own money. I always do what I promise. I feel il at ease now, I'm ashamed of asking you to help me. Unfortunately the bureau didn't pay me the money I'd earned. I really hoped to get this money. It would solve all the problems. But I'll get the money from the bureau in a month or two.
Because it's very typical for Russia to hold up the payments of salary. I asked the bureau to give me my money earlier, but thay refused to do it. Now the bureau doesn't have the money necessary for me. Our bureau depends on the budget, it didn't get money for a long time. I think it's because of the terrorist acts in Moscow and in Beslan. Probably I must say to you that I won't be able to meet you becouse I won't be able to pay the whole sum of money myself. Of course I realize that I shouldn't ask you to give me the money. But at the time I can't just that I won't come to you. I have done too much to organize our meeting. If I refuse to meet you it will mean that everything was in voun. It's torrible for me to refuse to come to you, I have done all what I could. Now I want you to help me and I think there is nothing horrable if I ask you to help me. Of course I realize that may be you have no feelings to me and may be you you're not interested in our meeting. I understsnd that the sum of money is too big. I know itand that's why it's more difficult for me to ask it from you. But at the sametime any person can find himself in my conditions.
And now there is only one thing which I can do. I just must say that I will never come to you. But I don't want to say so, because I want to meet you. That's why I must be honest, I need your help. Of course I understend that I mustn't do it. But I'm an honest person. I'm ashaneed of asking you to help me, but life is a difficult thing, everything can happen. Of course it's up to you to decide if you want to help me or not. It's bad, but not fatal. I will loose my money.
It's bad but not mortal either. $335 USD which I have paid for the visa and $800 USD which I have paid for the ticket are too much for me. But I'm not sorry for what I have done for our meeting. In fact money is just paper, our treasures are just metal details. That's why I was the first who decided to meet each other. But I don't want all my efforts to be spent in vain. If you really want to meet me, if you can help me to organize our meeting please send me the money till the morning of the 9 of December, 2005. If you can help me, I send you my coordinates. Marina said that you can use some sistem. I addressed the nearest bank. They said they have "Western Union". They told me that it's the best way for me to get money. There is other remittance system, but at present unfortunately it doesn't work all the time, because some renovation and upgrade ofthe equipment and signalizing system are made there. But they say that "Western Union" always works and people trust it. I give you the necessary details to send me the money by "Western Union".
Name: Ekaterina
Surname: Sergeeva
The country: Russia
hey said to me in the bank that to get money from you I must say to the bank workers your full name, you full address, the exact sum of money, which I must get and some confidental numbers (MTCN this 10 digitals). This number will be given to you by your bank, if you send me your help. Only in the case when all the information is sent to me I will get your help. Please forgive me my words. I say so because I'm in despair. Now when just one step can connect us, I'm afraid. I need you, I want to be with you, I need you help, believe me, I'm honest with you. I didn't manage to estimate my forces. And all my efforts spent in vain. I understand that the sum of money is too big for you.
I didn't want to ask you. I can do everything myself. My loneliness made me strong. I had always been living with my own efforts I always relied on myself. I asked somebody to help me very selcom, but now I ask you to help me. I will give you all the money back as soon as I'm able. Maybe I made you offended. But I need you. I don't know if my letter satisfacted you or disappointed. But I have written you an honest letter. I'm looking forwarol to you answer. I hope for you. Your Kate.
Letter 2
Hello my love Nigel!!! Many thanks to you for your letter, your letters of me to calm, now I am quieter. You to not represent as I yourselves to feel, I very much to experience for all this, I when to not think that the ticket costs so dearly, especially before Christmas. When I to read your letter, to me to become much better and quieter. Dear to you the data of my flight: There: Airline: Aeroflot Flight: SU581
Departure: on December, 09, 19:20, Sheremetyevo Arpt
Arrival: on December, 10, 10:54, Narita
City of change: Tokyo
The stop will be prolonged more than 8 hours
Airline: Qantas Airways Flight: QF180
Departure: on December, 10, 20:15, Narita
Arrival: on December, 11, 08:39, Tullamarine Arpt
Time in a way: 29 hours. 20 minutes. Back: Airline: Qantas Airways Flight: QF83
Departure: on January, 12, 23:58, Tullamarine Arpt
Arrival: on January, 13, 06:10, Hong Kong Intl
City of change: Hong Kong
Airline: Aeroflot Flight: SU596
Departure: on January, 13, 11:55, Hong Kong Intl
Arrival: on January, 13, 17:35, Sheremetyevo Arpt
Time in a way: 25 hours. 36 minutes. Today I to go to travel agency and to ask them, whether I can change flight to other city, instead of Melbourne, flight up to Sydney is necessary for me. To me speak that I can to change flight up to Sydney, but the start will take place for 2 days later. Now I to want to ask you, to change to me the ticket whether or not? I ask you to write to me as soon as possible, it for me is very necessary. I very much ask you to help me as you the unique person which can help and help to me me a difficult minute, I very much to want to meet you and to be near to you, please do not leave me to the mercy of fate, now to me not where to go, I absolutely to remain without money. To me will not speak that to me to compensate money for the visa as I to pay for the visa and she it is available for my name, to me to speak that will give me the visa only two days prior to a start. I to want to tell to you that my holiday already to begin with November, 23 and to be prolonged till January, 16, 2006, and I to start with January, 17 new work in hospital, I shall work as the surgeon. Dear Nigel now all depends on you our meeting if you will send me of money that I to pay in addition for the ticket we with you to meet and be together, it will be not overlooked days for us with you when I to arrive to you and strong to embrace you it will be for me in the happiest afternoon. I ask you to understand my position. I very much you to love and to not represent the life without you. With love for ever yours Katya
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