Scam letter(s) from Irina Leonteva to David (USA)

Letter 1
Congratulations, my most dear David! I am very pleased to receive news from you. I also all unique for you, am valid I only to yours. I bring to you my apologies that I so have suddenly stopped the letter to you. Simply I should go to work. Really, yesterday after a dinner I had very intensive working day, I am very urgently tired. All question - that yesterday to us in hospital new components for medicines have brought, I should check up all. I always should make sure, that all medicines, will be made of good components. I want to say to you, that there were cases, when to us in a drugstore the brought medicines with the finished working life. I should not admit it. I already spoke you so very much I like job. My job demands from me attentiveness and sincerity because in some cases from me and from medicines which bring to us, lives of people depend. I understand all this, and I think, that I the responsible person. I like to deliver pleasant to people, because of my people of job return and have a lot of happiness. Today, when I have arrived to job, my girlfriend Inna who has given me computer, had conversation with me. She has said, that I have changed recently and that I became similar in love the girl. His words have forced me to reflect seriously above my attitude to to you. Really I have noticed, that as we have started to correspond with you all my conversations only about you. When I have come home, I have gone to bed, and during long time could not fall asleep. I have understood, that I like you. And me it became very awful. I was afraid to speak you about it. I did not know, as you will look at it. I most of all in a life was afraid, that my love will not be required, and consequently I always was afraid to begin serious attitudes, being to be frightened, liking who is. And I during long time, whether subjected to doubt be relative to speak you about love as I am afraid, that you, you will not believe in sincerity of my words. I spoke my mum. Only with it I could speak about it. Mum has said, that it is impossible to hide feelings even if they do not seem mutual, I have been solved to say to you it. I cannot deceive you. In a life I estimate, first of all, honesty and trust. Before I never felt love and thought, that nobody can already kindle in me love. And I have found love far behind of ocean. When I have decided to find love through the Internet, I did not think, that in me it to appear, but, however resolute, to check up destiny. Probably, I raised sympathy you at once as soon as saw. But I have understood it now. I, however, am happy, I have found love. I would be most of all the happy ******* light if you to me have said, what is it likes me also, as me you. I do not know, it appears from our attitudes. I at all do not want to think of it now. For me it is more important to receive news from you, that you me as it is similar.
I want to be yours, liked. That I became a part of your life. I want to live for you, that we have created happy family. But I understand, that all this not so is simple. And it will be necessary for us with you about it to speak. My love I with impatience should with impatience, waits to receive news from you. I think, that the future my life depends on this answer. I send you: embraces, a kiss and my heart. With love, Irina!!!
Letter 2
Congratulations my most dear friend David! David, I was so happy, to Receive your answer again and again, it was so a good part of my day When I have, saw your words in a computer. And when I have, saw yours The answer in a computer, my mood became so good. It - is good now. The most dear David, I see, that we are interested, the friend The friend more and more, and I think, it - that is so good for us Because I have so good and liked friend as you, David. I so It is interested in you David, that my life became better, than before before we Have met you, David, I feel it, really. It so is good, that we can understand each other, you can understand me as the good friend to the good friend, And I think, that is it is the important thing in a life. David, I I see, that you trust me, I also do it with the great pleasure to you, and I think, that is it is so a good thing in our friendship, really, David? I hope, that you understand me, David, that, in my opinion, all people in the world should to understand each other by way of dialogue. You agree with me, David? Say to me about it, it is good? As I want to say to you, that believe in the God spiritually. The main thing for me, that in my heart and soul is the god. On light many any creeds, but I am deeply convinced, that, most important, presence of the god at each person, whether it be Jesus, Allah, the Buddha and so on, the main thing that the person believed in the god spiritually. The church of our City - very beautiful place, is many beautiful images also, I like it. I visit church sometimes, to not say, that too often, but there are such moments in my life when it is necessary for me to visit Church as a hobby. Priests sing beautiful songs, and I like it very much. It so calms my soul when I have bad mood also. I shall apply to you a picture of our church, I sincerely hope, that you will like this photo. But now, I want to say to you, that your emails calm me also when I have bad mood, I feel it, David. The my dear friend David, I do not want to seem to you strange and importunate, but I want to ask you yours a full name and your home address on any critical case. Please, send to me it, well? David, I would like to send you my domestic The address also. But I think, that the God will't assumes it, because he Knows, which we like, to write to each other our emails as I feel it. David, I can send you letters through post service or maps usual service of mail also. I shall be, is pleased to write to you the letter on a paper and Receive also from you the letter on a paper. I only should warn you What letters in Russia cannot sometimes reach the addressee. I shall be Hope, that our letters are achieved, because I shall place in mine Letters to you to all my friendship. David, I want to say to you, That is it is so a shame, that we in Russia have peoples or the some people The organizations of mail who likes larceny of post packages of any peoples. I know many so a shame, so bad cases about it from my girlfriends. It - A shame for these peoples of the purpose and the organizations, really? I Hope it in your country very well from the post organizations. I shall be Give you my home address and my full name on any case. It - here: mine The full name - Leonteva Irina, and my home address: Russia, Tver, prospectus of Kalinin 56-153, index 170001. Please, write this information on a paper on any cases, well, in general, David? On this note, I shall finish my email to you.
Please, the answer I am fast, well, in general, David? I shall wait for your messages, David. ALSO, AS IT is USUAL, 'CONGRATULATIONS' To YOU, FROM my FAMILY AND FRIENDS To YOU!! My BEST EMBRACE of FRIENDS TO YOU! Sincerely, your dear friend, Irina.
Letter 3
Congratulations the most dear David! I have received your answer as Usually, and I was so happy from your words again! David, I want to Say to you, that your messages became the important part of me and mine The life, your emails help me to live, I have no any boring mood in general, But it there arrives, when - badly maintain in the street, when it Cold. But when I receive your warm messages, I pass about bad mood At once, I have a smile on my person and magnificent mood from yours Emails. I cannot without your messages now, David. You can see, That I write to you so during long time inform emails concerning me directly Because I want, which we know about us directly very much.
I thought, What is it is so important for us David, is valid David? My friend I want to tell to you about the free time in detail and the vacation, I think, it will be interesting to you to read about it. I like to spend this vacation with my family and with mine Friends also. Basically, in a vacation I like to enter into a camping also In a wood which is located around about our cities.
David, I Hope which you know, that our Russian wood is so beautiful, I hope in The USA also. Is pine and beautiful Russian birches basically in ours Wood. Also through these wooden incomes the small river, this place So the real romanticism to believe me David! We - with my family, Mine the daddy, my mum, and my sister pack backpacks, we take big Tent, we take necessary foodstuff, and us - together with my family, Enter a camping. I like it very much, David. Especially, I like to Be about this small river also, the daddy likes mine to fish very much Very much, I - not the fisherman:)
but as soon as I tried ' to fish, and I Have to catch a small fish, criticize also:) I have been so surprised with it, And what concerning you? You like to fish?:) Also you know, David, That foodstuff which is ready on character more better than Foodstuff in the house? It - soup of a fish basically. Also we eat Fish the established foodstuff.
It; sprat in a tomato sauce. It is so tasty Is on character.
Everything, I like to break camp very much, David And how you spend your vacation? Say to me, well? It will be Interesting to me. Dear David, also my friends in ours the Center of Doctors Ask me about you very much all time:) I speak them, that you - very much The good person, also I want to say to you, that some my girlfriends envy It is a little of me, because I have found so the owner as you the Internet.
But I do not pay on their envy of any my attention. I today would like to Teach you Russian a little! - " Ya budu dumat o was! " = I shall think about You! - " Ochen prekrasno poluchat vashi pisma " = very perfect to receive Your letters! - " Ya tak rada, chto ya mogla was nahodit! Vi ochen horoshii mujchina " = I so am pleased, that I could find you! You very much The good person! - " Ya imela bolshoi i trudnii den na rabote " =, I had The big and difficult day at job. I am sure, that you liked it and you had an entertainment. I want to say to you, David what I shall think of you more and more, possible, about my arrival in you David, I feel, that our attitudes is the strong friendship is, Really David??? I feel this my heart and soul because I cannot Without your emails now. I want to say to you, that is it of a picture Have been accepted two months ago. I hope, that you like my picture! Well, David, on it I finish my message to you as it is usual Congratulations of a heat from my family to you, and from Inna also, David! I wait for your emails as soon, in the greatest possible degree!!! Thinking of you, David, my kisses of a heat,
Letter 4

Greetings, Dave! How you do? In my opinion, it - so Remarkable, that we write, to each other, because from our messages we Learn about each other more and more, really, Dave? Pictures of your girls have liked me, they really very lovely and perhaps the most beautiful ladies on light!!! I' interested In our correspondence very much, it is very interesting to learn You, about your life in your country to believe me, as a whole, me Read your letters with the great pleasure! I have good mood now it The perfect autumn day. Very warmly today the warm wind also blows! I The hope, it today you also has good mood!
Dave, I congratulate you on a holiday, I know that this day you have Day of Gratitude, it is a pity we have no such holiday in Russia, I am sure it very cheerful, and helps people to gather from different parts of the world. I want to wish you that you thanked your friends to relatives and all relatives, for that that you have. Also have an entertainment.
I want to say to you a little about my job, my duties include service of patients. I write out him recipes on medicines, I do injections, in a word I care about health of the patients. I work on Monday - on Saturday from 11:00, till 21:00, my schedule of job can sometimes exchange. Health of people is such factor which is very difficult for tracing and predicting, understand, for this reason me at any time can call on job. Well, Dave, I hope, it will be that, that is interesting to you To learn about my enthusiasm, my liked things as a whole. I should you Speak, that I have advanced enough woman. I like many things. I like Music, I like to observe good film. I like walks on city. I like to Have rest. I very much would like to say to you about my hobbies. Also Want to know about you and your hobbies. For certain in your life There is a hobby which delivers you great pleasure. You find pleasure In music? Whether there are any some Managements of music which you Enjoy? I like music also most of all to similar me Evanessence Song "Immortal". You heard about this song ever? Also I like to listen Enya, the Riddle and other foreign executors. In our life is Various distinctions in mood. Sometimes to us it is cheerful, we have Good feeling, and sometimes opposite. We during long time or we shout. Unfortunately, the sad moments in our life do not consult. Depending On mood I like to listen to various music. Also I should speak you, It with early childhood I the daddy has finished me musical School. I now can to play a piano. Yes, it - the truth, and in it I Find my hobby also. I can play silent romantic music. It helps me to The calmness also enjoys the Life. I simply sometimes go home, and I play a Piano. You are capable to game of any musical instruments? Probably on Guitar? I like to listen and sing songs under a guitar. You it Similar to these? From cinema? I like to look comedies, fantastic Films, romanticism and so on. But very huge impressions have left to I films ' the God of Rings, 'Harry Potter'. I hope, that you looked These films? But the especial impression was for me as film 'Patriot' Actor Melom Dzhibson where war between England and America is described. This film liked to me that this demonstration of natural cinema Patriotic spirit, love to the Native Earth! I research, that is it Very important qualities which should have all people on the world! Really? Dave, I hope, that you looked this film also, and that you Had magnificent impressions from consideration of this film. Mel Gibson played his role as the talented actor my opinion! I liked to Film of a sight ' Serious Intentions, on my opinion, it - very sensual and Instructive film for all youth. Also from comedies I liked film ' me, Comic actor Dzhimom of Kerry is to straight lines And Iren ', I hope, that you Looking it so ridiculous film:) From imagination, I liked film ' Planet of Monkeys, it - very much film of entertainment in my opinion '. Also I want to say to you, that I like to read books, especially The literature of internal authors: Thick, Chehov, Pushkin, and so on. But I was in huge admiration from reading, to reserve S. King ' Dark Tower ', in my opinion, it - very interesting book, where Protagonist Roland - the purposeful person, he enters into the purpose, in Dark tower, and I like quality Roland - purposefulness! I research, It they from the important qualities of any person. I hope, what You agree with me, really, Dave? About foodstuff? Well, from Liked dishes of foodstuff, I want to appoint fried pota/toes, a Various kind of soups, also I like meat also, I do not want to hide it From you. I like a fish and a chicken very much, you are similar Chicken? It is so tasty, really? Also I like a pizza very much. It Very tasty also, I like a pizza with cheese and a ham. I also would like to know It is a little about your foodstuff! That you like to eat in the USA, and what Your most liked dish? I would like to say you, that I like a fruit and Vegetables, especially, a lemon of an apple, an orange, a banana, Tomatoes, cucumbers and so on, there - it is a lot of kinds of vitamins. Dave, you like to prepare? I prepare, was not bad as my family and Friends have said me at once. Also about my liked kind of sports meets Meets, I like on sports meets very much, you are similar to this? In The winter I likes to ski, be cooled, to be on fresh air. I like to play a ball also. But most of all I like an aerobic and gymnastics, we - with mine Girlfriend Inna we are engaged in gymnastics at a leisure, on my opinion, this kind From Gymnastics of Spain helps to support my body in the good form. Also I Would like to say to you, that I like to dance, slow dances. You ever danced slow dance under romantic music with any girl? It - so Attractive and beautiful, valid, Dave? I am confident, that you Would like to dance, with me at once? It will be Remarkable! Probably, in the future, we shall dance slow dance With you, it would be wonderful! Really? About my hobby? I like to Collect various beautiful female magazines, about style, about a fashion? During the small period of time. I have the big assembly of various magazines. Simply, I like to read The best magazines. I would like to say to you about my dreams also. I The dream what to learn to drive the automobile in the future, it would be so wonderful And interesting. But I want to say, that our family has no any automobile, It is very expensive to buy the automobile, but our father has said, It is probable, within one year, he will be, can to buy The automobile, and I shall be, can to study, how to drive the automobile. Dave, you would like to study me as the engine the automobile in Once? It will be benevolent since your party. By the way, my parents And friends ask about you all time. Especially my parents, I have said To my parents, that you – the decent and good person, my parents very much Are pleased with ours the correspondence on the Internet and our attitudes, Dave. My parents wish to us good relations in the future, and it Is possible, in the future if we shall be together in your country, They would like it, we shall be magnificent pair also. But remember, Dave! We should study each other ever more and more! Really? It Very important for me, Dave! The fact in it if you know, that on The statistics, the majority of pairs is separated, because, they knew everyone Another is not enough, and I do not want to do a mistake at once, me Hope, whether that you will be, can to understand me, Dave, really? As I Spoke you earlier, we should to learn about the friend the friend more And it is more from our emails. Dear Dave!!! Also I want to say to you, Than I would like to speak with you to call at once, I hope, Whether the good idea, really, Dave is, what is it? I want to hear Your voice, Dave, I hope, that you want to hear my voice also. But, unfortunately, I have no any phone in our apartment, because very much Gently to establish phone now at this time in City of Tver, but it It will be possible, which can be within several months, we shall have Phone. Also, I want to say to you, that I interested our head physician For use of phone of job, but our director has said to me, that phone From job - for needs of job for our establishment! Director has said Us, that the personnel of job cannot use telephone job for ours individual The purposes. From it, I thought, and I have come to a conclusion, I Will can to call to you from Telegraph in our city, it The best variant, Dave! The most dear Dave, you can give me number From your phone, I can call to you from Telegraph of the City of Tver if you wish to hear my voice once write to me your phone number. I have huge desire to hear your voice, Dave, I hope, that you want to hear my voice also. Please, send I your phone number after email, well??? Please, to make Do not overlook! Dave, I cannot believe, I have written to you such big Email. I hope, that it will be interesting to read about me more. Really? I would be grateful to you if you will write to me in yours Following email about your enthusiasm, about your hobbies, you prefer What music? What cinema and another also? That your liked color Also??? My liked color, is green, it calms so much. I thank you Beforehand for gifts to me, but I should speak you, that you should Do not send me something! Well, let me to finish mine the message. By the way, my parents, my sister and my friends ask, that I have again said You the big congratulations from them! It - as is usual. I shall wait For yours after emails! Dave, please, write to me as soon as Possible! Well? Good-bye, sm.. You it are fast. Irina. P.S. I put to you one of liked my pictures, on her my girlfriend Inna, and also my tender cat Markiza is represented, I like animals, they deserve our care and heat. I sincerely hope, that you
grow fond of this picture.
Letter 5
Greetings David! WOW! I very much hoped to receive from you the letter back, and now I have yours the letter! It is probable, if you have assumed, it is Irina:) I am very pleased to receive your answer, David! How are you doing? Well! I hope, what my e-mail was so the big surprise for you also, realy? I should tell to you, that I at all do not know from what to begin my letter. I so want to tell to you about me very much, but I do not know because what to begin. A question - that I never wrote to the person from other country. Probably, I should write about me directly more and also to ask to you some questions! Well, David, let me to tell to you about me more. As I have told, that you earlier, me of 29 years, I - "Taurus" on the Zodiac, I have been given birth on April, 26 1975:) And when you have been given birth? I should tell, that I to take the big interest an astrology a little. The astrology sometimes Speaks many correct things about the person. For this reason I shall have an opportunity to know about your character which it is a little. I - the White Russian ******* a nationality. On religion, I am a Christian, and I believe in God Jesus. I have been never married, and I have no any children, I am a unique girl. I am sensitive, kind, thoughtful and is easily surprised. On opinion concerning my close friends and relatives, I - a kind, cheerful, clever and intellectual, purposeful, sociable. About my City where I live?:) Yes, I should speak you about mine City. A question - that the historical origin of the person also can give the information on me. You agree? I would like to tell to you, that I live in the City of Tver here in Russia. Tver is located approximately 800 kilometers from our Russian City of Moscow. Time zone Tver - GMT+4. Our City of Tver - one of beautiful cities of Russia, I love my remarkable City very much. There are many beautiful streets, squares and other sights in our city. Also I want to inform you, that our city is known on all to the country for magnificent ballet! You observed ever ballet? When I have visited theatre of dramatic art in city, I very closely looked at ballet and it very much to similar me! Here in our area we have a temperate climate. It is warm enough in the summer and not so coldly in the winter. Our basis distinguish with the property of abundance. It - very good basis to lift a fruit and vegetables. We have here many gardens. I should notice to you, that about the person, probably to study the information many Knowledge a place where the person lives. We have rather good culture in our city. We are in the south of Russia. Want to notice, that our derivative numbers of a climate strong and Healthy people!!! I from the childhood eat many fruits and therefore I also can keep to the healthy and strong woman! I want to create strong family and therefore I the big value to give mine health. I want to ask you also about your weather. It for a cold or is warm? Most of all I want to tell to you, that my favourite season - summer! I like, when the sun shines in streets, it - is a lot of voices of birds, it - is romantic so. And you love summer?:) Also I would like to tell to you about my formation. I studied in the Tver Medical institute. I have finished institute in 1996. Also I want to tell to you, that I have learned the English Language when I studied in institute, I can speak English without any problems, I think so. But I can see, what I do many spelling mistakes, I think so, I hope, what you can, understand my English language without any problems? Really, David? Please, tell to me about it in your following e-mails, well? Also I would like to tell to you, that after the termination of institute, I have received the diploma of a speciality " Medical preventive maintenance ". Now I work as the nurse in our medical center "Gera", here in our city. Also I want to tell to you, that I have access to the Internet a computer which is located in a cabinet of our head physician. Because I have no computer in my house, and I have asked the sanction our doctor, for my use of the Internet, and it allowed to use to me a computer at leisure from my work. David, for certain it is very interesting for knowing to you about how I have found you on the Internet. I earlier also did not represent, which Internet should give, so it - is a lot of opportunities to people. I was included in agency familiar in our city, and lady has asked to fill in questionnaire. I was filled in my data. I have written to you the letter, and also I have sent the letter to two more men. I am not sure, that those other men received from me the letter. A question - that I did not receive back from them. Well it now is not important, my structure has been removed from the list. I now should tell to you, that I want search on the Internet. I should tell, that I want to find my love, and to build attitudes. Yes, it, probably, will look silly. Between us, speaking, we have the big distances from each other, and hardly when or we shall have a meeting, but there is a hope for the best, and it is necessary to have this hope always in the heart. But I Shall try anyway to find my love because I believe, that in this world there is a happiness for each person. How you think of it David? I shall find necessarily my happiness. I also want to ask you, What you understand as happiness? Right now I shall speak you, that I understand as happiness. I should tell, that everyone is happy in this world in own way. For me to be happy Means, that I exist in this world. I think, which I want, which me loved. I want, which me respected and estimated. In general I see happiness, that my life will be It, is with sense. I should find, that my love creates my family. You agree with me. In this world which we should leave after ourselves independently good memoirs. It is very difficult for one to find the happiness. When two persons the friend it is similar to the friend, It already does happy people. Love - very good feeling and so sacred! You agree with me? I want to find, that my love creates family and the worthy Life lives. THEN I SHALL be HAPPY!!! You think just as I? Also I do not want to disappear to you, that I had before serious attitudes with the person. It were long attitudes, and I think, that I very much loved it. My last attitudes arrived to the end awfully. Mine The former person betraid my love, and betraid my feelings. I do not know, that you have checked up Similar feelings. It was very firm. Treachery one of the Most awful things for our heart......., which I know, that men from the USA, they are men of a word. Whether not so? For this reason I any more have no any desire to concern with the Russian men. I want to speak you now that you really are in earnest to me. I really hope to find my love. I very much would like, That between us already from the first letters there was a understanding and trust to each other. Speak me only, the truth and between us there will be warm attitudes! Wowww, I have written so! I did not think, that I can to write about me directly so, really. Probably, I finish my e-mail to you. David, I shall be, is grateful so if you will write to me about you directly how I have made it. I would like, if you will tell to me, for example, about your family, whether really your family is big? About your city where - you residing, I never was in other countries and in the USA also, and I shall be pleased to know about your country. Well, let me to finish my e-mail, I hope to see your answer soon! I put my photo, I hope, that you will find my photo good. Well, good bye, David, hoping to see your message it is fast! Care, Sincerely, your new Russian friend, Irina.
Letter 6
Greetings my friend David! It really very good day today. I had the big day On work! I am a little tired now. I am pleased so, to receive your answer again! David, I liked to look your photo, please send me more than your photos!!! It is very interesting to me to read your messages, from them we learn more about us directly, and I start, know more about you, David. My last letter contained a lot of information concerning me directly. I shall hope, that you have understood, to which majority of a part I have written to you in last letter. It is very important for us, that we could understand each other. We occur from two various cultures, but anyway we should to study to understand each other. Understanding - a pledge of dialogue! I want to tell to you, that I am usual, I can easy find common language with people. I always to try, that concerns with understanding to all things. A complex of a life and all people, also various. Very important in dialogue with each person to show respect and attention. The my dear friend, certainly, can whether to be you, want, learn about our correspondence, about essence of the correspondence also, really? David, maybe, it is possible, we shall be together during future time, I would like to look a marriage also if you will want it, I do not want to hide it so the important fact, but we should to study more than things about each other more and more, it will be reasonable and correct, valid, David? I hope, that you agree with me with this fact also. Please, tell to me about it, well. But in my opinion, again and again, we should learn about the friend the friend more and more, I repeat it! Please, agree with me, David! My most dear friend, I would like to tell to you about my family. I should you speak about my family anyway. The family defines the status of the person in a society. On essence the person is a social particle and for this reason the family can Anyway to influence formation of the person. I want to tell to you, that I have the big family also. It - my mum Sveta, mine daddy Valentin also. Also I have one sisters. She Veronika - 21 year. On trades my mum - the seller in shop, and mine the daddy - the engineer at factory. My sister Veronika - the student of university, she studies on the financier. Our family lives without any conflicts also, we have good understanding between members of our family. As, I think, that our parents educated us good formation. I think, that it is so good, and I am so proud, that we have my mum and mine the daddy. Also I want to tell to you, that I live with my family in one apartment. We have our apartment from 3 rooms. It - a usual standard Apartment. Here only some people in Russia presume to have to themselves the big house. I am pleased, that we live in the world. From the earliest childhood my parents gave us only worthy education. My people of fair of parents and they deserve respect. Also I have very good and kind ancestors. My grandmother on the part of mum and me the grandmother with the grandfather, now very much old also demands care. The old age is necessary for respect. It also one of principles of my life. I am confident, it also loves grandmothers and grandfathers. In our life the grandmother and the grandfather always to communicate as the kindest people in the world. I love my grandmother and the grandfather! Also I want to tell, that I consulted to my parents about the account with my familiar with you through the Internet, they have estimated it as positively because they care of my future life certainly. My parents would like it, I have a happy life, and would like it, I shall find mine the man. As I have told to you earlier, I have been never married, I the lonely woman my parents, already elderly and they are poorly familiar with the Internet. I also am poorly familiar with the Internet. But I shall hope, that, anyway, in my life I meet the good person. My mum worries about me. She knows, that my last years were not successful, and now speaks me, that I was more cautious in a choice of the person for creation of family. Love, love, love. Sometimes the love does with us such strange things! I think, which the existing love develops from several components. This understanding, trust, physical propensity and some other very important feelings. You agree with me? I very much am interested to learn about your work, David, and what you do free from an operating time? During our weekends, in my free time, we - with my girlfriends, leave on walk to city, we visit theatre of an opera in our city, and also cheerfully we spend time. I love my girlfriends very much, is especial my best girlfriend Inna. She - as the native sister for me! How I want to tell to you that Inna works in registry in our medical center. I want to teach you of some Russian! You are ready to this? First you should know words about a greeting! So:
- Greetings = "PRIVET" or "ZDRAVSTVUI"
So we speak words about a greeting! YOU understand? It should be a little difficult. - Have good day = " IMEITE HOROHSII the DEN ' " If it will be interesting to you, I shall inform to you still! Whether should also it is very interesting to me know, what your work allows to travel to you in other countries? You have a vacation? I should tell, that I never travelled to other countries earlier. I have desire sometime to visit Europe! I want to visit France, Germany, Poland and other countries! I want to go to Egypt and to observe Beautiful places our planet. Probably in the future when I shall have family all of us, the family should go and take travel on Europe! Well, David, I should to finish my e-mail to you, I hope, that we shall continue to correspond with each other, and you will tell to me much more about you directly, without a designation of date I shall try to tell about me directly so as far as possible in future e-mails. I want to ask you about a lot of things, David, and I hope, that you will understand my questions and will answer me for them. Iwant to study it is more about your country, please, speak me about your family, about your friends. Greetings to you from my family, my girlfriends Inna. I hope to see your message soon. While...GOD BLESS YOU, YOUR RUSSIAN FRIEND Irina.
Letter 7
Congratulations my dear David!!! I am pleased, to receive your letter. How you do? How you have day of carrying out? I hope, that you have the big day. Your remarkable letters bring to me great pleasure and happiness. Every day I with impatience wait, when I can see your letter, perfect David. I did not think earlier, that I shall get used to your letters so soon. Now I feel, that they are necessary for me as air. David, in your letters I have found something unusual and attractive to me. And I never accepted, which I can say about me directly so interestingly and directly also. David, in my opinion, we know, about each other already it - is a plenty from from, but with each your new letter, I continue to admire and surprised with you.
From your messages I have understood, to which you promote, the clever, sincere, decent, very interesting and inquisitive person. It very much to similar me! David, I want to ask to you the most important question, I think, it will be fair, for my part. You have, or you write letters to other woman??? It is so important for me mine David, I hope, that you will understand me, and I do not do, I want it, you write with other women. I want to say to you, that I do, do not write with any other men, if not you mine David. I do not want other person, any if not you because during that time which we inform with you, I very much became enclosed to you! But it - is more from everything, I, do not want that any other woman, do will try to steal you from me David!!! I speak you about it very seriously mine David! It so will regret for me if you have or write with other woman my dear, and deceive me in our attitudes, please, say, that me, David, you write with other women? We should trust to each other to this, it is well mine, liked? David when I read your letters, I feel happy also. I feel, which our attitudes it - is more, than friendship!??? You feel the same??? As I cannot without your letters now. I constantly think of you. By the way, my parents ask about you all time. My dear, David, I want to be fair with you. Though I not lonely, surround me people, close me, but I have not insufficiently which that person I try to find in you. You became closer from the moment of our acquaintance. I have great pleasure under your letters.
I have feeling, that we are familiar with you long time. Easily enter contact for me with you, I can write to you about everything, that I think. I however did not meet such person in a life with whom could speak about my life. Let from the moment of our acquaintance which the past however is a lot of time, but you became for me the important person in my life. I have for you feelings about which I am afraid to speak, I am afraid, it, that is it, can frighten off you. I am afraid to use this LOVE to a word, only to understand me correctly. The perfect justification, that I up to the end cannot write all to you, but tomorrow I should try to explain all to you. Well, I cannot continue the letter. I should go to work. I shall necessarily write to you tomorrow. As tomorrow I shall wait for your letter when I shall arrive for job. Sincerely, yours Irina.
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