Scam Letter(s) from Anastasia Dolgan to Austin (USA)

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Letter 1

Hello my love Jack. You just can’t imagine how much i missed you and all this time i didn’t know what was happening to you. Unfortunately, until today, i could not check my mail at all due to problems with my email. Honey, i don’t know if you wrote me letters, maybe you don’t remember me. But due to problems with my email, i did not see the letter from you. My angel, i am still in Kaliningrad and struggle with my problem. I no longer have the strength to stay here and none of my friends can help me to return home to Ljubljana. I have only hope for you and i beg of you, if i care for you with 570 euros. I promise that i will return this money to you as soon as i get home and you can be 100 sure about this. Due to the failure of my email, i have no saved emails and your details. I only have your email on a piece of paper, which i saved to contact you. Perhaps you can send me your phone number and i can call you to explain my whole difficult situation by phone. I think every minute only about you and never forget about you. I really miss. Jack, if you still love me and want us to continue our communication, i ask you to answer me. I look forward to your reply with great impatience. Your love Stesy

Letter 2

Jack my sweet, i'm sorry, but i could not be online at night, the same problem with connecting to the internet. It is now June 30 and at 2:40 am early morning. I connected to the internet with great difficulty to tell you the terrible news. Oh my god, i had a grief today. And now when i write you this message i am crying at the same time.
Dear, literally half an hour ago, i received a call to my home phone. I picked up the phone and heard an unfamiliar female voice. At first i could not understand who it is. She spoke english, but her english was very bad and therefore i could not make out who was calling. But then in her conversation i heard the name Zhanna. And i immediately remembered my cousin Zhanna, who lives in Gdansk in Poland. But i remember her voice and it was not her voice. I asked her who is this? In response, she told me that she was a nurse from a Polish hospital in Gdansk. And she said that she was calling me because my cousin indicated my number as her only relative. Then i asked what happened? And this nurse told me that my cousin had a heart attack and that she died in hospital today.
Oh my god, i was shocked when i heard about it. And now i can not even describe my condition. It is so hard on my soul and lonely in my heart. And even there is no one nearby who could console me. If you were here now, i would be calmer with you. But you are not here and there is no one to console me, and because of this, it is doubly hard for me. Oh my god, she was my age. As a child, when she lived here in Ljubljana, we spent a lot of time together. We went to school together, then we went to university together. But then her parents divorced and went their separate ways. Her mother was from Gdansk. And after the divorce, Zhanna took the side of her mother and, after graduating from university, moved to Gdansk. Oh my god, i can't believe that she is dead. It's just some kind of horror that i don't want to believe. Jack i'm leaving for Gdansk today for my cousin's funeral, sorry. I just wanted to warn you not to lose me. Sorry, i can't write more. I am really very hard in my heart, so i can not continue to write. But i beg you, just do not forget me, ok? I will write to you when i get back. Or better call me. My number is +38670198703. This is my mobile number, but my mobile connection is not supported outside Slovenia. But whatsapp should work, so write me there. Well, i need to hurry to go to the railway station in order to catch the train to Gdansk. I beg you, just do not forget me. Hug you, your Stesy.



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