Romance scam letter(s) from Natalia Matsenko to Austin (USA)
Letter 1
Hello How do you? What are you doing today? Did you get my last letter? Did you read it? I am looking forward to your reply. Now I finish my work day. I was thinking about you... I hope today you will write me your answer. Natalya
Letter 2
Hi Jack.. I'm glad to know you're willing to listen to me about my problems. I think it's a very important part of a man's relationship with a woman. Do you agree? If one of the partners will keep everything in itself, it can break. Everyone needs emotional relief. I am glad that we understand each other well in this matter. Like I said, you can talk to me about your problems, too. I'm always ready to listen to you and give you advice. I had a good one today... I would even say an easy day. There was little work. There were hardly any customers today. Perhaps there were magnetic storms in space today?? ...he..he..he..he... (I'm kidding)....
I didn't even know what I was doing. My colleagues were busy with their own Affairs. someone was in your smartfone, someone web the tablet, and someone just had a break from work. I'm tired of idleness and opened the Internet search engine I decided to study your country. I found some articles on the Internet about your country.. your culture... I read about your mentality... I was interested in learning a lot about your country. I was able to see many beautiful sights of your country. wow..... for myself, I learned that in your country there are many interesting and beautiful places...
What places do you like to visit? Personally, I like to learn something new.. Years ago I visited Turkey. It was my first and only trip abroad. I sent you a picture of what it was like. I hope you like it. Of course, in Russia there are many beautiful places.. For example the capital of my country.. Moscow... It's beautiful! Jack if you would be interested. you can find a lot of interesting things about my country on the Internet... landmarks... culture.... and many other. This way we can learn more about our cultures. On this I want finish my letter... Natalya.
Letter 3
Good afternoon Jack! Ended another day. Do you have some new? Yesterday I could not fall asleep for a long time, so I had a strange day today. It all started with the little things ... At first I slept, because I did not hear the alarm clock. I only had time to have breakfast and did not even have time to wash the dishes. I quickly ran to work. But because of the bad weather, I was late for my work because the traffic in the city was slow. But there was nothing wrong with that. Now I'm at home ... I prepared dinner and washed the dishes that I did not have time to wash in the morning. When I did all this, I listened to the radio and thought about life ... And I thought .. - Ehhhh ... if I had a man, then maybe I wouldn’t sleep through the alarm clock .... ?? He would wake me up and even be able to wash the dishes that I did not have time to wash. Of course, living in a pair is very good ... How do you feel about housekeeping? I think that in a relationship a man should help a woman and share all responsibilities equally. It would be convenient for both .. and fun ... For example, I know a few men who know how to cook ... and love to do it. The husband of my colleague Irina is simply “The King of the Table” ... I tried many dishes that he cooked and I want to say that it was very tasty ... No, of course I do not demand that my elect was a cook .. =)) .. It is not necessary. But if he could even wash the dishes .. and use the iron! I would be very happy already! Hihihi ... Jack, tell me how do you imagine this? Tell me your opinion on this ... I will wait ... !!! Enjoy the weekend! Your Natalya.
Letter 4

Hello my Jack! I've had a hard day today. There were a lot of clients and therefore there was a lot of work. Pfffffffffffffff.. I'm tired... I think I really miss a man who could Wake me up, make Breakfast or just pour me a Cup of tea. Perhaps today I would not refuse your help! It is a pity that you not here right now... I went home after work. You know what happened to me? On the way home, I met my friend Anna on the advice of whom I was on that website, and I met you. Remember when I told you about her when we first met? I sent you our picture. Now you can see Anna. I was so happy to meet you. Her too. It's been a long time. We decided to move to the cafe to celebrate our meeting and talk about life. I noticed that she had changed a lot. She was very happy. She was in a good mood. I asked her what was the reason for her good mood? She told me that she met a man from another country. Their story is similar to ours. But the difference is, she met him at work. She herself works as an English translator in a construction company. They communicated as we did. Imagine!? I was so happy for her. Anna told me that she had recently visited him to get to know him better, to get to know his culture and country. See how he lives. Anna's boyfriend lives in Germany. His name is Hans. Ohhh! I'm so glad she found her happiness. Jack, I think we can take an example! Don't you think? This proves once again that there are no boundaries to creating relationships. Distance is just numbers? Do you agree? Jack, we've been talking to you for days. I like you a lot. I noticed we have something in common. What you think? Jack, I very much hope that something serious will arise between us and one day we will also organize our meeting. Do you agree? With gentle hugs and kisses Your Natalya...??????
Letter 5
Hi Jack ... I am waiting for your letter every day. When I see his heart starts to beat faster. 1000 questions appear in your head ??? What he wrote? Is he tired of me? When I start reading the letter I calm myself and reread it several times. After reading the letter, I begin to write the answer in my head **** Today I had some not ordinary day. I had a strange feeling. I have never experienced such a feeling. Something is obviously happening to me. At the sight of your letter, my head is turned off and I think only about you. My pulse quickens and my heart starts to beat faster. When I see your photo, I imagine how I hug, cling to you, I feel your warmth. But these are just my thoughts ... I think how to be close to you and see you with my own eyes for at least one moment. But I do not know how to do it. After all, I have no wings, and I can not fly to you to give you my kiss.
I'm so happy I met you. Jack, I feel how my life is changing and this feeling comes from my heart. I began to devote more time to my beauty. Spend more time in front of the mirror. I do it all for your sake. We are not familiar with the first day. And for myself, I have already drawn some conclusions. I understood that you are sensitive, sincere, reliable. I like these qualities that I found in you. They attract me to you. But I am so sorry that there are thousands of kilometers between us. Jack, do you have similar feelings? Tell me, open your heart to me. Are there any changes in your life after our meeting? In my head now only one thoughts and these thoughts are about you. You gave me a new life. You filled my heart with happiness and love. Maybe this is fate? I hope you also tell me about your feelings for me. I want to know. Will you tell me? Kisses and hugs yours Natalya
Letter 6
Dear Jack... Today was a good day. I was in a good mood. There was little work. I'm not even tired at all. I was a little bored. When I'm bored, I start thinking about life.. about what happened.. about what is and what will be... Jack, last night on TV I watched a replay of " Let them Talk." For several years - it is a popular TV show, which discuss the usual life problems of people... They showed a story about people with disabilities. This story touched me very much. They talked about people with disabilities who find it very difficult to live in this world. But most of all I remember the story about a man. This man had no arms, no legs. He lost them when he was 16. Now he is 32 years old and he lives a good and happy life. He has his own business. There are Hobbies. There are goals and dreams. This is thanks to the support of his relatives and his beloved woman. Yes, Yes, Yes! He has a beautiful and completely healthy wife. She loves him very much for his moral values. You know? He has no arms and legs! But he has a good, strong heart and a pure soul. These qualities he won his wife. Do you know how they met? You wouldn't... But they met on the Internet. A fact... If you ever want to see this story, you can find it in GOOGLE.COM ahhh! the name is "Pust' govoryat. Zhizn' bez ogranicheniy". the protagonist of this story is "Aleksey Talay". Jack, you and I are only separated by distance. I think this is a very small problem. After all, it is easier to overcome several thousand kilometers than to learn to live without legs and hands. Do you agree? I couldn't watch it without crying. After watching this story, I concluded. I realized that we have nothing to fear, no need to look for reasons to retreat. You have to fight for your happiness. You need to set a goal, go to it and believe in success! I think that we should take this example as a basis. Most have arms, most have legs. Got it! But people can't be happy. They just don't know how to appreciate life. Jack, there's a long distance between us. It's a fact! But I don't think it can stop us. Everything depends on us! From our desire. From our aspiration.. Do you agree?
Personally, I'm not afraid of the distance that separates us. We live only once and we must always remember this! Our meeting - maybe it's fate gave us a chance? A chance to test him? Have you thought about that? Jack, I hope you're not tired of my letter? I hope you understand my reasoning. I'd be glad if you could share your thoughts with me... That's it.......... Your Natalya
Letter 7
Hi How are you? As your mood? This working day was very hard for me. Ohhhh..!!! I'm tired***** But despite this, I thought I should write to you because I want to continue our communication. Hope you don't mind to talk with me and soon I will receive your letter? Natalya
Letter 8
Hello my dear Jack! The weather is nice today. I spent my morning outside. When I got home, I decided to check my email immediately. As usual, I was very pleased to receive a letter from you. Today I went for a walk with my friend Anna. We were walking in the Park, and I thought how great it would be if we (you and I) walked together! What do you think? Wouldn't that be nice?
Anna asked me about my personal life. Have I found a man? I said "No"! I asked her why she thought that.***** Because I do not who did not tell about our conversation. She told me I was strong.
changed. I became more beautiful, I smile a lot and it is very noticeable to me. I think I'm in love with you. But I'm not entirely sure yet. I tried to resist it, to comprehend it, but each time I came back to the same conclusion. Jack, I hope you're not angry with me for not telling my friend about you? I don't want to say that I met a person in another country because we haven't met in person yet. But I have serious intentions and feelings for you that are growing every day. From the very beginning of our communication, I have already told you that I want to meet a man with whom I can build a strong relationship. Lately I Wake up in the morning thinking about you. It's been a long time since I've known you. But I hope that our relationship will grow into something big. I don't want to rush you. But I hope that the meeting will be a new level of our communication. Mmmm? In my country or yours. What do you think Jack? Jack of course no need to jump to conclusions... This decision must be taken with full responsibility! But I'll tell you the truth, I'm starting to think about it! Because through the letters to convey all that in mind, in the soul... Do you understand my thoughts? I hope so. Tell me your opinion. OK? Now I'm going to finish my letter… Your Natalya.
Letter 9
Hello my Jack!!!! I sent you a letter about our meeting. But I did not receive any response in response. What does it mean? How do I interpret your silence? Are you ignoring me? You do not want our meeting? Why didn't you answer me? I really hope that you will agree to meet with me and I expect an answer from you as soon as possible. Natalya
Letter 10
Hi Jack !!! I am very glad to see your letter. I fell asleep and woke up with great excitement in my chest. I did not know how you would respond to my question about our meeting. Thoughts about this did not give me rest. Today all my thoughts are just about that. I waited with great excitement at the moment when I could check my mail. My thoughts were spinning in my head: "you wrote to me .... or did not write." Jack, I'm so glad !!! You agreed to meet me !!! Uuuuhhhhh .... I'm just insanely happy with everything that happens. I feel like the happiest girl in the world. Now that I know that you have the desire to meet me, I feel even more confident in myself. My female intuition tells me that everything will be fine. I am overwhelmed with emotions of excitement and joy. Joy because we will be together .... excitement because it will be our first meeting. The first meeting will help us understand what our feelings are capable of and whether we are compatible with you. After the first meeting, we will plan our next steps. I think you will agree with my thoughts. If you think otherwise, tell me about it? Now I think that we need to discuss the date of our meeting with you. Tell me, when would you like me to fly to you? For example, I will soon have holidays. Soon my boss will post a vacation schedule and then I will know the exact date of my vacation. They will last 30 days. I think that this time will be enough for the first meeting. During this time we will be able to somehow check our feelings and our compatibility. I hope you agree with my thoughts ??? Jack
, I cherish you very much and will do everything to ensure that our love picks up speed at the very maximum! I hope that you will understand everything that I want to tell you in this letter. On this note, I want to finish my letter. With great excitement and fingers crossed, I will be waiting for your letter. Only your Natalya.
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