Scam letter(s) from Joyce Bolt to Luigi (Sweden)

Letter 1
Hi Sakari! I thought a lot about you, and decided that perhaps you can trust. Today I want to tell you about my family. My father - his name Boris, he 63 and it runs a children's football coach. Football - it is his life, and even in spite of his age, he is engaged in his favorite thing. My mother's name is Valentina - her 57 years, she is now retired, and is engaged in household chores. All her life she worked on the farm, because he loves animals. I love and respect my parents. As a child, I, like all children to attend school. I liked at school, so how could I learn something new. I finished the 11th grade with honors, receiving a gold medal for academic success. I live with my parents, and I have my own room. Sometimes I want to have to find a man, and start privacy. So how to live with their parents well, but I want more freedom. I always have an opinion, and always got herself all. I have no brothers and sisters! My friend, do you have any brothers or sisters? Tell me about your family? Now look back at that time and I understand that in addition to the difficulties and hardships life taught me a lot - be independent, just to achieve in life itself. I'm not one to rely! So I was a good student, which gave me a chance to go to university itself. I was educated sports teacher, so I now work in a profession in the fitness club. A lot of effort spent on it to learn English, but to me it still needs to improve. Now I have an interesting job and I am self-sufficient in itself.
Sakari, I now sorely lacking an understanding person who could hear me and understand what I feel. I have had a relationship with the guys, but unfortunately, most of my fans was only ***. They saw me as just an attractive figure, and no one wanted to know what is in my heart. As soon as someone I trusted and hoped I changed and broken heart. That's why I decided to communicate via the Internet. Perhaps through correspondence will be able to better understand the man. I am very glad that you came into my life. I find it interesting to communicate with you, I would climb into your mailbox to read your messages. Tell me, please, and you have had a relationship with the girls? For what purpose do you start dating on the web to me? Would you like to be friends or just looking for your soul mate? I'm tired of being lonely and looking for a serious relationship, I dream of a good family with good loving husband, a reliable partner in life.
Maybe I want too much? But I still believe in love. I want you to trust me and I think that we should be honest with each other. I'm waiting for answers to my questions. This concludes the letter. It is waiting for your answer. Your Kateryna. P.S. Today, I once again send my photo and hope you enjoy! Also, I hope to see more of your photos!
Letter 2
Hello my dear.
How are you? Do not be surprised that I am writing to you from another mailbox. I have some problems with the old mailbox, I can not access it. Therefore, I created a new mailbox. Now I will correspond with you from this mailbox. I have very little time now, I have to go. I will be waiting for a letter from you soon.
Your Kateryna.
Letter 3
Hi, my sweet and passionate man Sakari.
I am glad that we continue our communication, I am interested to know you. I want to immediately warn you, it is difficult for me to fully understand the meaning of your questions. I do not always fully understand the meaning of your questions, but I try to answer that. So do not be offended if you do not always get the correct answer to your question.
Unfortunately, there are also very bad people in our country, although I hate to write about it. There are those who are interested only in money, but they are indifferent to the needs of others. This is most likely because we have many poor people. There are many talented people in Ukraine, and many would like to work, but unfortunately, not everyone has such an opportunity. The country's economy does not allow this, and there are many problems.
In my last letter I asked, that you have sent your photo. Why you have not sent your photo in your letter? Try to send your photo in the nearest letter. Ok? I hope to receive your photo in the following letter.
Tell me, please, what is interesting about your city in which you live? Are there beautiful places? My dear Sakari, I actually live in the city of Zhytomyr. My parents and I had to move from Donetsk to Zhytomyr for family reasons. In my city Zhytomyr, lives about 260 thousand people, it is a small city. Every year, on the 2nd Saturday of September, we celebrate the “City Day”; this is a wonderful holiday, since the whole city is walking and having fun. This is an occasion for fairs, exhibitions, processions, concerts, rock festivals and sporting events. On this day fireworks and salutes are launched.
And how does your city celebrate "city day"? Do you have massive celebrations?
Sakari, I recently started using the Internet, so I have not fully mastered everything here. I have already said that in our apartment the Internet is not installed, and I go to my friend who has access to the Internet. She advised me to look for a man on the Internet and helped me create an e-mail. It’s great that there are technologies that connect people from a distance! Previously, we could not even dream of such a thing! You probably have a lot of friends on the Internet?
Today I was very tired at work, but when I thought that I would communicate with you, my mood immediately rose. Please tell me how you feel about me? It is very important for me. I think I have very warm feelings for you. After all, you are a good man and a nice man!
I am really looking forward to the letter, I hope for mutual understanding. Do not forget to send your photos !!!
Your charming girl Kateryna! P.S. In one of the photos I send today, you can see my friend.
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