Scam letter(s) from Alla Domracheva to Mike (USA)

Letter 1
Good morning sir! Could you please pay your attention to the following email! It comes from my open heart in simple words without any grandiloquence! My life is great, really! and I don't have anything to gripe about. I've got friends and a good job. Ihave got my goals and lots of interests. I'm very cheerful and full of love! It's very disappointing that I haven't met a man. the man who would love me and protect me. I 'm writing all that to start a dialog with you. That is the reason why I would like you to answer me using my personal emails only -!!! This way I can write you back without any delays. I'm waiting for your letters and photos! I'll send you my photos in the next letter. It'll bevery exciting to learn something about each other and get to know each other. Your unforgettable Alla!
Letter 2
Hello my new friend peter!!!!! I did not expect to receive your response to my letter. My first experience of dating on the Internet, and I do not even know where to start my story.I want to introduce myself, my name is Alla !!! I was born on December 19, 1989. I live in the country of Kazakhstan, this sovereign state. Have you heard about my country, about Kazakhstan? My country a state in the center of Eurasia, most of which belongs to Asia, the smaller - to Europe. I live in the small town of Taraz.
Unfortunately, at an early age I was left without parents. My dad had an alcoholism illness! Mom was very hard to fight his illness. There were situations when the father raised his hands to his mother, she cried and hugged me tightly. I was very small then. I did not understand what my mother was going through then. This story lasted for years, and then my mother did not have enough nerves and she took me away, and we went away to live separately from my father. After that, my father began to drink even more, and soon died. Mom was very worried, because whatever he was, she loved him. And after her father's death she had a heart attack, and she died. After that, I was left alone, I already wanted to take to the orphanage. My aunt, her name is Gulnaz, took me to live with her, she raised me and gave me a new life. I think that this story is touching, but this is life and my destiny. But this situation has given me strength for my development in life. It's hard to lose loved ones.
You can also ask me any questions. I send you my photos, I think that you want to see them! Send me your photos, I also really want to see them! This is my first letter, which I wrote not with a pen in writing, but a real e-mail. Your new friend Alla !!!
Letter 3
Hello my dear friend! Do not always immediately, it turns out, to respond to your messages!
As I work as a physician as a beautician. I do not have the exact time of work, it all depends on the record of the customers. On weekends, I usually have a full record at work. I do not have a computer with Internet access at home. I have to write to you from the Internet cafe. Sometimes I just do not have time to answer you. On weekdays I have more free time. Therefore, if you have not received my answer for several days, this does not mean that I forgot about you. I will write to you as soon as I have free time. I wanted to say that I was interested in communicating with you. And I want to continue to do this. Can we just be good friends? Just communicate and share the bright events that occur in our lives. Share the positive emotions that were during the day! Is not it cool? So I'm waiting for your letter, let's continue our communication! I will always be happy with your letters! Fate gave us this chance, and we should use it. Your forever Alla!
Letter 4

Hello, my dear friend peter !!! Today the weather is good, the sun is shining brightly. I can no longer imagine my day without your letter. Are you interested in reading my letters? I do not burden you with information about myself? Therefore, especially for you, I recorded a short video, I hope it please you. And you will have more interest in our relationship, and more confidence in me. peter, today I want to talk with you about men and their past relationships. And I hope that you will understand why I decided to find a man on the Internet. My relationship can be counted on the fingers. My first relationship did not go far, I can not say that it was love. Most likely, it was sympathy and a passion for man. These relations were not long and we soon realized that we did not approach each other! About two years ago I met a man called Adil! We sat with a friend in a cafe, and the whole evening a young man did not take his eyes off me. I realized that I liked him, but he was embarrassed by me. Only at the end of the evening, he decided to come to me. We met and agreed to meet. He took care of me for a long time, gave presents. We walked a lot and spent time together. I was pleased to talk with him. I really fell in love with him, because he was a kind and open person. I thought that this is the person with whom I want to spend my whole life! After 1 year of communication, I began to notice that a person is changing. Because I felt that I had achieved me. He allowed himself to drink a lot of the companies of our friends, and then flirt with other girls. I do not like men who abuse alcohol. Because it's memories of my father. I was very unpleasant, and I tried to explain it to him! I believe that my man, should only be mine, I do not want to share it with other girls.
Soon our relations began to deteriorate, he insulted me and did not respect me. The point in our relationship was the situation, which my friend Adil told me! She saw him with another girl in his car, they smiled and kissed him! They were happy together. And after that he confessed that he does not want to be with me, and loves a friend!
This was the biggest pain in my life, since I loved it! And it hurt me to experience his betrayal. After that, I was not ready for a long time for a new relationship, because I appreciate respect for a person. All these years I did not communicate with men. I told myself that I would never again love. My friend could persuade me to try and find my love on the Internet.
Since one of our common girlfriend met with a man from your country, and left to live with him. They now have an exemplary family, and two children. I was very disappointed in the Georgian men. I am very pleased that we have met. peter, tell me about your relationship? Are you alone now? Are you ready now, are you building a new relationship? I look forward to your reply. You become for me a true friend who understands me. I await your response as soon as possible. Your sweet girl Alla !!!
Letter 5
Hello my dear peter! How is your day? Today you work? How is your weather? I think that everything is fine! We have already received a lot of information about each other. It is possible that we sometimes did not understand each other because of language barriers. Forgive me for not always answering your questions and commenting on your letters, but I tried to do it. I just wanted to tell you in my letters how much more information about me. My Dear, I think it's time to talk to us on the phone. Unfortunately, I do not have my own mobile phone, since mobile communications are expensive in my country. Therefore, I want to ask you in the next letter to write me the number of your mobile phone with international code. I will try to go to the meeting point to call you. I really want to hear your tender voice over the phone. This will be the next stage of our relationship with you. Today I did not sleep half the night, as I was thinking about you and about our relationship. You are very dear to me and I want everything to be perfect for you. I feel like we are getting closer to each other. Every day I think more and more about you. Every your letter, for me is very important, like air. I really like reading your lines.
I do not write you a single letter for nothing, I write to you only sincere things. I write the words that are in my heart and soul. Our relationship has become very strong. I want to feel happy. Now there are a lot of people who just want to use women. On the Internet, men only want **** photos of girls. I want only a serious relationship. I'm not playing games with you, my dear peter. I believe that you also do not play with me. I believe in your warm feelings for me. I believe that love is the most wonderful feeling on earth. Love will never die. My dear and beloved peter, I open my heart to you. I want to tell you that my heart is open to love. I believe in our feelings. I'm very glad that fate allowed us to meet! Please tell me your opinion, as it is very important for me. I look forward to your letter to me, my dear peter! Your princess
Letter 6
Hello my dear and beloved peter !!! I get positive energy after every one of your letters. And I'm very pleased to open a new letter from you - it really inspires me. I am grateful to God for allowing us to meet. Thank you gave me your phone number in the next few days I'll try to call you with the negotiating points! How is your dear peter passing your day? How is your weather? I hope you're feeling well? You know peter, during our communication I really understood that you are for me, more than a friend. I believe that a kind of love shell appears between us. You'll probably ask what is love for me? What does this beautiful word mean? Love is the highest feeling on earth that never dies, it is eternal. Love means never to refuse and trust the person who is next to you. Care for the person who is next to you every minute of life, worry for him in a difficult moment. To love means to do everything possible for happiness together. Even animals know how to love. Their love is the purest in the world. Because they have no obstacles in life. Their lives do not solve money. To love is to trust. To love means never to offend or deceive. This is the most important thing in love between people. I open my heart to you, because I trust you, and it seems to me really that my love for you is real. Love does not exist without friendship. Friendship, common attitudes, common tastes, common goals (husband and wife are one Satan). Moreover, it is in the relationship between a man and a woman that friendship can reach its maximum heights. In true love, friendship achieves intimacy - a sense of unity, in which everything becomes personal, but a personal one. The person rejoices, the joy of the other and is upset, from the fact that the other is sad. I also believe that love can not be without respect. I trust you, I respect you and I never want to deceive you. I'm ready to rejoice with you all and be sad with you. I LOVE YOU peter! I'm very glad that I could tell you this. Because I believe that between us is true love. Please tell me, what do you think about this? You are ready to love me for real! I'm ready for 100. I will look forward to your next letter to me. Your love !
Letter 7
Hi my love peter! I already depend on your letters, and I'm glad to see every new letter. And you? I understand more and more that you are the person with whom I would like to spend my life. Walking in the park, reading books together, listening to music. Meet the dawn and see off the sunset. I feel that you are very romantic and cheerful person peter! It is very important for me. I think that between the man and the woman, one of the important feelings is trust. I believe that without love there can be no love.
Trust is a pledge of pure and sincere love. It is impossible to love a person without trusting him. Somewhere in the depths of the soul, you need to ask yourself - "Could I trust my love for 100, can I do everything possible for my love." I think that a person who truly loves will find an answer without difficulty. He will say with pride, "Of course, YES, I completely trust my love" because it is the purest.
Please do not think that I believe that you do not trust me, I just want to open my soul to you more. I want only a serious relationship between us. And without trust we will not be able to build true love.
You write very warm words to me, you do not hide anything. With you, I feel very cheerful and calm. I have no anxiety in my soul. This man is you, peter! I wish you success in all your endeavors. You are a very important person for me. I will pray for God to us. I will ask him to help us.
Regards, Your love, Alla I'm giving you an air kiss
Letter 8
Hello my dear and beloved peter! My angel, how are you doing today?
I am fine. I fall asleep, with the hope to see beautiful dreams, where we are with you, and we do not need anything else. I think about you every night. I sometimes can not fall asleep. I am visited by thoughts about how we wake up with you in the morning together, in each other's arms. We look each other in the eyes, I'll kiss you in your sweet lips. It is so romantic. But when I wake up, you're not around at all.
This makes me very sad. I can no longer hide my feelings, and I say everything that I feel for you. How I want to meet you, come up, cuddle up to you with your whole body, feel your breath, heartbeat! Feel that only you and me together, do not notice anyone, spend the evening together ... I would very much like to have you next to me in real life my love peter! You are the most dear and beloved person. I have no one nearer than you. I want us to be together. This is my best dream! I would like it to become a reality. I understand that we are separated by a very large number of kilometers. But I believe that for real, pure love, there is no distance. True love will overcome all bounds. I believe in our love and I am sure that we will be able to overcome all boundaries, and we can be truly together. My love peter, please tell me, what do you think about this? What are your thoughts about our future? Are you really ready for our first meeting? For me, your opinion is very important. My Dear, if it's not hard for you, please tell me your full home address and your full name. I will need this information in the future. If we want to meet and be around. To find out information about the trip to you. I look forward to your answer. Your love for ages Alla.
Letter 9
Hello, my love, peter! In recent days, I've thought a lot about our relationship. From the moment you appeared in my life, everything has changed! Last night I remembered our first acquaintance. I remember very well the day when I received the very first letter from you. For me it was a bit unexpected. I thought you would not answer me. But you answered and now the god helped us to love each other. I saw a dream last night. This dream was very real. I walked, for some unknown alley for me. It was very warm outside. There were absolutely no people. On the perimeter of the road there were benches. On the furthest of the benches, I saw you. You were sitting with a large bouquet of roses. Seeing you, I ran to meet you. I screamed " peter, I LOVE YOU !!!!" "You shouted at me, I love you too. And so we met with you. You hugged me tenderly, gave me a bouquet of roses.
We stood with you in the middle of the street and kissed. You told me that you ordered a table in the restaurant. We came there. We ordered two glasses of wine with you. You looked at me with enamored eyes, I smiled back at you. My lips went to your lips for a meeting. We kissed very passionately. I've never experienced such a kiss. But after that I woke up. You were not around and I was sad. All my thoughts are only about you, peter. I believe that very soon we will be able to be together. We will spend all the time next to each other. I want to think very seriously about our meeting in real life. I'm ready to give you my love completely. I want to be with you in real life. I'm ready to meet with you my love peter! Are you ready to connect with me all your life? I think that I need to try to find out all the details about our meeting? You will not be against this my love? Will you be happy to meet me, in your country? You know, I always dreamed of traveling. I never left the country. Therefore, our meeting in your country is my biggest dream. I was very interested in what I need to visit your country. I think that for me it is necessary to obtain documents for travel. My Love, I think the best option if I fly to you. In the coming days, I want to visit a travel agency to learn about the journey to you. Imagine the day when you meet me at the airport with a bouquet of roses. Our views intersect with you. I will hug and kiss you. For a while, the clock will stop. We'll stand with you, and look into each other's eyes. Our hearts will be filled with love feelings. I love you madly and send you a million kisses. It's a pity that they are not real. Please answer me my questions. They are very important for our future. Your love for life, Alla.
Letter 10
HI my dear and favourite peter!!! Favourite mine, I do not sleep at night, I wait, that day when we will meet you. Day after day I think of you, my dear peter. How you peter? My Love, I was very worried yesterday after a travel agency. To be honest, I wanted to pay all the costs associated with our meeting. I did not expect that the journey to you is such an expensive pleasure.
I was uncomfortable contacting you for help, but the meeting was just necessary for both of us. This is the next stage of our relationship, I believe that it will add to your relationship real emotions. The meeting is the brightest event that awaits us. I understand that it is too early to rejoice, much needs to be done to organize it. For my part, I am ready to make every effort to organize our meeting as soon as possible. Day after day I speak, as a pray: you the God let stores, let there where the footboard is put by a life, always there will be a reliable hand of the friend, let any pain will not concern you, let your life will be long and happy! My life has changed since then when, I have grown fond of you peter!!! I all so - think of you peter and all as I represent you, that you near to me, caress, will gently kiss me! You as if an angel have gone down from heavens to present to me happiness, to warm soul in a fierce cold, to replace water in hot heat. After all happiness-it You peter! I simply could not imagine, what will be, if I lose you? I asked the God only about one, never to admit it. After all then I cannot feel you any more, look in your eyes as the sea which is not knowing borders and limits, attract me to you peter, call behind myself. I would like to live long, and all this time to love you that we never left you that our feeling has not died, keeping freshness and force long years. It is enough to me to see of you to feel happy! When I will look in your eyes, they will speak to me about tendernesses, your lips about love, and your body you will say that you exist actually, about that that a reality for the sake of which I am ready on all! If I was your tear, I would roll down to kiss you if you were mine, I never would cry not to lose you!!!! I love you, in my heart memory of you is eternal. I know, that soon we will meet you, and I love, I love, and I will love only you, my most gentle and madly beloved on light!!! My gloomy, cold and a little bit sad morning to become the warmest and joyful at one thought on you. Without you - it is dark and cold. I, as the little girl in a thunder-storm, in wood and without mum. Around emptiness, cold senselessness, prickly grief and terrible fear, you after all know as I am afraid to lose you. When I will be with you nearby, I will feel as behind «a stone wall»; the same little girl, but strong and assured, happy and favourite, and times to impropriety the defenceless. I very much on you miss peter. I love you, I will always love you. I would like to see your smile, your sight, I wish to see, how you embraced me with fading heart, I would feel, that, simply having embraced, we became a single whole, and it cannot be denied. I trusted and I trust in the feeling because such remains for ever. I love you peter! I would not like to meet others, nobody will cause more than such feeling, and I do not wish from it to get rid and I can not. To me today it is sad, very sad, that we now not together. I so strongly wish to be with you, to see you, to kiss you on your fine, gentle lips. I love, Whole, yours Alla!
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