Romance scam letter(s) from Jeniffer Sabrina to Fred (Ireland)
Letter 1
Haha,,,,,, Friedrich., well look I'll send you my picture then if you want the real thing you should come over to my place or meet me somewhere just don't ask me to do it in the backseat or anything lol Shall we go ahead and plan something now then???
Letter 2
Okay, I don't what do u think but I really wanna meet you. To help you feel more comfortable with this I went ahead and made my profile pic public and I uploaded a special one just for you! We can do this on the regular if you? re good in bed and know how to please me. I just have to make sure you are who you say ?.
Call me up u go the page in case you forgot: Have a look My Verified One and get yours. My Secure Profile

Jeniffer Sabrina
Letter 3
now look I definitely wanna meet you asap and you are more then welcome to come to my place it would be a lot easier then getting a room which ain't Free or asking me to do this in the back of your car lol been there done that I just wanna make sure you are safe and I'm verified myself it didn't C O S T anything and i just wanna make sure we're on the same page and everythings cool. it'll only take you 6 seconds anyways...just last longer then 6 seconds in bed you promise? Just look here please > Secret Profile here And by the way if you do this and meet me I give really good head I can't remember if I mentioned in the ad lol... you will really like me Im fun to be with and open to trying this out just get my number and call me!
Letter 4

well you know as I mentioned not only am I realllllly horny right now but Im verified myself on there its legit I saw this site on the news you just gotta let them check you aren't an offender it takes a couple seconds they don't need your life story. just do this then call me Ill give you those directions :) You can do this here - My Personal Profile Here Btw a lot of guys are willing to do this but I told them to hold off cause Im waiting to see if you cum through for me hehe. Will you now finally?
Letter 5
" Hyy Friedrich I Am Jeniffer & I am not willing to waste time watching movies or moving around. Also am not looking for a boyfriend. I just want you to pull my pants down through my legs and well you can use your imagination from here. I dont need anything serious and we dont have to try and build some kind of special bond just keep it light and be a little funny if you can and we will have a good time. Now since we haven't met earlier and we're on online I need you to do a (fast secure verification here) then Ill meet you & fix up our plan after you have done this. I heard about this on the news if you are an criminal or a minor or whatever its not gonna share my number so once you call or text me right after doing this now ill know its you and that you are clear which you of course will be and it doesn't costs anything so its just gonna make me feel safe and I wont need you to do this a second time cause we'll know eachother then right? you gonna call or text now I can meet you wherever you want I just got my car back hehe lets go for a ride and then I can also ride you? :)
Letter 6
come on really I really want to meet you , I am just want to make sure who you are. I'm a woman and this is on line,hope you understand my safety. This has become pretty common for women nowadays. This wont take you a minute, its just a simple background checker which is kept private. Do it for me and I will reward your patience with a nice bl0w job when we meet, how about that? Call me quickest possible, here is the page (my number is listed here) Hope we meeting soon... And yes we from same city & its totaly free way coz i already Payed so no worries.
Letter 7
Actually i don't have anything to do for the next 1 week ! I don't have a job so I get a little bored being by myself. Hmm so.. tell me you like my body? Should I keep sending more Friedrich?
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