Letter(s) from Natalia Spichova to A. B. (USA)

Letter 1

Dear sir!
We would like to inform you that the trip arrangement for Miss Natalia Spichova were completed. Miss Natalia has paid us a visit and the return ticket was handed to her.
Have a nice meeting.
We are wishing you the best!

Here is the itinerary:

on the 12th of April, 2005

Aerosvit Airlines Flight: VV4023
Departure: 13:05, Donetsk Arpt, Ukraine
Arrival: 14:49, Borispol Arpt., Kiev, Ukraine
Aerosvit Airlines Flight: VV261
Departure: 17:15, Borispol Arpt., Kiev, Ukraine
Arrival: 19:15, Ataturk Arpt

on the 20th of April, 2005

Turkish Airlines Flight: TK1845
Departure: 08:29, Ataturk Arpt
Arrival: 09:49, Athinai Arpt
Aerosvit Airlines Flight: VV230
Departure: 10:54 Athinai Arpt
Arrival: 13:34, Borispol Arpt., Kiev, Ukraine
Aerosvit Airlines Flight: VV115
Departure: 15:59, Borispol Arpt., Kiev, Ukraine
Arrival: 17:10, Donetsk Arpt, Ukraine

If you have any questions, please contact our travel company.
All your questions will be submitted.

52, Bogdan Hmelnitskiy Avenue
Phone: +380623338626

Respectfully yours,
Tourist Agent of the Travel Company,
Ekaterina Sedristaya.

Letter 2

My love, I am very sorry but I can't come to you, I need to go the village - my grandpa is near the death, he is a father of my father - I cannot come to you right now, babe I know I spoiled everything but my daddy told me that he'll never forgive me if I come to you and have a rest when my grandpa is passing away... honey, i cannot do anything, I cannot... love you please forgive me... your Natasha.