Scam letter(s) from Maria Evgenyevna Epina to Jass (USA)

Letter 1
Hi :)
To begin with, I want to say that I was very glad to see your letter. Thank you. I saw your letter today and now I write to you right away the answer. If you want to stay in touch with me, I, of course, do not mind and even happy. I always liked to get acquainted with new people.
So, does that mean your name is Jassie ? Very beautiful name. I like :)
I'm not very good at dating through letters and honestly admit that I just do not know what to write to you.
I write about myself, but what to write? What would you like to know about me? Well, as you already know, my name is Ekaterina. I'm 29 years old.
I live in Australia, the city of Melbourne. By the way, in two weeks I will turn 30 years old. My date of birth: 10 January, 1988.
I'm not married, there are no children and at the moment I'm not even in a relationship. Generally speaking, I am a single woman who is still looking for the second half.
I love sports, I love cooking, of course, I love my job. Almost the whole time I work and probably so I'm still not married.
If you are interested in learning about my work, I will write to you about this in the next letter.
My favorite color is red (like a bright color). My favorite season of the year is, of course, summer. I love beaches, I love the sea and the bright sun.
I like to travel and in my 29 years, I toured almost all of Europe, I was in Paris, London, Riga, Berlin, Washington and many other cities.
I travel almost every 2 months and basically work.
I love pets. But unfortunately, now I can not afford to have pets, because I'm always at work.
Now I do not know what else to write, I think that for my first letter is enough. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask them.
I will wait for your reply letter. Ekaterina.
from Melbourne. PS I will hope that you liked my photo and you will send me your photos in return, I will be very glad to see them.
Letter 2
Hello, do you remember me? We communicate with you. Excuse me please that I do not write to you. I stay in the hospital for a very long time, now my health is better, I start to work.
Before going to the hospital, I had a headache for about a month, then I could not stand it and call an ambulance. I had a brain tumor, I needed an urgent operation, and I did not have the opportunity to write to you.
Now my health is good, doctors say that the operation was successful. I want to continue to communicate with you, if you do not mind.
I tomorrow write a great message about myself. I ask you, write to me,
from Melbourne.
Letter 3
Hello, sorry for the long silence. My condition has improved, and I'm glad that you write to me that you do not forget me)
Briefly tell about myself, my name is Ekaterina I'm 29 years old. I live in Australia, the city of Melbourne.) I have a lot of time to devote my work, and as it turned out in my 29 years I have absolutely no girlfriends.
I really love my job, but I'm very tired of working, I want to open my own business, I have accumulated enough money already
I want to work a month and open my own business, I think I will succeed) I want to open my own business of flowers, I really like to mess with them, to grow them, I want to do my favorite thing)
I'm a lonely girl, I have no one, I do not have children, I'm looking for my soul mate, send me your photo, I will nice to look at you, I'll send you three photos at once, I will be interested to know your opinion of me!))
I spend a lot of time for myself, go in for sports in the morning, and try to keep a diet)
I live in the city of Melbourne. Yes, it is now my city, but I must to admit to you that I was born here and not even in Australia. By nationality, I'm Latvian and born in Latvia. My parents and I used to live in Ajzkraukle. It is a very beautiful and quite large city.
Approximately 2 years ago my parents died and I was left completely alone. I have no brother, no sister, and even my uncle died last year. In general, I am now completely alone and I do not even have any relatives.
After the death of my parents, I lived for another year and a half alone in my hometown of Ajzkraukle and then I no longer had forces to live there. The constant memories of my parents torment me and so I decided to move. First I of course I did not know where to go, but then one day I found an ad on the Internet about working in the Australia. Of course, I immediately decided to call there and I had a chance to start a new life. I immediately moved to Australia and now now a year I live in Melbourne. At first it was very hard here. I have not there were no apartments, no familiar people, but I worked a lot and gradually found my place here. Now I live in own apartment on the street Cremorne and now I have a new life. This is my story. With one The parties are very sad because of the death of my parents, but on the other hand it was the death of my parents that made me adult. Of course I really miss them. I miss them every day and I always keep their photos with me. But how I would not try, life is not eternal. People always die and we just need to believe that people close to us now in a better world. Personally, I try to believe in it and it makes me feel much better.
Well, I feel that I already write to you about something else. Excuse me. Did not want to raise a sad topic, this is self Somehow it turned out. I would like to write to you about my work and therefore I will probably continue my letter with a story about their work. So, I work as a sales representative.
I'm a free sales representative who only works on orders. I participate in auctions, in the auction and represent the products of companies that hire me to sell their goods. Mostly I'm hired small companies that do not have their own sales representatives, but sometimes large companies also seek help.
For example, 2 months ago, SUKOTEC GmbH & Co. called me. KG. This company is located in Germany and they fairly developed. This company is engaged in the device, repair and sale of various kinds of equipment. (telephone, TV, computer, accessories, etc.). Basically, I participate in auctions and conclude contracts with customers for the sale of goods.
I'm a free sales representative and my salary depends on the number of contracts that I make in a month.
Of course this is a difficult job, but I like it. On my work I travel a lot around Australia, as much traveled to Europe and probably I was not yet only in Asia. I do not know why, but no one has hired me for work in Asia. Maybe it would not be culturally on my side, but I would like to report my salary.
It's interesting for you, is not it? My wages are a piece-rate and I get an average of 8,000 dollars a month. I'm curious, you get more than me? You can not answer this question if it is not convenient for you to share it.
In occasion of a telephone conversation or chat with you. I know that you would like to speak with me on the phone now or want to would chat with me, but unfortunately I now have to deny you all this. Please forgive me, but I think,
that for us now it would be better to get to know each other through letters. At least the first weeks, then I promise to write you my cell phone number and even I will agree to chat with you in yahoo messenger, if you wish. I ask you to understand me.
Firstly, it would not be culturally to give a telephone number to a stranger, and secondly, I now want to know you only through letters.
I think that through letters you can get to know a person much better and even you can understand his inner world. That's why I want now to communicate with you only through letters. I hope you understand me and will not be angry with me.
So, I'll stop now. My break from work has passed and I need to work now. I can only wait for your answer and I I will hope that you will answer me soon.
And so, I want to tell you that I will soon have a trip to your country for work, to tell me today at work. We can meet with you? I'd like to see you alive.
I do not when not to communicate on the Internet, but I'm glad that you write to me and do not forget me.
I write a very large message, and I think that we will now communicate with you more.
Please do not make me wait with your answer and write to me soon. With big I'm waiting for your next reply.
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