Scam letter(s) from Daria Alekseevna Vershinina to Jim (Canada)

Letter 1
Hello! how are you?
I am very worried because this is my first experience of meeting a foreigner.
And for me it is very unusual. My friend advised me to try this way of dating.
I will tell you a little about myself.
My name is Darya. I live in Russia, I hope you heard about my country. I am 27 years old.
I am tired of being alone and would like to be happy.
I am lonely and I have no children. I do not even have a serious relationship (((
It makes me think about my life. But I hope that through online dating I can find my happiness.
Maybe I'm wrong. But I really believe it, because I'm tired of being alone. I am only set to serious communication. I am not interested in games. I am interested in normal communication. I hope to see your answer.
Regards Darya
Letter 2
Hello Jim! I'm glad you wrote to me! :)
It is a pity that I answer so late.
This weekend I had to visit my grandmother in the village.
I returned yesterday, late at night and immediately went to bed. Today I woke up very early and decided to write to you before work.
I'm glad to receive your photo :) I really liked you.
I will be glad if in the future you will also give me your new images.
I was given your mail in the marriage agency of my city.
I turned to them for services. I submitted an application and gave them my profile. They gave me your address and I wrote to you.
As for our age difference, for me this is not a problem at all.
I always wanted to have a relationship with a man who is older than me.
I need a grown man like you. I do not want to communicate with a man of my age.
They are not serious and few people want a good girl. all interested only girls of easy virtue.
They just love to have fun and get ***** at night. They are only interested in their friends.
I need peace and stability. I want to create a home comfort around myself and protect my man with love and care.
I think the age difference won't bother you anymore.
I hope that we will develop a good dialogue. I'm talking a little about myself! I am a lonely girl.
My height is 168 centimeters. Weight 47 kg. I go in for sports. I often went for a morning jog. I love walking in the countryside and riding a bike. I am very sociable and cheerful girl :)
I've never been married. I have no children.
Now I am in active search. I want to find a future husband. I want to create a happy family and make my husband the happiest man on the planet. I am only looking for a serious relationship and do not want to play games.
In this letter I will not write much. if you answer me, in my next letter I will tell you more about myself. I want to say right away that I am very interested in you.
I hope you reply soon. I will be waiting for your letter!
Just send you my photo. I also want you to send me your new photo too.
Letter 3
Hello my dear friend Jim!
How is your day going?
I was interested to read your letter. I hope that we have a good dialogue. I live in Russia in the city of Kazan.
I am very tired of loneliness.
I have never had a long relationship.
I met many guys, but when I started communicating with them, I understood that this was not my man.
I think there are soul mates in the world and they should meet.
when they meet, they no longer separate.
I also want to find my soul mate.
I want a serious relationship. I want to develop our relationship.
I want to fall in love. wanna Love and be loved. I want true love.
I think everyone needs this. I want to give my care and love to my man.
I hope that we will continue to communicate also on a positive attitude.
I will tell you a little about my work.
I work in the gym. I am a fitness instructor and nutritionist.
girls come to my classes to make my body beautiful. I have to work a lot with them. some are very hard to lose weight.
I get very tired at my job.
My working day is not normalized. sometimes I go to work early in the morning and sometimes after lunch.
It depends on the number of my students who sign up for classes.
My work is interesting and fun, because making people even more beautiful is interesting and very pleasant that I help people.
We have a small team and therefore there are days when there is a lot of work and it is not as simple as it seems from the outside.
But I really like my job. After all, this work is to my liking and it brings me joy, we have a very friendly team and it is always fun.
I also have regular customers, and some come every day and I have been training for more than a year now.
Typically, these girls who have their own business.
I do not envy such girls, because they have a lot of work and when such girls come to me in the morning, they look very tired and they do not sleep much, and therefore there are bruises under their eyes.
They also exhaust themselves with my workouts, so that the body would be in good shape.
Of course there are girls who do not work and live at the expense of men, they come almost every day. It is fun to talk to them and the time during their training goes very quickly.
Sometimes I work on weekends, and this happens very often.
Our fitness club is open every day without holidays. people want to train every day.
There are many girls whom I helped to lose weight and they are very grateful to me.
I get a lot of pleasure from my work and I think this is the most important thing. Do you agree with me? Also in August, I want to go on vacation, but I have not decided for sure. I usually spend holidays in my garden. I love nature.
on this i will finish my letter.
I will be waiting for a letter from you.
Letter 4

Hello Jim! How are you? How are you feeling?
How is your weather?
What have you been doing today?
Today is my wonderful day.
I just got back from work. Today I am not even tired at work.
The day passed very quickly. Today, all my clients worked well and raised my spirits.
no one was lazy and did not complain.
It was a pleasure to work :) When the working day was over, I decided to go shopping, just to look around.
I also paid for utilities today.
on returning home I bought groceries. Today I want to bake cottage cheese casserole and cook Borsch very much like soup. To be honest, I am very sad and lonely to have dinner alone. I wishe you could be there and we could have dinner together.
I would be much nicer to cook for my man. I would try hard so that my man would always be pleased. I am very tired of being alone. As for my photos, you are right, they were taken at different times. I also have straight hair, but I can always make it wavy :) it's easy to do.
It was interesting to know what you tell about yourself!
I hope that our communication will continue actively and interesting. I also never left the borders of my country. It's good that you managed to visit many places.
I am very interested to know what you do, how your day goes.
My day starts at 7 in the morning. I get up wash my face, have breakfast.
Going to work. Have to get up early.
I need to be beautiful and clean up.
I have to look good.
I try to look after myself. I think her appearance is very important for any girl :)
Sometimes I can work only a few hours, and sometimes I have to work until late in the evening.
It depends on the number of students and the number of instructors in the hall. I work with my partner, sometimes we negotiate with her and change shifts.
If the salary corresponded to this job, it would be nice =)
Sometimes I just walk alone in the park. sometimes you want to be alone.
I also like to run outdoors. Cold weather does not frighten me at all.
Jogging is good for my health.
At the weekend I go for a walk with familiar girls. Lidia and Svetlana.
We love going to the movies. In our local cinema there are often promotions and watching a movie is very cheap.
I love to watch movies.
To be honest, I want to go to the movies with a man.
I want him to sit next to him, hold his hand. I want romance and care. I want, male affection and attention. I hope that everything will be fine with us and one day we will be able to go to the movies together. would you like that?
I am not deprived of male attention, but when I start talking to them, I immediately want to leave.
I do not know why this is happening. They are not interesting at all and I have nothing to talk with them :(
It seems to me that the world has gone mad.
Everything turned upside down.
Men in my city are constantly trying to show their car, they are trying to talk about the amount of their money.
They think that this should impress me, but from this I just want to leave them sooner.
It is important for me that he be interested in me, but they just constantly brag and do not show any attention at all to my personality.
I think that you are completely different and we have a very good communication.
How do you spend your free time?
I will finish my letter.
Hope you will answer soon!
Letter 5
Hello Jim
I'm glad to see your letter!
How are you? how is your mood? Thanks for the interesting photos. I was pleased to watch them.
I have never ridden a canoe, but I hope that I can one day go fishing with you and your nephew. cool pictures.
good that you have air conditioning that saves you from the heat. I do not have air conditioning and therefore I feel bad in hot weather.
I am so pleased that we will more and more learn about each other.
Too bad you lost ******. I saw the photo, she was very sweet and beautiful. she has a smart look.
It is also very unfortunate that you have experienced difficult times lately, but this happens in life. life consists of black and white stripes.
Now I have appeared in your life :) I think that you will not be sad and we will continue a positive dialogue. I do not want you to be sad.
I also want to say that I do not flirt with men in the street. if they try to compliment me on my hair, then I just say thank you and move on.
It is even somehow not usual to communicate with someone from a completely different country, with other customs and culture.
For me, this is all for the first time and this is very interesting.
Have you talked to someone from my country? Do you know anything about Russia?
I know little about your country and for this I would be very grateful if you tell me more about it.
Have you been using dating online for a long time?
Have you already managed to meet someone face to face, having met on the Internet?
Now the Internet is an integral part in the daily life of a person.
As well as more and more people use the Internet to search for their second half.
And I thought maybe I should also try to find my soul mate on the Internet ..
In addition, I already have several examples of when people find their future husbands or wives through the Internet.
My colleague met her husband from another country in this way.
I was interested to listen when she told me a story about their acquaintance.
And I decided to try it too and submitted my application to the marriage agency of my city. They found you for me and I am very happy about it :)
After all, the Internet has no boundaries and with it you can communicate with people around the world. In addition, I believe that for love there are no boundaries and you can meet your soul mate anywhere in the world.
I do not know if you will agree with me on this.
What is your relationship with your close relatives? Maybe you have some family traditions, such as in my family.
I will tell you about our tradition, which has existed for quite some time.
Every month we choose the whole family for nature. In the summer we love to go to our cottage, which is not far from the river. My father loves to do barbecue and he gets it very tasty! He even says that this is his signature dish!
We come to the country to relax from everyday city life. Spend time in nature, enjoy the fresh air, the rays of the sun.
Also, my parents love to garden, grow a variety of vegetables in the garden. And also, my mother loves fresh flowers.
Every year she plants several flower beds where asters, tulips, and irises grow. There are also such flowers that I don’t even know :)
And in the winter we love skiing in the winter forest with the whole family. A lot of pleasant sensations from such winter walks on skis.
Do you like to ski? My father loves skiing and has always dreamed of visiting some big ski resort where there are various steep slopes. Of course, near our city there are ski slopes, but sometimes there is simply no time to go there. On this I will finish.
just do not forget to send me your photos. They are very important to me and interests.
With this I finish my letter and wish you a great day!
Sincerely, Darya
Letter 6
Hello Jim
With each new letter, we learn more and more about each other. I think you notice it too.
Tell me how you spent your day today ?? What new have you had?
I'm good. very good mood :) what is your mood?
I am very pleased to read your letters.
I also try to write so that you enjoy reading my letters and I really hope you enjoy reading my letters.
This morning, I woke up earlier than usual.
I immediately began to get ready for work.
The day at work generally went well. There were many customers and I was tired.
in the evening I plan to stay home, cook dinner and watch TV.
What are your plans for the evening ??
Thanks for the new photos. I see that you had a good catch and the fish was quite big. I could make it delicious.
I will also be happy if you teach me how to fish. I know that this is a very spiritual affair.
I like to play sports, because movement is life :)
I wanted to ask you, do you have bad habits ??
I do not have bad habits. I do not smoke, never abuse alcohol. And you?
I wonder why you decided to use the Internet for dating?
Do not want to spend your time looking for a ******* the street or a cafe? :)
I decided to use the Internet for dating, because I believe that through the Internet you can already find a certain person.
I decided to meet a man from another country, because I think it is very interesting.
I have always had respect for your country.
I heard that men in your country take their families very seriously and are very good family man.
Thank you for talking about Canada. I was very interested to read. I did not know that Russia is not loved in your country.
I'm not fond of politics and not when not interested in it. I personally love all countries and I have no hostility towards anyone.
I believe that there are good and bad people and I try to communicate only with good ones.
Of course, I don’t mind that you told me about your camp in such detail, on the contrary, I’m very interested.
You can ask me any questions, I will be happy to answer you!
Could you tell me about your education ?? How many years did you study? Does your profession match your education ??
I studied at the law faculty of municipal government.
My studies were 5 years old, I studied at a state university.
But I do not work much in the other direction.
I like my job. I think that work needs to be done with pleasure, and not just for the sake of money or a career.
Of course, this is also important, but the main thing is to work for your own pleasure. This is the most important when choosing a job.
Work should be to your liking. You agree with me?
I also really want to try your food. I believe you are an excellent cook and will be happy to try :)
I await your reply with impatience.
have a good day!!!
Letter 7
Hello Jim
I'm glad you liked my last picture. also your photos make me smile :) They all look at you so closely :)
I am very glad to see your letter. Maybe you can not imagine, but your letters have become an integral part of my day, and I am really very happy about it! After all, your letters make me very happy and I really hope for you my letters also mean something.
How are you? do you all well?
I hope you are doing well !! Today is a day off.
Everything is fine with me, today I slept very well. Yesterday I went to bed very early probably at 9 o'clock in the evening. It turns out that today I slept 10 hours and slept very well!
How many hours did you sleep today? I hope you get enough sleep. It happens to me that sometimes I sleep very little time for several days .. but what about you? Do you have such days?
I took a shower, had breakfast and started to do general cleaning around the house. I turned on the fun music and things went more fun :) there were a lot of chores around the house and I just got free. Now I really want to eat.
I also plan to go jogging at a local park.
I hope that you will resolve the issue with the insurance company. Good luck.
Thanks for telling me about girls. I'm glad I was able to interest you. sometimes we can enjoy loneliness, but at some moments it becomes sad and just want to talk to a loved one and also entrust our experiences to him. first of all you need to become good friends.
I'm with you very well and comfortably. you are a good man.
tonight, I will go bowling with my friends.
one of my friends called in the morning and invited me to the bowling alley.
I played bowling only a few times and I really liked this game.
Bowling is a very interesting pastime. Do you agree with me? Or have you ever played bowling?
when I played for the first time, it took me quite a bit of time to learn how to throw the ball correctly, even knocked down all the pins several times.
I was very happy when I hit all the pins, for me it was as if I won the gold medal. And each time, I played bowling better and better !!
One of my friends plays bowling very often, and it’s very difficult to compete in bowling, but today I will try to do it, wish me good luck !!
And I only played billiards once, but for some reason I didn’t like this game. Perhaps this is only because I did not succeed. My friends tried to teach me, but I still prefer bowling.
I really like to play bowling, probably not even the game itself, but how we spend time with friends during this game. When we play bowling, we order pizza or sushi.
Today, I finish my letter. I will definitely tell you in the next letter, I will tell you about how we spent time in bowling.
I'm also surprised by your education story. very interesting. I think all successful people drop out of school early. you are an example of this. I think you are well done. you are very interesting man.
I hope that tomorrow I will see the letter from you again :)
I wish you a good mood :)
I also send you photos from my bikini fitness competitions. I hope you like it. I took second place there. It was very hard to prepare for the competition.
sincerely, your friend Darya
Letter 8
Hello, sweet friend Jim.
I see your letter again !!! Thank you for your compliments :) it's really me. I am very pleased thank you. I trained very hard to achieve these results.
All the girls are similar to each other, because they smeared us with a special cream, so that the skin was bronze and the muscles were better seen :)
I had a fierce fight for 2nd place with a girl from Moscow. in the end, we were both called in for individual viewing. my nerves were on edge.
my hands were shaking, but my trainer with my palm lightly hit me on the cheeks and said that I would gather and after that I would go and show them everything I could.
they are also there not only looking at the figure, but also at the face. in the end, I took second place and the girl from Moscow was very displeased :) As I remember all these moments, as if it was yesterday.
how are you?? I have everything wonderful. very good mood.
When I read your letter, my mood became wonderful. I am always waiting for the moment when I can read a letter from you !!
Your letters make me happier and I am very interested in reading your letters, with each letter I recognize you more and more!
how is the weather in your city ??
Today was my wonderful day. I had a good Sunday.
Today, my parents and I went to the forest to pick up mushrooms. we had a good time and collected a lot of mushrooms.
This season a lot of them. it would be great if you could come with us too. in the forest is very good. the very fresh air and the singing of birds always soothes my soul. I am well rested.
In the past, I wrote you a letter that I would go bowling with friends.
We had a very good time, we played for two hours. We even had an agreement, or rather a dispute, and we decided that who takes the first place on points, he does not pay money for using bowling at all. We agreed so that we have some competition.
Unfortunately, some of my friends could not come and we only played four of us.
Initially, the game developed well for me and for 16 frames I was in the lead, my gap was 13 points. I thought I could win, but what happened and my game got worse. Maybe because I was already very tired and my hand began to ache from the throws of the *****. Some ***** are very heavy and if you throw the ball in the wrong way, you can hurt your hand.
In the end, I took only third place, I was a little sad that everything happened that way. But most importantly, we had a good time and we had fun.
I also knocked out a 3 strike in a row, after which the manager of this bowling came up to me and said that in 3 strikes in a row they would give a prize. I was offered a bottle of good champagne or a toy, since I very rarely drink alcohol, I chose a toy, it is very funny. I put it in my room and let her remind me of this beautiful evening !!!
I have a good impression of the time spent in bowling and my friends and I agreed that we will go bowling again soon! I need to take revenge :-)
Sorry, but for today I am finishing my letter .. I already have to go.
I am sending you my first kiss.
Regards Darya
Letter 9
Hello Jim
I am happy to receive a letter from you!
how are you?? are you all right? very beautiful photos. it's just amazing. sorry that the veranda collapsed.
I admired these photos for a long time. nature is just extraordinary. I would like to take a walk in your local neighborhood to enjoy the local nature with you. it is breathtaking :)
if I saw a bear, then I would run into the house :) Unfortunately, I don’t have fresh photos from our garden. this is just a small plot of land with a barn. maybe I'll find old photos.
Photos from the competition were made a few years ago.
I am also very happy when I see your letter. you make me happy.
I'm good! my mood is great due to the fact that you have a letter.
you make me a little happier with every letter!
Today was a crazy day at work.
There were so many customers. Today I woke up at 6 am in a good mood :) I turned on some funny music and started getting ready for work. I wanted to dance.
I wish I would always wake up in such a state of mind. I also woke up several times tonight because neighbors were listening loudly to music in their apartment. They celebrated their birthday.
It interfered and someone called the police. In the end, they turned down the sound.
When I went to work, their guests just went home :) They were very ***** and cheerful.
Today, at work, I did not even have time to have lunch, because there was no time. Customers went one after another. just today a new girl came to me. She is very ill prepared physically. It was clear from her that she had spent her whole life looking for books. in the process of training, we began to communicate with her and she turned out to be a very interesting interlocutor. I was very pleased to listen to her.
She enlightened me intellectually. I physically her :) In general, the day went very well. After work, I immediately went home, because I really wanted to eat. I had a hearty meal and took a shower and was able to start you a letter in a relaxed atmosphere.
Imagine, I dreamed that I was on the beach. The beach was so azure, white sand, palm trees. a cry of seagulls was heard, and the sky was blue and not a single cloud. The dream was as if in reality. It seemed to me that I was actually there, but unfortunately it was just a dream ...
I believe that this is a really good dream, I wanted these dreams to occur more often. After all, these dreams are wonderful to remember. Do you agree with me?
Do you often have good dreams? Do you remember well your dreams and which dreams do you remember more? Once I read an article about what dreams are and why we dream dreams, but unfortunately there is only an assumption and hypotheses. I had never heard before, but it turns out that there is even such a science that studies dreams. This science is about 60 years old. Strange, but still can not solve all the questions about dreams. But it seems to me that in the coming decades there will be all the answers. I am very interested to know about it, would you like to know more about it? It seems to me that it is always interesting to learn about such things. But I will hope that in the near future, there will be more information about dreams.
I do not know if you are interested in reading about this, but it seems to me that this is a very interesting topic. And if you would like to talk with me about this, then I would not mind at all. Just tell me about it.
Just met today with my best friend Lidia. I hope you do not mind, as I told her about you? I told you that I met you in such an unusual way and we have a very interesting conversation. She was very surprised by this, perhaps she was surprised more than the fact that you are from another country and we have been communicating for some time already. She assumed that virtual communication is not very interesting, especially if we are from other countries. But after that, she said - "What's the difference, did you see or not, because the most important thing is that your communication is interesting." Here is my friend. She wished us good luck in our virtual communication. She also sends you a greeting.
Lydia always supports me and even in that question she supported me and I am happy that I have friends like her !!! Do you have such friends who help you with everything and support you? If you have such friends, tell me about them. I would be very interested to know about your friends.
And if you're interested, I will tell you more about Lydia, I think that if you knew her, you would have liked her.
I am sending a photo with my girlfriend Lidia.
I think that it is worth finishing my letter, but I hope to receive an answer soon!
have a wonderful mood :-)
Hugs, Darya
Letter 10
Hello my dear Jim
Yesterday I felt bad and therefore did not write to you.
Yesterday I had a bad headache. It was a busy day at work, and in the evening my head was simply splitting. I took a pill, but even that did not help. I just went to bed to get rid of this pain. I woke up in good condition this morning. I was very happy about it. Today was a good day overall. I'm glad I can write to you now.
Now my hair is long. Do you like long or short hair more?
It's good that you can relax by playing poker. I'm not against it. It is good that it helps you to relax and meet interesting people.
For me, the most convenient way to communicate is email. I spend very little time on the Internet, because I have a lot of work and other concerns.
That is why I do not have in social networks and other applications. for me it is not convenient. I am very comfortable to communicate with you through the mail. I can write you a letter at any time and tell you everything I want. I can also receive your letter at any time. I want to exchange letters and get to know each other better. are you ready for this?
I want to know you better. if our communication is interesting and fascinating for us and we become more than friends, I will be glad to set aside time and create skype to see you on camera.
I never cease to wonder how your letters act on me. They bring me happiness and I read your letters with great pleasure. But before I did not think that this was possible. But I am very glad that you have become more than just a familiar person. It seems to me that I know you much more time, I wonder, do you have such a feeling? I hope you have the same feelings as me.
Of course, it would be great if you and I wrote several letters a day, it’s a pity I don’t have such an opportunity .. But I will try to write to you as often as possible.
How are you? Do you all well?
As for me, I am fine today. I feel great!
Also this morning, I came to my parents. My mom had a very bad headache .. My dad asked me to come and buy medicine. But now everything is fine!
I am always very worried about my parents. And as soon as they need my help, I immediately help them.
My parents gave me a very good upbringing and always helped me in everything. I try to give my parents as much attention as possible. For me the most important thing is that they have everything good!
My parents love each other very much. I want it to be the same as that of my parents. They live their whole lives together, and almost do not swear. They have been living for more than 35 years together.
Do you think it is possible now ?? Is it possible now such a long love? To live together until the very end. I want everything in my life to be the same as my parents. Meet a man with whom I will be happy and live a long, happy life!
When I look at my parents, my heart is happy, and it is not even possible to explain how happy I am for my parents.
Tonight I want to start reading a book. I bought a good book, the name of the book is Andre Maurois Letters to a Stranger. I was advised to read this book, today will be a wonderful evening and I will read it. do you like to read ?? Maybe you advise me something ??
I will finish my letter. I wish you a wonderful evening.
Your darya
Letter 11
Hi dear Jim
How are you doing today? do you all well?
I do not know how to explain all this, but I start missing you .. I think about you more and more often, I already wrote to you that you have become very important to me and your letters bring me happiness and warmth! Thanks for this! It is a pity that you worried because I could not write you a letter. I would not want you to worry. I will never stop writing to you.
I try to check my mail more often.
And today from you a new letter! I'm very glad!!!
I wonder what your mood is when you get my letters? tell me about it!
I would also like to swim with you. I am not a very good swimmer, but I like to spend time in the lake in hot weather. it will be very cool to swim together.
Thank you for the story about ******. you really had a good time together. she was wonderful.
I have a great mood when I receive emails from you. Probably it can be compared with when I get a good gift :)
I love the day when I have a birthday. I always mark this date.
My birthday is a very important day in my life!
My parents make a cake for me every year and we celebrate my birthday together.
By the way, my dad makes the cake himself. Mom always cooks food, but when you need to prepare a cake, then my dad breaks down to business. Amazing isn't it? You can imagine how nice it is when my dad takes care of me. And when he prepares a cake, I want to help him with it, but he never allows me to help, unlike my mother! I always help my mother and she doesn’t mind help. But when dad prepares a cake, then it is better not to go into the kitchen! And dad still has the peculiarity of cooking always different cake and comes up with something new !!
Surprisingly, the cake is always very tasty, I think my dad prepares the cake and puts all his love and care into this cake. I think you would have liked the cake. Do you like sweets and how often do you eat sweets?
I really love my birthday. This is my one of the happiest days of the year.
Do you have such days? what was your happiest day, and I will be very glad if you tell me about this day!
I would continue to tell you about those happy days, but it is just not possible to convey everything that I felt that day!
I will also create skype soon and give you my address so that we can see each other.
Probably for today I finish my letter.
Kisses and hugs yours Darya
Letter 12
Hello Jim
thanks for your letter!
how are you doing? is your mood good? Very beautiful pictures and photos from ******.
She really was very beautiful. the picture is really beautiful. I look
at her and understand that ****** is more and even I wanted to cry:( she is like a living person.
Today was an easy day at work and I still have a lot of strength.
Today there were few customers and I am also glad that tomorrow I have a day off and I can sleep and rest from work.
I have not decided what I will do this weekend.
For starters, I just want to sleep and maybe I’ll just do household chores and stay home.
it's pretty hot today. today 26 degrees Celsius and very stuffy outside.
I do not like this weather. hard work in the hall in this weather. I'll write you a letter now and want to start cooking dinner. I want to make sweet buns from puff pastry.
I found a new recipe on the Internet.
I will also cook the soup. not yet decided which one. what is your favorite soup
Do you like cheese soup?
Today I am a little sad, but now I have read your letter and I feel better !! I have a smile on my face !!!
Dear Jim, read your letter and write you an answer is one of the most pleasant moments of my day, and today it is the most positive moment.
I don't know why I feel sad today, but probably all people have such days. What do you think? Do you have such days when you are sad, but you do not know the reason for this?
My past experience ended very sadly and therefore I did not want to talk about it. I am very sick of these memories.
That was about 2 years ago.
It all ended very sad and painful for me.
We met this man for about a year.
We did not live with him.
I think I loved him and I thought he loved me too, but I was very wrong. I was just a naive ****** girl.
He constantly told me many pleasant words of love and I believed him. I thought it was true love, but he was just playing with my feelings.
He lied, cheated and cheated on me.
Once he even raised his hand to me.
I wanted to call the police, but I did not break his life.
Once I saw him with another girl. this happened by accident.
I did not expect this at all :(
It hurts me to talk about it. I don't want this to happen again. After I caught him on the other, I left him.
He pursued me for several months and wanted to apologize, but I didn’t accept any apologies.
Once he got ***** with ***** and came to me with an apology, but I told him that if he did not leave, then I would call the police and after that he got mad and hit me :(
I was in the hospital for 1 week, and I never saw him again.
he was probably afraid that I would write a statement and began to avoid me. This is a very tragic story. there is much more pain in it than good emotions.
I hope that you are a decent man and your feelings are sincere and real.
I believe you and I do not want you to break my heart.
I had a lot of thoughts about how we will spend time with you. We would go to different entertainment events. We could also go to cultural events such as cinema or theater. Do you like theater and going to the movies?
I have been to the theater several times and I really liked it :-)
In my town there is a theater called "Palace of Culture". And last year, together with my mom, we went to this theater!
I was very struck by this theater, it is unusual or like other theaters. The setting is like at home. In the lobby - old things, a large globe, a samovar, drying, cookies, and the peculiarity is that viewers can pour tea for free, probably not in one theater there is no such thing.
The performances of the theater are unmatched and there is still a big plus of this theater, the cost of tickets is quite inexpensive and everyone can afford to buy a ticket and enjoy watching different productions, and there are a lot of them there!
You can also communicate with the artists after the performance. You would love it.
I would love to go to the theater with you. Do you like this idea?
I think that if we meet with you, we would have a very good time together. What do you think??
I also imagined how we walked around the city at night and you tell me funny stories :-)
Would you like my dreams to become real?
Maybe you have the same dreams? I would be glad if you tell me about them.
I will very much wait for your answer, it will be interesting to me that you write to me.
I will finish my letter, but I will continue to think about you!
Your Darya
Letter 13
Hi dear Jim !!!
I am very glad to see your letter.
I do not know what is happening to me in the last few days, but I began to think about you more and more. I am always in a hurry to read your letter.
I reread your letters several times.
What do you think that might mean?
I can say for sure that for me you have become more than a friend !!
You made me happier! My day begins with the thought of you, every day I know that you will receive a letter !!
I write my letters to you with great pleasure. I always want to write to you as much as possible, but sometimes time does not allow me to do this ..
How are you doing today?? What are you doing today?? Maybe something interesting? How did yours start in the morning ??
Today is my great weekend.
Today I woke up very early and immediately went for a light morning jog.
The weather was wonderful outside and I fully enjoyed the fresh air.
After I started cleaning the apartment.
It took me not much time, but it took enough strength. when I finished, I went to my parents, so that later together we could go to the forest for mushrooms.
unfortunately today we have not collected a lot of mushrooms. By and large, we just walked through the woods, but it was great. when I returned home, I was very tired and I decided to sleep 1 hour.
As a result, I slept many hours and now I woke up to write you a letter. I'm glad your stories like your nephew Kim. I will be glad to hear them too. I really liked your story. very funny :) I'm smiling now :)
When I was little, I was very often sick, I had a very weak immunity. And then the doctor advised me to play sports. Since then I constantly go in for sports.
At school I started playing volleyball and basketball. I went to the volleyball section, I did it very well. When I played volleyball, then for myself I decided that I would play sports as often as possible.
But after school I did not have the opportunity to practice volleyball very often. Therefore, I decided to connect my life with sports and become a fitness instructor.
I love it. You already know about it.
It seems to me that sports need to be engaged, sport is good health.
My dad said that if you don’t even play sports, then you need to do some exercise in the morning and this will help keep your health in good condition. Do you agree??
what kind of sport did you have a favorite in childhood ?? What did you like as a child ??
This morning when I had breakfast, I watched a TV show.
in which a lot of girls were fighting for, then, to like a man.
in this show, was the main bachelor of our country. all the girls tried to show how good they are, smart. girls like this man.
I felt funny, but at the same time it was absurd for me.
the modern world has changed a lot in relation to the times in which there were real gentlemen. real men.
Men were ready to do a lot to win the heart of a girl. Now what ?? girls try to enjoy men. It seems to me that this is completely wrong. A man should try to get the attention of the girl, and not vice versa. do you agree with me ??
probably many girls are waiting for princes on a white horse. but it happens only in fairy tales.
I'm waiting for a man who can really do a noble act for a girl.
Many modern men think that if a girl is interested in a man, then nothing else is worth doing.
the girl is waiting for attention from the man, action, or noble deeds.
in general, after that transfer, I thought about it very seriously.
I had memories, my mom talked about how my dad sought her attention, her love ..
he did some incredible things. he even tried to write poems for her :-)
Maybe that's why love meant a lot of years ago. Now in the relationship of love, many have changed the views ..
and from this very sad ..
but I do not lose heart, since I met you. And you make me and my heart happy !!!
I finish my letter!
I will be looking forward to your letter.
your darya
Kiss hugs: *
Letter 14
Hi dear Jim
Thank you for your letter. Thanks for the photos. very appetizing photos :)
I also love ice cream. you're right, everyone loves him.
I also looked at your dishes and I wanted to eat myself. I think you did it very tasty.
Now I can not imagine my day without your letter.
I understand that your letters make my day better.
if my mood is bad, then I just need to read a letter from you, and everything becomes good.
I am listening to the song you sent me and writing this letter to you. I like her very much and makes me very warm. I feel like in paradise.
It seems to me that we are very lucky that we met each other. do you think i am right ?? maybe this is fate? what do you think??
Now my day begins with the thought of you :)
I want to honestly admit to you, I do not want to hide anything.
as for my eyes, they are with me since the birth of a blue tint.
yesterday I thought a lot. I even spoke with my friend Lydia. Only Lydia understands me, she always supports me and can give me advice.
I have feelings for you, but I still do not understand them. I do not know what it is.
I think of you! when I think about what we dreamed about, then my heart becomes warm and warm. it seems that my heart today is just melting.
but I cannot explain what is happening to me.
we talked with Lydia, I explained to her everything that I feel about you.
she asked me just one question. "this is Love?". but I replied that I did not know. I do not know what is happening to me ..
probably it is still not love .. forgive me Jim that I am not sure of myself. and can hurt you.
I do not even know how you will respond to my words.
But Lydia gave me good advice. she said: "No need to hide any feelings. Jim, should know about feelings for him." For me, this is really valuable advice.
and now I'm trying to explain to you what I feel.
I think it will be hard for you to understand ...
We have not even met with you. I don't even know how to express my feelings for you.
I think it is amorousness. because in our letters, there is understanding, caring for each other, sincerity !!!
I even think that you and I have an understanding in everything. I do not know if you feel the same?
about myself I can say that you and I have an understanding. we understand each other perfectly. it's easy for us to write letters.
reading your letter, I imagine that you are standing nearby and talking to me. Strange, but I'm even trying to imagine what your voice is.
what do you think amorousness is ??
It seems to me that amorousness is not love at all.
but I will try to describe to you what I mean by the word amorousness.
It seems to me that amorousness is not love at all.
but I will try to describe to you what amorousness is.
amorousness is an extravaganza of feelings and emotions, but it is not a storm of emotions and a flurry of passions, it is more gentle and soft sensations. amorousness is when a feeling of airiness, lightness, even a feeling of flying butterflies appears in the body and in the head ...
I even closed my eyes for a minute and tried to imagine this flock of bright, fluttering butterflies. probably you laugh as I describe it. but this is exactly what I feel now.
when I close my eyes and start thinking about you, I feel this lightness, a surge of positive and joyful emotions, lightness, and also incomprehensible and inexplicable excitement. probably this is amorousness. what do you think??
It seems to me that my world has changed, it has changed for the better.
the world around me has become more beautiful.
and I am very afraid that you will not understand me.
I'm afraid that for you my confession will be very sharp .. but understand that I could not just hide my feelings.
now when I have described to you my feelings, which I feel, I feel better and I can breathe deeply ..
but still I have the fear that you will try to reject my feelings for you. I'm very afraid of that :(
I'm sorry I'm so abrupt, I'm telling you all this.
I know that in the last letter, I told you that a man should seek a girl and take the initiative first.
but I hope that you will understand me .. all my words that I wrote to you are my sincerity towards you!
Today I finish my letter and I will wait for an answer from you.
I hope you understand me correctly.
enamored in you Darya
Letter 15
Hello Jim
I am happy to see your letter !!
Your letters bring me much joy!
How are you?? How is your health? I hope everything is OK?
I'm all good!! My mood is great.
I often think of you, every day I wait for your letter. We have no Sadie Hawkins in Russia. I could also agree with you that I took the initiative in our acquaintance and I see that you liked it, as in childhood with a beautiful girl :)
I think that you are a wonderful man, I really like you! I do not know how to explain all this.
But I often think about our life together. I have different dreams and imaginations.
I imagine how wonderful it would be to wake up next to a beloved man.
Will I wake up earlier than my man in order to make a delicious breakfast or would you like to make breakfast with me? I think it would be great to cook something together. I presented for a moment how it would be. How I will smear your nose with flour for pancakes or whipped cream. We will laugh and be very fun :) Do you agree with me? I also think that you will look very nice in an apron.
And after cooking, we will have breakfast together and smile to a friend. Do you like my thoughts on this?
I am more and more often visited by such thoughts. I do not know why I had such thoughts now. Maybe from our wonderful communication I have such thoughts ?? Strange, isn't it?
I'm tired of being alone. And I want to experience all the delights of life together.
Of course, I understand that in life together everything will not always be smooth. but I understand that I want to reunite with you.
I want to overcome all difficulties with my beloved man.
I am sure that I will be a good and faithful woman for you. My mother raised me very well and taught me a lot in terms of family life. She taught me to cook well. developed good qualities in me. My house will always be clean and comfortable. My man will never be hungry. I am grateful to my mother for such education.
My Mom really wants me to be all right and I met a man with whom I will be happy. After all, every parent wants their child to be happy.
And my mother is no exception. She sees me alone. Mom wants a decent man next to me.
Sometimes my mom even blames herself for not meeting a good man. But I tell her that this is not her fault. I say that in the future I will definitely meet a man with whom I will be happy.
I believe that true sincere love happens unexpectedly. at the very moment when you do not expect love.
And I hope that this has happened to me now.
I would like you to tell me about what kind of relationship you want. What should be a girl in a relationship in your understanding?
I want to ask you if you want to try to build a relationship between us ?? Do you want to move to a new level of our relationship?
I want to try, maybe with us, something will work out. what do you think?? can you tell me your opinion?
I am ready to accept any answer!
During this time I got used to you and in our communication.
During this time, you have become for me more than just a friend. Hope you feel the same to me.
I think that now is the time to take our relationship to a new level. You agree with me?
Sometimes I see couples who spend time together. couples who walk together holding hands, or with their children.
I watch them and envy them a little. Because in my heart I also really want this.
But I hope that this will happen in my life soon. I truly believe that.
Perhaps you are a man whom I have been looking for.
Tonight we agreed with Lydia to meet at the mall, he is called "CENTRAL". "CENTRAL", one of the largest shopping centers in our city. In "CENTRAL" a lot of different stores.
sometimes a lot of fun shopping. Lydia is very funny. I want to buy a new handbag, and Lydia wants to buy new shoes for herself. the last time we went to this mall, and when we measured things and Lydia joked a lot, we laughed a lot. sellers did not understand what was happening. probably they looked at us like crazy. but we paid no attention to anyone.
Shoping with Lydia is like watching a good funny comedy =)
I am sure that if you were with us in the store, you were laughing too =)
if you want, can I tell you about how we spent time in the store today ??
I will finish my letter.
I wish you a great day !!
I will wait for your early reply!
Kiss. Darya.
Letter 16
Hello my dear Jim! How are you today? how is your mood?
today my day started off great!
I had a wonderful mood)
Thanks for all your compliments :) I am very pleased. This photo was taken by my parents in the apartment.
I am writing this letter to you now and again included the song Lionel Richie - Hello. She reminds me of you and will only be associated with you all your life. It makes me feel wonderful.
I can't describe it in words. it's just great. I am very happy now. I would like it to be our song with you. You have a very beautiful kitchen. cooking in this kitchen will be a pleasure. we surely realize all our dreams. we can do this.
My full name is Darya Vershinina.
I liked the story about the boy. she is very funny :) children really often say funny things :) I'm smiling now. you always know how to cheer me up :) your niece was also very funny :) haha.
I think only about you! I think only about you!!! sad that you are not near.
now I am overwhelmed with emotions associated with you ... probably if you were with me, it would be easier for me to tell you how I feel now.
what a pity you are far away from me ..
I would really like to hug you, pull over your chest ... but this can not happen now (
probably trite, to start writing a letter from the first words of love. I want to write so that you can feel all my warmth, all that I feel now.
if you could hug me now, then you could feel how much my heart beats.
my heart beats very often, probably because I am very worried. I am overwhelmed with feelings and emotions. All this is very difficult to convey in a letter. But I want this letter to be special! Write a letter so that you can feel everything as if you are standing next to me, despite thousands of kilometers between us ..
Of course, I understand that you and I have little time, but this time seems to me that we know each other very much. you don't think so
Probably, you are reading the letter now and you understand everything that I want to say in my letter) And you understand correctly that I want to confess to you the warmest and most real feelings - this is love !!!
now it takes my breath away .. A little hard to breathe. I can't even find the right words so that you can understand how true my feelings are.
how difficult it is to describe everything that I feel. Probably you and so feel all that I want to tell you. I don’t even have a day to write all about my love for you.
it seems to me that if you were next to me, you would see all my feelings, love for you in my eyes in my gestures, behavior.
Jim, I want you to know that it was such a man as you that I waited for so many years. Sometimes I had thoughts about what was wrong with me. But destiny heard me and made us meet each other. how I want to give my love to you
for several days I could not understand what was happening to me, but now I understand - this is love! true love!!!!!!!!
I love you ... these words I want to tell you looking into my eyes. It is a pity that there is no such possibility ..
But I am sure that I will have this opportunity.
And I am afraid that you may not respond as I want.
Now I want to be with you !! feel your arms !! I really miss it now, but I hope that in the future we will be together, you want it
I am very worried now .. because I do not know how you respond to my letter.
but it's hard for me to concentrate now. I only think about how you will respond to my confession ..
I love you!!!!! you made me really happy !!
I finish the letter.
with love, your Darya
Letter 17
Hi my love Jim! How are you? How are you feeling?
Of course you can kiss my hand :) I am very pleased :)
I saw pictures of your house. you have a beautiful home. everything is made with taste. I really liked it. very good that there is a gym. It is very cool.
Today I slept well and was full of energy and good mood all day.
In the morning I got out of bed and first of all I switched on the cheerful music, because the mood was great.
I went to the shower and sang songs there :) Do you have such a thing?
Also my breakfast went great. today we have great weather and the sun's rays shone in my face.
At work was an easy day and good customers. I didn’t even notice how the working time passed.
Today I was released early and after work I visited my parents. I have not seen them for several days.
They were glad of my visit and afterwards we went together to the garden. In the garden I ate berries.
I also collected with me to eat them with milk. I love to eat berries with milk. It is very tasty and healthy. Do you love?
I also picked cucumbers and tomatoes.
I live in the city of Kazan. I thought I wrote you about it.
My love, I miss you very much.
I very love you.
I constantly think about you, I imagine how we spend time together, we make love.
My love, I miss you ...
I thought about our meeting, it would not be bad to see each other, look into the eyes, communicate in order to get to know each other better and share our feelings.
Because through the Internet, emotions are lost and it is difficult to understand each other. It is difficult to convey all your emotions in a letter.
It is clear that the written form of communication will never replace a real conversation and meeting.
But if it were not for the letters, we would not have been able to recognize each other and would hardly have found each other at all and began to communicate. This has its pros and cons.
Even through letters, I realized that I had feelings for you and that makes me happy. I truly understood that I love you!
Love is something from above it gives to a person in order to experience happiness in this life. You just live and suddenly she reaches you in the most unusual ways.
You yourself do not expect this, and sometimes you do not even think about it .... All this happens in an instant !!! Suddenly, and you're in love!
And you can no longer do anything about it .... because these feelings do not leave you and your mind. You begin to live this feeling of love for another person.
Love is an amazing feeling!!! It is a pity that not everyone can accept it.
Many men think that love is just ***, I think it is wrong. I believe that *** can not be without love! It looks like a ********** ... How can you have *** with a man who has no feelings.
What pleasure can you get from such ***?
Absolutely no!
And I hope you agree with me.
I want to be with the only man with whom I will feel loved. I must understand that I really need a man and that he loves me.
I will give myself to him completely both in body and soul.
It is important for me to know you share my thoughts? I want to know your opinion.
I love you very much, and I can not live without you.
And I hope that one day we will finally be together and all our dreams and desires will become a reality.
I also want to create Skype. Please give me your skype so that I add you and we can see each other.
On this I finish my letter.
Write to me, I will look forward to hearing from you.
With love, your Darya
Letter 18
Hi my love Jim
Thank you for the new letter. You have a very beautiful house that I have ever seen. very beautiful and cozy.
I waited for the moment when I would receive a letter from you again and this happy moment came.
your every new letter is like a date with you!
I am always in a hurry to read your letter as soon as possible.
it is a pity that I can not always answer right away .. but as soon as I have more time, I immediately write you a letter :)
I need your letters. your letters as pure oxygen :)
Today I had a good day.
I'm in a good mood. Today I am not at all tired at work.
I had many clients, but I didn’t even notice how time flew by. I'm glad tomorrow is Friday.
last working day left and then the weekend will come.
This weekend I plan to go to the village to see my grandmother. I have not visited her for a long time and she will be very glad to my arrival. I want to wash in the bath and also need to help my grandmother in the garden.
I also want to bake pies with my grandmother. we often bake cakes with her and I constantly find out for myself something new. My grandmother has the most delicious cakes.
My dear Jim, I agree with you that a woman will do the cleaning better. When I saw your house, I immediately wondered about the cleaning. I thought, did Jim do the cleaning himself. it turns out that the cleaning lady does it.
I also think that you and I will have enough space in your soul :)
I am ready to volunteer and test your jacuzzi with you.
I will always speak directly and will not be ashamed of it. we are building relationships with you and we must tell each other everything that is in our heads, we must be honest, straightforward in our expressions, sincere.
I also agree with you that 2 people work in a relationship and together they build their relationships and take initiative in ***. they must be faithful to each other and open their body and soul only to their partner.
I would like your dream to come true and we could sit by the fireplace and feed each other berries. I can imagine it on my face smile :)
I begin to understand that every day, my feelings for you are getting stronger and stronger.
I think about you most of my time. My mind is full of you.
I do not understand how this could happen. but I am happy that this is how it all happened :)
But I can really say that I love you!
We should be together and nothing should prevent us from meeting and being together.
I told many of my friends about you and me.
They are very happy for me that I have found my happiness. What found him in such an unusual way.
It seems to me that we are already very close with each other. Agree with me ?
But unfortunately, separated by a huge distance ... and this is sad ...
But, despite this we must continue to love each other and trust each other, do you agree with me?
Why say that love is not possible at a distance .. The sun, too, far away, but still heats ..
There is love between us that warms me. Mutual love !
This rarely happens when two hearts beat love to each other.
Your letters are filled with such warmth and care that my heart begins to beat wildly when I read your letters.
A smile appears on my face and I am truly happy that I could find you in this vast world!
I think, "Lord, thank you for helping me find my one and only person, and I hope that we will connect with him and be happy."
I dream of our meeting and how we will walk with you, hold hands, how we will care for each other and how we will give each other all our love and affection.
Caring for each other.
I really want to meet you. I would very much like to see you myself. I want to come with you and fulfill all our dreams and fantasies.
I dream of how you will be next to me, hug me, kiss, give me your caress.
It is a pity, but for now it’s just a dream.
I hope to see your letter soon.
Your Darya
Letter 19

Hi my love Jim
I am very glad to receive a letter from you! I love you! I also want to say that squirrels can swim and I think that she necessarily survived.
Today is my day off and I slept well today.
I woke up much later than usual. I took a shower, had breakfast and began to do the cleaning in the apartment. I easily finished all household chores and am now glad to write to you. I have never tried maple syrup, but after your words, I really want to try it with pancakes.
French toast looks very appetizing :) I got hungry at the sight of the photo :)
Today I will go to the village to my grandmother. In the village of my grandmother, I really can take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city. In the village I get a lot of strength and energy.
Tomorrow I'll be home and I can write you a letter.
Usually we eat pancakes with jam, sour cream, condensed milk.
My Jim, I couldn’t sleep peacefully last night because I had thoughts about our relationship with you.
so could you lick the berries off my chest. we could use swimsuits if you want or just to be ****. When I sleep, I use a special nightgown, and if it is very hot, then I can sleep *****.
I think about you all the time, and about the possibility of our meeting. you and I know each other a little, but we have strong feelings for each other. and now I want to meet with you.
I want to hug you, kiss you, feel your heartbeat. maybe it's trite? but I really want it. all this is difficult to imagine, since only a meeting will help us understand how much we love each other. I told you about our meeting. I wrote to you about it and I said that I myself want to come to you. did you miss it? I want to meet you and your life. it is very important to me.
I wrote to you that I hope that in the near future we can meet and now I constantly think about it.
Our meeting will be a very joyful moment, because after some time of communication in letters, I really want to see you, see your look, feel your hot hands.
I want to hug and kiss you, because you are the man with whom I wish to be all my life. imagine the moment when I can see you for the first time. Always different thoughts. But the most important thing is that these are happy thoughts about you!
My head is filled with thoughts of you, I do not understand what is happening. I only understand that I want to be with you, because I love you.
I understand that I do not need anyone but you. My heart rejoices when I see your letters.
Your letters bring me great pleasure. when I read your letter, I represent your voice. I imagine you are standing behind my back and whispering in my ear "I love you Darya !!!". Do you have such dreams ??
I love you very much Jim.
you understand that my friend Lydia, whom I trust very much. and yesterday we spoke to her. She constantly gives me advice. tips that help me a lot.
I told her how much I want to meet you. she listened to me. She did not think long, and told me to go to you.
I answered her, but how? I have parents, friends, good work here. She said that your meeting should take place sooner or later. because we are not going to limit our relations only in correspondence. and for this she said that we really need this meeting. it is necessary in order to bring our relationship to a new level. so that our relationship is complete. because for full-fledged relations it is important to feel the presence of each other side by side, caring caress support understanding.
and for this reason she said that I did not even think about it and advised us to plan our meeting now. because now our feelings are at such a peak that our meeting will really give impetus to the development of our feelings and relationships even more. after all, even 100,000 letters will not replace a real meeting.
all these emotions. and I fully agreed with her on this and decided to meet with you now. but it's important for me to hear your opinion now. What do you think about this ? Are you ready for our meeting? it is very important for me to hear your opinion. because we really need our meeting!
My dear, write me what you think about this?
I also now looked on the Internet about what I needed for my trip to you ..
On the Internet a lot of different information. but I read that there are many companies or firms that organize trips to other countries. But on all sites they write differently and I could not understand anything .. But I will try to find out more about it. OK?
I will be waiting for your letter!
I love you Jim! I am waiting for your letter.
With love, your Darya
Letter 20
Hello my dear Jim
probably only you can understand me, my feeling when I get your letter :)
I am the happiest when I read your letter !!
How are you today?
I recently returned from the village.
I'm tired from the road and just want to relax.
I had a great time with my grandmother.
She was very happy about my visit. She flooded the bath in honor of my arrival.
She also prepared oak brooms so that I could warm up. That was great.
it was very hot in the bath and when I came out of the bath, I poured cold water.
This is a very good experience.
When we go to the bath in the winter, we often run out of the bath and jump into a snowdrift :)
It takes your breath away.
After I washed in the bath, we started baking pies. We have prepared 2 large pies with cabbage and meat and many small pies with jam from different berries.
We ate pies with milk.
It turned out very tasty. I also think that it will be difficult for me to find maple syrup. I think that I will have the opportunity to try it with you together :)
honey, I miss you so much .. how I want to hug you!
but you are far away and I am very sad about this .. I am sure that we will meet very soon !! we will be together!!
I had a strange dream .. but I don’t remember at all what was in this
dream:( I really dream that you will come to me in a dream, but this does not happen ... I sincerely wish you to come to my dream! !
have you ever had this?
Today, after the village, I went to my parents. I talked to my parents. It was a bit stressful conversation, as I was afraid that my parents would react negatively when they found out that I wanted to go to Canada.
my fears were in vain, our conversation went well. I understand that I am old enough and should not ask for their approval in order to go to you. But I really love and respect my parents. it was very important for me to know their opinion.
Most of all, I was afraid of my dad's reaction, because my dad is strict but fair!
But everything went well.
I already told my parents about you. also showed them your photos.
They had a lot of questions, I will not list all these questions, but most importantly, my parents do not mind. Dad was happy. And my mother cried ... tears of happiness, so said my mother. But she is also very happy for you and me !!
my dad also asked "where will you live? Can Jim take care of you?" I said that of course Jim would take care of me.
My parents just want to know that I'm fine.
They also conveyed greetings!
I will also go to the travel agency tomorrow .. every day I pass by this travel agency, tomorrow I will go there and try to find out everything about going to you. Tomorrow I'll write you the result of my research.
I also need to know the name of the airport where you can meet me.
Dear Jim, I am sitting now and I have a very good mood, my life has changed dramatically in a short time. I am happy that I decided to try the Internet. I met you !! I love you very much!!
Jim, how do you feel? Your life has changed a lot after we started to communicate?
could you believe that with the help of the Internet you can meet true love ?? I did not think it was possible. I was wrong .. the most pleasant mistake that could happen to me :)
I am happy that I have you, the most gentle, kind and most beloved man on earth. You are my most important person. You are very reliable, sensitive and calm, and most importantly, you and I have trust and understanding.
Now I am really looking forward to our first meeting, I dream to embrace you as soon as possible. When I’m close to you, loneliness and sadness do not threaten me :) All my life I want to go with you on the same road of love. My feelings for you are getting stronger and stronger.
I so want to cuddle up to you, and feel protected from all sorrow and adversity. I love you, and my confessions are sincere and pure. Only with you I will be truly happy.
I also think that we will need to put very large and strong locks on our bedrooms :) one of us will make our way into the night darkness and break this big lock :)
When I read your lines about how you would caress me and kiss my chest, my head went round.
I love you very much!!
soon we will be together!!
Tomorrow I will write to you about what I find out in a travel agency.
Hug, kiss!!
your Darya
Letter 21
Hi my love Jim
Thank you for your beautiful letter. Thanks for the new photos.
I am always very happy to see your letters.
Today I had an easy day at work. Today there was only one client and I quickly got free.
I immediately went home and unfortunately came under rain. today we have bad weather, it is very cold and it rains.
I thought about our meeting. I'm glad I found you in this world and now we want to meet each other. it's just great.
I want to meet you so much. I know that you can take care of me.
I will hope for your support and care, I think you are the most caring, intelligent man and I feel your love for me every day.
I am very glad that we were able to meet in this world my dear. and I want us to be closer to each other.
On the way home, I went to a travel agency to find out information about my trip.
I learned all about my trip. I will need to arrange travel documents.
There is a visa, passport, tickets, insurance.
I wrote down all the quotes and all the documents I would need.
My trip will cost 76200 rubles (1580 Canadian dollars)
Such will be the total cost of my trip. it is very expensive for me. I don't have that kind of money.
We need to solve the problem with the payment of my trip.
What do i do? I need your help with paying for the trip.
After payment, my documents will start to be processed and I will soon be able to come to you.
I will also give you my flight details so that you can meet me.
I really want to see you in real life.
The sun is out now, but I think it's not for long.
Just today I have a little headache. probably because of the change in the weather.
my body reacts to changes in the weather.
I want a little rest. I'll just lie down and turn on some kind of movie.
Then I plan to start cooking dinner.
I have not decided yet what I will cook. My grandmother sent me zucchini from the garden.
I want to cook them with chicken eggs. It should turn out very tasty.
My dear Jim, do not worry about the fact that someone can see me when I jump into cold water. no one has seen it.
I would also like to try with you, jump into your lake ***** with you together. it will be very cool.
I will also be very happy if you give me a massage. I really miss this. my muscles are very tense after workouts and your massage will help me very well.
there are no tattoos on my body either. I'm against it. I don't want to pollute my body. I also do not have diamonds.
it is not in my money and not who did not when did not buy me diamonds. my jewelry is just empty stones :(
I am very glad that you are present in my heart and that it is mutual.
Your letter calms me and makes me stronger and more self-confident.
Last days I thought a lot about us and about our future life.
I understand that our life is leaving and we do not notice this is my love.
It may well that life goes so fast?
It floats like water in a river and it can’t be returned back.
I am very glad that I have you, my other half, my heart.
you are my favorite person to whom I can fully trust and on whom it is possible to rely in a difficult situation.
I want you to know that only your letters support me now and my good mood.
I am very lonely without you and your letters. I live in thoughts about you my honey.
I want to experience your tenderness, care, feel your hugs and gentle kisses.
I am very sorry that it still can not happen.
But I do not lose heart.
I know for sure that we will be together, and I really look forward to my love this time.
Here is my Skype ID: Live: 6a47bd111356a406
add me. so we can see each other. we cannot understand each other, but we can see.
With love just for you!
Your Darya
Letter 22
Hello my dear Jim
I am very happy to receive your letter.
Thank you for your sincere and warm letters.
How are you today? what is your mood?
today was a hard day. I was worried when I didn't get your answer. I am glad that now you feel well. I'm glad to receive your letter and happy to write you an answer.
Everything from the morning went wrong, as I wanted.
Sometimes it happens. I also have a headache right now and I think I just need to calm down and take a warm, relaxing shower.
It would be nice if you gave me a massage. I think it would help me very well :) at work there were not very good customers. it was very hard with them. the weather is also very bad. it is very cold and there is a nasty rain.
It's good that now I can write you this letter. it always raises my spirits.
My dear, it is a pity that you could not add me to skype. Today I will add you myself. I received your invitation.
I'll write you a letter now and then I need to do the cleaning and cook dinner in the same way, and after that I'll go on skype and we can see each other. I am very happy that today I can see you :)
It is very good when you know that there is a person in the world who trusts me and appreciates you
I hope all is well with you now.
Every time I read your letter, I feel that it brings me closeness to you.
I think a lot about us and I also dream about our future.
I want to wait for the day when we can meet each other.
I am grateful to you that you are ready to pay for my trip. It means a lot to me. we also need to find a way to transfer money. Do you know suitable money transfer systems? I want to conduct research on the Internet and find a suitable way.
I want to wait for the day when we can have the first conversation, our first hug and our first kiss together.
This day we will remember all life.
I want it to come soon. I will be glad if everything we dream of and want, will soon come true.
I wish to inform you, my dear, that I have never felt such happiness :)
I know that I can trust you, respect you and that you will always be with me.
Also, you will have time to clean up and comb your hair :)
When you and I are together, I will give you a full body massage. in all places. Do you understand what I'm saying? :)
I would really like you to pour lotion on me and give me a massage. it will be very cool. I can't wait to fulfill all our dreams and desires.
I want us to be together and to share my life with you. As soon as I do everything, I’ll go to Skype. be sure to be online. I really want to see you.
Your Darya
Letter 23
Hello my dear Jim
I am happy to receive your letter.
I always feel a lot of pleasure and happiness in my heart when I read your letter.
Your letters give me a lot of warmth and support, and I can feel you for several minutes, but you wrote this letter yesterday and after that I have been waiting for you for a long time on Skype. why didn’t you go to Skype?
I waited for you all night yesterday until bedtime. I hope that today you will be online and we will be able to see each other. How was your visit to the doctor?
Yesterday, before going to bed, my head hurt a lot.
Unfortunately, I did not have painkillers and I simply went to bed in the hope that my head would go away.
Unfortunately in the morning, a headache haunted me again.
This is all due to bad weather. It's cloudy cold again. it rains at times. When I came to work, I took a pill and it helped me.
the day at work went well overall. the working day ended on a positive note.
On the way home, I paid for utilities and entered the market to buy groceries. Today I will make mashed potatoes with meatballs and also vegetable salad of cucumbers and tomatoes.
When I met you, I changed.
You have discovered a new world for me, a world of happiness.
Now I get up in the morning with a smile on my face, because I know that I am not alone. In this big world there is a man who thinks of me.
I want to thank you so much. With you, I feel like a woman who wants to be happy and loved.
I lost hope of happiness seeing rude Russian men. When I met you, you gave me hope for happiness.
My dear Jim, I am very happy that you are not leaving me and our dialogue has become very important to us.
You are a real man who is not afraid of problems, who can take care of his woman. I think I am not mistaken in you.
I'm very happy.
I think of you constantly my dear Jim.
My dear Jim I need you in my life.
My dear Jim I will finish this letter, I wish you all the best and good mood.
I'm really looking forward to your reply, and I send you warm hugs.
Your Darya
Letter 24
Hello my dear Jim! how are you today? I'm glad you liked my last photo.
I am always glad that I can please you with my words and photos.
I am very glad to see your letter.
When reading your letter, I have a joyful smile. And I am very happy that we met each other.
Today was a normal day. there was nothing special.
everything is normal at work.
The weather is reminiscent of autumn. the weather is gloomy and it makes my soul calm and good.
If we are together and the weather will be outside the window, then we will put on warm sweatshirts, take each other's hands and go for a walk.
just go to the cafe and drink good coffee and hold each other's hands.
in these moments we will be very good. I'm lonely now, but I'm in anticipation of these moments and it gives me strength.
What autumn is in your country?
I'm glad that I have a day off tomorrow. I can sleep well and gain strength. I don’t know what I will do tomorrow.
As for Skype, I added you yesterday. at first I could not find you. but then I just clicked on the link that you gave me and now my application has been sent.
I think that today we can see each other. I do not use WhatsApp.
I also hope that the doctors know their work and they will quickly restore yours almost and you will no longer experience problems.
I want you to be healthy and full of energy. when I come to you, you will need them :)
regarding the organization of our meeting.
I conducted a study on the Internet to find a way to transfer money to Russia.
I found a money system called Money Gram. have you heard about this system? you can transfer money to me without any problems and I can receive it on the same day.
After that I will immediately pay for my trip and will wait for all documents to be completed.
I also went to a bank today to find out about the availability of this system in my bank. everything went well, almost every bank has this system.
you only need my full name and address for this.
We will also discuss this in Skype. I also give you all my data that will be needed to transfer money. Name: Darya Surname: Vershinina Middle Name: Alekseevna City: Kazan Street: Business 3 apartment: 58 postal code: 420032 When you make the transfer of money, then I need a secret code that will be given to you at the bank and your complete data. as they explained to me at the bank.
Now I’m sure that I’m not alone, although we are far from each other now.
Your letters bring me a lot of warmth, joy and pleasure in my life, that I feel your presence in my life constantly.
My dear, I constantly think of you, wherever I am and whatever I do.
You are always with me in my head.
I thought how wonderful it would be to meet you and reward you with a kiss and a hug :)
My dear Jim! I want to make you happy because you make me like this. I'm glad that we met.
I feel very good, because I have hope in my heart that we will meet soon.
My dear Jim! I hope that for you our relationship is as precious as for me.
On this I will end my letter. I will go to my parents now. I will return home in the evening and go to Skype. I hope you will wait for me. I love you very much.
Write me as soon as you can my dear Jim!
Your Darya
Letter 25
My honey Jim
How are you today?
This weekend I spent in the village with my grandmother.
I came back today. I really missed your letters.
In the village I walked a lot in the forest. I went to the forest for wild strawberries.
My grandmother wanted to go with me, but she felt bad and therefore she stayed home.
I went to the forest. I did not go far into the forest, so as not to get lost.
I do not know very well in the forest.
I managed to collect a lot of strawberries and in the evening we ate it with milk and also made a pie of these berries.
I had a good rest in the village and I feel great. I am in a good mood today.
I am very lonely without you.
I am always happy with your letters.
I thought you knew that I was writing you letters with the help of a translator.
I am self-educated and have learned your language a bit.
I have basic skills, but I plan to fully learn your language.
When I write you letters, I use a translator.
I was also very happy to see you in skype. I was not at all disappointed in you, but you are also right.
I was worried when you and I looked at each other. I think this is normal, because I am a shy and modest girl. also of course there was no one in the room.
I'm happy that you like my photos. I always rejoice if you can like me.
Once again I want to say that I was not so much disappointed in you when I saw you in skype.
Of course I was nervous, but this is only because you are very important to me and I love you. my breath caught and my heart was beating very hard when I saw you.
I miss you so much and want to be with you soon.
I walk down the street and I dream of you.
It seems to me that you have changed my life.
I lived for a long time without a specific goal. All days were gray and did not differ from each other.
Everything was very monotonous.
I lived from one day to another.
Now I know that I have been waiting for you in my life. You appeared and I have a good mood almost every day.
I know that we will meet soon and will be able to study each other in real life.
When we are together in life, my warmth will be dedicated to you.
I want to give you my warmth and my hugs. I'm tired of being alone.
Everyone needs this for a while !!!
I send you my gentle kiss and tight hug ...
I think life is not so bad if there are people like you.
You have a good heart, and this can make our relationship warmer. It's my opinion.
Now that I have you, I think our life will change.
The world is becoming kind, bright and warm for us.
I think that every person needs feminine warmth and hugs.
I would like you to smile at me every morning and every evening.
And I will give you a smile, I think it will bring us a lot of pleasure and love.
I am ready to give everything for this purpose.
I kiss you!
Your Darya
Letter 26
Hello my dear Jim! how are you today?
Thanks for the new photos.
my dear Jim, I read many of your letters and again I began to understand that I really need you and I really want to meet with you.
Today I had a good day overall, but it was very difficult.
There were a lot of heavy clients at work. Some of them came to training for the first time and usually they require a lot of attention.
I always try to do my job well.
At the end of the working day, a woman remained at the age who, according to her, wants to achieve high results, but she does not want to work and try at all.
I am not God, and I can’t do a miracle with her and remove her excess weight with one gesture. she was also very arrogant and I did not like her communication. Despite her appeal, I was very polite and did my job well.
Now I just want to take a warm shower and take a break from this hard day. it’s cold outside again and sometimes it rains. Now I will feel very good in a warm bath :) I just turn on relaxing music and lie down a bit in a warm bath.
I am also very tired of being alone. I wrote to you about my trip and wrote to you about Money gram, but you didn’t comment on my words. you just didn’t pay attention to it. I want to start organizing my trip. I already found out everything for this and I just need to pay for my trip and documents.
I hope that this will be possible and there will be no big obstacles so that it can come true my dear.
I am happy that I met you and wrote to you and no other.
the day I wrote to you was the happiest day of my life.
I also dream that we can one day go to the beach, walk under the bright summer sun and enjoy chatting with each other. it will be wonderful and I would like this walk with you near the sea to happen as soon as possible.
I know my dear that all relationships in life are based on trust and understanding.
Any relationship without this cannot exist in any other way.
for me, the closest relationship is when we can see each other's eyes, touch our body and skin, and taste our lips. this is when we can talk, being next to each other and can hear each other's voices live.
then we can tell each other about all our feelings and experiences.
We can be truly together.
I have very warm feelings for you. I love you.
I know that our meeting will truly unite us, so that we will become really close people for each other my dear.
My dear Jim, we already have a close and sensual relationship.
Personally, this is happening to me now.
I want to see you, kiss your tender and sensual lips, look into your eyes and see your soul in them.
As for the English language, I think that when I come to you, I will quickly learn English. You will be my teacher and I will have practice every day. I think this will not be a problem. Now I just want to come to you. I wrote to you about Money gram. Do you understand how to make a transfer of money? when will you do it?
Also today I’ll try to enter skype so that we can see each other again. it is a pity that these letters and skype do not bring us closer to each other. I am ready to act and organize our meeting. I do not want to waste time. I want to give you my love and also receive your love for yourself.
I want to be with you, hug you and only you. I can't help thinking about you. I get up and I go to bed, remembering you and thinking about what you told me. I want to tell you beautiful words.
I look forward to your early reply.
With love, Your Darya
Letter 27
Hello my lovely Jim
thanks for your letter. Thanks for the new photos with ******. To be honest, I would like to catch her alive. she has very smart eyes. she is like a man.
I think that we would get along well with her. I understand that yesterday you were busy and could not go to Skype. I miss you so much and really wanted to see you.
I also want to say that I was at the bank today. when I read your letter today, I saw that you wrote about Money gram.
I started looking for information on the Internet. it was really said there that many restrictions were introduced and it is now difficult to send money to Russia.
I was surprised by this. I also made sure that you would need my document to send money.
I immediately went to make a copy of my passport and immediately made it.
also after I went to the bank to find out about other more reliable and simple ways of transferring money. The bank offered me the "transferwise" system.
This method is ideal for us and you don’t need to go anywhere. You can make a transfer of money right now from home.
Register on this site.
I was told that you will transfer money directly to my bank account. This is perfect for you and me.
I also send you my copy of the passport with this letter. I want to tell you that I am honest with you. you saw me on skype.
I also give you a copy of my most important document. don’t show it to anyone.
I also give you data so that you can transfer money through the "transferwise" system
you will need to enter all my data in Russian. here are my details. As for my attempts to communicate in the past, I tried to find a good man, but when we exchanged several letters, many of them just wanted *** for money or my ***** photos.
I immediately stopped talking :( I already despaired and then you appeared and it was just a miracle. you turned out to be the best man on the planet.
I love you and I thank fate that you appeared in my life. I really want to be with you.
I want you of course, see your face, feel your skin on mine. I was without male attention and affection for a long time. and really missed her.
I have a lot of ****** fantasies in my thoughts. one of them is that we make love in the forest. and we are very happy at this moment. I hope that this will come true soon.
but I can’t imagine yet how all this can be realized. we must meet in order to realize all our fantasies. but there are several obstacles that we must overcome.
I want you to know that I want happiness for both of us. And I’m doing my best to make this happen.
I believe that our relationships based on honesty, understanding and trust can be strong and lasting. and we both should strive for this, do you agree with me?
I completely trust you and want a serious relationship with you. I dream that we will be fine. we will be happy together. I keep thinking about you.
I just can't find words of pleasure. I am so happy that I found you in this vast world.
You are a unique person to whom I can tell all ideas and dreams.
When I write you a letter, I have something in my soul that cannot be explained, it must be felt.
And all the time I think about seeing you.
I imagine that you are leading me hands on the coast, that you are embracing me, and I feel like the most beloved and dearest person for you.
and I myself am happy that again I am writing you a letter.
It is filled with all my love and tenderness for you.
I really want you to see close to me, but unfortunately I still can not.
My darling, I will never leave you. I love you. today I will also be on Skype and I think that you can make a transfer of money.
if you don’t understand something, then you will ask me on Skype and I will tell you and give you all the information. I was well instructed in the tank.
I think that today you will have time and you can go to skype. on this I will end my letter. I love you.
I look forward to your letters.
Letter 28
Hi my love Jim! I read your letter several times. it’s a pity that you began to write small letters. your letters are very important to me.
I love you very much.
Your letter brings light to my life. I was very happy to receive it and was filled with happiness when I read it.
My heart and flame flare up every time I read your letters.
It is very nice for me to hear you every time my dear Jim.
My beloved Jim, I am glad that you were able to make progress with the terrace. I congratulate you. I miss you so much.
I want to hear you live, touch you, hug, kiss. it's all very important to me.
I am often sad, because my beloved is not near me. You are not present next to me :(
I am very lonely, even when there are a lot of people nearby.
I can only rejoice at your good letters that you write to me.
And now, when I have you in my life, I believe that my life will change and become bright, good for us.
I think God will help us with this. Because I often turn to him with prayers for our speedy reunion.
I ask him that our meeting will be realized as soon as possible and we could be together.
I think he has already heard my prayers, because I see how our relationship is developing.
I am so glad that everything is so good with us now. I hope that God will not allow this harmony and understanding to dissolve and disappear.
I really wanna be with you.
I would like you to smile at me every morning and every evening.
I want to wake up every day and feel the joy of life from the fact that he is there.
I want you, my dear Jim, to be with me in difficult times, so that you can reassure me when I'm terribly and badly.
And so that I can reassure you and console you in difficult times.
But for this purpose we must be together, I must come to you my dear Jim!
I will give you my smile and it will be a great happiness. We will be happy.
I am ready to do everything for this purpose. My love, please explore now
sign up there. do research.
I’ll also prepare to eat and get ready to see you on Skype. in the evening I will go to skype. I think I will go there in 3 hours. please be online.
Yesterday when you answered me, I was already asleep.
Now explore transferwise. You can also ask me questions in skype about transferring money and immediately transfer it.
It has been a long time since you and I decided to meet, but we are not one step closer. I do not want to waste time in vain. I love you.
I kiss you my dear and gently hug you.
I await your letters.
Your Darya
Letter 29
Hello my sweet heart Jim!
How are you today?
I am very happy to receive your letter.
I really love all your letters, my dear Jim.
I really appreciate our relationships and our communication.
I recognize you better and better.
I am happy that I found you in this life.
I really like talking to you regarding email.
This allows me to express all emotions and ideas and not be shy.
If we had met for the first time, I don’t think we would have studied each other so well.
I would just be shy, but now I know you well and when we meet, I can be more free to communicate and in my behavior with you.
Our wonderful conversation gives me confidence in you.
I am very happy that in letters we can share our confidential emotions.
I want this to turn into something big soon, namely, in our long-awaited meeting, my dear !!!
I was very very very upset that you weren’t in skype again :( I was very upset. Today we will definitely do it.
Today, if you are not on Skype, I will write to you in your mail and
then you will understand that you need to go into skype, as for skype,
this program has a built-in program that translates the language. This is an automatic program. Of course this is not a person :)
I just write you a message and then translate it and the program plays it in English language. I do not speak English. You know about it. you can also use this program if you want.
today we must definitely see each other. I have the feeling that you are avoiding me.
as for the transfer of money, I will once again tell you that you just have to follow the instructions.
To get started, simply register on Good? This system works worldwide. as they explained to me at the bank.
I have a strange feeling that we are marking time. maybe something confuses you? just always tell me the truth and always ask me everything that interests you.
today we will discuss everything together in skype and decide everything right away so that we won’t pull the rubber anymore.
I really miss you very much. very very strong.
It is a great pleasure to receive news from you.
It is so nice to have a dear person who is so far at this time, but at the same time it is close to me.
I greatly appreciate their private world in people.
And my intuition tells me that you are made for me.
I think strong relationships are based on trust and respect. I'm glad that everything is going well with us.
I love your letters.
I look forward to your reply.
Your Darya
Letter 30
Hello my angel Jim
I received your letter and I understand that I am just starting to live.
Today is my day off and I am very happy about it.
Today I wanted to sleep longer, but I woke up early because my body was used to waking up early in the morning.
Today, Lidia and I went to the sauna. we warmed up very well and now I feel a lot of energy.
when we came from the sauna, I fell asleep for 1 hour, because I really wanted to sleep. in the evening I plan to go to the garden with my parents.
I am also happy that we were able to connect to skype yesterday.
sorry you dozed off yesterday. after the store, I went to Skype to discuss "Transferwise" with you.
I started talking to you about it in skype, but I got the impression that you just deliberately changed the subject. my dear Jim, maybe you just don’t want me to come to you? if you don’t want it, then tell me about it.
I don’t want you to have any inconsistencies from me.
the past is already so much time and nothing is happening. it seems strange to me. why does this all happen? I tell you about this in every letter, but nothing happens. I feel ******. one gets the feeling that I need our meeting alone?
am i wrong Maybe you will do it today or maybe you will do it at the time of our Skype communication? help you register there? we cannot pretend that nothing is happening. I love you and want to come to you. don’t you want to realize all our dreams.
if you are afraid, then know that my visa will be issued for 3 months and if during this time we decide that we are not destined to be together, then I will just go back to Russia. these 3 months I will be on your tourist visa as a guest. I love you very much and I don’t want you to hurt me.
You and I are still just beginning.
Now I see the meaning in life.
I can not imagine life without you my angel.
My feelings have no boundaries and I want to break out my dear.
I would also like to wake up with you every morning, my dear Jim.
I would like to wake you up with my tender kiss every morning.
I think it would be nice to you and it would be so romantic.
I would like to whisper in your ear every morning that I really need you.
I would be glad to hear the same from you.
My beloved Jim, as for my pale body, I wrote to you in past letters that our weather in Kazan is bad and very cold. Today it is also raining.
This summer is very cold and there is very little sun. if there was a sun, then I would quickly sunbathe, but for this you need to relax on the beach. but I am constantly working. You already asked me about WhatsApp. I wrote to you that I do not use it. you forgot?
I also believe that language problems will not be a serious problem. in the beginning I will quickly master simple expressions and requests and we will be able to understand each other. also now in the phones there are many programs. which will translate the text.
I know for sure that I will quickly learn English, because I will interact with you every day. it will be a lot of fun for us :)
Today I introduced our meeting.
I saw a lot of interesting pictures.
The weather is beautiful outside and you are standing at the airport and waiting for my arrival.
You are approaching the plane and we are looking for each other with our eyes in the crowd.
We find each other with our heartbeats, we also give each other a sweet hug.
We stand hugging each other and everyone is looking at us.
And for us at this time no one exists. only we and our feelings for each other.
Just you and me. It was a beautiful day when I received the first letter from you.
you can also immediately write me an answer to this letter. I’ll be back from the garden today and write you the answer. I will be waiting for your reply today. I very love you.
I thank God that he helped me find my Jim!
I was unable to play the video you sent.
I am sending you photos from the gym.
they were all made at different times.
Your Darya
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