Scam Letter(s) from Olga Tuleneva to Andre (USA)

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Letter 1

Hi Andre,
It is pleasant to receive the answer from you:))
Thank for your photo, you very attractive the man. I would be glad to find out you more close, on is close how as far as so much allows distance sharing us.
It would be fine if we could meet and have time together. On my trip I wish to receive rest from my work and a life in Russia. Also the basic purpose of a trip is to find serious relations, I wish to meet first of all the friend, correct man for creation of serious relations which go to marriage. I do not know, that you really search in the future.
If we pursue the identical purposes in the future I am glad that was not mistaken in you. Please, you write what have the purposes and plans concerning the future? What do you search in a life? What are you going to do this autumn? I shall be happy, if you will have also a free time and we could meet soon. I do not know your interests, but anyway write to me back, and I shall tell to you more about me directly. Write me everything, that you want.
For now I shall a little tell about myself! Let's continue acquaintance! How my name is you already probably know :)) That else?
In a soul I incorrigible romanticism. The supper at candles, walks on fresh air is all there is my big weakness. I adore all beautiful and unusual: flowers, various carved figures, their houses at me huge set.
There is at me a dog Chocolate. I live in city Kirov, I remove a small apartment.
Having read through written above it is probable at you there was an opinion, that I the young and thoughtless girl :) It not so. Simply sometimes I wish to be weak and defenceless, I want, that me preserved and protected. I am ready to new relations, my heart is opened on a meeting to you. But I do not wish to play game, especially if these games touch feelings of people.
I now hasten a little, I shall write to you more in my next letter. To my regret we have no a lot of time for long development of relations because my documents for a trip to the USA will be soon ready!
Therefore I wait for your prompt reply!

P.S. I could not send you the letter and some times tried to make it. But at me it did not turn out in any way, therefore I have made a new electronic box. I ask to excuse me for inconveniences and to write to me on a new electronic box:
I shall look forward to your prompt reply!

Letter 2

Hi Andre,
It again I! When I read your letters I have such feeling as if we already for a long time are familiar :))
I am glad, that you can meet me. I was afraid to go one to the unfamiliar country, but now I have new friend - you!
What to tell to you about me still? I love a mobile way of life, I love sports, aerobics, navigation. This maximum pleasure when you in water, each section of your body relaxs and strains simultaneously.
The even greater pleasure - to feel in the fine physical form.
Tonight I shall have employment on aerobics. I would invite you to me in a sports hall, but then you will come back home very long :)) And it would be interesting to you to meet me and to spend me home? Such, apparently, at first sight pleasant trifles as light walks in the street are inaccessible to us. And they do not suffice already :( I would like to be taken place simply with you on evening city, it is a little on to chatter.
Before employment I shall come into agency which makes my documents for visiting USA and find out when documents will be ready.
I look forward to hearing from you with impatience.

Letter 3

Hi dear Andre!
In an hour the train up to Moscow sends, I have not enough time. I shall be tomorrow in Moscow in the morning. I shall write in more from Moscow! I kiss you and wait for our fast meeting!

Letter 4

Hi dear Andre!
I just from a train, with me all am good! In some hours I need to be in embassy. As I shall receive the visa, I shall go to buy tickets aboard the plane and I shall inform you number of flight and date of an arrival. I shall write to you in the evening more!
I kiss you! Olga.

Letter 5

Hi dear Andre,
Today I have received the visa. Now I have the complete set of documents for flight in the USA, but I have troubles with customs house. I have gone to learn cost of the ticket of the plane, but to me have told that I cannot fly in the USA because I should have with myself 1500 $ on pocket expenses. This money is necessary for having only with myself and only so I can pass through customs house. It is a pity to me to inform you, but because of this problem my flight in the USA can not take place. All problem in that that after purchase of the ticket of the plane also I shall have with myself only 300 $ and for go through customs house it is necessary to me more 1200 $. I need in your advice. I can fly in the USA only if I shall have with myself 1500 $. After purchase of the ticket at me remain 300 $, but I need still in 1200 $. I tried to find money, but all efforts were ineffectual. It is a pity to me to inform you about it, but I cannot fly in the USA without your help. To fly in the USA to me it is necessary more 1200 $ and I do not know that to do now? I do not know can you help me whether or not, but it only your decision. If you can help me I can fly to you and I shall return your expenses back. I should have this money only with myself and if you can help me as soon as we shall meet I shall return this money. Please write to me what to do in this situation. I could not provide all nuances of my flight in the USA, but I hope, that have not changed your plans. You should not help me but as I have already told to you, I can fly in the USA only if you can help with this problem. I do not know what to do, but inform what to me to do in this situation. If you cannot help me I shall be to go home. At the airport there is branch Western Union and if you can help me I can receive money very quickly and then I can buy the ticket of the plane. Then I shall give the full information of my flight.
If you can help me, please send 1200 $ to me through the Western Union and I can receive money during short time.
For send money through Western Union you will need know my full name:

Olga Tuleneva
Russia, Moscow

For reception of money I will need know your full name, home address and MTCN of remittance.
It is a pity that there are problems for our meeting, but I hope that we will meet. Please inform what to do as soon as possible. I shall wait for your prompt reply.



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