Scam letter(s) from Tatyana to Sanjay (India)

Letter 1
Hello Sanjay! I want to call you the only way. MY LOVE. For the first time in a long period, that feeling was born in me that I couldn’t dream of, looking at my life. I realized that we can be at a distance and love the soul, without touching the body. I believe that our meeting was really created by fate. And I do not want to look back more. You give me warmth and affection. Despite kilometers and miles of roads, I know how strong my feelings are towards you. And it's still hard for me because of the distance that separates us. The realization that I can not touch you at the moment when I really need it is tormented me. I beg myself in my thoughts that I need to calm down, I need to take a pause, but I can't! I'm sure in my feelings and I no longer wish to invent excuses for the fact that we are still not together. I wish to be with you! I know for sure that soon I will be able to hug you. I know for sure and really want it! You will probably call me too vulnerable and romantic. So be it. But these feelings are sharpening because you are not near me. It's really hard for me without you. Every day, when I do the usual things, I try to distract from these thoughts. But you do not leave my head. I feel very bad because the distance keeps us apart. I want to be happy next to you.
Smile every new day in bed with you. Cook your breakfast and make you happy every day! I'm going crazy for loneliness here. I can't cry anymore at night because of this. I want to laugh and smile with you.
I want the whole world to smile with us. I need to feel your warm breath on my neck and your strong hands on my waist right now.
Waiting for your answer. Your Tanya.
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