Scam Letter(s) from Ariana to John (USA)

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Letter 1

Good day, my sweet.
What's new? Hope you're online !!
Call me Ariana.

Could you imagine that we are both alone on the island?
Only we both are alone? I call it the "island of love."
Nobody needs us, we have each other and our endless love.
Lying in your arms every night and looking at the sky, the stars are our light, the moon shines on a wide horizon.
I want to fall asleep every night, dreaming with you, on your hands, feeling your closeness, your longing, your tender love.
Come on, hold me tight for the last time!
I feel your warmth and the smell of our excited bodies in the midst of the night.
I close my eyes and enjoy, give me a gentle kiss,
would like to drown in your eyes, they sparkle in the light of the stars ...!
Let me feel your hot breath on the skin, the touch of erotica is in the air.
Come and take me ..! Love that inspires us, makes us addicted, and what our aspiration requires,
Let's try these dreams, let's
Experience these nights, let's experience
our tender love!
I do not write a phone number here, all personal information about me in my profile on the site. Simple registration is required.

My nickname is: ^^ Bevylentc_d99751


Call me now.
See you soon.



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