Letter(s) from Natalia Spichova to Yannis (Greece)

Letter 1

Hi my dear farewell friend Ioannis.

I was very pleased to get your message.

I do appreciate your taking a time and thanks for the lovely and warm words. It is my first letter, my first attempt to speak to you and I want to believe that this letter will help you a little bit to understand my personality.

My name is Nataly, I am 23 years old and live in Ukraine in Donetsk region in a small town Krasnoarmeysk.

I like my native town as so many kind-hearted people live here. I am blessed to have a wonderful family. I also have a sister, she is much younger than me, her name is Larisa and she is 20 years old. One year ago I have finished Donetsk National University and I have a diploma of a specialist. I work as an administrator in a large shop of cosmetics and perfumes. I am so proud of my job as it is wonderful to give people Beauty and bring smile on their faces. I am firmly sure that only Beauty, the outer and inner beauty of a person, can save the World and we should take great pains to develop the positive qualities inside us and bring joy and happiness to each other. Well about my English knowledge I should admit that not only I, but also my sister Larisa know English. During our studying, we both attended the courses of English language and there won't be a problem for me, my dear, to read your letters and to write mine to you. You may ask me, why such a beautiful and lovely girl is here on the net. You may not believe but it is my first attempt to find my future partner over the Internet. Who knows, maybe my happiness isn't here, I mean in Ukraine and I don't want to loose my chance to be happy and to find my real soul-mate Here. I have a lot of friends here in my native town, also men, but I haven't found yet that special one. I hope Internet will help to make my dream come true. I do hope you understand about how genuine I am and hopeful about meeting that special person who shares my hopes, dreams and ideals. This is my dream to find the man I am searching for, to become my best friend and husband, to help and love each other for all time. To travel together and share magical things. The thought of sharing all things in life with a special person makes even the most simple things feel wonderful, a walk in the park or on a beach, a romantic meal at a restaurant or at home with candles and good music. I too love to travel and would very much like to discover new cultures and sights with that special person. I will give to my partner, firstly, total devotion and faithfulness, he will never doubt my love because I would show it everyday, he would feel safe and secure, with someone who will be there for him 100%, he will be my priority in life, I am romantic and I like to surprise him with specials tokens of love to show Him he is special and means the world to me.

What I look for in a man is a warm caring heart, he must have a loving nature and see the good in people, of course he must be loyal and faithful and honest, I do like intelligent men with a strong mind and would always help him to fulfill any dreams he may have. I have a very good sense of humor and love laughter and to see a smile on a beautiful man's face is heaven. I would say my strongest traits are my kindness and sensitivity and honesty, and it is these things I value most in others also. I could never forgive unfaithfulness in my partner, it is the whole basis for a strong and happy relationship and without trust it is pointless and shallow.

So, my dear Friend, I hope it will be enough for the first time.

I will wait for your letter, my dear. I hope you won't make me wait with your response.

Your Natasha.

Letter 2

Hi my sweet Yanni.

Here it's me again. Thank you very much for your warm letter. I hope our communication will never be ended and with every letter we will become closer and closer.

So, as I see it is high time for me to tell you about my precious family and about every member of my family. I don't know even how to start, I can write pages and pages and pages about my father, my mother and my sister Larisa.

So, as you know Larisa is younger than me, she is only 20. When she was a little girl she wanted to be an actress, then her preferences changed and he decided to be a photo model. She even attend classes of modeling, but suddenly she dropped to attend her classes without any particular reason. This year she is going to finish Trade University in Donetsk and she wants to work as an office-manager in a big firm in Donetsk. I hope she will be successful in her beginnings. I love my sister very much, from my very childhood we are inseparable.

She is proud of me, she always says that she wants to be like me. My lovely sister. My parents have been living together for 24 years. They got acquainted while their studying in the Institute. They love each other very much. Their attitude to each other is a real example for me. I am proud that my parents can create a real atmosphere of love, tenderness and understanding. Their love is their main secret of happiness and harmony. It never loose it's value. Their love is an eternal flame, as real love stories never have an ending. My father always treats my mother like a precious gem and I hope that someday I will find that special one who will take care of me and our future children and love me like my father do. I may say that I am spoiled child, spoiled with attention of my parents and their care. My parents always buy us clothes and toys as we are their angels. I hope I will also find that best one, who will spoil me with flowers and little presents. I like to receive presents, but most of all I like to give small presents to my Friends and my parents.

So, I hope it will be enough for me and I am going to finish this letter.

Honey, I have some Questions for you:

What is the happiness for you?

How do you imagine your future wife?

What qualities in person you value more than others?

With the warmest thought about you.

Your Natasha.

P.S. I am eager to talk to you, I want to hear your voice - please call me at work.

I work from 10am till 5pm.

Here is the number +380979683360

Here is my postal address:

Dulyuk Natalia
Lenin street,12/46
Donezk region

Letter 3

Hello my dear Yannis!

I know I have kept silence, we have had so many holidays here... :-) My weekend was great, it is pleasantly warm here, lots of sun - not very hot, no rain... On Saturday i was transplanting my flowers which I grow in the pots at my room, was dirty from my head till my toes :-). Then in the evening I went to meet my friends. On Sunday they paid me their visit back - you know last Sunday we be celebrated our Orthodox Easter and I baked Easter cakes which we name as PASKHA. I am good in it as my mum say. My daddy brought a new oven and on Sunday I tried it for the first time - baked pies, so my friends came and enjoyed my baking! Do you imagine me in an apron with red cheeks and my nose in flour???


And what are you going to do this weekend?

As to me here there are a lot of holidays in May! We are celebrating Victory Day here this weekend. You know on the 8th of May my family and me will go to my granddad's grave - we will put flowers in his honor. He has died three years ago on the 9th of May - like a real soldier - on the Victory Day. He took part in struggling in the World War the Second...had many medals, he was a veteran. I loved him very much, now I am missing him. We all are missing him. As to your questions, I do believe in horoscopes but only in the best! I think we match to each other! I like to be active in this life. I like to spend my free time with my Friends. There isn't time for me to get bored. I am really fond of sports. I adore different outdoor activities. I am a very athletic kind of person. I like basketball, volleyball, football, hunting, swimming, horsing and billiard. I love watching TV, walking, shopping, I like to buy clothes, cosmetics. I like to change myself, to make new hair-do, to make light make-up. Like every woman I like compliments, small pleasant gifts and flowers. I love music, nearly all kinds of music, except rock. When I am at home, I am always listening to music. I like to listen to Sting, Madonna, George Michael, Michael Jackson, Sting. My favorite films are "Titanic","American beauty", "Brave heart" with Mel Gibson and many others. I am really a good dancer. I can feel the rhythm of music and I like to express myself when I dance. My friends really don't have problems with me, if we are together, as I am a very flexible person. Also I like cooking a lot. Very rare I can be in a bad mood. I have patience, I am not easily get angry, if I have problems, I just smile on it and find a solution right away. My passion is travel. I have a dream to travel all over the world, to see different people, to make acquaintance with new cultures and traditions. So , I long to discover the people of the world for myself. Making this dream a reality is very important to me. The most important thing for me is to live the day as if it were the last and never regret about anything. What I dislike most of all is laziness, ignorance, lie. I hate when somebody says something behind somebody's back. I hate greed and envy. I adore sex, I like to experience a lot when I am in bed with my beloved. I like many other things too. I will especially like it if you are not shy in bed. If you express your desires at any time. My form of making love is very primal. I think you will like it. I feel so naughty writing like this. Hope you don't mind. I hope when we are together, you will not be shy about telling me when I say or do something that is not constructive. I always strive to be the best person I can be. And I think you can play a most important role in my continuing development. My favorite colors are black and red. If you want to know more about me, my angel from heaven, please, feel free to ask. I will be missing you, honey! Will be waiting for your soonest response!!!! Your Natasha.

Letter 4

Hello Yannis!

Thank you for your response!

As for me, I think also that the best way for us to meet in Ukraine in summer and spend one week or maybe more together with you, my love. Also I may suggest you a very pleasant and romantic place, my love!!!You see honey, it will be our first meeting and I don't want somebody( I mean parents and friends) to disturb us. I imagine our meeting as something intriguing, exciting, as a culmination of our correspondence, my baby! I imagine us being together reflecting our thoughts on our acquaintance, our letters, pictures, laughing at each other. I am certain we will have a lot of things to tell each other, words which have energetic power. I deeply want our meeting to become the new stage in our relationship, even a new page in our life!!! May be you would like to meet in the "Ukrainian Paradise" my love?! Have you ever heard about Crimea? I'm attaching some photos of this holly place! It is famous all over the world and people call it as " The Paradise for lovers"! Could you just imaging how wonderful it would be to have our first meeting in such romantic place, my love!!! The climate there warm and much mild than where I live or in Kiev! By the time when we are going to meet, everything will be in blossom there, we can swim in a wonderful warm Black sea and live in a wonderful hotel! Think about my proposition, my love, and write me your decision. If you would accept my idea I will get to know everything about the trip there!!! You can come in Kiev ( the capital of Ukraine), I will be happy to meet you there,and after spending one night in a hotel we will come to Crimea by train or by plane and spend the rest of our vacation here. What do you think, my love? I hope you will accept my idea Your lovely Natasha

Letter 5

Hi my sweetheart Yannis.

I miss you more and more with every other day. I can't even find necessary words to express my feelings. I am on the top of the world with real happiness. My heart is bursting into parts with happiness and joy. You made my life complete. The letters you write me are so full of love, and kindness - they inspire me !

I cannot wait until we meet. Until that time each minute, each second will be an eternity.

I have dreams not only at night, but I have them every waking moment of the day.

I imagine our meeting, our embrace, and the never ending passion we will feel for each other. I have so much love to give, and I know that you are the right man for me. God's hand is guiding us, and helping to unite us together.

I am always with you and I feel that I couldn't be without you. I also think of you every minute of the day and night and when I get into my bed alone I just think of you and fall into another dreamy wonderful world.

I dream of us being together for eternity and the wonderful things we do together. I dream of when we meet and I will see your smiling face, and then after our embrace and kissing you'll hold my hand and we together will come to our future.

This makes my world perfect and I am sure I speak for both of us here that it makes our world a perfect place.

Letter 6

Honey, I will be able to meet with you during the following period - from the 17th of June till the 4th of July!!!

My Yannis, you are writing that you have found many agencies at the Internet - of course, it is our main resort!!!!

darling, you are asking me if this agency is reliable - of course it is reliable!!!!

I wrote you about it.

Why do you have doubts?

i do not understand - you are ready to believe any agency at the Internet but you have doubts in the information I found for us....why?

More than that this agency can organize not only the hotel apartments but the transfer as well. Honey, if you take your care of my tickets I would be very thankful for you - please contact the travel agency and they will organize everything for us - it would be very comfortable for us.

What do you think of it?

You wrote that you have already sent the message to the travel agency I proposed - do you have the answer???

I will be waiting for your soonest response!

Your Natasha with kisses.

Letter 7


Dear sir I.T


Our travel company has established the partnerships with clients and suppliers worldwide. Our continuous commitment to information technology maintains our leadership in the market. We continuously invest in the state of art computer systems for one reason - serve our clients. Two modern, comfortable and nice hotels are waiting for you!

We would like to suggest you a hotel "YALTA-INTOURIST" and a hotel "OREANDA"


Take part in excursions:

- The Romanov's last days in Yalta
- The Livadia Palaces
- Botkin's Lane
- Uchan-Su Falls
- Pearl of Foros

We would like to suggest you settling in the most comfortable hotels of Yalta - "Yalta-Intourist" and "Oreanda"


Address: Hotel "Yalta-Intourist"
Drazhinskogo str., 35

Location: is located in Yalta, in the center of the city, in 50 meters from the Black Sea. Passage by route transport from Yalta sea station along Drazhinskogo Street in the direction of the hotel "Yalta-Intourist"

Terms of accommodation: 1-2-roomed apartments with all conveniences (shower, toilet, wash-bowl, TV set,fridge, phone; 2-3roomed apartments of first class)

Food:three meals a day at the restaurants of the hotel complex

Infrastructure:a swimming pool, dolphinarium, business center, gym, cinema, billiard, library, dancing hall, bars, cafes, restaurants, water skis and sleigh hire, windsurfing, excursions, individual safes, organization of individual excursions and transferring, tickets reservation.

Address: Hotel "Oreanda" Lenina str., 35\2 Crimea

Location: is located in Yalta, in the center of the city, in 50 meters from the Black Sea.

Terms of accommodation:

1-2-roomed apartments with all conveniences (shower, toilet, wash-bowl, TV set, fridge, phone; 2-3roomed apartments of first class)

Food:three meals a day at the restaurant of the hotel

Infrastructure:solarium, night bar, tennis, beauty salon, body massage, business center, water skis and sleigh hire, excursions, individual safes, organization of individual excursions and transferring, tickets reservation.

As for your request we would like to suggest you the following:

hotel 1/2/3-roomed apartment 2-roomed of first class 3-roomed of first class
(per 1 day+1 night/one person)
Yalta- $38/$54/$62 $84 $120
Oreanda $43/$56/- $88 $120

Please, inform us about your choice of a hotel and a class of an apartment and we will provide you with the necessary information.

We can help you also with transference to Crimea from any place! As to your request we would like to suggest you the following:

- air transfer(Donetsk-Kiev-Kiev)......................115,70 USD;
- air transfer(Kiev-Simferopol-Kiev)...................242,88 USD;
- taxi transfer (Simferopol-Yalta-Simferopol).......... 35,00 USD.

The means of payment acceptable in our company:
- using the Western Union transaction system;
- using the bank account of our executive manager.

The trip arrangement will be started immediately after receiving the copy of your payment via the bank account/Western Union.

As soon as the funds are received, we will send to you the letter of confirmation.

If you have any questions, please contact our travel company. All your questions will be submitted.

Respectfully yours,
Tourist Agent of the Travel Company,
Svetlana Zubenko.