Scam letter(s) from Tatyana Starigiana to John (USA)

Letter 1
Hello, my dear John !!!
this is your Tatty!
did I get to your e-mail address correctly?
I hope so and once I receive an answer from you, I will write you a ****** letter!
hope I got to you correctly, that's why I will send you my photoalbum!
buit what if I got not to you, sweety?
and what if a completely different man will be watching my pictures?
oh my God!!! should I take a risk or not? to be or not to be? :)
will be waiting for your reply with impatience,
Tatty. My photosssss ...
1. Barsik.
This wonderful kitten named Barsik belongs to my friend.
I haven't seen my friend and kitten for 2 years already.
This kitten must be very big, thick and lazy cat now.
All kittens are so cute and sweet, I always want to hug them and take into my hands.
2. favourite jeans
These were my favourite jeans.
I feel sorry that they are torn now.
Do you also have this fashionable clothes?
Here it is fashionable to wear torn jeans.
3. Indulged...
We were celebrating in cafe the birthday of my friend.
It was funny to tickle her and to make her belly wet.
She was yelling because of excitement.
I like joking and laughing, and even playing jokes on my friends.
She was also tickling me after that.
4. My hare!
A photograph told me:
"This hare is a big and kind one. You must hug him as if it is your beloved man, otherwise I will bring you an evil grey wolf!"
I smiled and he took a photo of me.
5. Wet...
Paddling in water on the hot sun is so wonderful!
The most wonderful is to watch this summer photos during cold winter or when the weather is dull.
While watching them your mood goes up and you know that the hot summer will come and you will swim and get suntanned again - like on this photo!
6. Shish kebab...
This photo was made on a long weekend holiday,
May, 2 ! it was a great sunny day!
Everything was green around and the birds were singing ! I and i? friends went to the forest not far away form our city to have a rest!
We made a wonderful table, were making barbecue, and even made a oaa on the fire and it appeared to be much more tasty than the one iaaa at home :)))!
Then we were playing with a ball. My friends took their children with them and we were running and laughing a lot ! It's ni nice to remember about these happy moments! I dream about iaaoeia with my friends again on such a lovely weekend!
Letter 2
Honey, I have my voice recording which i made when I was visiting English courses this winter.
i made it as an exam and addition to the project which was called "Why I Love Life"! I am reading a wonderful poem about life and love! and,
baby, I decided that I can share this voice message with you, because it's a beautiful time now when i am falling in love...
and i am speaking English about life and love...and reading a lovely poem :))) so I decided that it would not be fair not to share it with you, my dear! enjoy :))) Tatty...
Letter 3
Hello my dear new friend John !!! thank you so very much for your answer and for sharing your e-mail address with me, i think it is really better to communicate in our e-mail accounts, it's much more private and safe here and here i exchange my photos with you, sweety :)))
John, sweety, I am so glad that I have got to your email address correctly!
super, my dear! :-)
honey, I am also always waiting for your wonderful letters with a great anticipation!
i am glad you liked my pics, baby!
thanks a lot for your lovely compliments, they are a real balsam for my soul!
i pray everything to work out greatly between us!
John, sweety, it's so very pleasant for me that you enjoyed listening to my voice message :))))))) wow, I haven't even thought that it will create such an affect on you :))))))))) honey, you are a real angel and all your wonderful compliments are driving me crazy :)))))))
I was reading your letter and feeling touch of your hands! I am very sensitive and romantic. You too possession of me with your letter. I read your letter 3 times and it seems to me like if you are really touching me. It is so pleasant to feel your touch…Can it happen?
Maybe your energy came to me with your letter? I am really feeling your touch like a small wind under my clothes. I feel great satisfaction when I am reading your letter. They influence on me magically. I believe that there is an invisible connection between people in the world. And when you are thinking about a particular person and missing him, he is always feeling it…do you feel now how much I would like to touch you, to embrace you and to kiss… We are connected with invisible thread of love and passion! I am looking at your photos and I want extremely to be near you. I would like to feel your tender hands on my body. I would like to hear whisper of your words on my ear about love and your attitude to me…i am feeling your lips..i am feeling it all so clearly… Neither wind, nor thunderstorm will stop the wish of two hearts to be together and to love each other…yes?…
my angel, I wish you to have a wonderful day and a very successful week!
John, i can see that you are a very smart and intelligent man and I would certainly like to know you better and to tell you more about me. Internet has become a real power in the area of finding a second half, so I also decided to try my luck. I am 31 years old but unfortunately haven't found the man who I could connect my life with.
I do not think that I am too demanding, i just want to love and to be loved. I am working in the Human Resources Department in the trade center called "Metro" and I adore my job because it is connected with communication and giving people job, though my education is a medical one, but as far as we have a difficult financial situation in my country, I could not find a work by my speciality, because there were not places for me, so have to work where there is work. I live in Ukraine in the city called Kryvyi Rih. I am often so different and unpredictable!!! I am freakish and fluffy, I am tender and uncomplaisant! I love and hate, I am laughing and crying, I am demanding help from a person and decide all problems by myself, I make compliments and offend! All in all I am a 100% woman!!!! )))))))))) My temper is good and I am very easy-going…sometimes I like sitting in silence and dreaming…my favorite color is green. Green is a color of grass, summer, of piece and mutual understanding…my favorite smell is a smell of the forest after the rain or of a frosty winter morning!
And also I like a smell of spring!!! Everything is blooming with different colors and walking in the park is the best entertainment is sunny spring weather!!!! Autumn is a time of love and feelings….and I wish to be with my Prince to share my heart and sincerity with! The world is so beautiful and I would like to share my world with a special King who I believe will once enter my life and will never leave it…I like spending my free time interestingly and with use! I prefer visiting theatres and cinemas, walking in the night city…sitting on the grass and dreaming…listening to the birds singing…we always have too little time in life to notice these pleasant and so important events of nature!!! I am a kind and responsive woman.
and what are you searching for, John ? I am very curious to hear your life story!!! innocently yours,
Tatty! My photos...
1. !!!!!!!
My mum surprised me!? She gave me to
wear my old childish suit!? I was wearing
it when I was at school! "Look at your
daughter I am too big for this suit! Or
yopu still think that I am a little girl?
Then try to hol me on your hands like you
did in my childhood! You surprised me a lot!" 2. Do not look...
You thought I am not a shy girl? Because I
sent you my phot in a swimming suit. It is
not so! I just want you to like me.
I want you to see my body and fall in love...
If you liked me, will youi write me about
it in your letter?
Now I will be nervous... 3. in Kiev.
On this phot I am in Kiev. Kiev is a big and
wonderfyul city, but there is too much
political fuss there. One group pf people
want one president to be lectioned,
another group is against. They are waving
with posters, flags and even figth! Kiev is
a city of political fights... 4. On stones.
Here I was resting on the Azov sea.
It's a ***** and not very deep sea. Black
sea is much better!
On this photo I look like a cool girl who
is indifferent to outside world.
I am not interested in anything but my
music in earphones:) 5. To wipe a table.
Here I am cleaning the table after party.
Clean table is very important! When you
had party - clean after yourself! I am
making funny face not because I don't
want to clean the table. I like cleaning.
I am making my face for a funny photo...
My face is in reality much more beautiful! 6. It is I.
In this photo I am a quiet, soft and caring
girl, like I am in reality. I am looking in my
photo and thinking I was a man I would
also love a woman like that in the photo....
Letter 4

Hello my dearest sweetheart John ! Thank you so very much for your wonderful letter! your letter was a real present for me today!
John, sweety, I am also always waiting for your wonderful letters impatiently!
honey, i can't make a video for you because i don't have a video camera.
i feel that you are a man I have been searching for all my life and I can only wonder how I could be so lucky to meet you on my life road,
honey! i will always be grateful to God for having brought us together, because you are truly the best that ever happened to me in all my life, sweety!
honey, i am so happy that we got acquainted and will be knowing each other better and better from day to day! I truly hope that everything will work out greatly between us and we will be the happiest couple in the Universe with you, but, honey, of coarse time will show, time is always the best advisor, my dear!!!
Nowadays our life is so wild and busy, that often people become too concerned about work and well-being and completely forget about native people and friends! and i think that in our present society it is the most a awful mistake! we forget about real values of life! we forget that we should first of all value people around who are always near when you are joy and sorrow! the ****** cities become, the more lonely people are and it's really very sad...i think people should devote more time to each can live in a certain region for 10 years and not know your neighbors because everyone is busy with their business and don't pay much attention to each other!!!! i would like to find a man who i can be happy with, who i can gift my love to and who i will be able to make the happiest man ever!!!! it's very important for parents live in the village and i have an opportunity to visit them on weekends only, so i am also, like all people of the cities, have to stay alone with myself in the evenings!
i dream about having a happy family and a smiling husband who i can meet every evening and cook for him!!! if a person has love in his heart, then this person is considered to be happy! i would like my man to be everything for me : my friend, my lover, my husband, my everything! i would like to wake up smiling to him, to greet him and to cook breakfast for us! to meet in the evening and to have wonderful romantic evenings together! to have rest together and happy weekends!
you will probably ask me why i am still alone ...well, i was not lucky to meet the right man in my country, unfortunately...i have lots of friends but it appeared to be so that all my girlfriends are married already and they have their own families and all their attention is directed into them! and it's wonderful...making new friends is a rather difficult process, because as far as i have told you earlier, people become more reserved....that's why I decided to try my luck in the Internet...i believe in a miracle and i believe that my destiny can wait me in another part of the world! and as far as right now we have a possibility to get acquainted with people from another countries, why not to use this opportunity? what i a destiny will smile to me? faithfully yours,
Tatty! 1.Dance...
"I wish I could have wings instead of hands!
I would fly as a bird in the sky around the Earth!
There are so many interesting places to see al over the world!? "

2. Friend...
3. Friend....
I adore to be congratulaed on my birthday!
Everybody is wishing me much happiness, health
and love!
Everybody is kissing me on my cheeks and present
me some gifts!
And after that I will have to wait a year for the new
birthday to come!
So my lifes goes from one birthday to another....
Birthday is a wonderful but a bit sad holiday for
But with my closest friends were are having fun
during it every year! 4. Night.
During a cold and snowy evening, let a lonely girl
give her smile to you.
Maybe you will be liabe to make her warm? But
Maybe to invite her to a warm house, give her
hot tea and even make her warm with a hug?
No! It is better to look at her with eyes full of love!
Your sight will make her warm as the sun in
Oh, I am already warm! Thanks! 5. Xoxo!
My best friend and I went to the WC to have
a private talk there during a noisy party.
Why would they take a photo in this not polite
place? 6. White bathing suit..
7. White bathing suit...
The sea... The Sun... Water... Sand...
Disobedient girls...
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