Romance scam letter(s) from Victoria Suranovich to Kenneth (Sweden)
Letter 1
Dear Kenneth
I begin to doubt whether you want to be with me or not, you are silent and probably this is what makes me think that you don’t need me! But probably I should take a chance, because if I want to be with you, maybe you want to be with me too?
Honey, I had to take a break, because my mother and my cousin arrived yesterday and I spent my free time with them. My mother was angry with me that I do not cook a normal meal and even cooked borsch for me! Hehe, I tried to explain to her that I don’t like fat soup, but she did not listen to me! But I must admit that there is nothing tastier than homemade food cooked by mom!
Honey, I rarely share my personal life with my mother, but yesterday I spoke to her about you. I hope you do not mind?
She knew that I was registered on the dating site, but she didn’t know that I was passionate about someone very much! And I was surprised, but she said that it might work!
My mother is an old-fashioned person, but even if she said that we have good chances, I am even more convinced of this!
But I still have not heard from you, do you still want to be with me? Just say yes or not! I don't want to hear any "but"
Your Vika P/s. some silly selfies for you)
Letter 2
Dear Kenneth
To my great regret, my joy was very early, I thought that the toothache was in the past ... but I woke up and it all started all over again.
I realized that something was wrong and ran to my dentist. It turned out that a very small piece of tooth remained there and because of this I felt pain.
I was very angry because it was the doctor’s fault! I don’t understand why some people do their job so bad!
But this time I'm sure everything will be fine! I have to work this weekend because I was at home because of my tooth problems.
At some point, everything went wrong, and I think this is some kind of black streak!
Dear, do you believe that life is divided into black and white stripes, or is it primarily our attitude to what is happening?
It seems to me that when someone is nearby it is much easier to survive the black lines. But when I'm alone I even want to cry!
Honey, I want to be with you not only when everything is fine, I want to be with you even in the darkest moments of your life, because it is much more valuable!
Okay my last you need me near you?
Still sick and unhappy
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