Scam letter(s) from Julia Bragimova to Dan (Canada)

Letter 1
This is my second letter today, because now
I have just returned from the bank. I am very worried about us.
Therefore, I went to the bank today to find out everything well again.
I again tried to get a loan, but bank refused. And again they said that
banks don't give money to people who are leaving to live in another country.
They can't help me, therefore now all hope is only on you.
The bank kindly helped me and explained how you can send money.
You can send money online: on the website or in the app.
There are three of the most popular money transfer systems in Russia.
You just need to have a credit card, go to one of these sites and follow instructions to send money. I was told that it is very easy!!! Don't forget that you must send to city of Irkutsk, Russia.
Also on this site you can download the application to your phone and send money from your phone.
Also, on the site you can find the location of nearest branch to you and go personally.
This is also very simple.
Bank employees also said that you need to have a passport or any document proving your identity. You can send money in cash or use a credit card. You have data of my passport (I attached a copy of my passport again, if you didn't save it).
Here is information that can also be used to transfer money.
My full name is NADEZHDA ZHUK.
You must send money to Irkutsk, Russia.
You know that I live in the village (Moty) near Irkutsk and there are no banks here, so I ask you to send money to Irkutsk (city near my village).
Here are addresses of branches in Irkutsk where I can get your money:
Bank Uralsib
664003, Russia, Irkutsk region, Irkutsk, Gorkogo street 42
664047, Russia, Irkutsk region, Irkutsk, Deputatskaya street 32
AO KB Poidem (Zolotaya Korona), Irkutsk, Russia.
Now you understand that it is very simple. It doesn’t take much time.
Once I saw on TV how one astronaut (Armstrong) said phrase - "One giant leap for mankind".
If you rephrase these words in our relationship - one small step of yours can connect us!
I hope that this information will help you.
Now I will go home and pray. I hope that God will hear my prayers. And if he hears, you will surely help me and we will be together...
Letter 2
Can I hope for you today? Do you not fool me?
Most of all in my life I dream to see you!
And if you don’t change your mind and decide to meet with me, you will send me money today.
Because today is the last day of payment my documents.
I really hope that you are honest with me.
Because I honest with you - I will never deceive you!
I promise to come! I SWEAR!
Hurry TODAY and send me money.
I remind you that I wrote in my last letter -
I already wrote you (I need only 320 euros or 360 dollars):
Total cost of permit is 95000 russian rubles (approximately 1320 euros or 1490 dollars).
This is fee for registration of all necessary documents.
It includes:
- cost of a visa (residence permit);
- air ticket;
- medical certificate about my health, that I have no diseases;
- medical insurance for the entire period of residence in your country;
- certificate from the executive branch that I have no problems with the laws;
- certificate from the bank that I don't have loans and debts on them;
and many other bureaucratic documents.
Now I don't have full amount of money. I only had 1000 euros. I already gave this money for visa.
But now I need to urgently pay the remaining 320 euros or 360 dollars.
I already wrote to you:
You must send money to the city of Irkutsk.
My full name - NADEZHDA ZHUK.
My address: 666025, Russia, Irkutsk Oblast, Moty, Veselaya street 28.
My phone: +7(987)436-23-82
I asked for 23000 russian rubles!
23000 russian rubles - 360 usa dollars or 320 euros.
You can send money through any international system money transfer:
Western Union, Moneygram or RIA to my name in Russia.
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