Scam Letter(s) from Anastasia Dolgan to Dan (Canada)

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Letter 1

Hello my sweetest love!

I was waiting for your letter yesterday all night, but you did not write anything. I hope you are not upset with me because of my delays in the response letters. Now I will not linger any longer, I promise. Write me a quick reply and I will answer immediately. I love you madly and I'm afraid of losing our love. One should rather leave Russia to return home and forget about everything as a nightmare. The stomach does not cease to hurt and sometimes the head hurts too. I hope in a few days I will receive proper medical care from my doctor. I miss you a lot and love! Please write me a letter as soon as possible.

Always your faithful, Anastasia.

Letter 2

Hello, my love ,

How are you today? I miss you so much!
That night I practically didn’t sleep and thought all night how to leave Russia more quickly. Sorry, but without your help and support, I cannot get out of this difficult situation. I managed to get back to the embassy of my country, which is located in the city of Moscow. But they again refuse to help me, because the local police (the city of Sochi) do not close the criminal case concerning the attack/robbery. And in this situation, the jurisdiction of my embassy ends. They do not want to go against the local police and refuse me any help. After I found out about this, I immediately asked the Embassy to write a waiver in writing. The Embassy employees sent me a letter with their refusal so that I would not contact them again. So that you trust me more, I attached in the letter copies of certificates that I was given at the local Police and at the Moscow Embassy. A certificate from the Police confirms that I was attacked. A certificate from the Embassy confirms that they refuse to help me. I hope now you fully believe and trust me.
I want to return home to Slovenia soon. Please help me with leaving this horrible and evil country of Russia. I have no one else to ask for help, I only have you. I am ashamed to ask you for financial help, but now I have a hopeless situation, so I have to ask you for help and support, forgive me and understand my situation. I'm really ashamed!

Dear ,I need to leave Russia as soon as possible in order to recover all the documents and get professional medical help. Here I can not go to the hospital, because I have no insurance and no related documents. Please send help 575 EUR to my name. I swear I will return the money to you in 2 days. When I get home, I will immediately send you money back, my savings are in the safe of my home in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Love you so much! I will never deceive and leave you alone, I need you more life!

Write to me an early reply.
Your true love, Anastasia.



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