Scam letter(s) from Nina Levina to Lajos (USA)

Letter 1
How are you doing today? What’s new?
Wok up today with the first and only thought: How is he doing? So I was there laying in my
bed and thinking, imagining that may be one day we will wake up together, like this, with the only thought: how are we doing? Who knows, this might work out. How would this make you feel, ***?
Regarding the stage of my preparations. I recently spoke with my supervisor here in Russia, who told me that the US counterpart allocates around $ 3000 as preliminary payment. However they pay in two ways only: direct bank transfer, which I cannot have because in Russia you are only allowed to receive money in roubles My one and only account in fact is in roubles. I use it for salary etc.
Then there is this other option that is a bit unclear to me. The US counterpart can also issue a bank check. I have never used a check. Moreover, since it will be in dollars, I won’t be able to obliterate it at my bank, because of the same problem: all transfers should be done in national currency. My supervisor says it is normal in the US, but in Russia it isn’t. Transfer of the check takes 35-40 days, which means I have to wait 40 days before applying for visa. Then this lady again asked me whether I have a contact in the US who could clear the check and make a private transfer to Russia. Like I said in my previous email, I did not give her your contact initially, I did not want to make you part of this mess. I am sorry, but this time I told her that I met a man in the United States, and that I have full confidence in him.
She said that it is up to me and that I need to trust you, as it is a lot of money. Please let me know if I can ask them to prepare the check on your name and expect you to send me the money via some transfer system. I will pay for all the commissions and we can also agree on your commission for helping me out.
I mean, I just don’t really want to wait one month to apply for visa. And I don’t want to invest my own money as I will need it to cover my initial stay in the US. And I also think this is incorrect to ask those who win scholarship to pay.
If you don’t mind please send me your information (full name, exact address where you can receive the check, and phone number).
I'll be very grateful and I am truly sorry about this mess.
Yours sincerely, Anna! I need your help,please"
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