Scam Letter(s) from Tatyana Savrasova to David (USA)

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Letter 1

Hello David ,nice to meet you.

I've received a message from that you bookmarked my profile. After looking through yours I think we have the same goals for life and common interests, I'd love to know you better.

I was born in Ukraine , Pavlograd city and now live in one of the biggest cities of Ukraine -Dnepropetrovsk by myself. I rent a small flat here and work as a shop assistant in the clothing store.

I am 31 years old and Cancer by horoscope. I believe I am very family oriented and by now know what I want from life.

I would like to meet a man for serious relations leading to marriage .
I am kind-hearted, intelligent, honest, caring, reliable,romantic,
And an over-all good person. I enjoy joking around with my friends but am serious when I should be .I respond to people as they do to me, so I prefer to be with friendly, cheerful people. I love kids, animals , and nature.

The Ukrainian men that I have met are very light-minded, and do not want to commit to long term relationships,they seem to think that to do things for a woman i.e. spend time together is somehow demeaning and they prefer to go out and get drunk with their friends and sleep this is the situation I am in,however this is their loss because I have a lot to offer a man,I'm not afraid of hard work and difficulties. I can keep house in order and I can cook as well!!!!

That's why I decided to try I-net to find my second half.
I believe that in the Internet you can also meet good people even to build up a strong relationship. I decided to email you as I can see that we both have got something in common, I also would like to find my soulmate, maybe you could be the one...?

Please send me your photos, it's very important for me to see how you look like . I believe that physical attraction plays a great role in a relationship, however it's just your look and I am eager to find out what is your inner world like.

Have a good day!

Letter 2

Hi David !

Nice to hear from you today.
I have a break during work in the shop and decided to log into my account from the computer we have here . Sometimes it's possible to use it , when the chief manager is not here:)
Other times I simply go to the Internet cafe to check my mail box.
Well, frankly speaking David, I received many messages with pictures from men . It's very exciting!:) But not for me , as I am lack of time usually to use I-net more than for 30 min daily.
Thus I picked up you to correspond and see where it takes us.
Are you here for serious at all? As for me I can say honestly state that I am in a search for a nice foreign caring man who can love me and make me his wife forever to share all the happy and tough moments together, TO BE A TEAM:). I do not have a boyfriend, if I did I would not search Internet. I am looking for a serious relationship passing to marriage. I want to settle down with a nice man and relocate to his place.

Is your dog the same breed as Beethoven in the movie? I love animals, dogs and cats, but I have no pets at present.

Maybe you wonder where I studied English, well I finished school when I was 17 y.o. and then studied in the Technical college till I became 20 y.o., got the diploma "Marketing and Management in industrial environment". Never worked by profession, just finished that college as parents insisted on it and then there was a conception "to get any kind of diploma, just any for any case , it could be useful in future":)
Generally we Ukrainians are very funny people, very often naive but very thoughtful:)

I think the biggest mistake people make is taking each other for granted.
I can tell you one thing for sure-I will never take my man for granted.
I have made up my mind not to waste any more time without my special man by my side. I would really love to settle down by the end of this year.
Life should be enjoyed, and every day appreciated, but I don't think you can really appreciate life without your other half.

Well , enough of my murmuring , have to get back to work.
Would love to hear from your soon. Write me please about your life and what made you look for your future wife here in the I-net?

Take care!

Letter 3

Dear David ,

I believe we have come very far in learning and liking each other, and in such a short time.
I have great desire now to see you and discover everything about you. I have the belief that good things happen to good people, like you. I like you so much and have been waiting for you letter. I am open and honest.

I agree the personal meeting is important , I dream to travel somewhere in a romantic place to meet my man, so that we can both relax and spend wonderful time getting to know each other better.
I do not think it'll be the case that the man I correspond with will simply come to my city for the first date. I do not think it's fair or right, we both should experience something new together before the exploring each other's places of living.

I believe that seeing the world together in the different places is the best examination, the best possible test for the relation between two persons.If we like each other's companion, if we love to be together around the world, we have passed the test and.. then we will be able to consider something much more serious in our relationship for a long lasting future.... What do you think...??

I would like to find a man that is smart and independent, a kind heart will be appreciated beyond belief. I enjoy a casual lifestyle, however there are events and functions that we must attend.
It would be nice to have a partner to join him in all parts of his life.

I went out with friends last night. It is a great city and during the night people were everywhere enjoying the cafe and music. It seems that everywhere I go
in this city people are having fun.
It is not always very safe here and not warm all year though:(

I enjoy finding new restaurants and other interesting places. I do not drink very often because I do not think it is much fun.

Other things I like to do is play sports, on Sundays I like to play in the kitchen preparing my special dinners. I like to hike in the mountains, and also sometimes I will go fishing at the river with friends or cousins.

I do not play games and do not play around. I am strong on ethics and honoring my commitments, I would expect the same. I am a romantic woman with a flair of surprise, I enjoy making people happy and like it when they are smiling.

What about you?!:)

Thinking of you,

Letter 4

Hello David,

thanks for your reply. I am doing fine, and you?
I plan on doing some laundry and cleaning my flat on the weekend, as on Wednesday it's Independence day here in Ukraine, maybe my parents will come over for a day to my place , also I've invited some friends.
But also we may go to my parents house with my friends, it's really nice there.
Today I began house sitting. Some friends of mine are taking a trip to the Sea side for 1 week and they asked me to take care of their dog.
His name is Timophey. So far we get along very well. I would consider myself a dog-person. When I was growing up, we always had a dog - mostly German Shepherds. I think that having a pet as a child is a great way to learn responsibility because you have to feed them, walk them, take care of them. What do you like better? Dogs, cats, birds, fish, no animals?

Take care and write when you have time!
Your Tatyana

Letter 5

Hello my dear David !

I spent a wonderful day on Wednesday. It was a great holiday,
Independence Day in Ukraine. It has been 14 years since Ukraine became Independent. We were at the concert in the Central Square, there were our Ukrainian young singers , performance of young talents in our city and from other close cities. We sat outside at a comfortable table.
We drank juices and a little beer. We had fun. The only thing I do not like is that there were too many people as always at such occasions.
it is usually the way here at great holidays. So when you come home after such a holiday you found out that your shoes and clothes are dirty))) I had nothing to do but to spend this time with my friends, though we had much fun, talks and laugh, I found myself at a thought of how lovely and pretty my heart would feel if I was together with my man, here , or there , or anywhere , just together , doing everything.....It is so amazing to be near the person you love and cherish ,,,, isn't it?
I am going to be away till Monday.
So I'll get back to you next week, ok? My friends (two married couples) invited me to join them , we'll go to the nice resort place, not far from here where there are woods, lakes and nice nature...
Tell me what have you done and how are you? How would you describe a romantic evening with your girl?

I'll be definitely missing you and thinking of you. I wonder how our relationship will progress I want to know you , you attract me a lot as a man.

Take care !

Letter 6

My dear David ,

I hope you had a good weekend. Today is my first day at work this week after long holidays. We've had Independence Day , Minor's day last week.
I am a bit tired from all the celebrations here and very glad that soon September comes. When I was a student this month meant the beginning of new schooling year and lots of studies thus I was not looking for it, now it means for me the beginning of autumn - nice and colorful season. I like it. What about you , do you love autumn?

I would love to come and visit you one day this year David. For now we have a long road ahead to discover our inner and outer worlds. But one day if things work out between us we will have to meet in person. We can not exchange emails for ages,right?One meeting is worth of many letters. I wish that I don't live so far away from you and we can meet today or tomorrow.
As for me I can take 4 weeks of vacation from work any time this year.
What if I could come in October, would that be fine? I am excited.

I have watched the news about hurricane in the USA.
The after affects of the current hurricane are there now.
Many schools are out today and for the next few days. There will be flooding and storms. They are saying this hurricane will have the worse destruction in
history. Millions of people are homeless now. There are several states that are declared a disaster. This is having a bad effect on the current high gas prices. It continues to go up very fast. The president will probably release some government reserves to help with the burden. .
It's bad that hurricane brought so many damages. Here we do not have hurricanes, probably because we have a different climate and surface.
Are you ok there?

Waiting for your messages dearly,

Letter 7

Hello David,
How was your Labor Day? I missed hearing from you and glad to reply to your mail.
I would love to come and visit you .
I can find out what I'll need for this.
But I think I won't have enough money to pay for everything myself.
I look forward to the evenings and weekends, for it is this time that I become a different person. I am a very creative, emotional, and romantic person that loves everything around me. I seek the beauty in everything around me, like nature, the mountains, beaches, and beautiful gardens. I'm the kind of person that will climb a mountain just to sit on top and enjoy what the other side has to offer. Or find a flower filled meadow to just lay there and enjoy the smell of the flowers on the wind. I enjoy writing intimate heart felt letters, in an attempt to tell you what I think and feel.
Sometimes there are more thoughts and feeling than I can ever write about. It.s like if you were lying there on a blanket with me in the middle of that quite meadow filled with flowers. The warm sun shinning down on us, the sweet smell of the wild flowers filling the air. I would turn and look into your eyes and deep into your soul, and find myself speechless at that moment.
Yours tatyana

Letter 8

Hello my dearest David!

I can finally write you. How can it be that we never meet and I miss you so much!? Now the computer at my work works fine and I am happy to read your messages again and send you my note.
The weather here is quite warm , a really good season for me is early fall. How was your Labor Day? I hope you thought about me once in a while?!
I am so tired to be lonely without a partner to share my life with.
What I really need now is to settle down and have a loving caring husband, in my turn I'll surround him with my love, devotion, care and faithfulness. Do you think you are ready for marriage and if we could be a nice couple with you? Do you need much freedom in a relationship?
As for me I know I'll need only some time to look after myself , and in my turn I'll be very grateful if my man appreciate this time I spent to be beautiful for HIM :)
let me tell you Dave, that I am very excited about your invitation and I am really eager to come and visit you.
I was doing some research about coming to the USA,Chicago for a visit, I called from friend's place to the consulate to get some info about the visa. Once I get it it'll be valid for 3! months! It's nice isn't it? So I was recommended to use an authorized travel company in my city to help me in arranging the whole Trip. I contacted the travel department here, I've found out that there I can make all the documents in the shortest time , also they will assist me in getting the US visa. The whole Trip Package includes passport,visa and tickets .It'll take them about 30-35 days for me to arrange everything, very safe and reliable ,I think. But in this case I'll need to make with their help and services all the stuff of papers(visa,tickets and passport).The papers cost about 400$ , including company's service.
As for the ticket , I will need a return ticket and the cost of the cheapest ticket Ukraine,Kiev - USA, Illinois Chicago - Ukraine,Kiev is 550 $ . so it looks like I'll need about 1000$ for the whole trip.
As soon as I pay money they will start arranging documents.
I am ready to do it, but the problem is I can pay only 200$, that is all I have, I wish I could contribute more , but I hope you can help me with the rest.
Write me darling,what do you think about it? In the travel company they will help me and assist in filling the application forms , also the forms will be delivered by special couriers and the interview day will be set as soon as possible.

Kisses , write me soon darling, Tatyana

Letter 9

Hi Dave,

Glad to hear you.
As for itinerary , I am not sure yet, I'll find out in details, for now what matters is to start doing the paperwork asap.
Unfortunately they do not accept credit card payments, maybe they accept any other kinds of payment I'll find out. They told you could wire the money via Western Union to my name Tatyana Savrasova,
Dnepropetrovsk Ukraine. The closest location is

They also were talking about bank account, but I am not sure how it works. Or wiring the money as a money transfer to their chief manager's name. Please let me know asap what is the best for you, I do not mind as long as we are arranging it, I understand you will pay it for me that is why I want you to feel confident about it.

Miss and kiss from Tatyana :)

Letter 10

Hi Dave.
As you did not send me any e-mail for about 2 months,you probably decided I am not what you are looking for..but if you think like this please write me and tell me ..because I wonder if that is the reason that you did not send me any e-mail or is there any problem about you ..I mean I hope you are fine and everything is OK for you...
bye Tatyana



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