Scam Letter(s) from Erika Manning to Vlado (Croatia)

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Letter 1

Hello, I want to cheer you up. You will not be against it?
Sometimes you should stop and take a deep breath, giving importance to the details.
It's time to officially introduce our new project.
Very soon you will be able to find out everything yourself. All your wishes were previously taken into account by us.
You need to go through the free registration to the end to see everything with your own eyes. Anyone who looks at this will get unforgettable impressions.
Our girls are deprived of complexes, so you can relax and give them the opportunity to do everything themselves.
One click on the promo code and you can start to choose your sexual partner, whose appearance appeals to you.
We guarantee that you will also want to taste it. Enjoy life in all plans, as life is short!
Thank you for attention, Erika!



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