Romance scam letter(s) from Svetlana Derkach to Jim (Canada)
Letter 1
mister savory;)
I'm lively 34 y.o. woman from Kyiv, Ukraine;) Today Im waiting for irreproachable mister for serious relationship I will reply to You my picture attach) reply to me at: Thank you anyway
Letter 2
Ciao Jim. Thank you for writing back. I was really surprised that you wrote to me, because its something new for me, never used internet dating this is new experience for me, but I want to try.
You already know my name is Svitlana, I live and work in Kyiv city on Dnepr river it is really wonderful city and im sure you heard about it before from TV or newspapers because this is the Ukraine capital.
As you know im 34 years old now, my birthday is November 17th., Scorpio by horoscope. Im 165 cm tall and 57 kilogram weight.
Work as a interior designer. Single, never been married, have no kids and looking serious relationship if I'm lucky.
I have a university degree Designer (interior space design) and now I work by profession, this is not a best place by payment in Kyiv, but not bad for start.
Learned English first at school, then University and now by myself with books, internet, movies and etc. so I can easily understand your letters without any translator help, can write read and speak. The main purpose of my dating find new friends around the world, and maybe I'm lucky and meet my soulmate, who knows...
I am open for dialogue and new friendships, that is why I decided try to meet someone from abroad. Really why not? This new experience is very interesting for me, hope you have the same intentions.
Now I want to finish this letter, little tired at work today, sorry. But of course I want to continue, write me and I'll always be glad to answer. Thank you once again for your letter.
In your next letter please tell me more about yourself, do not forget about your new photos. Ask questions and I will answer.
Write me I will wait your email soon.
See you soon, Svitlana. P.S. Photo like I promised.
Letter 3
Hello Jim. Thanks again for your new email with photo, I like it ;)
Now I think time to tell you a little bit more about me and my life in Ukraine.
I love my home city Kyiv, I really love this city but to tell the truth still cant find here my true soulmate, and simply cant understand why... Few times tried to date with Ukrainians and Russians man, but like you can see nothing serious in my life, Im still single. Who knows maybe problem really in me??
Sometimes I think everybody wants only one thing from me, my body. Yeah I know we are already adults, but I want to see true interest in my soul, character and in my inner world too, I just want to be happy and give happiness, like all woman in our world. I want to love and to be loved by sincere man, maybe I want too much?
That's why I decided to search my soul mate outside of Ukraine, I know it's also not easy, many complex questions,
it looks like a huge risk and adventurism, I heard a lot of bad stories, but I think I must to try, we have only one life.
Of course I understand everywhere a lot as bad as good people and problem not in Ukraine only, but abroad there are more
intelligent and educated people, because social policy and cultural traditions, law and respect at the first places not as in Ukraine.
In few words I have a one simple dream to find a gentleman, if it still possible in our perverted world.
And now little more about my life in childhood. My dad left my mom and me when I was 12 yold young lady and chose another woman.
Since then my mother alone whole life did everything possible to raise me up into a good woman, Im alone child in family.
I'm sure without my mother help and support I couldn't become such girl as I am now, thanks again to my mom. I know this
the life and sometimes divorce is the only option, but good father never forget about his child. By the way my mom's name is Maria.
And we are Orthodox Christian like most citizens of Ukraine.
OK, now you know why I'm here in few words. But what about you?
Can I ask you few questions too? I want to know about your home city where you live now and where was born. Do you really like it or prefer to leave it someday in future? I asked you these questions because maybe I shall to visit you during my vacation days, of course if we decide it together, who knows the future... only time will show.
What about me? I live in our apartment together with my mom she is already retired and all bills on me, I think now become my turn to help mom, that's why I doing my best at work.
What about my plans, one day I decided to save money for my abroad trip, this is my first goal and wish now.
Also I should tell you it is not so important for me age difference. I think our age its only numbers in our minds and nothing else.
Really hope I didn't bored you with my long letter and you will write me soon again.
I will be glad to know a bit more about your life, your job, family and friends, everything you want to tell.
In my next letters I promise to write you little more about me, my job, friends, hobbies and interests, about everything what I like or dislike.
See you soon, Svitlana. P.S. Soon I will start to plan my vacation time, and who knows maybe someday we can meet.
Now please tell me more about your life in next letters, add your photos.
Letter 4

Hi Hi Jim.
Yeah today my mood became much better after I got your message. I found some interesting things about your life, thanks for your message. I have such feelings we can have something more in future... at least at good friendship. Are you agree? For me very interesting your opinion, but I know only time will show how things goes in future.
Now a little story about my date. During last time when I began to search a person for my future life, my soulmate "prince", I had failure and I do not want to repeat previous mistakes again.
But about my bad experience I will tell you in my next email, Ok.
Now the main goal for me - learning you and your character more and better day by day without haste.
This is the most important thing, if we will plan to have real meeting someday...
I think the main thing in any relations it is mutual respect! Only if I will be genuine with you and you will trust me our meeting will become possible, Im sure you are agree with me, we are not a young boy and girl we had already a life experience in past sometimes not what we expected.
As I promised in my past letter, today I want to tell you little more about my hobbies and interests.
I like to spend active way of life, a lot of walk and healthy lifestyle, I do not smoke and do not drink...
but I can have a glass of red wine or one beer with dinner in good company, I think it is excusable.
Like to swim, going to the swimming pool sometimes after job or on weekends. Because I'm trying to look good :)
That's why I dont eat much meat, sugar, salt and bakery products. Eat vegetables, sea food, fish, chicken, different salads and fruits, juices and tea, sometimes coffee. I have a pet - cat.
Of course like music, I listen almost everything and famous classical composers too. Can listen romantic music, fast dance music or even soft rock - all depends on my mood. Don't like to be sad, like humor. Do you have good sense of humor? I will be glad if you have it ;) Also like to go to the cinema on weekends, watch TV serials.
Maybe you can advise something your favorite??
When I was younger I loved camping, like nature and walk. Spend fun time in a summer camp with friends, when I was at school. Now I prefer a hotel comfort rather than a camp tent :)
In my first letter I forgot to tell you about my friends. To tell the truth I do not have a lot of friends and most of them are colleague from my job, university and their families. But I like to spend time with them even after work or on weekends. We have friendly work team.
Can I ask you about your friends and how do you spend your free time? You prefer to spend time with friends, relatives?
Or maybe you like to be alone? In few words tell me more about your character.
Hope this message helped you to know me a little better.
Letter 5
Hello my dear friend Jim.
I hope you do not against I call you so? I just got few emails from you but I already think we can be friends.
Thank you for your mails. My mood always be fine, thanks to your letter. I want to talk with you more and more, because I really think you are nice genuine person with a kind heart and soul, it is always important to me.
I understand your words and think you have a nice life priorities. You as well as Im speak from a heart, we can talk about everything together... and can try to develop our future relations. You are the person who has a kind heart, true clear life priorities and you deserve to be happy in this life.
As I told you soon I plan to have my vacation days, and can to visit your country... but about this we will talk with you again as soon as things with my vacation time become much clearer. Sorry, but now I simply cant tell you nothing clearly, all depends not only from me, because my job, necessary special papers for entry permit and etc. Even despite the fact that permission to enter has become much easier to receive than even 3 years before, with new Ukrainian course to Europe.
Now few words about my bad experience in past, promise me that you will try to understand my light-mindedness, because now I become much smarter after this situation. Nearly one and a half years ago I met a guy from USA Austin TX, his name was Ted.
He told me, he loves me, a lot of beautiful (but lying empty, now I know it) words about our soon meeting, compliments and etc.
After this I begin preparing my trip to USA. Then of course I started to collect all necessary things for arriving, docs for my visa.
You know this not easy and not a cheap way, not one day work. I have spent a lot of time, efforts and money. And what in the end, you may ask?
After while he told me that he is still married, right a few days before my flight!!! Unbelievable! Also he wanted me as a mistress, but his wife should not know about our relations and meeting at all.
Wow?! His words absolutely shocked me! But I'm glad I found it before my departure day! After this I immediately passed back my tickets.
I was very very upset when I heard his words, it was very painful for me. Now I understand Ted was a villain and not everyone in this world like a Ted. My heart was completely destroyed. I told him I do not want to meet! And do not even want to hear about him again! Of course it was the end of our "love story" I canceled my flight to USA and my trip at all.
I spoke with my mom a lot after this situation, she told me: "Do not despair, you will find a better man one day, but you should be more more careful, this is a life and everything can happen.... do not stop dreaming!".
I listened my mom and decided to begin search my soul mate partner again years later. After some time... I find you.
And I glad to meet you now, after all of this... to tell the truth I want to forget this story because my soul has been injured.
Truly it was very difficult now to talk about this situation with you and relive it again in my mind, but I think you must know it.
That's why now we should learn each other better and better from letter to letter, if we really plan to have something in future.
Im sure you agree with me.
Hope you do not lose interest after my bad story. I'll wait your next email soon like always.
Bye, yours Svitlana.
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