Scam Letter(s) from Tatyana Savrasova to Hector (USA)

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Letter 1

Hello my name is Nadezhda, me 28 years, I was born and live in Russia city Nizhniy Novgorod.
I work as the seller by the adviser of home appliances. My growth of 167 centimeters, my weight of 56 kg. I was never married also I have no any children. I have no any harmful habits, I do not drink, I do not smoke and do not accept drugs. I very much would want to find the man which will be my second half, I want to feel like always desired and liked, it shall seems to me that there is such a man for which I unique. You have very much interested me also to me it would be desirable to learn you could have any future better because I have seen in you the man probably with which we, but I think that time will show. If you to see in me the girl which to you is interesting, I am ready to continue with you dialogue, you could ask me all that to you interestingly, I am ready to answer any your question fairly and frankly. If we shall continue our attitudes I would like to call you for honesty and sincerity. I would like to take an interest at you some questions which very much interest me. I very much would like that you have answered to me. It will be interesting with you to communicate. With impatience I wait for your answer. Yours faithfully Nadezhda. my e-mail:

Letter 2

Hello! I am very glad that you have answered my letter. I want that you to me have told about yourselves maximal. Certainly some questions I shall set to you. Also I shall try to tell about myself maximal. My birthday July, 21, this year to me executed 28 years. I work as the seller by the adviser of home appliances. I very much like my job. I am involved with dialogue with the people. I the very cheerful and sociable girl. I would like you to ask what attitudes you search on sites of acquaintances? Why you have decided to find the companion of life through the Internet? After these lines it is interesting to me to learn from you about your job. It is a very interesting theme for me and I want that you have told to me about the trade and place of job maximal. Where you work now? To you to like to work? What is the time you work? I like to work, there is no meaning what there will be a job. Simply it is pleasant very much to me when my hands are engaged in any business. I very much like a nature. The love to a nature covers me. Someone finds happiness in music, someone in friends but I like the nature. I am fond of listening to the silence and rustles of forest, of gentle murmur of a brook, of falling foliage, of autumn raining. Somebody will name me sentimental or romantic but I am myself. My friend you the romantic man? Whether I want to learn you like a nature? Woods, mountain, sea, cloud all this riches of our planet. Still I want to learn what reason that you search for the companion of life on sites of acquaintances? It is very important for both of us further. What should be that man on which you stop the choice? We should be sure that each of us has found that he searched. What qualities should have the girl, which can you involve? I like making people smiling and laughing, having a good time with my friends,
listening to classical music and cooking. Also I like decorating everything: i make new covers for the old books, different bookmarks and picture-cards. I am fond of changing the style of my room. I mean moving the furniture, exchanging counterpanes, curtains and cushions? Love does not consist in gazing at each other but in looking outward in the same direction I believe that the real love must be based at some common interests, at the warm-heartedness, it must begin from the friendship and confidence. Do you like to look at the sunset? What do you think about then? You know, here in in Russia sometimes one can see the sunset colored red.
Me it very much to like. What do you think of this? I hope that to you pleasantly to receive from me the letter and I think that we with you will have very good attitudes. I shall try to send you the photos and I would like that you have sent me your photos too. On it I shall finish the letter. I shall wait for your fast answer. Your Nadezhda.

Letter 3

Hi my friend. I am very glad to read your letter. How are you doing?
In this letter I want to tell about myself. I have girlfriend Olga I with her is familiar from that time when we were small. I with her studied at school from the first class. I write you from her because at me the house no the computer and telephone. I live with my mum in an one-room apartment. When I was small mine the daddy has left from us and since then I him any more did not see. In this letter I want to ask you, as you treat to the women. With what you gentle, tender or strict? How you treat that some men can beat the woman? I want to you to set this question, because he me very much interests. I think, that the man should be courageous and should support difficult minute. The woman a weak floor also requires protection. My friend I ask you to answer, what you think of it? I'm looking for someone who is honest and loyal to people he cares about, someone who will treat me with respect and wants to get to know me well, beyond superficial qualities. I believe the "friendship" part of a relationship is more important than anything else and is too often ignored or overlooked for more visible things. The family is so important for me, I also admire with the people, who persistently works and care about each other. Once from one of my friends I heard, that abroad mature people communicate with the parents a little. In what attitudes you with the parents. It is very important for me, because for me the parents are the most expensive people on ground. You live together with your parents? If no, as far from them you live and whether often you with them meet. I would like more to learn about them. I want to learn a little about that place where you live. Our city not big but also not small. You live in the large or small city. Tell to me about the city and about his sights. In our city there are no special sights, but at us it is very beautiful. The city is not so rich, but very beautiful we have a remarkable nature. In my city has arranged more than 6 lakes. In us it - there are a lot of factories and factories, but basically they do not work or steel obsolete. The main riches of our city are wood. We have a lot of woods. I live at the centre of my city. Near my house I am a lot of parks in which often I like to go for a walk. The inhabitants of our city very kind, at us very lovely and quiet city. In what part of city you live? It is very interesting to me. Me as the attitude of the people in your city to each other interests. The people in your city are benevolent or are aggressive.
How they concern to the foreigners? I think that on it I shall finish the letter and to wait for your fast answer.

Letter 4

Hi my dear friend! How your mood? I thank you for the remarkable letter which you have written to me. Also ask all which you would like to study concerning me. In this letter I want to ask you about children. Because children are most mean in life of each woman. I have huge quantity of questions to you on this theme and I shall try to set them all. You have children? Answer to me please on this question. For me it is very important. I very much like children, but I have no while. I very much would like to be the mother. Many from my girlfriends send in marriage and are happy in a marriage. I too want will find that unique man which with me always. Still I want to learn you the sociable man? If to speak about me I I am very sociable I like to learn new and to spend time with the interesting people. How you spend free time? What you do (make) in free time of a house? I for example like cleanliness and an each free minute I try to lead harvest on the house or prepares meal. I very much like to prepare and often I do it in free time. To me you are interesting to learn like to spend time in the company of the friends? I very like my friends and very much often I be with them. It is interesting how each your day begins? I like in the morning to make physical exercises. I do physical exercises to be a constant in good the physical form. I very much like sports and constantly in it I am engaged. I like run and often I go in a training hall. It is very useful also healthy image of life me attracts. As I like to look the sports programs on the TV. It happens at times very fascinatingly. And you like sports? If yes that what its kind.? From childhood I like to look art gymnastics. It is a very beautiful kind of sports. It would be interesting to find out, you like animals? Whether at is at you home animals? I have cat and I very much like her. I would like you to ask as you concern to religion? You believe in the God? I believe in the God sometimes I go in church. I would like that you set to me more question that we could find out each other better. I shall wait for yours a uestion. On it I shall finish the letter to you. I think that it was pleasant to you to read.
I shall look forward to hearing from you. Your Nadezhda

Letter 5

Hi the perfect friend! With me very much admired, when has received your letter. Who it in other country, for thousand The kilometers think of me! When I receive your letter with each time I ever more I understand, that you which that man I searched. I like when the people tell about themselves, it is very fascinating to listen to it when the man tells about itself. The interlocutor can a lot of new learn about the story-teller when that describes itself. It is interesting to learn what qualities of the man like him. I want to ask you what qualities of your character to you like. It is interesting, as you will characterize yourselves. For example y: kind, sociable, hardworking, economic, attractive. Examples that with what you and I want to hear from you. Believe me it very interestingly for me. I want to you to set as far as not of modest questions but I think if we want to find out each other better that to us it is necessary to know all.
Tell to me please how you live? There came to me please photos of your house and your rooms. On how much you are supplied? You tell to somebody from the relatives or familiar what we with you get acquainted? And how they to this concern? All my close people know about us with you. And I constantly tell by him about you. My mum is glad to that I have found such man as you. We with you have a lot of general and it involves me. You are very interesting to me. With you is about what to talk and I am read by your letters. It is very important when the people find general language. Many from mine familiar is boring also conversation with them is monotonous. I realize about that how long I ever more you searched and suddenly has found. You are not as it pleasantly. In depth of soul before me constantly there is your image. At these moments I do not present, that to me occurs. I never tested such. I very much need in such to the man as you. I want that at me would be the man which me I protected also to which could trust difficult minute. I think that you that man which I searched. How you look at it? I shall wait for your perfect letter. Send to me please your photos.

Letter 6

Hello my gentle! I am very pleased to receive news from you. I am very pleased, which you continue to write to me, because I am able to do without not, want it, our attitudes have stopped. With each letter I understand, in which I very much need in you. As Your mood, how your health? Still is one reason on which I have decided to meet the foreign person. The majority of people in Russia at existing use a plenty of alcohol, it Very awfully influences them. They became aggressive and ill-intentioned. The set of women in Russia longs for this reason. I suffer I can forgive all but only not lie and change.
To me would like, that in our attitudes there was only a truth. I vouch to you, that from my party there will be be trust and mutual understanding. Now I have met, with you and I am very pleased to our acquaintance. You of which I dreamed. You my ideal! I think that in us with you everyone will be good. Last night I thought of one question.
How you represent our first meeting? Personally for me this moment will be very significant in my life. Because I in first shall see you.
The man which has fascinated me. Also has kindled ice in my heart.
Your actions, gestures, emotion and many other things are interesting to me. Certainly I understand what to describe it difficultly and then you likely can not to me say, that will occur to you this minute. But I ask you to try though for one minute and to present this moment. I think at me at once there will be many questions to you which I can not ask you now. I would like that we with you sat in restaurant at candles. And then send to go for a walk on a coast under the moon or would send to go for a walk in park or on a nature. I want to make you happy that we were in love. I shall wait your romantic dream. Your Nadezhda

Letter 7

Hello my lovely! At the job I work four years. With me two work mine the best girlfriends. I thank you for your letter. Basically I the very romantic girl and always would be desirable to me that that especial. Agree with me, you see in our life there is no romanticism.
For often in the problems and work the people forget about what that by the friend warm and light. Know, at me the dream has appeared, I would like to live where be in a silent and beautiful place on a coast of the sea or lake. To rise each morning with favourite by the man and to hear singing birds, to feel an easy touch of a wind, to hear noise of water. Each day off to go together on walk on a coast, having undertaken for hands to observe of waves, it is a little to play, I shall escape and you should catch up me to embrace and to kiss. Then to go to bathe, I would like to engage love in water either under under water or on a beach. You want it with me? Behind that to go home, I shall prepare intimate supper for us. We shall sit at candles at a table, we shall be is what or exotic dish, to drink easy wine.
Having embraced to sit and to observe as there leaves the sun and then at the moon and stars to speak about love and to love each other till morning. But it only dreams, yes are dreams connected only with you my tender prince, because I think that I love you. Please forgive me, if that seems to you trite in this letter, I simply express to you the most gentle feelings. I want to be with you for ever! On my sight you for that the man, which I searched. You at all do not represent, as I am happy, yes I am happy even so in dialogue with you. Each your letter I read with pleasure and I shall learn about you ever more. In each your word, in each line your perfect image, which always with me, in my heart opens. I very much miss and constantly I think of you and with each day I am even more often seted by a question, really so it happens to find the love, sense in life, so through the Internet. On the first sight it is strange and ridiculously. Also it is one of few examples, it you and I, only you and I and no anybody in this mad world more. For us there is only this small world, world of love and fidelity. But he is very fragile and is unstable. We know a little about each other. Only our meeting and some time together can up to the end understand to us, that we are very necessary to each other. I dream of our meeting, as we shall undertake hands, we shall see in to each other in eyes and we shall kiss each other. With you I would feel protected and really only with you I shall be happy. I ask you, make a first step. Can you yet are sure in the feelings to me. Please do not doubt of me. I am honour before you and everything, that I have I all give to you. Sometimes words have no meaning, but not in this case. I simply like you and I want to be with you! With impatience I shall wait from you of the speed letter, yours is strong whole, forever.

Letter 8

Hello my liked. Each letter, which I write to you, I try, that it pleased you. My prince, each your letter is impregnated with your tenderness and care to me. Large to you thanks for your sensual letters. At present practically each my ideas are connected only with you. I constantly think of you. You my angel, and my love on all life. When I go on job I think of you, when I lie down to sleep I think of you. You dream of all my life. I madly like you. Today at night has dreamed me. Me dreamed, that we with you went for a walk on park, which was located near to the large house. We went with you on long avenue of park. We with you went and much talked and laughed. It was very good together. When we came to the end of avenue, you have begun me to embrace and to kiss. You do not represent, as it was perfect.
Your scarlet lips concerned my lips. Your gentle hands ironed my neck and breast. It was excellent! On it my dream was finished. When I have woken up, I am very good myself felt, but me became a little sad, because it was only dream. I very much would like, that this dream has come true. This dream remain in memory on all my life. I madly like you! You mine unique liked the man, about which I dreamed all life. It was very pleasant to me to write in this letter on my dream. Naturally it is mine only dreams, but as it would be desirable, that these dreams necessarily have come true. Please, understand correctly my passion to you. I very strongly like you. You my unique love! I do not want to hide from you anything, I trust you and consequently to me very important, that also you trusted me. It seems, what is it love letter remain in your memory, up to ours to first with you of meeting.
Our meeting with you necessarily is held. With impatience I shall wait from you of the speed letter. Strong whole, with love and caress for ever your Nadezhda

Letter 9

Hello my dear! Mine is very a pity you to me by a road. If me have asked, in what I believe more: in friendship or in love I would choose first. The love in this respect where is more legible. Secondly, present, the friendship, checked up by years, is durable, and it, perhaps, main. To marry and to marry on love it is possible indefinitely, and friendship carry by through all life. The man and woman first of all should be the good comrades. To leave each girl in marriage dreams. That will be after marriage, nobody thinks. At all in a head one love. We have a lot of girl marrying on large and pure love. Well also what? Now they bring up children one, and accept the life as a nightmare. Likely everyone want to have family, but rest and satisfaction she brings to units. And little carries, they live with confidence in Tomorrowed day, as it would be desirable to be among them! Sometimes I present us together. As it is good that I have met you, you the man of my dream. Really such happens? I like by hours to sit and to look at your photo. I do not want to marry here, though I love the country. First to me the husband is necessary which can ensure family. I do not want to receive flowers only two times per one year I would like to visit training hall, pool, whether a solarium and to not think money will suffice me. Problems with money, quarrels, misunderstanding at once will begin. And tell, you represented me by the mother of our future children? I do not want another. Yours Nadezhda

Letter 10

Hello my dear Campos! I to not want here to marry because I do not find to itself the man such perfect as you. A thank for your letter which you have written to me. The woman should be well-groomed irrespective of there is at not money whether or not. It is simple.
When at me there is superfluous money I certainly buy to myself any stylish thing and so basically I prefer classics. But if there is no opportunity to buy liked breatheing I shall try to sew it itself from any old material or I can alter for example from one skirt sew another. To live I specially did not study only per school days, but sometimes I have such mood orinspiration, and at me well it turns out.
At least it is pleasant to me. I was better itself I shall be tormented all night, than I shall order I to somebody to sew to me clothes. I adore beautifully to put on! I love to look after myself. I like to go in for sports, and style sports is close to me. Especially in the summer if it is very hot and it would be desirable to dress something simpled. Only in footwear I do not aspire to simplicity. I like footwear on a high heel, on heels but to me always can allow it to itself. More truly, for example, if I buy to myself winter boots very ccurately I try to carry them that has sufficed even on four seasons, naturally I choose classical model because as I think, the classics never will leave from a style, it is always modern. I want to be the present woman. You see women are not born, them become. I studied to fascinate, surprise, disturb, puzzle, vary, to put it briefly I studied to be the hundred-per-cent woman. At the woman it is a lot of opportunity. She can be the good girlfriend, the mistress,
mother, the wife. I always like to look at wedding processes.
Especially in days off. Grooms in expensive suits, brides in magnificent snow-white dresses. Passionate kisses and embraces oathes about eternal love. The noisy companies drinking champagne flowers and loud music from which I would like to cry. To admit fairly, at such moments I envy another's happiness though envy as is known not best of feelings.

Letter 11

Hi my dear Campos! Yes that you speak about weddings it correctly they at us and pass. And ridiculous competitions they think out. Your letters kindle in me a fire and I was unable to extinguish it! I all time present our meeting and each time on any a place, because of it I all day fly somewhere in clouds! My girlfriends speak, that I look happy and ask the reason of it crazy happiness. I speak, that this reason you!!!! You my happiness! At me ideas are confused and I do not know what to write. But it would be desirable to tell so much!!! The meeting with you is necessary! I think, that our relations will have the good future! I do not know as to organize a meeting! Write even approximately when we may meet. Also what you think of it? Existing difficulty is a distance between us. And we should overcome this difficulty as soon as possible! For now we should strengthen our relations!

Letter 12

Hi mine liked Campos!!! I am very glad that you have written to me mine liked. It is not very a pity that you can arrive to me now. And it is not very a pity that I can to you arrive as I have no so much money that to you to arrive. At me now only one dream to meet you my prince. And this dream can not be executed yet. It is very a pity.
Yours Nadya...



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