Scam Letter(s) from Olga to Eddy (USA)

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Letter 1

Translation Bureau ELEGANTE
Good Day to you, Dear Sir!!!
Welcome to use our service!

We are sorry for the trouble you but we only want to inform you that your lady Olga still so serious about you and visit our company almost every day to get some news from you. But you did not write and she asked us to write you something.

Olga misses you and will be happy to continue your relationship. But she does not have any money to pay for our service because she did not get her salary some months. So, Olga hopes that you could support her with this and you will be able to correspond again and share all your plans for a future together because Olga belive that you can have it.

Olga will come to our company again later - she will looking forward for your reply. She sends you her kisses and hugs and best wishes also.

Thanks for your time! Have a good day!

main manager, with regards.



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