Scam Letter(s) from Amina Akrihin to Lajos (USA)

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Letter 1

Hi my lovely. How you feel yourself, dear? I am full of energy and strength, good mood and full of positive. My love, thanks for your videos. I liked them. Honey, I take our meeting very seriously. But honey, now we can not even discuss the time that I sold my business or apartment. Honey, we will discuss this only in person. Honey, you understand that such decisions are not made at one time. I personally do not need your money from you. If you want us to be together, then get in touch with my agency and decide everything. I feel we will be closer soon. Now I can only imagine it. And I think about us all days long at work. Thoughts about you at night… My feelings to you are growing every day. I hope together we could organize my trip. I have to discuss the details with you. I want to hug and kiss you so that no one can separate us. You can always rely on me. I want to give you peace and harmony so that you could smile every day. I have been in the city and found out about the trip to you. I hope you can maintain a long-term relationship between us. You are my attentive, caring and sexy man! I'm going to fly to you. I know you quite well. I hope that we will speak like a couple at the meeting. I really appreciate and respect you. Think about how we will spend time together. I feel affection for you, and I like this feeling. I want to kiss your lips.
I imagine it now. I want to touch you. I see a happy future only with you. I don’t need anyone except you. Now as for trip, I told you that I applied to a travel agency and got information about the trip to you. I really want to meet you and I need to collect some documents to visit you. We have to agree the date of the trip. When are you able to meet me? I found out at the agency that my visa will be valid for 3 months. all this time I can be with you if you want. This time must be enough to learn about each other more. If I book a trip in advance, it will become much cheaper, and you can save a good sum of money. The total value of the tour is 1950 USD. I can pay only a part of the whole sum about 300 USD. Now I can afford only this. I have to solve some problems at work before I fly to you, so that while I would be away everything would be in order. I am going to take a vacation and spend time with you. I hope you're ready to meet me? If you do not want me to fly to you, then tell me about it. I'm not a rich girl, although I have my own business. It is impossible to earn a lot of foreign exchange in my country. I invested all my money in goods for trade. I know that I have no right to ask you for financial help but there is no other choice. My dear Luis, I personally do not need money from you. Honey, I do not want to have any relation to them. My love, I do not want you to think about me, that I play with you for money.
This will never happen. If you are serious about our meeting, then I will give you the information of my agency and you will contact them and resolve the issue of payment. I warn them that you will write to them. But this is only if you are ready for our meeting, then I will give you the information of the agency. There is a long distance between us, so we have to solve the problem of payment together. I have an international passport and experience of traveling to other countries. I was flying before so I'm ready to fly to you overcoming a huge distance. I hope you can meet me at your airport so that we can start a new life? I miss you very much, I hope you will want to see me. We must do our utmost to overcome all difficulties. Bye, dear! See you soon! Kiss your Amina!!



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