Scam letter(s) from Sabrina Harman to Mohd (USA)

Letter 1
How are you today and your family over there ? I hope fine . I am very sorry for my late reply to your mail which you sent to me , i appreciate , i was very happy to read your mail , i know that the best friendship usually begin unexpectedly and distance is just a test to see how far friendship can travel . I am really seeking for a true friendship and i pray if you will show me love with trust we both will stay together with understanding and love of God as one and i believe in real friendship from the heart , i believe that age is just a number but real friendship comes from the heart which does not count age or any . I am Sabrina Harman a United Kingdom Army officer, a citizen of the United States of America, but now on peace keeping mission here in Libya since the death of the president Muammar Gaddafi as the result of my profession in serving the world united nation, i am an orphan and i grew up in United Kingdom military camp, which is located in Suffolk, in the eastern part of the United Kingdom and presently living in United Kigdom. I am 35years old, single, i also attached my pictures and i hope you will like them . More about me , i like table tennis, horse riding, going to cinema, jogging and golf as favorite sport, listen to jazz and rock music, very romantic and honest, hates lies. i think I am sensitive and kind to people, people do say that i am good in protecting people, i enjoy going to war, making peace, forgiving, loving and of my hobbies, like to laugh, i live to be spontaneous and i am usually good in trying my best in any position i found myself, i am hard working to my job and always enjoy it, i have peace in my heart and always dream for God to give me the sweetest person in the whole universe, fun to be with, i am single but intend to get one by my side to settle down with, Here in the military Base under mission, we are not allow to make use of mobile phone, we only make use of radio message and computer, so please let us continue communicating through email for the main time, Well, how is life generally with you over there ? As for me life goes on here good but only committed to my job, I will like to know more about you, and your likes, dislike and life experience. Extend my greetings to your family and friends over there, Capt. Sabrina Harman.
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