Scam letter(s) from Anastasia Dolgan to Barry (USA)

Letter 1
Hey there. This is me, Anastasia. I didn't think you would write me back. But it's nice that you found me interesting and responded to my offer to be friends, thank you.
Oh **** it, i'm sorry for writing back to you so late. I see you wrote 07.06.2019. But i'm sorry, i just came back home today. Until now, i was on a working trip in China,
so i was only now able to check my mail, i'm sorry.
So your name is Jack, right? Nice to meet you Jack. By the way, you have a beautiful name. I'm serious, i really like your name ... LOL
What about me, my name is Anastasia Dolgan. But you can call me Stesy. My friends call me that, so if you like calling me Stesy, i won't mind.
Can i ask you one question? You also saw me in the photo. I wonder what you think of me? Do you like me? Sorry, maybe now is not the best time to ask you such questions, but i am interested to know your opinion about me. But if you do not want to answer, i will not insist. In any case, you can tell me about your sympathy the next time you want.
Jack before telling you about myself, let me write you a few words about my reality.
I know that now there are many women scammers in online dating, but believe me, i'm not like that. I am a real woman and if you want, then one day i can even prove it to you. Like everyone, i have whatsapp, also have skype, it’s not a problem to see you online. But i still do not want to rush it. Maybe you don’t like it, but first i’d just like to know you through email. I'm sure that the time will come when we will be ready for closer communication, but until then let's have some patience and just be pen-pals, ok?
Ok, now a little about me. I am 27 years old. Birthday August 2, 1991. I am not married, no children. But i was once married. But my first marriage was unsuccessful, so i am divorced and live the last 2 years alone.
I live in Slovenia in the city of Ljubljana. My city is located in the central part of Slovenia. The city is small, the population is about 258 thousand people. Maybe you know or even been here? If you have never been to Ljubljana, i advise you to come here. I am sure you will like it when you see.
By nationality, i am half Slovenka, the other half Finland. My mother was from Finland.
My parents met and married when my dad worked in Finland. He was a truck driver and worked in the city of Vantaa in Finland. But when i was 3 years old, they moved to live Ljubljana.
Unfortunately, my parents are no longer alive. My dad died in 2017 he was 58, my mom died last year, she was 59.
I'm not tall. My height is 168 cm, my weight is about 52 kg. I am small and fragile ... hahaha. I love sports. In the summer i like to run in the morning, in the winter i like to skate in the park under the open sky.
By education, i have a higher professional education in the field of trade. In 2016 i graduated from the University of Maribor, Faculty of Economics and Business.
After university i worked as an economist for 2 years. But this work did not bring me pleasure. Now i am engaged in private business and i have my own shop selling lingerie.
So this is a short story about me. Of course i could write more, but would you be interested? I don’t even know now, if you ever want to write to me again.
But let's do it. If you want to know more about me, then next time i will write in more detail about me. But if you no longer write to me, then i will know that i am not interested in you.
I will send you some of my photos with this letter. And i would be interested to know your opinion about me. And if you have questions to me, do not hesitate to ask. I will answer you with pleasure.
Your new friend Stesy.
Letter 2
Hello again Jack... Although it will probably be right to say good night, because now it is almost midnight here in Ljubljana. I just got out of the bath and wanted to go to sleep. But then i remembered you. I remembered what i promised to write to you tonight. And while i do not have such a strong desire to sleep, i decided to open my laptop to keep my promise and write to you again.
Jack if you do not mind, i want to apologize again for my long silence. I know that silence is not good for starting a friendship. But i actually was very busy lately and for this reason i could not answer you on time. But i promise you that in the future i will check my mail more often. So let's be friends and let's learn more about each other, do you agree?
By the way, right now when i am writing this message to you, i think about you and i have a question for you. I do not understand what women think in your country? Why is such a handsome man like you alone? I do not know about you, but we have few free men in Ljubljana. And if you lived here in Ljubljana, i think that you would be popular for women. I do not know how others think, but in my opinion you are a really nice man. So I'm probably lucky that i have an acquaintance with you. And i am really very glad to meet you, i'm serious...
Jack there is another point that i would like to tell you. I mean about talking through the phone. I understand that now is the 21st century outside and that for us it would be just to see and talk online. But i want to warn you that i do not want to hurry with this yet. Now i just want to correspond with you. Do you want to know why? Ok, i'll tell you.
It happened a little more than 3 months ago. I met a man on a dating site. He was also from Slovenia, but he lived in another city. At first we just talked inside the dating site, but then two days later he asked me for my phone number. I was naive then and sent him my phone number. And after i gave him my phone number, my life turned into a nightmare. At first, he began to constantly call me on the phone and suggested that i have *** with him. Of course, i refused him, but this fool did not calm down. Then he started writing a bunch of messages in my whatsapp and skype. After that, i had to change the phone number and delete all my credentials to get rid of it. But even after that he did not calm down. Then he found me on facebook and there on my wall he wrote a different vulgarity about me. In the end i also had to remove my page from facebook. And only after i removed all my social networks, did this fool finally leave me alone. And after this incident, i will never register on facebook and never give my phone number to people i am not sure of. That was my first experience of dating a man on a dating site and it was like a nightmare. And i hope that you can now understand why i’m afraid to give my phone number. But what about you... Jack you're not like that?
Jack i have one idea. Let's play one game. I myself thought of it now. The essence of the game, in each of my letters i will give you one digit of my phone number. Only 11 digits. The first 3 digits are the country code. This is +386. Then my phone number is 8 digits. Today i will write the first digit, this is "7." The first four digits of my phone are +3867... and then 7 more digits. It turns out that after 7 letters you will recognize my full number. Well, are you ready to play? I think that during this time of correspondence we will have time to get to know each other well, so i would like to play this game with you. And you, what do you think?
Well... now i will continue to talk about me. Last time i told you about myself, but now let me tell you more. I think that if we want to make friends, then it's important to know about each other, am i right?
As i said, my name is Anastasia Dolgan. I am 27 years old. Sign of the zodiac Leo. Date of birth August 2, 1991. I live in Slovenia in the city of Ljubljana. By nationality, i am half Slovenka, the other half Finland. I am not tall, my height is 168 cm, my weight is about 52 kg.
I have my own lingerie store. I sell underwear - *******, bras, peignoirs, etc. One day i will send you a photo from my store so that you can see what i am selling. But right now i don't have a photo from my store, so i'll do it later, ok?
Perhaps you think that if i have a store, then i'm rich? But i want to admit to you, it is not. Although i am engaged in private business, but i am an ordinary woman who earns her living by her work.
I do not smoke cigarettes and almost do not drink alcohol. Although sometimes on holidays i can afford to drink white semi-sweet wine or light ****.
I like to go to the theater. I love opera, i love drama... Jack and you, do you like going to the theater?
My favorite color is red, yellow, blue (i love bright colors)... my favorite flowers are red roses... my favorite season is spring and summer...
I am a religious woman and believe in god. I think that faith in God is important in life, because in our modern life it is impossible to live without faith.
I love to travel, i love the sea, the sun, sandy beaches. My favorite resort is Antalya and Sharm el-Sheikh in Egypt.
To my shortcomings, i think that i love sweets. I love chocolate and this is probably my biggest drawback right now.
On weekends, when i'm not busy, i like to watch movies or just listen to music. My favorite movie is "The Best of Me". This is a good movie, but with a terrible end. In this film, the main character is killed and he gives his heart to the son of his beloved woman. I do not know if you watched this movie, but if not, i advise you to watch. I cry every time i watch this movie.
What about music... I'm probably a little old-fashioned, but i love listening to Kim Wilde. Favorite songs "You Came", "You keep me hangin'on". These are old songs, but i like her voice.
Now i want to write you a little about what kind of person i would like to meet.
To begin with, he does not have to be rich, because i think that all rich people are spoiled with money. Also, it should not be too beautiful, because i think that such men have high self-esteem.
My ideal is an ordinary man who lives not only for himself. He must be a little knight inside himself to accomplish feats for the sake of the woman he loves. I'm not talking about the exploits that would be a threat to his life... I mean to give flowers to his beloved woman - i think this is also a feat, because flowers always delight a woman's heart.
I do not look for a man who would be young and beautiful. It is more important for me that my man was beautiful inside himself. Let him be 70, or vice versa 20, age is not important to me. For me it is more important that my man know how to care and love.
I don’t know, maybe i’m doing wrong to tell you about all this now, but i want you to know that i’m serious about our acquaintance. I do not rush you to respond to me in return, but i hope that we will not lose contact with you.
Let me ask you a few more questions, hope you don't mind? I wonder what your ideal woman is? What should it be?
And one more very important question for me, which i feel a little ashamed of... If you would like to have *** with a woman, what should she be? (i mean her figure (full or thin), and then she should dominate in bed or not... ****, ****, vaginal - which one do you prefer?) **** it, i am ashamed to ask such personal questions in the second letter, but i am interested to know your opinion about ***, so i ask you about it.
Oh my god, it's been more than two hours, as i write this letter to you. I hope you are not tired of reading my writings? This is a long letter, but i hope that you will finish reading to the end.
I will send you some more of my photos. I received these photos last September when i rested in Egypt. I hope you enjoy it. I'll be waiting for your response. Yours sincerely, your new friend Stesy.
Letter 3
Hello my dear Jack. Hey, how are you there today without me? What is your mood on this day? Today is June 26th. I hope you're ok?
Oh **** it, i don't even know what to tell you now. And it even looks a little ridiculous... It's ridiculous, because it starts to get in the habit that i can write you only once a week. But God sees, i did not want to keep you waiting again. Just this week i was leaving for Turkey for a few days. I had a business meeting there with one businessman about the clothes for my shop. And because of my busy time, i didn’t have time to check my mail earlier, so don’t be angry and sorry for being late, ok? But i am very glad that you did not forget about me and wrote me back. I had just returned home and now when i saw your message in my inbox, i even had a smile on my face. Jack i'm serious... my mood really became joyful and... **** it, i can’t find the words further... well, i wanted to say that you made this day much more joyful with your letter, ha-ha-ha... finally i found the right words that i wanted to tell you.
Jack we're friends now, right? I hope i can call you Honey already? Oh honey, i would really like to write you a long letter now, but i am very tired after the trip. I just got home from Turkey. I need some rest. But i'll write to you later in the evening, after a little rest, ok? Please do not be angry with me because of this my next long silence. Your Stesy.
Letter 4

I found my house in google map and just wanted to send you pictures. Here you see my house on the street Potrceva 10. My apartment is on the third floor. Apartment number 27. Now you know where I live.
As for meeting with Skype on Saturday. I will be happy if you take the time to chat with me. Here is my invitation for you. Just follow the link and add me to your contacts, ok Jack?
Ok, now it will only be short, I hurry. I need to go to the tax department. Have a nice day. Kiss, your Stesy.
Letter 5
Kiss me!!!
Letter 6
Jack honey, i hope you saved my video for yourself? This is the video that i sent you today, i received in the shopping center where my store is located. It happened so spontaneously. I went to my store and suddenly the song Avril Lavigne was turned on the loudspeaker. I like this song very much. The song "Kiss me" is one of my favorites. And then i remembered you and thought, why don't you say so. I stood in front of the mirror in the hall in the place where there is a loudspeaker and shot this short video for you. Jack with this video i just wanted to show you how i miss you. And i wanted you to kiss me. But unfortunately you are not around. But if you even mentally kissed me, for now this is enough for me. I do not know if you saved this video of mine for yourself, but if you miss me, then just look at me.
Oh my god, i am so looking forward to tomorrow night, when i can finally see you online. I am very afraid to tell you again about this, but i am eager to see you ***** online. I want to see your body... I want to see how your **** gets excited when we undress online. Jack do you like striptease? To be honest, i have never danced a striptease, but for you i am ready to try to dance. **** it, i'm so ashamed now to admit to you about it and i am even burning with shame. But i want to be honest with you, so i am writing to you about what i think about now. By the way, i have a surprise for you. I want you to trust me, so i decided to take a picture for you with my passport. I do not know if after that you will be confident in me, but i would very much like you to believe in my reality. Tomorrow i will prepare another surprise for you. I take a picture completely ***** so that you can see my ******* and everything below close up. I trust you, so i'm ready to show you my whole body. But just let us agree that you will not show my photos to anyone, ok?
Ok, i need to take a shower and get ready for bed, so i’ll stop. I don't know if i should tell you about it now, but i want to kiss you. Even if i kiss you mentally, but i kiss you on the lips. I love you as a friend and maybe even more. Kiss, kiss, kiss... a million kisses for you. Miss you, Stesy.
Letter 7
Jack my sweet, i'm sorry, but i could not be online at night, the same problem with connecting to the internet. It is now June 30 and at 2:40 am early morning. I connected to the internet with great difficulty to tell you the terrible news. Oh my god, i had a grief today. And now when i write you this message i am crying at the same time.
Dear, literally half an hour ago, i received a call to my home phone. I picked up the phone and heard an unfamiliar female voice. At first i could not understand who it is. She spoke english, but her english was very bad and therefore i could not make out who was calling. But then in her conversation i heard the name Zhanna. And i immediately remembered my cousin Zhanna, who lives in Gdansk in Poland. But i remember her voice and it was not her voice. I asked her who is this? In response, she told me that she was a nurse from a Polish hospital in Gdansk. And she said that she was calling me because my cousin indicated my number as her only relative. Then i asked what happened? And this nurse told me that my cousin had a heart attack and that she died in hospital today.
Oh my god, i was shocked when i heard about it. And now i can not even describe my condition. It is so ******* my soul and lonely in my heart. And even there is no one nearby who could console me. If you were here now, i would be calmer with you. But you are not here and there is no one to console me, and because of this, it is doubly hard for me. Oh my god, she was my age. As a child, when she lived here in Ljubljana, we spent a lot of time together. We went to school together, then we went to university together. But then her parents divorced and went their separate ways. Her mother was from Gdansk. And after the divorce, Zhanna took the side of her mother and, after graduating from university, moved to Gdansk. Oh my god, i can't believe that she is dead. It's just some kind of horror that i don't want to believe. Jack i'm leaving for Gdansk today for my cousin's funeral, sorry. I just wanted to warn you not to lose me. Sorry, i can't write more. I am really very hard in my heart, so i can not continue to write. But i beg you, just do not forget me, ok? I will write to you when i get back. Or better call me. My number is +38670198703. This is my mobile number, but my mobile connection is not supported outside Slovenia. But whatsapp should work, so write me there. Well, i need to hurry to go to the railway station in order to catch the train to Gdansk. I beg you, just do not forget me. Hug you, your Stesy.
Letter 8
Jack my sweet heart, are you here now, are you online? Oh my god, i don't know if you can see this message right now, but if you see i ask you to answer me as soon as possible, ok?
**** it, i don't even know where to start. I am now depressed because of the situation in which i fell. Honey, i really need your help. I was robbed in russian Kaliningrad and because of this i now do not know what to do or how to get back home.
Jack i am now in the city of Kaliningrad in russia. And right now i am writing you this message from the computer of the russian police. Of course, it would be better if i could now call you and explain about my situation by phone. But some robber stole my bag. My money, my passport, visa, my bank card, and even my phone — all my belongings were in my bag. But some robber stole my bag and now i just don’t know what to do or where to go. It happened yesterday when i was waiting for a bus transfer. To get to my cousin's funeral, i had to transfer to another bus here in Kaliningrad. My cousin lived in the city of Gdansk and the fastest way to get to her house is to transfer to another bus in russian Kaliningrad. I already went this way and i know this way. But terrible happened yesterday. Some robber robbed me at the station and because of this i was stuck here now and could not go anywhere. **** it, it happened so unexpectedly that i did not understand what was happening. I was standing on the bus platform waiting for the bus, when suddenly a man grabbed me from behind. He hit me on the body several times, then grabbed my bag from my shoulder and ran in the opposite direction. It all happened in seconds and i was just in shock. I was scared and could not do anything. Maybe another braver woman would run after them to return the bag, but i was very scared and ran inside the station. Going inside the station, i called the policeman and told him about the robbery. But for some reason the russian policeman was not even in a hurry to catch up with the robber. He just reassured me and told me that i should thank God for the fact that i survived. After that, the police officer took me to their police department. There he began to ask me how it happened and this interrogation lasted all night. I didn’t hide anything from the police and told him the whole truth. I hoped that the russian police would catch the robber the same night. But they still have not found the robber, and now i doubt that they will even find my things.
Oh my God, i don't know what to do now. This is the second day i am in this ****** Kaliningrad. But most of all, i regret the fact that i missed the funeral of my cousin. Her funeral was today. But because of this robbery incident, i could not get to her funeral and i now hate myself because of it. Jack i can no longer be in this russian ****. I couldn't get to my cousin's funeral, and now i just want to go back home. But the problem is that i have no money, no passport, no visa. All my documents and money were in my bag, but it was stolen and i was left with nothing. This morning i decided to try to find my embassy to ask them to deport me home. But the police department told me that there is no Slovenian embassy here in Kaliningrad. The officer said that there is only a Slovenian visa center here. Today i went there in the hope that they could send me back. But the woman there told me that without money they could not help me. She said that in order to recover my passport and visa, i would have to pay for it. She said that they did not have the authority to deport me home free of charge and gave me only advice so that i would ask for any help with my money so that i could pay for the restoration of my passport and visa. I wrote an email to several friends asking me to lend me money. But no one answered me. I do not know, maybe they have not yet seen my message asking for help and therefore did not answer me. But most likely i suppose that my friends are just greedy for money and therefore none of them answered me. Jack i was very ashamed to come to this decision, but on the other hand you are also my friend. And even more, i treat you closer than just to a friend. Honey, i am very ashamed to ask you for help, but if i ask you to help me, can you help me go back home? I now need money to recover my passport and visa. And the same money for buying back a bus ticket. I have now calculated the costs, for all this i need about 57euro. Jack tell me honestly, if i ask you to lend me this 57euro, can you help me? Honey, i promise, it's only for a couple of days a day. And as soon as i get home, i will send your money back on the same day. **** it, i am very ashamed to ask you about money, but i no longer know who else to turn to for help. So if i am at least a little special for you and if you at least love me a little, then please help me go back home, ok?
Jack i am desperate now. And right now you are my only hope of returning home. So i am now with tears in my eyes begging you for help. Please write me your answer when you see this my message. I will be waiting for your answer. With tears in my eyes, your unhappy Stesy.
Letter 9
Hello, my sweet Barry! How do you? I feel bad without you! I miss you very much! Thanks for your cute photo.
I'm did lost 3,400 euro. Yes, it was ****** to carry all the money with you. But I don’t trust banks anymore, because 2 years ago I had stolen 11,000 euros from a bank account. The attackers were never found and the bank did not return the money back to me. Yes, the hotel has a safe, but I cannot put my phone and documents there, because without a phone I would not be able to work and sometimes the police ask for a passport who patrol the streets in the city of Sochi. I was afraid to leave the money in the safe at the hotel, because anything can happen and there are also robbers at the hotel.
These were just awful days for me. They took me to the police station and all this time I was there. Detectives arrived at a police station and people from the embassy. They all together for a long time and several times questioned me. I explained to them all the details, remembered all the details of what happened, but they still ask the same questions. I did not understand what they wanted to achieve from me or maybe they just want to make me guilty?
I heard nothing encouraging from the police. They just told me that they would start an investigation, but how long this will last they do not know. They say that recently there have been a lot of robberies and murders that are connected with foreign citizens. Now they have many uncovered cases and my case can be delayed for a long time. They fix my statement that there was robbery and that I lose my documents.
I am now very upset and tears flow from my eyes. I do not want to stay in this country anymore. I'm so scared! This morning I appealed to my Embassy in the city of Moscow (Russia), I asked to help me return home. I asked my Embassy to buy me a return ticket, but at the embassy, they told me that they can not take any action until there is an official statement from police about the closure of my case. In other words, my embassy asks me to wait for the end of the investigation and only then they can help me. I will go mad for this time in this wild country alone.
Recently, I tried to call the office to call my work. I hoped that they would help me, but the problem is that I did not have a workbook, I did not work officially in this campaign. My campaign is not responsible for me. My boss told me this on the phone, and my company no longer wants to talk to me. They asked not to call them again. Very cruel! I'm just shocked by everything! All my money, mobile phone, documents for work - all stole with my bag, and now I'm just in a desperate situation. I do not know how I can go back to my home and where to turn for help? I have no parents, I have no relatives, I have no brother and sister, I am alone in this world.
Dear, forgive me for determination. God knows that I never asked for help in my life. I have always left the most difficult situation on my own, but now for the first time in my life, I do not know what to do. I need 575 euro now so I can return home to Ljubljana, Slovenia. My hotel is paid for 7 more days, then they'll just throw me out into the street. My hope is only you. I'm crying now, and with tears in my eyes, I ask you to help me go home. I know that my request will upset you. But despite this, I ask you to help me with buying a ticket home. Sweetly, I will refund you all the money back as soon as I arrive in my city of Ljubljana.
I ask you to give me help for just a few days. I'll get a ticket, go home and immediately return you everything to last. I need your help for only 3 days. I'm very scared to upset you. But all my hope for a safe return home is only now in this letter. I really hope that you will enter my situation and will not leave me in trouble.
I learned that in Russia there is MoneyGram, Golden Crown, and Western Union. Perhaps the best option is to transfer your help to me through instant international money transfer service? But I am a citizen of Slovenia and I do not have a permanent residence in Russia, Sochi. Therefore, you and I need to use the address of my hotel. I will write all my full information so that you can send your help to my name via money transfer service MoneyGram, Golden Crown or Western Union: name: Anastasia
surname: Dolgan
address hotel: 11A Ordzhonikidze st., Sochi, Russia. 354000 Barry, I look forward to your reply and I hope that you will enter my position. Please do not worry about money. I swear and promise that as soon as I return home I will immediately give your help back. And besides, I can personally come to you to return all the money and personally thank you. Then we can have a wonderful time together. We will be together as much as you want. I will be happy to read your answer tomorrow. I love very much and miss you. Regards and Love!
Your love, Anastasia.
Letter 10
Hello again! Barry, you sent help to my name via Western Union. I thank you for your understanding, support, help and love! Right now I want to scream for joy and happiness. You are the only one who did not give up and did not turn away from me. I love you with every cell of my body. Tomorrow I’m trying to get your help, but there may be some questions in the Western Union office. Therefore, I ask you to send me a copy of the receipt that you received when I sent the transfer to my name. Send me a copy of the receipt so that I show them that you really sent the money to me, okay?
I hope everything will work out and soon we will meet to start a happy life together. I can not live without you! I will give back every penny after 3 days, I promise. You will not lose anything and we will meet soon. When I arrive home, I need 2 weeks to restore all the documents. After that I will immediately come to your lips. Anastasia. xxxxx
Letter 11
My love Barry, Thanks for your letter. I am glad that you understand my situation and support me. I wrote down the code that you gave me and now I rather need to be sent to Western Union office in order to personally receive your help. I apologize, but can I ask for a copy of the Western Union receipt you received when you sent the funds in my name? I think that when receiving funds there may be any questions and if I show them a copy of the receipt, then they will immediately and without problems give me your help. Please send a copy of the receipt, I'm waiting and not going anywhere. Love you! Thanks again for your understanding, support and help! After 3 days I will return everything to the last penny, I promise.
Always your faithful, Anastasia. xxxxx
Letter 12
Hello my love, Barry! How are you today? My stomach and headache hurt a lot, but the main thing is that I am alive and can write letters to you. Today I spent a lot of time at the local police station in Sochi. No advance to identify the robber. Local police say they often have such robberies in Russia and it is very difficult to identify the perpetrator. The whole process can take a very long time, but I don’t have much time in a foreign country. My hotel is paid for only a few days and I do not know what to do now. I’m afraid to go out because I’m afraid of every man passing by in this terrible and evil country.
I applied to the Embassy of my country, which is located in the city of Moscow (Russia). But they did not give me a clear answer. They say that they cannot help me, because the local police started a criminal case on the fact of robbery and attack on me. Because of the criminal case, the Embassy of my country does not want to interfere in the affairs of the local authorities and the police. Tomorrow I will contact them again and ask them for a more accurate answer, why they do not want to help me. I worked for a Russian company informally and without health insurance. I did not have a return ticket, because I did not know the exact date of the return flight due to the heavy workload.
Dear, my boss from Slovenia doesn't want to help me either. He says that I did not fulfill the terms of the contract, I lost important working documents and failed to sign 1 contract in New Zealand. Because of me, he now has huge losses and therefore he refused to help me and ordered me never to contact him again. I am desperate and do not know what to do now. Soon I will have nothing to eat, nowhere to go and nowhere to sleep. I'm all alone in the whole world and I only have you. Please do not leave me and support. Without your support, I will perish and die in a strange evil country. Only you can support me now. I love you with all my heart and soul!
Your sweet love, Anastasia.
Letter 13
My sweet love, Barry! I feel bad, it is very bad to be alone here in Russia, in a strange place, and in a foreign country. Heavy rain with thunderstorms, thunder, and lightning. Everything around was sparkling and noisy. I was scared to sleep alone in bed without you.
I want to go back home, I can't be here anymore! The whole population is against me. The police do not want to work normally and do not even look for a robber, my Embassy does not want to help because of a police investigation. My bosses don't want to help me either. They seem to ignore my requests for help and completely ignore me. I'm terribly ashamed to ask for your support and help. But I have no one to turn to. Do you understand me? I have no one but you. A few days later I was thrown out of the Hotel because my room will soon end with paid days. And then I will have nowhere to go, I can not even eat anything. Now I do without lunch because in my hotel payment only breakfast and dinner are included, there is no dinner. I thought that I could have lunch in various beautiful places in the city of Sochi during business meetings, but I was robbed and all the money was stolen.
Honey, you are my only hope of salvation. Without your help, I will disappear and I have to live on the street. Dear, please understand my situation and help me pay for a plane ticket. I need 575 euro to fly back to my country. I will return every penny in 2 days. Help me leave this terrible cruel city. I will not survive here alone without you!
I want to kiss you everywhere and I want us to be together in the near future. After you help me, I will immediately return home and send you all the money back. I will immediately undertake the recovery of all documents. At the same time, we can start building a plan for our meeting. I love you and do not want to miss the only opportunity for our meeting and a pleasant stay together! Do not leave me please. Please write me a quick reply.
Forever your true love, Anastasia.
Letter 14
I'm calling on your skype, please answer.
Letter 15
Hello, my love Barry !!! How are you today? I miss you so much!
That night I practically didn’t sleep and thought all night how to leave Russia more quickly. Sorry, but without your help and support, I cannot get out of this difficult situation. I managed to get back to the embassy of my country, which is located in the city of Moscow. But they again refuse to help me, because the local police (the city of Sochi) do not close the criminal case concerning the attack/robbery. And in this situation, the jurisdiction of my embassy ends. They do not want to go against the local police and refuse me any help. After I found out about this, I immediately asked the Embassy to write a waiver in writing. The Embassy employees sent me a letter with their refusal so that I would not contact them again. So that you trust me more, I attached in the letter copies of certificates that I was given at the local Police and at the Moscow Embassy. A certificate from the Police confirms that I was attacked. A certificate from the Embassy confirms that they refuse to help me. I hope now you fully believe and trust me.
I want to return home to Slovenia soon. Please help me with leaving this horrible and evil country of Russia. I have no one else to ask for help, I only have you. I am ashamed to ask you for financial help, but now I have a hopeless situation, so I have to ask you for help and support, forgive me and understand my situation. I'm really ashamed!

Dear Barry, I need to leave Russia as soon as possible in order to recover all the documents and get professional medical help. Here I can not go to the hospital, because I have no insurance and no related documents. Please send help 575 EUR to my name. I swear I will return the money to you in 2 days. When I get home, I will immediately send you money back, my savings are in the safe of my home in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Love you so much! I will never deceive and leave you alone, I need you more life! Write to me an early reply.
Your true love, Anastasia.
Letter 16
Dear, let's say your neighbor's dog ate a receipt for the money transfer. But you can call the Western Union office and find out the correct code, right? Please call the Western Union office and ask them for the correct mtcn code. Without your help, I will not survive here.
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